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5 years ago

Cheryl dear, this thread is way too long so I started a new one and included Mary's last post. I'm going to close this one, ok? Love you!

5 years ago

hello Cheryl ,Lynn ,Les and everyone ,i hope your new year is starting well for you Les,ihope your wife is feeling better now that shes home . Cheryl is it snowing in canada?its wet and misty here but quite mild .i suppose its always warm in florida Lynn or is it?

5 years ago

Hi sisters and brothers Les and Ariel! Wow, it's so good to see you and hear that you arrived safely into the New Year!

Lynn, I hope you are getting rested up -- funny how we have to rest after we get back from a restful Barb, I am so happy to see you -- it's been quite a while but I knew you'd come see us sooner or later. If there's a way to send snow to you, I'll send it. Maybe all I can do is imagine it snowing on you and you in a snowsuit!

Mary -- oh my goodness, you've really had contact with this beautiful little church. What a wonderful history! Maybe that's what I could feel coming right through this tranquil picture. It's been in your family's life and in the family life of many many people. I guess the monks who lived there only needed a place to sleep, not all the things we need (or think we need) in our bedrooms). That would have been part of the vow, of course, but way back 'when', people were smaller. Some historical homes from the early 1900s I've toured have smaller everything - the rooms, especially where a maid, butler, cook, nanny, may have stayed; and then there are the doorknobs that are down lower on the door, as people were shorter also.   Thank you, Mary, for shining some history on this lovely church.

Les, if you're reading this, I hope your wife got home okay for Christmas and that she is doing better every day. She was probably itching to bake, cook and clean and entertain and do all the other things she is so used to doing at Christmas time, but this was her time to sit back and have the gift of receiving from others. Easier said than done! And your Mom is also in my thoughts and prayers.

Hope we hear from Kay, Dot, Thubten, and anyone else who may want to tell us about their special time that only comes once a year.

Barb and Mary, the 2013 pics are so cute! As we head into this new year, may you all be blessed with happiness each and every day!


5 years ago

Hello Barb and Lynn i hope you guys are enjoying the after holiday rush break lovely to see you

5 years ago

Hi Cheryl this church is called gougane barra it is built on a island near the source of the river lee .it was built by st finbarr a medieval monk and the patron saint of cork .the motto of u c c the cork unniversity wher my sons went is where finbarr taught let munster learn .munster is the province cork is in .this is a beautiful little church one of my sisters got married there .there are little huts wher the monks lived they are so tiny you would wonder how they fitted in ,love and hugs

5 years ago

Hello Cheryl, Lynn, Mary, Les.

I am sorry I haven't been here.  I have been so busy with work.  I wish it would snow here.  I love the snow.  Please send some to me

Love and big hugs.

Barb, Baby and Beenie

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Dec. 31/12
5 years ago

Hi Mary and Lynn and all.

Mary, glad you are now relaxing after what I bet was a glorious Christmas get-together, and Lynn - except for being too cold, glad to hear you had a good time. I bet you both are appreciating some moments for cuppas and for being with your furbabes, as they are with you!

It was snowing here this morning -- nice big white flakes that were picture-perfect! Now in the afternoon, it's a different story - beautiful sunshine! Could I ask for a better winter day?

Have a nice time tonight for NEW YEAR'S EVE everyone, whatever you are planning, and tomorrow we all shall be experiencing the birth of a new year, which WILL be full of happy, wonderful things!

Mary, here's a pic of a lovely little church that you may well know, since it is in the County of Cork. I just love it! It was in a Facebook group and I just had to post it here.


I love homes, churches, and other buildings (castles too) that have history to them - a story to tell of all the people who have lived or attended there. I wonder how many generations have prayed in this lovely little church?

LOVE YOU, my sisters and brothers! See you next year!

5 years ago

I'm back and very tired. Had a good time at Disneyworld but it was freezing cold and I wasn't dressed for the weather. I thought my nose would fall off! lol

I want to wish my whole Chatter Box family a very happy new year with all good things to come .... love, laughter, good health, peace of mind and blessings galore!

Happy New Year!!  

5 years ago

happy new year all i am so exausted my guests have left time for a quiet cuppa with my doggies  i hope you all had a wonderful christmas Lynn i hope you loved disney with the family ,Cheryl you sound like you had a lovely time  Thubten you will see the new year first have a great one

5 years ago

Hi everyone... or anyone! I can't believe how fast Christmas has come and gone. I listened to Christmas carols on a holiday music channel today because I hadn't had much time to hear them earlier. I just can't bear the thought of taking down my lovely, shining, sparkly, colourful tree so I may leave it up until March... at least until the sun comes out around here!

Hope all are well and have had a great Christmas or holiday celebration.

I have loved making memories with you all in 2012 and hope we will continue on to make more in 2013!

5 years ago

Oh Les, I also am so very happy to hear your good news! Your lovely wife is probably sitting at home as I type this on Christmas Eve. What a wonderful Christmas present!!

Mary, we are also having stormy, rainy weather but I am enjoying Christmas lights all around and candles and the company of "my boys." There are some mysterious presents under the tree this afternoon so I think Santa flew through when I wasn't looking. Gosh, is that ever nice you can go right to a local farmers market for the freshest of veggies!

Lynn, have a wonderful time, which it certainly does sound like you will! There is a strong note of excitement in your voice... I can hear it! You will have some stories to tell us when you get back.

Barb, we haven't seen you lately but I hope you will check in, and in any event, have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful Beenie and Baby and family.

All in all, we are certainly blessed. We live "in the moment" and enjoy every smile, laugh, tree lights, candles, food, pets, .... we all have so much to be thankful for.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, my dear friends.


5 years ago

Oh, what wonderful news, Les. Just shows that prayers are heard and answered. It's great that your wife will be home for Christmas. I'm sure she'll heal very fast once she's around the family with the support I know she'll get from you and them. Good luck.

A very merry Christmas to all of you. I'll be away for the Christmas week. I'm going with my daughter Sue, up to Andi's and we're going to Disney World the day after Christmas. I can't wait until Trent sees all the Disney characters walking around and experiences the rides. I'm already imagining the smile on his face.

Sending much love and big kisses to you all. ♥

5 years ago

i am so pleased to hear your good news Les it will really make your holidays

5 years ago

Thank you all for your prayers for my wife.  We received good news yesterday as it appears that she will be able to come home on Christmas Eve. Hope all are doing well and no matter what the weather are able to find much sunshine in your heart.

5 years ago

hi Cheryl and Lynn i hope you are enjoying a cuppa as we speak its quite stormy here today i'm off to the farmers market soon for my christmas veggies i will say a prayer for Les's wife  its so hard on them right now love and hugs

5 years ago

What a beautiful message, Mary. Thank you!

Lynn, I join with Mary in being overjoyed that your tests came out the right way and you are fine except for having to take Zantac. You must have been so very relieved and I know waiting for tests like you had takes a toll on one's strength. You try not to worry but it's almost impossible not to. THANK HEAVENS ALL IS OK!!

I know what you mean about burnout. I simply can't keep up with mail here and there, birthdays to acknowledge, Care2 interests, etc. Of course, there's the household things to get done and on and on. It is sad when we lose contact with others and I certainly don't want that to happen with my sisters here. We have such a caring support system - through good and bad.


Wow, what a magnificent cake! Truly talented!

Please see prayer posted for Les's wife on the other thread.


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5 years ago

Good morning Lynn i'm glad your feeling relieved about your results .worrying does take it out of you i know that i hope you get to relax with the family over the holidays , that cake is amazing i'vv seen Andi's page on face shes an artist

5 years ago

Dear Cheryl, Barb and Mary, please forgive me for not coming in here sooner. So many things have been going on and frankly, even though I keep busy in Care2 and Facebook, I'm beginning to feel a bit burned out. I was very worried about the biopsies that the doctor took during the endoscopy but I'm very happy to say that I'm alright. I have an irritated stomach and esophagus and was given prescription Zantac. I'm feeling much better thankfully, but silly me, I'm feeling the after-effects of the previous worry.

Mary, I'm so happy for you that you were able to spend time with your dad at this 80th birthday. It's wonderful when family and friends get together for special occasions.

Barb, I love the pictures you posted of Beenie and Baby. They're both so beautiful and I'm sure give you much joy.

My grand-nephew got married this past Saturday. He's the grandson of my brother and he was extremely close to my brother and sis-in-law. Now that my brother is gone, Josh was devastated that his "papa" wasn't at his wedding and he cried in my arms at his loss. Andi, my granddaughter, made the most spectacular wedding cake. She's got her own website now and if you want to see some of her amazing creations, here's the link:

Now, here's the cake she made for the wedding.


5 years ago

this one reminded me of you sweet sis

5 years ago

Oh boy, Mary.... I'm so glad to see you! It seems everyone is so busy these days and I feel quite alone wandering around the "rooms" in Chatterbox! I hope you are getting some rest time in, and also having some good fun while preparing for the big celebration(s).

Love you!

5 years ago

i hope you are all taking a little time for yourselves  the rush can be so stressfull

5 years ago

Sorry for not answering your message sooner, Mary... I just saw it!

It's so good to hear that you had a great "bash" for your dad's 80th with your lovely big family. I bet he was thrilled! Gosh, he was such a young man when he became a daddy. God is blessing your family, Mary love.

Hi Lynn, Barb, Kay, Dot, Thubten, Les, Ariel... and hopefully I didnt forget anyone. Hope everyone is well and trying to get some peaceful relaxation time to enjoy family at this busy time of the year. I keep meeting people who tell me they have so much to do and are stressed. I think what has taken place in Connecticut has shocked many people into concentrating on what REALLY is important in their lives and in this world.

I hope some of you will check in share what you are doing. Love you all.

ss   ss


5 years ago

hi cheryl how are you i have been celebrating ,it was my dads 80th he is just 20 years older than me all the family gathered for a big bash for him this week ,Lynn how are you dear?happy hannakuh

5 years ago

Hi everyone! Are you all in the mood for celebrating yet?

Lynn, I am thinking of you and wondering how your tests came out and how you are, even though I feel you are just fine.

Dec. 3
5 years ago

Hi sweet sisters!

That was an absolutely beautiful journey I went on Lynn, looking at that video. I also watched another done by the same fellow called "Bliss...(something)" after the first one finished and found they were just like having a peaceful meditative experience. Thanks for posting that link to the amazing, wonderous miracles of life that put a smile on one's face if we take the time to look and listen. Each day holds many miracles to appreciate.

I agree with Mary... you are going to be just fine!  Most likely what you've already gone through is the worst part!


5 years ago

Thanks so much Mary, for your kind thoughts. Cheryl and Barb, as well. I'm sure the biopsies will show some minor thing that can be fixed with diet or medication to ease the irritation.

Barb, your babies are so adorable. They look happy and well cared for.

For your pleasure, I'm posting this time lapse video of pollination by several species. Sit and relax and take enjoyment in this beautiful video.

The Beauty Of Pollination
A wonderful look at nature and the beauty of pollination. Louie Schwartzberg is a Filmmaker who has been filming flowers for over 35 years using time lapse photography. He shows us the amazing world of pollen and pollinators with stunning high-speed images from his film “Wings of Life”. Louis was inspired by the vanishing of the honeybee, one of nature’s primary pollinators.
5 years ago

Lynn i am so sorry your not feeling the best what a rotten ordeal all those tests i am so glad they are all fine so far , i'm sure the biopsy will be fine as well .how is that little man of yours? Cheryl how are you ?i year its artic in canada from another friend i hope you are wrapped up warm and snug .Barb your birdies look wonderful so loved and well cared for .happy week sweet sisters

5 years ago

Oh my gosh, Barb, it seems you and I were typing at the same time but you posted first! How about that for great minds think alike!!

BABY AND BEENIE ARE SO GORGEOUS!! So bright-eyed and healthy and happy looking! You take wonderful care of those babes, Barb. Thanks for the great pictures. It's so much fun to see them up close and personal. I'm so glad you popped in here to give your prayers for Lynn as well. I'm glad to hear your gastritis is under control.

We are all wonderful sisters and I really treasure that!

5 years ago

Gee it's good to see you Lynn (I'd say "Sister Lynn" but that sounds like we're in a convent). Many people are finding Care2 somewhat better but as you say, there still are those who cannot get around and do the things they want to do. Most frustrating!

Holy smoke, sis, sounds as though you've been through a lot! Never easy having to go to the doctor, period, let alone being sent off for one test or another. Even though you've been through that, your humour is still very much in tact.

I bet your biopsy is going to come back absolutely okay and that the irritation is easily treatable. If you managed to get your ulcer under control then most likely you will be able to get your present problem under control. I am thinking POSITIVE for you, as well as sending you light and love and prayers for healing and wellbeing. You will be receiving these every single day, sometimes twice, so let me know if you feel them, okay?

Keep checking in here, Lynn, so we know how you are. You know how much you are loved. . It seems we all are on Facebook as well, but I still don't feel comfortable talking about personal things on there as we do here.

Love you 

5 years ago

Hi Cheryl, Lynn, Mary, Ariel, Les!  So glad to stop by and say hi.  All I need is a reminder.

How are all of you doing?

Lynn I am sure you stomach is ok.  I will keep you in my daily prayers.  I have gastritis.  It can be painful, but that is all it is.  Not serious.

I took some new pictures of Baby and Beenie for all of you.

Love and big hugs.

Barb, Baby and Beenie

5 years ago

Hi to all my dear sisters and brothers!! This little family has not been together for quite some time. Everyone has their own thing to do and places to be....most of all on Facebook. So many of my Care2 friends are unable to get on to Care2 and resort to Facebook for keeping in touch and spreading the good word. So many petitions and wonderful causes on FB, also. But I'm still here in Care2, busy with all my groups.

I've been having a bit of trouble with my stomach so last week the GI specialist sent me for an ultrasound which, thank God, was normal. The ultrasound checked my liver, pancreas, gall bladder and kidneys and everything was negative. Yesterday I had an endoscope of my esophagus and stomach. The doctor came out, after I woke up, and said that my esophagus (where I'd been having spasms) was ok, but my stomach was irritated. I don't like the sound of that because three years ago I had an ulcer. My mom was a stomach cancer survivor and her mother died from stomach cancer, so I'm making sure that I keep checking it. I hope the biopsy is ok. When I came out of the anesthesia, I was so dry from the oxygen that they put in your nose that my lips were sticking to my teeth and my nose was stuffed. Actually it was quite funny when I spoke and "n's" and "m's" sounded like "b's". Steve took me for the procedure, so after that, he took me to a restaurant for chicken soup (Jewish penicillin) lol.  I go back to the doctor on the 10th for him to tell me the results of the endoscopy biopsies.

I hope everyone is well and keeping busy. Sending much love to you all.

5 years ago

Two weeks since last post. Where are my sisters and brothers Les and Ariel? Everyone probably out there shopping early - maybe? Quite blustery with rain and wind here now as we settle into winter. I think we're in for lots of snow this year. ss



5 years ago

Happy Monday everyone! It's a long weekend here as it was Remembrance Day yesterday. Gosh, I didn't even post anything on our thread. But I certainly observed it by doing other things.

What's everybody up to these days? It's kinda quiet... getting ready for winter? Rainy and cold here but that's to be expected now.

Hope everyone is well!

5 years ago

Good afternoon dear sisters and brothers! It's good to see your posts.

Ariel, I am so relieved life is returning to normal for you, and what a great introduction to a Broadway Show! Broadway is certainly one of the things that comes to my mind when I think of New York. I would LOVE to attend those shows. Yes... the gas problem is huge from what I see on t.v. It's really a time to be good to one another because there still are so many who need to start over. 

By now my American friends are probably settling in after all the excitement of the election. I watched the whole thing here in BC and apparently many other countries were glued to their tv.s. It was so funny to see on the news that a big group of people in the U.K. were together watching and wearing American 'things' (not sure what that means) and eating American food... lol. One of the foods was grits which we don't have here in Canada either. Of course there were many Americans at the U.K. party who helped put it together. In the African *africa* village where President Obama's grandmother lives or lived, there were big celebrations.

What is happening with Staten Island? We keep seeing the most terrible conditions for those people there, and last night it was snowing on top of everything they have endured? Even Dr. Drew can't figure out why there's very little help - food, light, clothes, etc. getting to them.

Barb, it's so good to see you! Looks like Baby and Beenie are doing very well. They are so darn cute I just want to reach out and stroke them. Our fella hates being 'petted' but we 'get him' here and there anyway just to keep the human-bird touchy-feely action going.

Mary, I hope you are well and it's good to see you too. We are now getting the rain we knew was coming. Summer is all gone! But then, we were given such a nice summer this year compared to the one before so I am grateful. Have you heard how Brian is doing? And how about Anna?

We sure have some wonderful people in this group and I just love you all so much! I think we need a bit of Australia in here too.

5 years ago

i am so glad you are safe Ariel its so hard without power and water ,i hope you are back tonormal soon good morning Cheryl how are you today ?Lynn how are things in florida?we havent heard from Barb for a while i hope she and Les are ok  ,Thubten if you are around good morning love and hugs  to all

5 years ago

Wow I can't believe I haven't been here for an entire month!  Time does fly by so fast.  And I apologize to all of you my dear sisters and brothers!  

Ariel I am so glad that you are doing well and your home was not damaged by the storm.

And Thubten nice to meet you

Lynn that cake looks so delicious!

Mary I am doing well and so are Baby and Beenie   It's finally been raining for quite a while now.  Your prayers worked!  Thank you so much.

Cheryl how is Bibby?  What a cute name.  That is one of Beenie's nick names, too.

Now I hope I didn't miss anyone.

Here are 2 more new pictures of Baby and Beenie  

Love and big hugs to all of you!

5 years ago

As they say "life goes on", and today was proof positive. We took the train to NYC, it was full of NY Giant fans going to the game.  We arrived at Madison Square Garden fan were arriving for the NY Knicks basketball game.  We went to a Broadway Show, Wicked, my first time and enjoyed the experience.  We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe then headed home.  It was a great gift given by the partners, for 20 years working at the law firm.

I did notice the lack of cars on a major road running parallel to the train, due to the shortage of fuel.  The polling places are ready for Tuesday.  Slowly but surely, things are getting back to normal, but there are a good number of families that lost everything, and we all feel for them. 

5 years ago

Hi Lynn, good to see you! Wow... that's got to be horrible for you to imagine the devastation in the places where you lived and worked... everything completely changed from those familiar steps you've taken.

I saw Michael Moore on Piers show and apparently there is some bill being held up in the senate because there are people who either don't believe in global warming or don't agree on what to do about it! For Pete's sake, I wish all the countries, including Canada, would just get on with what has to be done! Many reasons for not doing something about it are to do with rich people having to make expensive changes.... so much is about MONEY! The world is falling apart while those who can make changes are arguing!

5 years ago

Hi to all my sisters and brothers Les and Ariel.

It's so good to hear from you Ariel, and to know that you and your family are alright. I'm originally from Brooklyn so to know that the state that I grew up in has been so devastated just breaks my heart. I worked in Manhattan for many years, rode the subway system every day and can't imagine it being under water due to Sandy. I remember that it happened with Irene but this is even worse.

We get our share of hurricanes here in Florida so I can relate to the pain that NY and New Jersey is going through. Global warming has made each storm worse than the one previous to it. It's affecting our weather and wild animals and I hope everyone wises up before it's too late.

5 years ago

Oh boy it's good to hear from you Ariel! I am just so happy that you and your family are okay.

I have been watching all the news on CNN from the beginning and it is mind-boggling what Sandy has done. I feel as though I'm watching Katrina all over again. Last I heard the number of people who didn't survive is over 100. Those two little boys ripped away from their mother... my heart breaks for this family! I wonder if the circumstances of her trying to get help from that man in his home (and he wouldn't help) are as stated so far.  There are people all over the world sending prayers, Ariel. It's true that so many lives are forever changed, but it is good to see so many banding together and helping one another.

Mary, the video of the dog that was lost for 4 years is awesome. He looks so skinny but I imagine that won't last for long. They were saying he just roamed around in the wild. Thank heavens for the wonderful woman who saw him often and did something about it. I saw the video of young Jackie Evancho after the other video was finished and posted it on another thread. Thanks so much for posting these!

Lynn, the cake is really a masterpiece! It sounds like you really had an amazing party and you're right - the best part of all was with family and friends around. You deserve the best!

5 years ago

Hello friends, this week has been very hard on us in this area, Hurricane Sandy did major damage to all the homes on or near the water.  I lucked out, no flooding and no damage to my house, we lost power overnight Monday and it was restored Wednesday evening.  You may have seen news reports from my town, Lindenhurst on Long Island, which was hit hard and many homes were damaged.  You can buy food and supplies, the lines to buy gas are miles long, again I lucked out in that the office has no power so I stayed home all week.  This hurricane was much worse than Irene, which hit the region last year.

5 years ago

Hi Lynn what a wonderful cake Andi  is an artist and such thought went into this cake you are well loved thats for sure . i saw her facebook page her cakes make my mouth water ! i really thought that pumpkin was real ,i hope all my care2 friends are safe in sandys aftermath .love and hugs

5 years ago

Hi Cheryl and Mary, I don't know where everyone else is. I guess busy with their own groups or on Facebook since Care2 is giving a lot of people frustrations.

The first picture I posted, which doesn't do it justice, is the cake Andi made for me for my birthday party. She wrote 80 years of memories on the front and it sure was because she made edible framed pictures of me and my family, from my young days to now. Incredible and I still don't know how she did it. She makes her own fondant and that's what she made the "pictures" with. Some of the guests asked if they could take the pictures because if you leave it, it hardens and lasts forever. The cake itself was bluish fondant on the outside and inside was the most delicious chocolate cake with chocolate gnosh frosting in between the layers. I candleabra was placed on top with candles in it. Everything was edible except the box of Whitman's candy you see in the top left corner. Sue, Andi and Steve brought in food that was luscious. BBQ'd chicken and ribs with side dishes and 2 Italian dishes. Ooh, so good! I got gorgeous presents but all I cared about was the fact that my wonderful family and friends were with me.

The second tag is for Halloween but the cake itself is a pumpkin cake that Andi made for a client. I couldn't believe it when she sent the picture to me. It looks like a photo of a pretty pumpkin!

Lastly, my thoughts and prayers are with the people who were affected and still being affected by Frankenstorm Sandy. A monstrous storm that has done monstrous damage and I hope that everyone in its path is well and will be able to rebuild what Sandy took in its wake.

Sending hugs and kisses to you, my sisters. I love you so much!

5 years ago

Hi Lynn i amm so glad you and Cheryl are safe although i heard the storm was heading for canada i think it won't be as bad .LLynn you get enough hurricanes in your neck of the woods .its just wet and windy here happy halloween dear friends 

5 years ago

Hi Cheryl and Mary, so good to see you both again. I'm just watching television and seeing the devastation that Sandy left in its wake. 8 million people without power, over 15,000 airline flights cancelled, the stock exchange in NY was closed yesterday and today, flooding everywhere, the famous Atlantic City boardwalk is completely gone and so far 48 people have died. The picture of the facade of a building in Manhattan torn off like a piece of paper, with the rooms showing in the open, is the one that got me the most.

We here in Florida just got the outer bands of the storm. We got 40 mph winds and heavy rain for 2 days. We're very lucky to have the storm bypass us and I'm saying a prayer for the people who were affected by it.

It's getting late now but tomorrow I'll tell you about my birthday party and the gorgeous cake that Andi, my granddaughter made for me. Meanwhile, I'll say goodnight and send my love and big hugs to you, my dear sisters.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

5 years ago

Hi Cheryl i just noticed your post i was just posting myself i got back in by changing all my passwords its lovely to be back sending prayers for all the people and animals in sandys path i hope all my friends are safe love and hugs 

Oct. 29
5 years ago

I can't believe the date on my last message here!!

I am so happy to be back to my dear sisters and brother Les; you have no idea how much I've missed you all, and not being able to get here - or anywhere on computer - I CRASHED! My computer had to go to computer hospital. I have been getting a lot done around here as I haven't had ANY computer to use.

I hope you all are well and have been here or on FB communicating. It feels funny to even be typing!

We all are waiting with thoughts and prayers for those in the path of "Sandy"; it's just after 1:30 pm here and I hear that already there is flooding in many places and big power outages. I will be saying many prayers as the night comes as it is supposed to be an unprecedented happening.

You may have heard that we here in BC had a 7.7 earthquake yesterday. My bird was swinging back and forth in his cage and some chimes I have tinkled a little, but other than that I didn't feel very much, and I'm not feeling any aftershocks that others say are happening. The epicentre was up North quite a bit and even they had relatively little damage. We consider ourselves very lucky. It gave a good run for all our emergency response teams.

I am going to look over the threads to see what's new and do some posting. I also hope everyone is safe from "Sandy."

Love you all so much    

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Sept. 6
5 years ago

Mary, I LOVE that pic of St. Francis and the animals! I didn't know it was world animal day... but of course we should have one! In fact, every day should be one, eh?

I hope everyone is doing well and having a great weekend. We have Thanksgiving on monday here in Canada so it's a long weekend. Yippee! The sun is shining and in fact will be shining for about 3-4 more days. I am truly thankful!

I wonder if Lynn is still partying . I'm sorry I haven't been here for so long but outside has beckoned me and I need to take advantage of it while it lasts.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL WHETHER IT'S YOUR ANNUAL ONE OR NOT! We always have things to be grateful for!

ss .... I love warm pumpkin pie with ice cream!

5 years ago

Happy world animal day everyone!

5 years ago

Happy Sunday Mary, Thubten, Barb, Kay and Lynn on holidays, Dot, Les...

Thubten - Sydney looks absolutely gorgeous!! I lived there for a few months over 40 year ago (hard for me to believe!) when the opera house wasn't finished yet. It was in a super friendly rooming house almost under the Sydney Harbour Bridge (but on land) lol. I loved taking a little ferry across to the quay and then to catch the train to work. I know it's changed a lot since those days but in my heart I will see it as it was then along with as it is now. The New Year's display on the bridge every year is spectacular! I'd love to go for a walk in that picture!

Mary, what a spectacular ship! I would sooo love to be out on that right now. I can see all those people on it and I know they are having the time of their lives out there in the fresh sea air! Sorry to hear it's "wet and windy" in cork; that rain came in on you a while ago and has decided to stay! I'm not looking forward to the long season of rain we will be getting soon.

ss I am trying to get into the mode of thinking that if we didn't have the rain we wouldn't have any flowers or vegetables, fruit, etc. I hope I can maintain this line of thinking after the rain comes.

5 years ago

Good morning Thubten from a wet and windy cork  circular quay looks quite exotic how are you today?happy birthday to your daughter in law i hope you are having a lovely weekend happy weekend Cheryl ,how are things in canada?Lynn i hope your weather is better than mine lol Barb how are you doing i suppose Kay is still on hols lucky her! this is one of the tall ships that came to cork last year

5 years ago

G'day from Sydney
Circular Quay, Sydney, taken during 'Vivid Sydney' May 2012.
Sunday 30's my daughter-in-law's birthday...have a good one Kristie!
Sydney's weather today: temperature= Max 20C (68F) Sunny. Winds west to southwesterly 15 to 25 km/h shifting east to southeasterly and becoming light in the late afternoon

Sending Love to all here as September comes to a close for another year,

5 years ago

So many wonderful things happening! Lynn, Mary, Barb, Les, Kay, Dot, Thubten... hope I didn't forget anyone's name!

Lynn, what a wonderful time you are going to have for your special day celebration... which sounds like it's going to be one BIG long celebration! It's going to be PARTEEEE time, for sure! I love that you are going to spend time with your most special people in all the world!

Barb, I am sorry and concerned about those fires so close to you! We here in BC have had an unusually warm/hot and sunny summer and there have been lots of fires and homes destroyed. I will be praying that they get those fires under control very soon. I LOVE LOVE LOVE BABY and BEENIE! I wish I could show my TWEETY their picture... they are so cute! I am so happy you posted some pictures.

Mary, I hope you are well, luv. I wish you could send Barb some of that rain you are getting and pretty soon we will get. Isn't it strange that one place needs it so badly and another place is swimming in it every day! I am so happy you're on FB now too!

Thubten, it is wonderful to have you join us! I am thrilled to have an Aussie part of our unusual group that represents so many different places in the world! Now, we have to get used to the fact that it's the NEXT DAY to what most of us are experiencing. LOL You always get to enjoy things first... like Christmas and New Years. I really love your page and the Alice Walker quote. And Tibet is one of my causes too. I think the world of the Dalai Lama and wish he could return to his homeland and be with his people who need and want him there.


5 years ago

Good morning Thubten how are things in sydney?i hope you are having a lovely day .Hi Lynn your ipad sounds like great fun .how is your back?Cheryl how are you my dear friend?Barb i hope you get the rain we have lots of it here i could send you some lol Kay enjoy your hols  Les how are you doing?

5 years ago

Just dropped in to say hi!
CHERYL, I love the dog quote
BARBARA, Praying for rain for you! Beenie and Baby are too cute!
MARY, Sophie looks supercool in her sunglasses
LYNN, Your great grandson is adorable! You are going to have such a lovely birthday week! Was the i-pad a present? Hope your back isn't hurting you too much.
KAY, Happy travels! is someone minding the allotment while you are away?
for anyone else who drops in.

5 years ago

Hi Cheryl, Lynn, Mary, Les, Dot, Thubten, Kay and anyone I missed. 


Lynn your little grandson is so adorable and look how much he has grown!  He is so handsome!  Look at him - he's too cute.




I love all of you!


We have some bad forest fires east of the mountains.  Please pray for us to get rain very soon!  The sky is hazey and dirty for smoke making some of it's way over here.


Thanks my dear sisters and brothers.


Love and big hugs.


Barb, Baby and Beenie ))


Baby on right and Beenie on left


5 years ago

Hey, everyone!

I've been so busy between Facebook and my groups here and the fact that I just bought a new iPad and I'm playing around with that, that sometimes I forget the time and wonder if I ate. lol

Now with Mary on FB, it looks like we're slowly moving at a time. But I'll still be with Care2, no matter what..even though the problems that they cause their members are very frustrating.

Kay, what a wonderful trip you'll be taking. So many different countries that are so beautiful to see.

Next Tuesday is my birthday and because it's a big one, my daughter Sue and granddaughter Andi are throwing me a party on the 29th at Steve and Alicia's house. The whole family and my friends will be there. Then I go back to Vero Beach with my grandkids and the baby and I'll stay with them for a week. Yay! It's paaahtee time!! So for the first week of October I won't be on the internet....I'll be using my time to be with the love of my life, my great-grandson. Mandy is coming with me and she loves Trent. She'll be having fun with the baby, even when he sticks his finger in her eye. lol

So, all my sisters and brothers....whoever peeks in here, I'm sending my love, hugs and kisses to you all.

Sept. 19
5 years ago

Yay Mary... you are now a Face Book newbie! Isn't it amazing how we all got the courage and stamina to join the modern world and attempt to get involved in what we may have said, "I'll never be doing that!" I will be going to FB later today (I don't go there every day) and will definitely be pressing "yes" to that request!

Hi there Lynn, Barb, Dot, Les, Thubten... and our KAY is back! So good to see you Kay and hear about your lovely veggie garden you have probably harvested well by now. Glad you hear you have enjoyed the summer and are experiencing and enjoying the same gorgeous fall that I am as well. What a wonderful trip you having coming up! Here's wishing you a really happy and relaxing holiday and come back and tell us about it!

Hope you all are doing well. I haven't been here very much lately... I feel rather neglectful but it certainly isn't meant to be. Just busy weeding out my garden as Mary has also been doing and keeping up with all those little things in daily life.


ss... and birds and cats too!

5 years ago

Good Morning.png

Hello Friends

I hope things are good for you !

Its been a busy summer , I spent many hours on my allotment growing veggies and enjoying the outdoors , watching mother nature weave her magic ...

Now things are starting to turn to Autumn , its all so beautiful...

I havent been on the computer much lately , I think I was spending to much time on here really ...its been good to get busy with other things...

I am going away for a couple of weeks , to see Venice & Dubrovnik and to spend some time in the sun on Corfu.

I will  be back ...

Much love to all


5 years ago

Cheryl what a lovely cute visitor how are you sis?hi Lynn Barb ,Les Dot Kay Thubten i hope your week is starting wonderfully for you Cheryl i sent you and Lynn a friend request on facebook maybe i will see you there too Lynn is my friend now love and hugs monday

5 years ago

Oh dear... I forgot Dot's name! Hope you are well, Dot!

5 years ago


Looks like everyone's been busy getting as much of the last of summer as possible. I've been doing yard work and enjoying every moment of it. Mary... are you still able to do your yard work between raindrops? The days are sunny but I can feel the coolness taking over at night, and the furnace has even come on once in the middle of the night!

How are you Mary, Lynn, Barb, Kay, Les and new friends we may have who are checking in? I hope you all are having a relaxing and happy Sunday!

5 years ago

OH MY GOODNESS - Mary, Barb, Lynn... ALL so busy and updates here for us all to know what's happening... and happened!

Mary, I can almost see you out in your garden tearing up the weeds and old flowers cuz I'm doing the same thing! So glad you got a bit of time between raindrops to get out in the fresh air and do that, sis. It feels good, doesn't it? We haven't gotten much rain yet but I know it's-a-comin'!

Barb, congratulations on your new business!!! That's absolutely wonderful that you're doing well and also that Beenie is doing well. What an ordeal with your computer. My son used to work for Staples and was the computer guy who fixed them in the store and also went to homes to fix them. Quite often he would fix something other than what he went there for because he didn't believe they should have to bring it into the store when simple fixes could be done. I'm so glad you finally got it fixed, no thanks to all those cranky, bad-tempered people you encountered! So glad things are going well for you, sis.

Lynn, holy smoke, sis, you fell again!! Is there any part of your body that isn't black or blue? And what a scare the hurricane must have been. Animals just hate storms, lightening, and I'm sure hurricanes with howling winds!! The dogs I used to have would run and hide under my bed! But I am so glad to hear you had some good times and got a new ipad -- what a great early birthday present!! That's what I would like to get some day too, then I don't have to stay in one place. And thanks for finding the elephant thread. I should have looked there.


Well for Pete's sake... look at our little COWBOY!! What a cutie with that big gorgeous smile! It is so great when you post new pics for us to see how much he's grown. He's quite the little man and I can sure see why he's the light of everyone's lives.

It was so nice to read all the news everyone posted. I feel as though I was personally on the phone with each one of you. Totally delightful!

Keep going and keep safe ..... PLEASE.... everyone. Lynn, I really hope you are feeling better because you've been through so much pain.

You all are in my prayers and I love you!

5 years ago

hello dear sisters Lynn your little guy is getting bigger and cuter what a handsome little guy he is Barb how lovely to see you good luck with the new business i hope it does realy well for you i am so glad you and beeney are doing so well .Cheryl how are you?i hope you are all having a lovely week hugs

5 years ago

Here I am, sisters and Les! I had to be away twice, so I wasn't active during those times.

First and foremost Cheryl, I found our Elephant thread in the archived threads. Here's the link:

I guess that's why I didn't think to put the baby elephant taking a bath video on here. I forgot there was an elephant thread. Barb, thanks so much for posting the link to the video. I'm going to put it on there now. Ok, done!

Now, why I wasn't here for those two times. First of all, Care2's latency problems were driving me crazy but I still tried. Then I went to Sue's house to wait out the pre-hurricane that Isaac was brewing. I closed my hurricane shutters, put whatever outside planters would have been hurled during the high winds into the house (or rather Sue did all this for me. I don't know what I'd do without my daughter) and left. It turns out that Sue had more damage than I did. The high winds buffeted the rain against the sliding glass doors and water came on the track and overflowed about 12 inches into the den floor. Mandy was a wreck because of the howling winds which sounded like a bunch of wolves howling at the moon. Two of Sue's cats (she has 4) were hiding. I'm glad that's over with.

Last weekend Sue, my grandson, his girlfriend and I went up to Vero Beach to be with Andi, Chad and the baby for the Labor Day weekend. It had been raining for days and my back was awful. Hurting to the point that my legs got stiff and I could hardly walk. I took my walker for support and Friday evening I went over to the living room couch to sit down. I was at the corner of the couch and leaned on it for support. The couch slipped on the tile floor, I couldn't catch my balance and of course, I went down! I thought I didn't hurt myself but the next morning my right thigh was black and blue and my neck felt like I had a stiff neck. I'm getting a little tired of renewing my acquaintance with the floor!! lol  I'm ok now and I did have a wonderful time. We went up to Orlando on Saturday to a special cake supply store for Andi to pick up a few things. She's now in business making cakes and cupcakes and doing very well. She works from her house, licensed under the "Cottage Law".

That night we went out to a Japanese restaurant similar to Beni Hana where they light the fire and cook right in front of you. Trent loved every minute of it. The next day was my grandson Robbie's girlfriend's 21st birthday so we celebrated at the restaurant. When we came home last Monday night, I was so wired I couldn't sleep that night. On the other hand, Mandy was veeerrry happy to be home.

Andi came into town yesterday (Sunday) and Sue, Andi and I went and bought ourselves iPads. I've been wanting one for ages so I thought I'd treat myself to an early birthday present. Then we met my grand-nephew for lunch. It was a great day. It was things like that that kept me off the computer. I do look into Facebook every once in a while, too.

Have I told how adorable my great-grandson is? Yes, I guess I have but here's a picture I took of him to prove just how cute he really is. This was taken right before we went to the restaurant last weekend. He's wearing his belt with his name on it, jeans and cowboy boots. What a kid!! He'll be 16 mos. old on the 16th.


He's the love and light of our lives. I guess that's it for now, Barb, Cheryl, Mary and whoever else comes into the room. I hope everyone is well and happy. Sending big hugs, kisses and much love to you, my sisters. xoxoxoxo

5 years ago

Cheryl the weather has been beautiful, but it's getting dry and we need rain.


Lynn must be doing ok because I got an email about a baby elephant taking a bath from her.  Maybe she is too frustrated with care2.!

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5 years ago

Hello to all of my dear sisters!  Hello, Cheryl, Mary, Lynn, Les and anyone around that I missed.


Sorry it's been so long but I do have an excuse.   I lost all of my information a few weeks ago and needed to restore it all.  I think I told you that and I got windows 7.  But then I lost my internet connection for about a week.  Comcast would not fix it right away because they were blaming it on my computer.  They said I had a virus.  My computer was old so I decided to buy a new one and still could not get online.  Comcast was terrible and still blaming my new equipment, and the people that talked to me were not helpful and the one man they sent out was terrible!  Finally I had a tech guy come over from Staples, and he said the modem (Comcast's) was configured wrong.  He called Comcast and we made another appointment for someone to come out and I prayed for someone smart to look at it.  Yes it was the modem.  It was not on my account that is why it would work.  It was on the wrong account!


Beenie is doing very well now and all better. His feathers are growing back in, too.  Yes Beenie was very terrified and didn't mean to hurt me.  I am healed up, too.


Cheryl I am glad you had a good time with your family and that icecream looks delicious.  I want to get some at the store soon.  I love icecream now and then.


Mary Sophie looks so beautiful and happy with you there.  You look like a kind and wonderful person as well. What a great  mum you are to Sophie!


Lynn how is your back doing?  We miss you.


Oh sisters I need to tell you that I purchased on online business last May with the money I got from the sale of Mom's house. The business is doing very well.  It came with allot of customers so I earn money weekly.  I am busy working on this business and I still do my Melaleuca Shows on Wednesday.  I got a few more to join this summer.


Hope I didn't forget to answer anyone's questions.


Love and big hugs.


Barb, Baby and Beenie ))

5 years ago

Good morning sisters and Les  i am in the process of tearing out the weeds and dead flowers from my garden so i really enjoyed my weekend it is raining again now so i have to take a break how are you Cheryl ?i hope its warm and sunny where you are Lynn my friend hows your back and hows Alicia  doing? Thubten if your looking in good morning have a wonderful day

5 years ago

Hi sisters and brother Les.   I hope everyone is having a good weekend, and Mary, I do hope it's stopped raining!

I went out with my two cousins yesterday for lunch and we went to lay flowers on the graves of all our family members in two different cemeteries. It was a beautiful sunny day and it felt good to do what we did. It seems so many passed in the month of September, so that's why we did it! We had lots of laughs at lunch and it was just good to be together with so many unhappy things having happened to all of us in recent months.

Do something good for yourselves this weekend - okay?


I've been looking for the thread about our ELEPHANTS and I can't find it!! Am I just blind or is it missing for some reason? Really curious!!

6 years ago

thanks Cherly i sure could use some i'm looking out at my garden its such a jungle and its too wet to tend it .Ihope you are basking in the sunshine and enjoying your day ,How is your weather Lynn?i have lots of trouble with care2 as well but i have such lovely friends here i can,t leave

6 years ago

I'm sending you some sunshine, Mary. We have been so fortunate here to have had several weeks of sun without interruption but I sure see Fall coming in already. The big trees out back of us are losing their yellowed leaves (it's looks really pretty) and there's THAT feeling in the wind. Summer has come and just about gone so fast.

Mary, I do hope the sun will come your way soon. We are a very rainy part of the world usually and when it starts it probably won't stop for a long time.

Lynn, you are so fortunate to have all the sunshine all year 'round. Hey... I hear there's a hurricane maybe coming your way? Is that true?

Barb, you never mention your weather. I hope you are having a good summer with lots of sun and flowers. How is Beenie doing -- and that bite he didn't mean to give you? I think your quick thinking helped a lot.

Boy of boy -- how is everyone doing with the latency and other problems? Latency ESPECIALLY is horrible!!!

6 years ago

Hello sisters and Les i hope the sun is shining on you all i am sending healing energy and prayers for your back Lynn a backache is one of the worst pains to have .Cheryl i hope you are having a great day its still poring rain here ah well maybe tomorrow the sun will find its way back hugs my lovely friends 

6 years ago

for Lynn sending hugs

6 years ago

Mary, that is such a HAPPY HAPPY picture! One can't help but feel cheerful just looking at it! Thank you!

Sophie does seem to be thriving on her meds, just like humans have to take. She really is looking well and Mary, I bet she's going to be around for quite some time yet. She is well taken care of, that's for sure!

Lynn, I looked on the link you posted and holy smoke, that is a lot to deal with and make decisions about. Was it worsened by the fall? Dumb question I bet because I imagine it was. Are you able to take any medication that helps with the pain? Geez, sis, that certainly affects quality of life if you're in pain all the time.

6 years ago

Good morning sisters Cheryl how are you ?Sophie looks great for fourteen but she is on heart support meds and anti inflamatories ,she loves her life shes an angel .i hope you still have lots of sunshine .Lynn how is your back today?i am still praying for your grandaughtr and her family it must have been such a shock to them ,hows that wonderful little guy of yours doing ?Barb i hope you and beenie are all better now and having a lovely day huggs sisters

6 years ago

Hi dear sisters and brother Les!

Oh Barb, it's so good to hear from you! I am so sorry about Beenie's accident. Wow, you really sprung into action as his nurse and probably saved him from infection, shock, etc. Good for you mama Barb! I think you getting bitten was his reacting to the hit, sort of like defending himself but he didn't realize it was you he was taking it out on. I hope you are okay now too! I'm happy to hear you've installed Windows 7 and it's working well for you, and that you've been dancing! So good to have you back, sis!

Lynn, I sure am aware of Zen's situation and am really upset about it. It is so unfair! You are so right about her being the one that everybody went to because they know she cares and they can trust her. Course, they waited until she left for South Africa -  how cowardly is that?!!

It's really really sad that so many people are so fed up with Care2 and are leaving. Many have been here for a very long time and although changes are to be expected with anything and everything, these changes are so destructive and driving the very people away that it supposedly wants to participate. I am also hanging in there, Lynn. I hope all sisters and brother Les does too!! I will read your link as soon as I post this, which I will have to copy first because of it disappearing to la la land. Gosh, Lynn, so many people make choices like you are doing and saying, "No more!" I swear... I've heard of damages being done after people have gone under the knife and expected to be better!

Mary, it's so good to see you are back and that you had a good time! And I'm happy to hear you got some sunshine even though you've returned to rain. We are in a sunny stage and lapping every drop up that we can because we know the rains will be coming and they don't stop when they get here! Oh my, SOPHIE looks so cute in her 'shades' and she looks in really good health. She really is a beauty!

I haven't been posting much because of all the problems which drive me nuts! But I keep coming back because my sisters are here.

Happy week, sisters and Les.


6 years ago

Hi Lynn i am so sorry to hear your grandaughters sad news i will pray for her and her family .Cheryl you poor dear you are run off your feet ,sometimes its great when guests come sometimes its great when they go .Barb i hope beenie is doing better poor little mite he must have been scared ,i am just back from kerry i got some sunshine and i did a few mountain ride its very wet here right now ah well hols over for another year heres Sophie trying on her sunglasses she wont need those today lol Photobucket

6 years ago

Hi Lynn I give you my deepest sympathy for the loss of your grandaugher's mother-in-law.  I will keep Andi, Chad and family in my prayers too.


Love, prayers and big hugs.


Barb, Baby and Beenie



Lynn how are you bones and body doing?  I will keep you in my daily prayers.

6 years ago

Hi, my sisters, I hope you're all doing well. Barb, how awful that Beenie got hurt that way. You and he must have been so frightened. I know he was frightened and disoriented because he bit his dear I'm glad his wound is healing. Poor baby. I'm glad that you've continued with your dancing. It not only uses energy, but it takes your cares away while you're doing it. Good for you, dear Barb.

I guess Mary is not back from her 2 week vacation in Kerry. If she is, she's just resting up and I hope she had a good time away. Kerry must be so beautiful. I've always wanted to visit Ireland.

Cheryl dear, Care2 is going to the dogs. People are leaving left and right and if they haven't left altogether, they're just coming on once in a while to leave a personal message. I know my friend Jean M. (who used to be very active in several groups) sent a message to all of her friends saying that because Care2 is so problematic she is no longer active. I'm hanging in there, but I can only get a post through if I remember to hit Preview first and then hit Post Reply. So, in essence, I'm posting twice to get the post through. Otherwise, if I forget and just hit Post Reply, my post goes away, never to be seen again and a page comes up saying "Whoops, we cannot find your page" or some such nonsense. It makes me mad, frustrated and tired.

Even Zen said that Care2 is more interested in the inner workings and in adding new features (that don't work) that they don't care about the mail problems any more. Did you know that Care2 Support threw her off as co-host without even telling her? Such idiots!! She's the one who everyone went to if they had a problem and she's the one who helped and solved everyone's problems. She cared in a kind and pleasant way. Thankfully now she's busy helping everyone in her own group "Need Help in Care2?

I'm still in pain and have to live with it. An operation would fix one thing (the stenosis) but I'm not going under the knife any more. I had enough!! If you're interested sisters, here's a link to let you understand just one of the things that is wrong with my back. I have bulging discs in several areas of my lumbar region.

Signing off for now and want you to know that I love you, my sweet sisters!!

6 years ago

I don't get emails from care2 either.  That is why it's been so long my sisters. 


6 years ago

Oh My my dear sisters Cheryl, Lynn, Mary, Kay!  I think it's been 3 weeks already!   I am sorry I haven't been here sooner. 


I didn't get caught up like I said. My apologies.


Cheryl I just love the picture of Bibby after a bath!  My poor Beenie flew into the wall 2 days ago and he was bleeding allot right above his nairs (nostrils.)  I wrapped him in a towel while I got bit (he was terrified poor thing and my fingers were bleeding, but I had to take care of my baby.)  That is why wrapping him in a towel helped.  I put some childrens neosporin antibiotic oinment on and then rinsed his head off.  I was dabbling the blood off with kleenex and towel.  Poor Beenie was so upset and nervous.  He was panting and exhausted.  But he is back to normal today.  I haven't touched his wound again yet.  I will rinse him off again and take alook soon.  It is drying up nicely and looks clean so far.


Other than that everything is fine with birds and I installed Window 7 because my XP quit working on me.  Kind of a pain but windows 7 works better, yet not everything is compatible.  I will have to buy and new printer, scanner, fax, copier.  I was looking at some with good discounts at Staples.


I am doing well and dancing still too.  2 week break starting next week.  It was very hot here for a few days.  Too hot for me a native to Seattle, WA.


I hope you girls are doing well and I need to do some reading here.


Love and big hugs.


Barb, Baby and Beenie ))

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6 years ago

Hi everyone. LOVE YOU ALL!

Sorry I haven't been here much at all lately. With my son's friend staying with us there is ALWAYS something to do. I am trying to train these 35 year old men to clean up after themselves (and for the most part they are pretty good) but there are areas - like doing their dishes after they use them - I have to keep working on. I HATE TO BE A NAG but if we don't do these things this place, which is on the small side, will turn into a junk yard ---- then I will be moving out! lol

Thanks Lynn for instructions to try. I will do that. I think there are so many of us who are so frustrated with all the C2 bugs that it's just crazymaking! I hope you are getting through better and Mary wasn't getting her mail either. How are you feeling these days? Any better?

Mary -- are you back from holidays yet?? How did it go -- did you have a wonderful time and get some riding in and some sunshine?

I thought I'd drop in on this thread first; now I'll go and check out the other threads and post a few things.

Barb, hope you are enjoying summer. You haven't mentioned dancing lately -- are you still going? 

Kay, I hope you are getting some sunshine where you are! Did you go to see any of the olympics? Everything went by so fast.


6 years ago

Cheryl, see if this will help you post. Click "Track this topic" and then click "Preview". A new box will come up with your post in it. Then click "post reply".

That's the only way I can send any mail in all of my threads. If I forget to do this and just hit "post reply", the post goes into la la land and I immediately get the home page.

6 years ago

P.S. Care2 won't let me post things on some of the threads! I get that little black box. Sooooooooooo frustrating with all these probs.

6 years ago

Hi everyone - Yay, it's the weekend! Even though I'm retired there's still something exciting about it being the weekend. Maybe it's just conditioning! lol


Lynn, I had the feeling that you would learn how to do the FB banner before I could get the instructions to you. It's that talent swirling inside of you that just couldn't wait and wanted to experiment and figure it out.

6 years ago

Argh! I'm going to strangle Care2. My post just disappeared and I got the home page.

Right after I asked you how to put the banner on in FB, I went back there and wound up figuring it out by myself. Thanks to you and your son for taking the trouble to explain how, Cheryl dear. I'm still learning new things in Facebook.

6 years ago

Lynn, here's the instructions my son gave me to do the banner in FB:

"Just click the area where your banner goes and it should come up with 'change cover'. CLick that, select any picture in your albums. It will ask you reposition and then click ok."

Let me know how it turns out! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Been so busy these last few days.

6 years ago

Hey Barb... it's so good to see you! Looking forward to hearing about how you are doing and what you are doing these days!

Love ya, sis!

6 years ago

Hello Dear sisters!!!  Will catch up tonight.  Just saw Cheryl's cute birdie, Bibby!!  He has a big white bib on!


I will read you posts later, Mary, Cheryl, Lynn!


Love and big hugs.

Barb, Baby and Beenie

6 years ago

That map is for all of us - just a thought away no matter where we live!!  

6 years ago

What a beautiful tribute to women, Lynn. It's true; all over the world women stand by women during the "beauty" and the "beasts" times in life. There is nothing like it.

I am so happy to hear that Andi and Chad and everyone else got through this most difficult time, which is really just the beginning of grieving. I don't understand what Chad's family is all about but it doesn't sound very comforting. I'm glad your family all showed up for support and comfort. What a terrible shock for all, but particularly Cindy's husband and younger son who will be affected so immediately and every day in their home.  May God bring comfort to them.

I hope you are healing, Lynn. You are having so many tests and troubles and I wish I had a healing wand. When you described your accident and injuries I could almost feel it! Just keep concentrating on HEALING, HEALING, HEALING!

Love you, sis!

6 years ago

Hi, sisters. I am so proud of Andi and Chad. They made arrangements for a church memorial service and refreshments afterward and that was yesterday. My whole family went, including Alicia, Steve, Alicia's mother and sister, my grandson Robbie and his dad (Sue has been separated from him for years). Sue was with Andi every minute. There was still conflict from Chad's aunts and uncles and it will take a long time for Chad to forget it. Anyway, Andi and Chad took control and made a lovely tribute for Cindy. I'm sure she was looking down and smiling. It's been a grueling week for them and now they have to rest and grieve alone. Chad has a young half brother, only 12 years old and he's affected greatly. He's in shock and doesn't understand what's happening. It's so very sad.

I'm so glad to have you all to "speak" to. You'll never know how much it means to me. I love you guys so much. With that said, I'm posting this little missive that I received from a friend today:

Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are between you. A girl friend is never farther away than needing her can reach.

When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life will be on the valley's rim, cheering you on, praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf, and waiting with open arms at the valley's end. Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you....or come in and carry you out.

Girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, daughters-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, Mothers, Grandmothers, aunties, nieces, cousins, and extended family: all bless our life!

The world wouldn't be the same without women, and neither would I.. When we began this adventure called womanhood, we had no idea of the incredible joys or sorrows that lay ahead. Nor did we know how much we would need each other.

Every day, we need each other still. Pass this on to all the women who help make your life meaningful. I just did.

6 years ago

I am SO SORRY to hear about your grand-daughter's mum-in-law, Lynn. That is shocking - age 47! Totally unexpected, everyone really must be in dreadful shock. You are so right - we have to enjoy, learn, love every moment and treasure not only our personal time but the moments we spend with one another.

There certainly is no need to transfer your message anywhere else, Lynn. This is where we communicate these kinds of things we go through with one another. You were right to place the message right here. I will say a prayer for Andi and Chad and will hope that others in the family, as you said, will start helping out. Her poor husband... no wonder he's in great shock: one day your wife comes home talking about the wonderful day at the beach and the next day she's gone. How does one come to terms with that?

Wow, you have quite the schedule there with the doctors and tests. That's what I was doing this time last year. We will all keep REALLY positive, Lynn. Things will get better and you'll be back on your feet far more comfortably than you are now.  I saw your message on FB so... 

I guess everyone is being driven nuts by the latency and other problems in Care2. It's really too bad because it's causing people to leave/leave groups or not post, and just messing so many things up.   But I'm too invested in you all so I won't be leaving anytime soon. I will muddle through (and swear occasionally just a little bit.)

Love you guys.  

6 years ago

BTW, Cheryl..could you leave us your email address so that if Care2 truly messes up we'll have a way to get in touch with you? Mine is

6 years ago

Mary, how nice that you're going on holiday. Have a wonderful time, dear sis.

Barb, so good to see you again on here. Care2 is so disfunctional right now that most of my groups are not even there due to people not being able to get on.

Cheryl dear, I did go to the doctor. I went to my arthritis specialist and she took x-rays. No breaks but my back is a mess, plus which there's a spot that needs further looking into so I have to go for an MRI on Tuesday. Then I have to go the orthopedist that did my hip and knee replacement to check on them. Whew!

It's been quite a week. Monday morning my granddaughter's beloved mother-in-law had a massive heart attack and died. She was 47 years old. They had all been on the beach with the baby the day before, having a wonderful time. This has been such a shock to the whole family that I still can't believe it happened. She was so young and vibrant. It just brings to mind that one should enjoy everything in their lives because you never know what the next minute brings. Cheryl, if you feel that this part of my message belongs in another thread, just copy and paste it into it, please. Say prayers for Andi and Chad....this whole thing is on their heads. The rest of the family just isn't helping and Chad's step father is in such shock that he doesn't know what to do and leaves all the arrangements to them.

Aug. 3
6 years ago

Hi sisters!

Oh wow Mary... you are off to have a bit of a holiday and do some riding... yippee! I hope the rain stops for you so you can have a really pleasant and relaxing time. I'll be thinking of you. That's a beautiful poem!


Lynn, Barb, Kay, Les, and all... here's wishing you too a wonderful weekend full of peaceful events. Lynn, I hope you are healing well. Did you go to the doctor and get your back examined?

6 years ago

Hi Sisters i am off to kerry tomorrow for two weeks ,Ihope the weather improves its the wettest summer we have had for years , i am planning to do some mountain riding so fingers crossed that the rain stops even for a few hours ,i will miss our cozy group and my lovely friends

Good Morning (July 25)
6 years ago

Lots of messages today -- from Barb: it's so good to hear from you sis! I've copied down your email just in case you go missing for a very long time and we get concerned about what's happening with you! Sisters do that, eh! Hope you are well - and I pick up that you're feeling happy!

Here's my little senior after we had him outside (in his bath cage) on a hot summer day last week. He just loved his bath and spread his wings out to get as much spray as he could absorb. He was dripping wet.


Awww, Mary, your sun is gone? Ours disappeared for a few days but is back today and I'm going to enjoy every second of it. I hear England got a sunny day... I hope there are more for the olympic games. One thing we can't control for any amount of money. (What a cute teapot!)

Lynn, thanks for info on the make-up. I really like the $20 sample kit. I shall look into it further. I'd love to receive something new like that to play with!

HAVE A HAPPY WEDNESDAY, sisters - and brothers too if anyone is looking in - or lurking in. lol

6 years ago

hello Cheryl ,Lynn and Barb ,Kay it looks like our sun is gone missing what a wet summer ! i hope the wether is better for our u s friends .

6 years ago

Hello to all of my dear sisters!  I haven't posted in a month? OMG!!!  Where does the time go! 


I still don't get my emails from Care2.   Here is my email address so you can remind me to come here and post.


I feel terrible.  Sorry my dear sisters for not being here enough.


Poor Lynn.  What a terrible fall, and I don't blame you for crying.  I hate it when the toilet over flows.  That is such a drag.  Lynn you poor thing.  How are you feeling now?  Is that your tail bone you fell on?  That is painful.


Cheryl I have been having thunder storms off and on too.  And some real nice weather, too.  Oh poor Cheryl was sick.  I hope you feel better now.


Mary I pray that you are over the rain and flooding.  How is the weather now?


Kay I hope your weather has dried up for you, and that you are getting some much needed sun.


Love, prayers and big hugs to all of my sisters.


Barb, Baby and Beenie

This post was modified from its original form on 24 Jul, 22:57

This post was modified from its original form on 24 Jul, 22:58
6 years ago

Cheryl, here's the link to the Bare Minerals starter kit. That's how I started using their makeup and I love it.,default,pd.html?start=2&cgid=BM_GETSTART

6 years ago

Cheryl, if you're interested in Bare Minerals I would suggest that you start out with the sample set. It's $20 and it has everything you need to try it out, including the brushes.

6 years ago

Just moving this conversation from the "DAILY ACTION..." thread so I'll be able to remember where it is. lol

16 hrs ago

Cheryl, I just came across an ad for Bare Minerals (Bare Escentials), so I copied to link for you. Take a look at their products. They're not inexpensive but each item lasts a very long time.,default,sc.html?

1 secs ago

Wow... there's some really interesting stuff there, Lynn! I'll look at it more tonight but what I read so far is good! Thank you.


6 years ago

That was such a good post, Lynn. I laughed all the way through. Good for you! Maybe you should call that guy back and tell him how to do it!

The latency probs are HORRIBLE! I have lost my patience with it; after the last bout of latency and being so "sweet" and patient about it, I give up. I wish they'd just get the D*%$< thing together!

6 years ago

Hi, my dear ones -

Whoooo....deja vu....Care2 is having latency problems again. lol

I just got off the phone with The Geek Squad (translation: genious technical advisors) about my new upgraded cell phone. I was unable to send mail so I called them. After all, I'm paying $14.95 a month for their expert (?) service. I was on the phone for over an hour with this guy telling me to delete my account and start all over using certain default..blah, blah, blah. At the end of that time I still couldn't send any mail and now I couldn't receive any either, so he said that the only thing I can do is come in to the store that I bought it from and have them look at it because he couldn't resolve the problem. He was reading from a manual as I was telling him what was on my phone. I cancelled the subscription then and there and after I hung up I started all over with a new account, plugging in what I thought it should be and voila! - it's now working fine and I can send mail. Who's the genious now?

The rain has finally stopped and today it's been sunny all day, thank goodness.  I'm still resting as much as I can and sitting on my special pillow at the computer helps keep my mind off the other end of me. lol

Sending love to you all.

6 years ago

Happy Wednesday Kay, Mary, Lynn, Barb and all. I am so sorry I haven't been here for... what... four days?

Wow, everyone is having such similar weather. We finally had a week of sunshine and even had to use the fans. ss  We all were starved for some good sunny weather. But we certainly have had a few big thunder storms. ss Last tuesday I was a sick puppy in the middle of the night while a thunder storm was happening. I think it must have been something I ate. I lost... over a period of about two hours... every drop of fluid in my body, I'm sure!

Kay, Mary, and Lynn all getting RAIN! We are just heading into about two days of it, so says the forecast. But hey... I wouldn't trade it for THE HEAT WAVE BOTH CANADA AND THE STATES HAVE ON THE EAST COAST! Horrible!!

Lynn, we all know your confidence will come back because you're the feisty lady you are! But I sure understand what you mean. When I had to take a certain medication for a while that kind of tranquilized me, I was shocked to realize how unsteady I was on my feet. I almost fell numerous times. Thank God I was able to get off those pills. That was a terrible fall you had and I'd say the circumstances were very unusual. That's one accident that I'm sure will never ever happen again!

Lovely pics, everyone. So happy! I hope everyone has a wonderful week and the sun finally comes through.

Oh yes... I've been busy because my son and his friend came home from camping and his friend has never left to go home. He lives with his aunt and uncle about six hours away. I need to talk to him about the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM... like what is he planning and did he want to stay here for how long, etc. He is on unemployment insurance right now and that runs out in about two months so he needs to find a job (he's an electrician but needs to go back to school to get his full certificates). Oh my, life can certainly be interesting.

6 years ago

Hi  Lynn dont worry your confidence will come bouncing back its tough to fall and it leaves us with a fear but it will go soon and youl be back to yourself .i fell off a horse a few times and i know it stays in your head even when you want to be brave but you are a trouper .love and hugs

6 years ago

Hi, everyone! Here I am again, unfortunately worse for the wear. I'm still in a lot of pain from the coccyx bone injury. That takes a very long time to heal. The fall knocked some of my confidence out of me and now I have a terrible fear of falling. I'll be alright eventually so please don't worry about me.

It has been raining here too, for days on end. Last night was such a terrible thunder storm that there were warning on the tv about flood areas. We don't have light rains; it pours cats and dogs. I know, because I stepped in a poodle.

I hope everyone is feeling well and happy. I'm sending love to you all. xxxx

6 years ago

Morning Kay Lynn Cheryl from an equally wet ireland i hope for a late summer as well Kay but every day it rains lol.i hope you are much better now Lynn all healed and feeling great ,how are you Cheryl? Barb i hope its sunny where you are 
Days Of The Week Comments

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6 years ago

Good morning on Monday from rainy London !

This must be the wettest summer for years , it just goes on and on..... The slugs & snails are thriving but lots of our wildlife are struggling  in the damp and cold... maybe we will have an Indian summer ...a warm and golden autumn ....that would be nice...

Lyn I hope you are feeling better now 

Have a safe & happy week



6 years ago

Mary is so right, Lynn -- you need lots of tlc and coffee/tea, hugs, chats, laughs, and cake doesn't sound so bad either!   Obviously we are thinking of you and hoping you are okay. We won't feel better until we hear from you! Here it is your July 4th and you are probably very stiff and sore and bruised. But I hope somehow you get to enjoy it.

Hope to hear from you soon, sis.

6 years ago

oh Lynn i am so sorry this happened to you i'm glad Sue is coming we all need t l c some days at least its fixed you need a good old chat and lots of cups of tea or coffeee and maybe some cake . hope your head feels better soon love and lots of hugs

6 years ago

OMG Lynn - what a horrible experience!! The crying was probably shock, but mind you, I'm pretty sure I'd be crying after that too. I bet it all happened so quickly you didn't have a chance to do anything else - not that there was a choice. Gee, sis, I'm sending you a big hug:

aaI'm the cat and you're the teddy bear!

I'd feel better if you went to the doctor to be checked out, especially that bump on the back of your neck. You're going to be sore for a while, for sure. Take it real real easy sis. I wish I could just run on over there and give you a hug, make you tea and dinner (or lunch, etc.) and take you to your doctor to be checked out. I'm glad your daughter is coming over.

Please keep us up-to-date because I'm sure we will all be waiting to here how you're doing day to day. Love you sis!

6 years ago

Hi, my dear friends.

I'm a bit better now but I felt really blue last night. My toilet was in need of plunging and was overflowing on to the floor as I was plunging it.  I was turning off the knob that feeds the water supply, lost my footing and fell right on my coccyx bone, hitting my neck on the toilet paper holder. In trying to catch my balance, I grabbed the bath curtain and that came crashing down on me. I was so overwhelmed and hurting that I burst into tears and was sitting on the floor crying like a baby. That's not like me....I usually kinda laugh at myself in those kind of situations but not this time. I'll be alright. I 'm sure I didn't break anything because I can walk and bend.  I applied ice to both areas and then used the heating pad when I went to bed. I'm very bruised. I have a lump at the base of my skull (really the upper neck) and it hurts when I bend my head and look down.

The plumber came today and snaked out the toilet. He told me that toilets can get stuffed up from thick toilet paper. He asked if I use Charmin, which I do, and he suggested I change it to a thinner paper like Angel Soft. Who would'a thunk!!  He was very nice and even put up my bath curtain which I had taken down with me when I fell. Charged a lot but I needed help. My daughter Sue is coming over after work to give me some TLC. lol

I hope you're all well and doing happy things. Sending love to you all.

6 years ago

Hello Cheryl and Lynn and Barb how are you doing Kay?i hear its very wet with a lot of flooding in england i hope you are dry ,thanks for the beautiful videos Lynn and Cheryl i hope you are warm and dry 

6 years ago

Hi, everyone!

Mary dear, I'm so sorry to hear about the flash floods. We get flooding when it rains for several days and there are certain areas where the drainage can't keep up with the rain. It's very prevalent down on Miami Beach where there are tourists year round. I feel sorry for the cars that get stuck in fender high water. My development has very good drainage but outside on the street in one area, it floods.

Cheryl, it's so great that your son went camping with his best friend but too bad that they found areas that had been cleared by the mining company. These companies consider it progress but they don't take into consideration the fact that they're ruining the natural land.

6 years ago

everyone! Happy Sunday!

Thanks Mary -- he and his friend got back last night and had a good time, except a mining company had clear-cut a lot of land since they were there last. Grrrr


Oh my gosh, Mary, the flooding sounds terrible! And flash floods are even worse because people haven't expected it and aren't fully ready for it even if there's been a flood warning. There are now millions of people all over the world without electricity because of flooding. Nature doesn't make allowances for people living in her way! The mud after a flood is a horrible job to clean up. I do hope everyone bands together and gets it cleaned up!

6 years ago

Hi Cheryl i hope your son enjoys his trip theres nothing like the great outdoors ,sorry its raining ,we had flash flooding in douglas where i live no electricity and even big shops flooed its very worrrying its not too bad now but the mud is everywhere

June 30
6 years ago

Good morning dear Mary, Lynn, Barb, Kay, Les, and others. It's a rainy Saturday here but at least I can look out to my yard and see lots of lovely flowers.

My son and his best friend have been camping in the wilderness since Wednesday and unfortunately have had a few days of rain, but there have been a few partly sunny days too. They both needed this "roughing it" trip badly as they've missed going the last two years and they used to go every year. I'm glad my son takes after his mama and loves camping! Both are not hunters and I'm grateful for that. I couldn't stand them "bagging" an animal and coming home with it. Horrible!

What's everybody doing this weekend?


6 years ago

Okay... will do! I pressed the "search" and it came out with other people... so I posted the question of how to do this search on my profile page (do you call it that? lol) but there aren't enough people to notice it. I'm off!

6 years ago

Cheryl, send me a private message and tell me what your FB name is and I'll try to locate you.  I'm still fumbling around myself! lol

6 years ago

I'm trying to do a search for you, Lynn. I can't figure it out! I thought that would be easy.

6 years ago joined FaceBook!! Awesome, Lynn. I found some Care2 people there who have become friends but I get mountains of mail for petitions to sign, etc. You can take the petitions off your profile page if it gets a little too much.

There are some really great groups to look through and click "like" when something is appreciated. I have proceeded very slowly as I'm not one to be blogging and writing down every little thing I do. Sheesh! But there are fun and interesting things there. GOOD FOR YOU. I'M PROUD OF YA! I said I'd never go there but.... I'll do a search and put in a request to you.

I didn't hear anything on the news about tropical storm Debby last night but there has been coverage and of course we always think of the people we know where something like that is happening or happens! So glad to hear you're okay and I hope things stay that way!

6 years ago

I forgot to tell you that tropical storm Debbie has gone north of us here in Miami, but with these storms one can never tell what it's going to do. It could veer around back down, God forbid. I feel sorry for the people who will be affected and pray that it doesn't turn into a real hurricane.

6 years ago

Cheryl dear, I don't think we're drifting apart. I think Care2 is making it difficult for us to be as close as we were because of all the latency and problems with posts not showing up. I know of a lot of people who have left Care2 because of this problem, but I'm going to stick with it until it's fixed.  Yes, Zen is getting a bit frustrated herself. There are many people in the Support Team but because they keep upgrading and updating to make things "smoother", it turns everything topsy turvy.

I joined Facebook last night and have already set up my profile page with quite a bit of photos and information. I now have 14 friends and hope you can join them. I'm listed under by full name of Lynn Geth. How would I find you to send a friend request?

June 26
6 years ago

I just posted on the GOOD NEWS thread about my exasperation, Lynn. It's awful to think of us sisters slowly drifting apart.... makes me really sad to think of us not communicating and being involved with our lives together.

Some things post and others simply will not go through and send dumb little messages that they can't do it... and try again later. DUMB DUMB DUMB! I'd like to know if Care2 is run by many people or one or two. Zen must be soooooo tired and getting fed up herself. I imagine she's being battered like its her fault.

I'll go and try to post an inspiring, thoughtful quote somewhere and hope it works.

HEY, LYNN... I heard about Tropical Storm Debby in Arizona... are you affected? I hope it blows over really quickly and no one gets hurts!

6 years ago

Care2 is becoming so frustrating that at times I don't even feel like getting on. It's very disturbing when you're trying to post something and you either get a notice such as you've been getting, Cheryl....or you think it's posting and it goes off into la la land. Aarghhh!!

Barb, I got such a kick out of hearing about the antics of Beenie and Baby. They must be such a comfort to you and bring you so much pleasure. Cheryl, I love hearing about your featherkid, too. I've never had a bird but they sound like a lot of fun.

P.S. I hope this goes through!!

6 years ago

"We were not able to process your request. Please try again later."

Okay, now my mood has changed significantly! The above is what I get when I try to post on the GOOD NEWS ONLY thread(s). I started #2 thread because I haven't gotten anything but that message for many days when trying to post of that #1 thread. I have been really patient with all these glitches but right now I am totally fed up!

Will someone please try to post something on the GOOD NEWS ONLY #2 thread and see if you are successful?

Monday, June 25, 2012
6 years ago


HAPPY MONDAY Mary, Lynn, Barb, Kay... and anyone else who may be checking in. Let's change that old "bad" Mondays to "Hey, the start of a great week!"

Barb, I enjoyed reading your post so much about your little Baby and Beenie. Having a cockatiel myself, I visualized what you were explaining. Your two babes have certainly found a perfect Mum who loves them very much and takes really good care of them. They have lots of freedom and stimulus, which they need. And they love to walk, don't they? You have many many years ahead to enjoy your kids... think of my feisty fella at about 24 now! There are things he can't do anymore, like fly, because of his cataract, but he's found replacements. He's constantly changing little habits and has the funniest rituals before bedtime... whistling and chattering on the bottom of the cage, then circling the cage twice, then he calls for someone to come and chat with him, and finally he will go to his bedroom! I love him SO MUCH.

I'll be back later today with some postings. See you all then!

6 years ago

Hi Barb i am so happy that yours babies are having a great time i never knew birds could be such great company have a lovely week hugs

6 years ago

The birds get on my shoulders when they come into the kitchen with me.  And they love to look into the mirror!

6 years ago

Hello to all of my dear sisters Lynn, Cheryl, Mary, Kay!!!  Sorry I haven't been here in a while.  I think I forgot to post last weekend.  Time goes by so fast!!!


Don't worry Cheryl I will not leave any of my Care2 groups.  Kay I am glad to hear your Mom-in-law is getting better.  Glad to see you Mary and Lynn.


Cheryl, Baby and Beenie are pretty well adjusted to their new home.  I put a little mirror on the floor for Baby and Beenie with their toys in the play area.  Now they want to play on the floor in the morning and the afternoon.  We have been spending more time together!  They just love it and I love interacting with them!  They are so cute.    They also insist on walking into the kitchen with me while I am cleaning their cages.  I go into the kitchen to rinse the birdie rags off.  Then we go back into the bedroom where their cages are.  They like to fly in the living room/ kitchen area once in a while.  The stove and oven are turned off of course.  They have not hit their heads in a long time.  They insist on flying.  They love it!


I will talk to you soon my sisters.


Love and big hugs.


Barb, Baby and Beenie 

6 years ago

Oh Mary, I forgot to add that I'm so glad your garden is doing well too! So is mine. It is absolutely pouring right now but we've had 2 days of sunshine. If I want to complain about the rain I just think about the heat wave back east here in Canada and down in places in the states. REEEEAAAAALLLLY HOT HOT HOT!

6 years ago

Hi Kay and everyone!

It's lovely to hear from you Kay, and obviously your post did pop up eventually. Sorry to hear about your mum in law -- it seems when an older person falls it's always the hips that take the brunt, surgery and all. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FLOWER -- no wonder the bees are enjoying it! It looks so much like my peonies. So glad you're enjoying your garden. You sound calm. lol

Hows everyone doing with the latency and emails, etc.?  

6 years ago

Hi Kay i hope your mother in law is doing well my garden looks great as well must be all the rain have a lovely weekend

6 years ago

care2 tricks!!!!!!!!!!! my post is missing again....

6 years ago



Hello dear friends

I havent been here much lately I know, but I havent forgotton you . My sweet mother in law took a tumble and broke her hip , she had to have a total hip replacement. So we were back and forth to hospital for a couple of weeks , she is home now on crutches and having physio and we are still looking after her , but thank goodness she is on the mend!

I hope you are all doing well and are having a happy summer , the picture is of a poppy from my garden , the bees just love these and cant get enough of them. My little garden is really thriving this year and I am enjoying it so much.

have a safe & happy day

love & peace to all


6 years ago

It's so good to see you Lynn. It (the latency prob.) was HORRIBLE earlier on but right now (at 9:25 p.m.) it's a little better. NOTHING I tried to do worked or didn't work until much much later. People are really upset... I read in one of Zen's groups that another woman was playing a game and she'd post something but by the time it showed up someone else had posted it. You're right... Arrgghhh!!

Let's hope tomorrow is a better day, eh! How is your little Mandy doing now?

And Mary, how is your Sophie doing?

Barb, how are Baby and Beenie doing? I imagine they have thoroughly adjusted to their new home.

I think I'll turn in for the night... at least get comfortable in bed to watch a movie or something.

So goodnight dear sisters! Sleep well and happy dreams!


6 years ago

Chatter Box #11 finally showed up, Cheryl and thank you for opening it. The latency problem is horrible, especially if you're playing a game and the previous post doesn't show up and it's your turn. Arrgghhh!!!!

Thanks for reposting the Medicine Garden Women article to the Celebrate Women thread. I left a post on there....hope you get it.

6 years ago

New Title "Chatter Box 11.." not showing up yet.

Here's a message from Eric of Care2. So many people not getting mail, complaining about latency (which got worse) and apparently leaving groups and Care 2. DON'T YOU GUYS LEAVE!

Site Latency: June 15th

Hello everyone,


Our Technical Staff are performing some changes on our server configuration in order to optimize performance.  You may see periods of latency on posts, messages or in your Rewards Points, possibly through the weekend. No information will be lost, so if you see a delay, please be patient as it will all work out. When there is a resolve or anything further to report, I will be sure to let you know.


Thanks everyone and sorry for any inconvenience!!


June 20
6 years ago

The latency problems are really getting worse! I opened this thread and it's not showing after 10  minutes.

SO HAVE PATIENCE EVERYONE... when you post something it's not that it disappeared (usually) -- it's just taking its time showing up. The same as posting birthday wishes to friends; sometimes it won't show up right away (I like to go back and check after posting) BUT it will eventually come through!

6 years ago

Lynn, I transferred the article about the women's garden to the "Celebrate Women" thread. I think it's relevant there. She was like a medicine woman and sounded pretty knowledgeable about "healing" things. What a shame they tore it out.

CHATTER BOX #11 - C'mon In! - Closed
6 years ago
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Last great thread:

CHAT AWAY SISTERS AND BROTHERS... any topic - good, bad, or ugly, pictures, and have fun! Welcome to anyone new who wants to join us!

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