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Fund Raising Ideas
10 years ago
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Fund Raising is an important part of any animal advocacy group in order to obtain funds to enable us to provide more educational programs and events for animals.

We are always open to ideas and suggestions for fund raising!

So please, if you have any thoughts on cool fund raising ideas-please share!

We're looking into obtaining bumper stickers and magnets....

We currently are selling T-Shirts, and they are going the post below, you'll see a photo of our shirts.  If you would like to order one, please contact Delphine Pinchot-just click on her avatar on our home page, and send her a note!

S.A.V.E. T-shirts
10 years ago
S.A.V.E. t-shirts

10 years ago

If you ever want to have an event, I used to be a planner, and caterer, so let me know.  I currently have access to design programs if you need posters, flyers, whatever. 

I will also donate some jewelry to auction or raffle. 

I will sell my a$$ets for a good cause if the price is right!  JK, at my age, I would have to pay someone just to take it!

10 years ago
I WUV WU!!!!!!!!!!
10 years ago
Same to you sistah!
Fund Raising!
10 years ago

I too have many "computer related" talents. To include graphic designs, posters, banners, logos, buttons, and web design. If you feel any of this could be helpful - just let me know.

By the way, I want one of those shirts to wear to the Ringling Protest here in Tallahassee...going to email and get information on obtaining one now...

A few things I have done in the past to raise funds are

1. Created "personalized" travel coloring books - these were animal related pages to color, puzzles to solve, and each page incorporated the child's name in some way - (a picture of a child brushing a dog, might read - Mike likes to give his dog a good grooming -) or something to that nature - of course you will need a bit of information about the receiver (name, best friends name, fav animal, ect..) So these were made as they were ordered. The pages were hole punched and put in a folder that has a clear slot on the front - which I inserted either a photo of the child, or just made a nice front page - Mike's Personal Coloring Book - I also added a zippered pencil holder that included crayons, scissors (child proof), colored pencils, regular pencil, and a ruler. I printed and created the pages myself and since they were all printed in black and white (with the exception of the front cover) it did not cost me much to print. The drawing and coloring tools were all picked up at the "Dollar Store", so they too were not expensive - the most expensive thing was the binders themselves. I sold these two Christmas's ago, and got $10.00 for the smaller ones (less pages, not smaller in size) and $15 - $20 for the larger ones (depending on the amount of pages it contained) They were a big hit with my co-workers! and my Nephew still carries his around - adding his own pages!

2. Greeting cards, used a photo of the buyers pet, child, family member, and created everything from Christmas to Easter cards. These were a bit more costly to print, but also went over well.

3. Animal calendars - I still have my last years calendar that I created - though I did not sell these, I sent them to friends and family as a "calendar with a personal touch"..since all the animals and photos that were used belong to me - not sure how much you would charge for this - depending on the printing cost...

4. The giant pickle jar, shot glass and quarter - I used this to help raise money for the Relay for life. We had a BBQ and I set up a shot glass in a large pickle jar filled with water - The participant would drop a quarter into the large jar, and try to land it in the shot glass - if they succeeded they received a stuff animal (I have a large supply of brand new little critters - that were won in grabby machines and picked up on various occassions - so I made a quarter each time - would you believe this jar brought in over $65.00 in just two days!

5. Mega Yard Sale - we requested from everyone in our building to bring in one item in which was still in good shape, but they no longer wanted - we then held a "HUGE" yard sale right in our lobby - this brought in over $2500.00! And since everyone only donated one or two things - this is very impressive - just imagine what it may have brought in if we would have requested folks bring us all of their "unwanted treasures".

6. Address lables - I created several different mailing lables -some for holidays, others just using a graphic of interest of choice - I charged a dollar a sheet - these two were a big hit! and very inexpensive to create.

Hope these help, or maybe they will inspire other ideas..Let me know if I can help in anyway.

Mary, i cant reach you by email
10 years ago
Mary i've tried to contact you by email, and the email keeps bouncing back to me!!! please try to contact me with an alternate email address i can use. thanks. KIKI
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