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International Peace Day September 21st
7 years ago

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That's a beautiful video, Kay. I love the diversity of people shown.Thank you so much - this is the first mention of it I've had! Actually, we should be doing this every day. 


7 years ago

A beautiful video, Kay. Thank you so much. May some day we finally see peace around the world.

Cheryl, I don't know where you got those graphics, but they are so appropriate for tomorrow's "Peace" day. Thank you for posting them. They're all so uplifting.

7 years ago

Thank you very much Kay H. for this most beautiful video in support of Peace throughout our planet and all peoples!  Your video to God's ear, as the saying goes,... Let us all listen to the heart felt message and desire for International Peace.  Also, to Cheryl B, looking at your chosen images are also getting to the point, the earth's populations all holding hands happily - and finding the world one home that provides a safe haven for all!  I agree with Lynn G., that your words affirm our true belief, that Peace shall one day rule our Earth*

7 years ago

in addition to the recognition yesterday's Celebration ~


During International Positive Week, different categories of “Positive Peace” will be highlighted each day during the week-long celebration.

  • September 20 (Monday):  Positive Business Day:
  • September 21 (Tuesday):  Positive Entertainer Day (International Day of Peace)
  • September 22 (Wednesday):  Positive Community Day
  • September 23 (Thursday):  Positive School Day
  • September 24 - 26 (Friday - Sunday):  Positive Sports Weekend

Want to learn more? Explore the Celebrate Positive website!

Thank you for being a pathway to Peace

7 years ago

Thank you Kay for thinking of International peace! World peace is something I have been praying for all of my life.

7 years ago

I love doves and pigeons so much because they are symbols of God and peace.  And I believe they are truly little angels as well as all birds on earth.

7 years ago

International LOVE - with "abundance-consciousness" to ALL across the globe!  Overcoming the ills of greed, selfishness, hostility, cruelty, injustice and that which brings harm and suffering to anyone and everyone in order to heal our humanity. 

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Tags: effectiveness of positive psychology, positive psychology world congress, psychology of love, validation of positive psychology

7 years ago

-- what a POSITIVE feeling thread!! Thanks DOT for your wonderful comments and pictures, and Mary -- that is such a beautiful, happy, positive dove! Barb, you're right about those doves!!

Whenever we see the "bad things" going on all over the world we need to send out some of the positive energy that I feel is on this thread. Thanks, Kay, for starting off this thread. I think we could add to this thread ALL YEAR instead of just once a year, so please add on all PEACE oriented things you may come across!

Can you imagine not having to have borders? I do believe there is evil on this earth but I also believe the POSITIVE forces can overcome it. So keep those POSITIVE forces coming!


What if all parents all over the world started their kids off believing as the Lion King taught in this little video -- as simple as that!  

7 years ago


Angel Eyes








Questions ~ Angel Eyes
6 min - 4 hours ago - Uploaded by JuliaLeigh7111
to sleep anymore. What a waste that was. The Song is Codaques Positive Thinking ... Science Earth Cosmosangels flowers ...


music with a message
7 years ago

Hopefully this is going to work, (second try) as I couldn't figure any other way to share this youTube video, I hope you All enjoy it~

Here's the web page:










Questions ~ Angel Eyes


Music lovers in particular may especially like the composition,...  

7 years ago

For Dot

7 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing the above video Dot....I thought it was worth a reposting ...beautiful...

Universal Song of Peace
7 years ago


            Wings of Desire - Cecilia

this voice inspires inner peace, far and wide

(sorry, don't know how to paste the video directly)

7 years ago

For Dot & Everyone

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