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BOZO of the Week Award
11 years ago

I've decided to establish these "awards" whenever I find people or organizations whose actions against the homeless are particularly: Stupid, prejudiced, brutal, thoughtless, biased, harassing, inhuman, exploiting arrogant, punishing, blaming-the-victim, classist, racist, downright ignorant, and maybe some others which haven't crossed my mind yet. Feel welcome to contribute a negative quality if you feel I've left one out (I'm sure I have)- At any rate, I will begin the Bozo Awards in the next post with this week's two "winners".

Mayor Autry: "jail might do homeless people some good"
11 years ago
11 years ago

I hereby sentence Mayor Autry to perform 1,000 hours of community service for homeless people. This service will include providing the money for them to pay all "crimes of life" tickets which fall under the heading of criminalizing the homeless (sleeping, eating, needing to sit some place)- During this community service, Maror Autry is to KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT AT ALL TIMES.

to blogger "Kevbo" of "Washed" Blog
11 years ago

Kevbo wrote: "Homeless people, I really dont care. Its just that simple." and also: "I have no respect for the homeless what-so-ever. Why are you homeless? There are a number of answers to those questions, many of the answers the homeless will give end up with blaming society and someone other than themselves. Give me a break. There are people out there that day in and day out break their backs to not only support themselves but their families as well. These people may just be scraping by but at least they are putting forth an honest effort. What are you doing Mr (or Mrs) homeless person, other than sitting there asking for my money and looking for my sympathy. Have some self respect. You have so many options yet you choose to sit there and do nothing, you cant feel sorry for yourself (you and I both know that) so you go looking for someone else, many other people, to feel sorry for you instead. You honestly, in one word, disgust me." Well, Kevbo, you are entitled to your opinion, as erroneous as it is.. and I am entitled to give you the Bozo of the Week Award, which you can share with Mayor Autry. Kevbo, you are hereby sentenced to becoming unexpectedly homeless and to wind up in the exact same situation for which you are judging others. May you be doing your best to survive and then have some pompous jerk say your own words back to you. This period of being homeless will come without any sure knowledge of either when, or if, you will ever have a roof over your head again. Yup. Same as every other homeless person gets.

Links for Mayor Autry and Kevbo
11 years ago

Thread on Fresno containing Mayor Autry's actions and comments: URL for Kevbo's blog "Washed": "Homeless people, I really dont care. Its just that simple"

YES FREAKING YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11 years ago
high_five.gif high five! image by theaquabots


I just wish we could send them a big red nose!!! To go with their big red lies!!!

11 years ago

Well, it hasn't even been a week yet since the last "Bozo of the Week Awards" were handed, or should we say, force-fed- yet, here we are again- is word of this award getting out, somehow, and folks are lining up eagerly to get it? Are they nuts? some "deserving" soul has earned the award on his fear, hate-mongering, and homeless stereotyping already: This next Bozo of the Week Award goes to... (drum roll)... Tony's Kansas City blog "Be Kind to Kansas City's homeless OR THEY'LL KILL YOU!!! TKC has always had mixed feelings about this town's homeless . . . I feel sorry for them, I don't think they're "visual blight" but I understand that a great many of them are dangerous . . . As the following story suggests: A homeless man was charged with the February murder of a man leaving a Westport grocery store . . . Also, this makes me feel better about never giving these d-bags money." posted by Tony Permalink Harmony- how easily Tony leaps to the generalization that a "great many" homeless people are "dangerous"- and he glides over to calling them "d-bags". (written in a sarcastic tone of word, here)- I'm so glad that "homed" people never do anything wrong, are never illegal, never get parking tickets, never are involved in domestic violence or murders in the home, never drink alcoholically in their home, or abuse drugs, or are mentally un-hinged... that's right- "homed" people are "perfect".... hmmmm

Well... just off the top of my head.. I nominate
10 years ago

Orlando, Florida,   Santa Cruz, California,   and Fresno California for this and last week's Bozo Awards- for their continually unenlightened treatment of homeless people.

Orlando Florida delights in destroying homeless property and making forced evictions-  Fresno has just been plain DUMB-  and the elite of Santa Cruz simply will not understand human need until the whole town is leveled by another earthquake or tsunami (it's that bad and the unfeeling snobs of Santa Cruz are that intractable)

Suffice it to say that many of these cities who make it to the Homeless Boycott list deserve to be served with class action lawsuits.

So, voila!  You three cities get our Bozo of the Week Awards- you can fight amongst yourselves as to how you'll share it.  This week's award comes freshly served with a pie in the face. Not to mention dead cows flung over the battlements, Monty Python-style.

"Homeless People Ruin Perfectly Good Days"
10 years ago

This week's Bozo Award goes to the following blogger who wrote:
"Social Commentary 159

I was talking to a friend of mine a couple weeks ago, and she mentioned how people’s attitudes changed with the weather. “It’s amazing how nice people are when the sun starts shining. Everyone’s so much friendlier. It’s nice.”

She must’ve been speaking in generalizations. Simple changes in weather aren’t enough to sunny my disposition. That can only be accomplished through much alcohol and sexual congress.

Of course, I don’t mind the warm weather. After a winter spent cooped up in the house, I can finally move my drinking outdoors, enjoying many hours knocking back Mint Juleps and sneering at ants as they work underfoot. I’m insanely jealous of their strength.

Moving on. The other day, I was driving to work. I had my sunglasses on and the windows rolled down and sunroof open, listening to some classical music on NPR whilst weaving in and out of slow-moving fools on the highway. It was like something out of a movie.

And like any movie, all that happy horseshit came to an end as I took the offramp and spied a woman with a sign standing at the intersection. As I neared, I made out the writing.

“Homeless and
Diabetic need
money For Insulin
Please Help Thank

“Ahh, %#&!*%.” I snarled. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen this woman at this intersection. She always had a coffee cup in hand and looked clean – Not like the majority of transients I’d had the pleasure of dealing with in the past. Put simply: She didn’t look homeless to me.

And homeless or not, she wasn’t getting any cash from me. But I didn’t want her to get the wrong idea as I pulled up. So, I immediately rolled up all my windows, closed the sunroof and turned down the NPR. I refused to make eye contact with her.

It took the light 30 seconds or so to turn green. And those 30 seconds were incredibly stifling. After zipping around on the highway with the windows open, I felt trapped in my own goddamned car.

Once the light changed, I sped through that intersection and cracked the windows just a bit. The air was heavy with car exhaust. Another homeless person, a man, stood at the next intersection. Again, I’d seen him before. Probably the other’s partner.

Across the street: Another. Where were these people coming from?

Goddamned weather."

My answer to him about where these people are coming from is: "They're coming from lost jobs. Accidents. Illness. Overly high rents. Low wages. Broken homes. Domestic Violence. War. Natural catastrophies. Katrina. Any more questions?"

10 years ago
Trapped in his car???? So he won't notice homeless people? He should be glad he HAS a car!!!!!
NIMBYs try to buy land to stop therapuetic homeless community
10 years ago
NIMBYs try to buy land to stop therapuetic homeless community

Residents want to buy Woodwynn land in Central Saanich to halt proposed therapeutic institution
Judith Lavoie, Times Colonist
A controversial proposal to house homeless people on Woodwynn Farm in Central Saanich has ignited a race to raise $6 million to buy the historic property.
On one side is Richard LeBlanc’s Creating Homefulness Society, with a plan to use the rolling, 78-hectare property on West Saanich Road as a therapeutic farm for homeless people.

On the opposite side are neighbours from Mount Newton Cross Road, who have formed a non-profit group to raise funds to keep the property as farmland in perpetuity.

Neighbours admit they do not want to see the farm become an institution for homeless people, but say they are looking at a social component for the farm, possibly incorporating some of LeBlanc’s ideas.

However, LeBlanc is accusing the group of over-the-top neighbourhood protectionism.

“They are trying to buy the farm out from underneath us. It’s a $6-million NIMBY [not in my back yard] campaign under the guise of protecting farmland,” LeBlanc said.

“This is the most rabid, radical group of NIMBYs I have ever seen. There is such a fear of the homeless.”

After collecting and reviewing about 80 letters against the project at Central Saanich municipal hall yesterday, LeBlanc said there has been a campaign of misinformation.

Most of the letters object to the land being removed from the Agricultural Land Reserve, but his group doesn’t intend to take it out of the ALR, he said.

A video about the LeBlanc project, posted on YouTube, is getting supportive comments, although many are coming from people who do not live in Central Saanich.

Hal Irwin, who is part of the neighbours’ group, said the major aim is to preserve the farmland and, if successful, the Land Conservancy will help put a protective covenant on it.

“We are hoping there will be an area for organic farming and a covenant on Hagen Creek, and there’s interest in establishing riding trails and hiking trails as well,” he said.

There is an element of NIMBYism, Irwin admitted.

“The farm is the linchpin of the valley. I live overlooking it and, given a choice of having an institution there and having ongoing farming, I like the idea of ongoing farming,” he said.

But, for both groups, it comes down to raising $6 million in a hurry.

The neighbours’ group is hoping for a break from the owner of the property and is looking for donations, while LeBlanc is approaching charitable foundations and having “ongoing talks” with the province.

“We have a purchase agreement which allows for a 90-day extension if necessary,” said LeBlanc. The initial agreement expires next month.

The farm is owned by John Arnaud, who bought it in 1988.

The Land Conservancy would help with a covenant on the property, which has agricultural, heritage and environmental values, but not with fundraising, said deputy executive director Ian Fawcett.

“We will help anyone who wants to preserve the land,” he said.

In February, Central Saanich council voted unanimously not to support institutional or residential zoning on the picturesque property. At that point, LeBlanc’s plan called for between 12 and 96 people living on the property, but he has adjusted the plans so people would work at the farm, but live offsite. “We are negotiating with three or four facilities,” he said.

Central Saanich Mayor Jack Mar agreed that, if farm workers do not live on the property, rezoning is not needed.

“If he wants to bring people in to work on the farm, he doesn’t have to talk to anyone,” he said.

Planning committee chairman Coun. Robert Thompson said the rules will be the same, whichever group is successful in buying the property.

“From the council perspective, we just need it to be consistent with our bylaws,” he said.

This week's BOBO Award goes to WalMart
10 years ago

Copying an email from WalMart Watch to me:
Dear Harmony,

Health care? Wages? American-made products?

Last week, Wal-Mart Watch members suggested hundreds of serious, thoughtful topics for Wal-Mart to discuss at Friday's shareholders' meeting.

Unfortunately, Wal-Mart still doesn't plan to talk about any of them because any serious discussion of issues would interfere with the dog and pony show it plans to perform instead.

We're still looking for more feedback on what problems Wal-Mart should discuss at its meeting on Friday. Will you help us?

To date, most people have written about workers' conditions - fair pay, affordable health care, and equal opportunity for promotions. But we also received hundreds of comments on a broad range of issues - from product safety to environmental responsibility to questionable labor practices in foreign countries.

The comments came from all over the country, and some were even submitted by current or former Wal-Mart employees. Angela from Maryland wrote:

The high cost of Wal-Mart's health insurance for employee & child and/or family coverage. I currently work at Wal-Mart.... and will not be able to get insurance for myself or my son because if I do I will not be able afford to take him to daycare and pay for gas to come to work.

Michelle from New Mexico wrote:

Is it possible for Wal-Mart to return to its previous vote of confidence in America by stocking, selling and promoting products made in America (I mean the 50 states)? They have the power to re-ignite the American economy by selling US products. A move like this would provide jobs for US workers and would make Wal-Mart look like a hero. Can Wal-Mart stop supporting China and their poorly made and oftentimes dangerous products? Be a hero Wal-Mart -- buy and sell American made products!

And Nicholas from Georgia wrote:

We who work at Wal-Marts across America need a cost of living increase... prices in the stores are going up each day but [our] wages are not so... when will we see this, when it costs more to get to work than what we are paid?

Wal-Mart's shareholders' meeting is on Friday, and we're still looking for more feedback about what the company should discuss. Will you send in your own response?

Check out some of your responses on our blog at:

Thank you for your support.


David Nassar
Wal-Mart Watch

Paid for by, a campaign of Five Stones and The Center for Community and Corporate Ethics

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Harmony- In my opinion, WalMart contributes to conditions which lead to homelessness in the working poor. It drains communities and expects its employees to use state resources to provide themselves with what WalMart refuses to- that is to say, good pay, adequate health insurance, and good benefits.

The working poor (I was one of them) are literally one paycheck, one unforeseen accident, one illness away from homelessness.

oops- just waking up, here- should read "BOZO" award
10 years ago

not Bobo Award

this week's award goes to judge for miscarriage of justice
10 years ago

Man accused of threatening homeless with chain saw avoids restraining order Staff report

A Broward County judge on Friday declined to grant a permanent restraining order against a Fort Lauderdale man accused of terrorizing homeless men with a chain saw.

In April, another judge had ordered Stephen D. Sticht, 50, to stay away from the homeless men at their request.

Sticht says he made no threats and was trying to rid his Middle River Terrace neighborhood of crime.

The homeless men also accused Sticht of posting homemade "Wanted" posters featuring their photos.

Circuit Judge Matthew Destry concluded that he did not have enough evidence to grant a permanent injunction.

Sticht's attorney, Michael Shein, said his client was "an asset to the community."

"My client is just a concerned member of the community who doesn't want male prostitution and illicit crack usage to decay his community," Shein said.

*fair use*

Harmony-  Bull$hit. Absolute Bull$hit.


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