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HCR is now on
9 years ago

URLS are very tiny on twitter - so the actual title of this group is a bit "cropped"!!!

Looking for the more worldly attention to the homeless WORLD problem!

Looking forward to "followers"

Thank you ~~~

thanks, Dixie!
9 years ago

LOL, I'm now following my own group, wonder how that works-  I'd signed up on Twitter with a Gmail account...guess I'll figure everything out soon enough! (I hope!)

Dixie and I are frequently updating the HCRCL twitter account
9 years ago

We've done so much work here in this group since it was formed- many thousands of articles, tons of information, pictures, etc-  we just want to get the word out to more people.

Have now posted the Twitter RSS feed on front page
9 years ago

Just look for it on the lower section of the page... that is, all the feeds from this group's page on Twitter

9 years ago

As of today (May 10th) we now have 241 following us on Twitter! Cool, eh- not bad for just a week or so..

8 years ago

I went to "our" tweet site ~~~ we now have 836 followers!!!


I think weallofus should get "the" word out in every type of media

about homelessness.


outta here!


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