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4 years ago




It's so good to be back to Care2 again!  Some social networking sites just don't compare.

6 years ago

Sharing My son's wedding.... may I??
8 years ago

My dear friends: Thanks to the Grace of God, I'm back online, from home!! I've got a new internet service, since the previous one was a drag,  so I gave it up! It might take me sometime to get back on track,since I am slow.... heheh,but Just dropped by to let you know I'm back again.... I've missed Care2 like mad! LoL !! So also I wish to tell you, that Tere, once not long ago ,did say she could hear "Love in the air", or "bells ringing."(sorry If I get mixed up with my memory)...LoL.... She was right, the Wedding  bells rang, for my son...,Julian and Tania got married on September 6th,at 4 pm,in Uruguay. It was such a sweet and beautiful wedding, I was blessed by God having made it, to be with them! Now I have a new daughter! They are so in love with each other, and I  felt very proud of my son,to see how sweet he is to her, to see how they look at each other,and care for each other,as well...They make a beautiful couple!So.... Que viva el Amor!!! Let love Prevail!Love...ROCKS!!!

Tania & Julian, September 6th,2007.

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8 years ago
8 years ago
Smile Always!
 Smile man, smile! Always smile!
Smile all life and smile in style;
Smiling makes one worriless;
And makes you happy and less tense.

Let your smile be spontaneous;
Smiling keeps body relaxed,
And makes your mind fit and composed;
Smile man, smile! Smile always!

Smile from dawn to until dusk;
That’s one way to beat life’s stress;
Smile to all who come across;
Smile man, smile! Smile always!

Smile and get forever praise;
It will help you pass your days;
You will never feel malaise;
Smile man, smile! Smile always!

Four muscles help you to smile;
Sixty-four help you to frown;
Smile man smile! Smile all days!
Smile man, smile! Smile always!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 5-9-2000

Dr John Celes

8 years ago
many hugssssssss
8 years ago

HUGS star.gif     20060406glitterimage67h_001.gif

Wednesday is nearly gone...Thursday is almost here...and then it's Friday and the weekend!  That should make everyone smile!  

8 years ago


8 years ago

  And we thought our cat, Brooklyn, had a big set of teeth!  That cat looks scary!

8 years ago

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"That's our story and we're sticking to it!"

8 years ago


Hope everyone's having a good hump-day (Wednesday).

8 years ago


smilehappy.gif each of you.  Don't stare at them too long, though - they're "busy" enough to give you a headache, lol.

8 years ago
Computer off a cliff
A Smile and A Hug for You!
8 years ago

Share a Smile or a Hug!
8 years ago
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