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9 years ago

Mick sent another link for puzzles! and says:

"...these are a bit harder under picture where it says begin and it scrambles the pieces ..and under that it says more puzzles."

Here's a picture from the first set: Any captions???


9 years ago

Jo... I would like you to teach me some day how to do neat stuff like you make. Where do I start? All I can do are the photobucket thingys, which are fun but now I'm getting bored with them.

My son was teaching me some photoshop stuff last night and then he went out and I jammed it somehow. Can't release the picture on it. Now I have to wait til he wakes up, at which time I will probably go back to bed because I've been up since 5:00 (yawn)... can't sleep. You really do make great things!

9 years ago

I thought he had eye infections from all that makeup!
I feel shivers when I look at him. I hope he doesn't sneak into my dreams and make nightmares!

9 years ago
Looks like he has been smoking some of the green wacky weed..His eyes are bloodshot!
9 years ago

Yikes ..He is scary..Really he just left Macys makeup department..Ya know Trick or Treat is right around the conor..

ZCherylHellohanginthere.gif picture by myart1230

Save your tag ok..

9 years ago

Awwwww.... sorry, Jo - I don't know how I missed seeing that you left a message here.

I checked on the picture of that fella when I came in here and he's still sitting there, so it looks like the wife's run off on her to meet someone else! He's going to starve if he doesn't get up and do something about his situation! Lol!

Sounds like you're busy for your Sunday School class coming up. Good for you! I love that age in kids. Have fun, that's what I remember when I went to Sunday School. I had some terrific teachers who made everything so interesting, except one I remember who was strict and put no fun into her teaching at all!

9 years ago

Hi Cheryl..Too funny..where do ya think the wife went with the ??( Puzzle answer only...)

Thanks for doing Kaola..So cute..

Just sitting here working on my Bible studies for childrens church for Sunday my turn to teach..about 8 students age 7-10

Just made a word search to go with my lesson plan..Turned out pretty nice

Word Search Generator :: Create your own printable word find worksheets ...

Gotta go for now..No time for Care2 today sorry..Hugs Jo

PS Sorry it is so hot there..It is 65 here by the ocean..

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9 years ago

koala baby jigsaw puzzle
To send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle

Colored pencil drawings of cute baby koala bears want to tell you: "Just remember, YOU ARE koalafied." Then they snooze after eating a mountain of eucalyptus salad.

9 years ago

Love it!

 No.. No.. No.. this is India and this man is mad because he don't have any spices to finish his dinner ..His wife left him and took the ..LOL

9 years ago

Look at this pic and tell me what you think... like what country, and what you think he's doing. It's a really interesting pic.  Maybe that is a firepit for cooking and this could be Arabia... he's not well off but he's cleanly dressed.  It's all a puzzle to me!! 


9 years ago

Ahhhh... that's it - I probably needed a good hug and that's why I have turned into an insomniac.

Thanks for hug, Jo. Here's a big one back...

Did you like my crazy picture?

9 years ago

How about one of theses too..

You cannot currently send a star to Cheryl because you have done so within the last week.

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9 years ago

Well thank heavens for these little puzzles because I can't sleep and they are just the thing I need right now.


9 years ago

... that's some shot of the Tower!! It makes you feel like you're right there! I can take an imaginary trip every once in a while when I get bored of looking at my backyard. Thanks Jo.!

Thanks, Mick. Every time I get back from wherever I have to go, I have this urge to sit down and do a puzzle. I've done 52 so far and I hope I don't run out of puzzles. I think it's to relieve stress!!

It's good to see you both. I took a couple of days off from C2 and computer, except for checking on Delta eaglet. 


9 years ago

I love the way you have put them together then made a full picture for group

Thanks ,Cheryl..very nice.

9 years ago
The Eiffel Tower like never the arrows and put it on full screen.    Use your scroll wheel to zoom in and also view the others at the top right 
9 years ago
Thanks so much for posting the puzzles..and fun things..Just wish I had the time for them..Love it!
9 years ago

Thanks, Mick! I love the puzzles. Just finished a great one on this sweltering hot day (not waiting for the rainy ones).

Mick C.

fun jigsaws with different categories...for those rainy days

PUZZLES and Games for Rainy Days & Sleepless Nights!~
9 years ago
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Reviving this one from old thread:

Mini Putt Three
A fun miniature golf game where you can play one through 4 players. Power up your shot, set the angle and putt the ball into the hole.


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