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REUNITE THIS FAMILY February 02, 2006 10:42 AM

Sonja De Vivo is member of our group so please sign and share you thoughts and prayers...Thank You ~Ashley~

Dear Members,
Please read and sign my petition, my daughter is caught in a government run system that is profiting from my third childs capture. 
They have been using her for federal funds needlessly, and adoption bonuses and rewards when she has a Mother, who can take care of her.  
She has two other sibblings that I was allowed to keep and raise.  

My third child was the youngest one, she was more adoptable. She is the little girl in the above picture.
We love and  miss her very much and we need your help to bring her home.
                           Please See Petition and Sign
                           You can read full story here
              Thank you for you for helping us to reunite..
Mother of three,  still have two, while the government has one.
At the bottom of this page is a picture of me, and my two other children that I was allowed to keep all of this time, while briefly reunited with my youngest little girl, just by the grace of God, the one with the blue shirt on, who has been locked up in the government run system for years now. She is made to live in another home with other adopted children when she has a real family that she could be with. 
We were reunited just for a short time,  she jumped up in my arms and almost knocked me over when she first saw me.
 She never forgot any of us, and was very dissappointed to know that she had been excluded from her family all of this time, while the rest of us remained together. 

She wanted to come home with us instantly but her adoptive parents have made her feel uncomfortable for her to feel free in expressing her true feelings.
 So she has had to hold it all in and her feelings kept silently to herself.

She has said that  she is afraid of hurting their feelings, so she lives to protect the feelings of two grown adults while she lives with a broken heart.
Shes afraid to let them know that she has a broken heart, because she was afraid that they would take us all away from her again. 

After reuniting us all, and getting our hopes up high, the adoptive parents cut us all off again anyway after they told her they would never take her mother away from her.  

But the system is set up this way where the children don't have a voice.  
 Nobody knows the hearts of these children, the children own the truth but are not allowed to speak out about what is important to them. 

Mother and her three children

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