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Soulforce is a wonderful organization! September 16, 2006 5:59 PM

Soulforce Email Letterhead Image Soulforce Email Update - September 5, 2006 In this Email Update: List of 5 items 1. A Special Message from Mel White 2. Right to Serve Campaign 3. Apply for the 2007 Equality Ride 4. Second Annual Soulforce Auction 5. Simple Living Corner list end A Special Message from Mel White Mel WhiteDear Melody, Great News! After 12 years of writing and research I have finally finished Religion Gone Bad: Hidden Dangers from the Christian Right. On September 5, 2006, I begin a month long, nationwide tour introducing Religion Gone Bad to the general public. I hope and pray that this sequel to Stranger at the Gate will sound a clear warning (just before the November elections) that the rise of fundamentalist Christianity is a threat not just to LGBT people but to all Americans. My book tour schedule is up on the web at I'm hoping that you will seriously consider joining me at an event near you and/or invite your friends and family who do live near by to spend that evening with me. I'm also hoping you will buy a copy of Religion Gone Bad for your own use or buy extras to donate to friends and family or to use as gifts. Here's why. The media only notice a book when a crowd gathers at the book signing events or when a book makes a bestseller list. Word of mouth is everything. When you get a copy and talk about it, word spreads. I've spent the last fifteen years monitoring the Christian fundamentalist's rise to power in church and state alike. I wrote Religion Gone Bad with the growing realization that LGBT people our friends and families could lose this "culture war" they are waging against us and lose it in a big way. If, however, we realize the danger in time there is a real possibility that we will stop fundamentalist efforts to turn the US into a de facto theocracy ruled entirely "by righteous men." Truth and justice can triumph over untruth and oppression but only if we take our stand. I am convinced that Religion Gone Bad could be a real help in mobilizing our community to that task. Dobson, Robertson, Falwell, Kennedy, LaHaye, Schlafly, Hagee, Bauer, name your favorite fundamentalist and I can guarantee you that he or she is using his or her powerful media empire to recruit millions of American voters and to raise tens of millions of donor dollars to see us demeaned, dehumanized, deprived of our civil rights, driven back into our closets or worse. We must sound the alert! Bishop John Shelby Spong says: Block quote start "Mel White, the gay ghostwriter for both Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, lays bare in this book, as only an insider can do, the fierce anti-homosexual agenda of organized religion from the Vatican to the American television preachers. White paints a frightening picture of what they mean when they call for 'making America a Christian nation.' He issues a challenging wake-up call both to those who are traditional Christians as well as to those who hold deeply to human values. A consciousness-raising, must-read book." Block quote end Cover of Religion Gone Bad For me this book is a strategic part of our Soulforce mission. To win the election in November, 2006, fundamentalist Christians will use their fear mongering tactics about same-sex marriage and adoption or gays in the church or gays in the military. If they win, we risk losing all the rights and protections the Constitution guarantees us. I'm hoping you will buy and read Religion Gone Bad; buy a copy for a friend or a member of your family; give a copy to your pastor, Sunday School teacher or church library; offer a copy to your local public or college library. I'm hoping, too, that you will give a copy to someone you know who believes the fundamentalist rhetoric and needs to hear the truth about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. When you buy online from Soulforce, we'll send an autographed first edition copy to you or to the person or persons you designate with our gratitude! Thanks for your help (in advance). Call if you have questions: 434-384-7696. For more, up-to-date information check out Sincere Thanks, Mel White Signature Mel White PO Box 3195 Lynchburg, VA 24503 Right to Serve Campaign The Right to Serve campaign is the follow-up to the Equality Ride in the effort to create opportunities for young adult activism. This time young activists are challenging "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," a 13-year-old policy that bans openly gay, lesbian, and bisexual people from serving. The military is the nation's number one employer of youth, and therefore young adults are the demographic most affected by this government-sanctioned discrimination. Young people are the citizens who can most effectively work towards ending this legislation. Many points are being addressed in The Right to Serve campaign. We are struggling for our 65,000 brothers and sisters currently serving the country while being forced to lie about their sexual orientation and deny their humanity in order to keep their jobs. We are protesting a federal law that bars 42,000 openly gay people who would serve in the military if it were not for this ban. We are challenging the injustice against the 11,000 soldiers who have been discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." And we are calling attention to the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, a bill currently stalled in the House of Representatives, which would lift the ban on openly gay service members. U.S. Army logoIn the Right to Serve, openly gay young adults who genuinely would serve in the armed forces are attempting to sign up for duty in thirty cities across the country this fall. It is the clearest way of pointing out the absurdity and bigotry of this policy. Thus far, eight cities have tried to enlist, and eighteen young adults have each been rejected because of their refusal to lie about  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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