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new to this thread so saying helloooo
5 years ago

well where will I start? first Lynn G kindly invited me, telling me how relaxed, friendly and caring you all are here, so what other reason could I need to join you all here.?

Oops would help if I introduced myself my name is Wendy Kelly, I am married , have two grown up sons whom I adore, I also have 4 cats, 3 males and a female long haired black cat, who thinks she is the head of the house, and far superior to any other living thing!!!

I live in a small village called Meriden , which is the exact centre of England,U.K             (but not the centre of the u.k just England)

I have loads of interests, books, films, music, politics,gardening, writing, animals, I hate any kind of abuse, bullying, and I think I am a good enough friend, loyality is important to me, re- me being loyal is what I meant.

Lastly, I am lucky in my work , that I can now write my own rota, I had a promotion ,> before this my hours were exhausting,

I work with children in residential care, but now do inspections, which I love doing.

Thats enough about me, I look forward to hearing from you all, love and hugs xwendy k x

5 years ago

Welcome to the group Wendy , hope you enjoy it here xx

5 years ago

Welcome to the group i hope you have a lot of nice chats here lovely to meet you

5 years ago

Wendy! Thanks for the great write-up. I feel like I know you already.

Please feel free to start a new thread on any topic of interest you may want to share. That's what this group is all about... everything and anything up for discussion. Hope to see lots of you, my friend.

5 years ago

Thankyou all for the warm welcome, I will be popping in more soon, It will be lovely to chat to you all, I hope you are all well , thankyou again love and hugs xwendy k x

5 years ago

Wendy dear, I just welcomed you and Sue H. (she joined also) in the welcome thread. I'm so happy you joined and you'll see that we all love and respect each other and have each other's backs. Not like some other people we know! lol  Enjoy!

5 years ago

By the way, Wendy. We have a mixed group of citizens here. Angel is also from the UK, Cheryl is from Canada, Mary is from Ireland, Les (he pops in every now and then) is from Native American heritage and he and I are both from the US.

5 years ago

Thanks for the welcome Lynn.  I joined a few days ago and just making it here now.  Care2 seems a bit faster today and I've been able to finally catch up with messages.  Not so sure how often I'll be popping in though, have 2 huge projects to work on over the summer and some things I need to learn how to do on Care2 also.  Funny how this site works differently than others.  I'm in Canada now but grew up in the UK. have lived in Canada longer than the UK though so Canada seems more like home.  For the first time I feel homesick and have been longing to return and live in Cornwall, my favourite place on the planet.  Wendy, I used to work in a residential children's home too, in North London, before coming to Canada.  Fabulous job, but exhausting. 

Cannot work outside of home now, am disabled and wanting/needing to restart my self employed gift making business.  One of the huge jobs I have to do this summer is to recover all the files from my original DOS computer (17 years of them) that was killed by the Air Conditioner.  Bad wiring in these apartments has killed many computers when tenants turn on the AC.  Have had trouble converting them from WordPerfect Dos files into WordPerfect Office X5 in Windows and cannot do anything with the business until I do. 

I've set the messages to come to my email address so will keep up with what is happening.  As Lynn knows I enjoy a great laugh so you should expect many silly links to make you laugh. 

5 years ago

Nice to hear from you, Sue and Lynn, nice to see so many UK members, I do love to hear of where people live, must tell Sally to pop in, Sally lives in Hawaii, I think she would like chatterbox,

Sue I wish you every success with your gift business, I maybe taking the leap into starting my own business, with a baby product I have designed, difficult though, scarey, I might just sell my design if anyone will buy it. well will pop in soon, going to have a look at other threads , love and hugs xwendy k x

5 years ago

Sue and Wendy, it's great to hear that you're both so entreprenurial. Good luck with both of your endeavors.

Sue, I do know how much you like to giggle....just like I do. In fact we all enjoy a good chuckle, so how about putting your jokes and videos in our "Feel Good Animal Videos" or "The Daily Laugh ~ Jokes, Cartoons, etc."?  We'd all appreciate the time away from the serious stuff! lol

Love to all ♥

5 years ago

Sue. It looks as though we have two welcome threads... all the better! Wow, what busy ladies we have here. Thanks for spelling "entreprenurial" Lynn. That's just what I was thinking. lol

We certainly do have a bouquet of people from different places. It really does make one feel as though we all aren't so very far from one another. We're as close as our keyboard.

Hope to hear more about your projects, Sue and Wendy, and I sure hope you get your computer problems fixed, Sue. That's a MEGA-project.

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