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3 years ago

This thread is now too long and is closed.

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3 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well and hope you all are having a lovely Thursday. Very nice here as in cooler temperatures and some rain. Yea. Was wondering could there be a new thread for Chatterbox talk please? This is too long for me. Thank you.

3 years ago

Hi Mary - thanks for the gorgeous picture! What a lovely tranquil view. (I'm meditating on it)

3 years ago

Hi Cheryl Lynn Barbara Sue Angel Ingrid WendyCoralie June i hope you are having a great monday Lynn i have to admit that building gave me shivers as well i hope and pray it will be safe .Cheryl and Barb how lovely to hear about your feathery ones 24 is agreat age Cheryl ,stay safe from the storms Sue its just colder and wet here not bad really i just thought this was cute and peaceful

3 years ago

Oh HI Barb! It's so good to see you. Looks like we are only a few seconds apart here. My little guy is doing okay for his age (24ish). He is blind in one eye and that certainly changes how he acts and reacts to things. But the other eye is good. I'm so happy that you and Beenie and Baby are going great!

3 years ago

Wow, I am really stunned to see this building, Lynn!! It's the first time I've seen anything about it. We used to have a link in this group that took us to ground Zero and it stayed the same for such a long time. One could see cars driving by and nothing had been built there. It was always lit up at night. Being 'live' we could watch the ceremony that took place every Sept. 11 and the laying of wreaths and flowers by families directly affected.

So where do all the people go now? Perhaps there is a little park beside the building? I really am amazed to see this replacement. I know it's a building I could NEVER enter. Perhaps it's a way for some people to conquer their fears, but to me it's part sacred ground and part invitation to do it again. May God protect all who use this building.  

3 years ago

Hello to all of my dear sisters!!!  Cheryl so glad to see your post!  Cheryl how is Bibby doing?  My 2 birdies are doing great! 

I hope your sneezes get better Lynn.

How are you Mary?

Nice to see you Wendy, Sue, Ingrid, Angel, June, Dot, Coralie and anyone I missed.

Love and big hugs.

Barb, Baby, Beenie

I hope the picture posts ok, Cheryl
3 years ago

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3 years ago

Hi dear sisters! Hope everyone is geared for Monday. I like to think of it as a 2nd Sunday.

Mary, good for you on the charity walk! You have given back to this world and will be blessed. Actually, you are already getting blessed with those Irish twins!

Sue, we had a big thunder and lightning storm as well. Apparently lots of people without power the next morning. I LOVE JOSH GROBAN and that is one of my FAVOURITE songs! It gives me shivers. Thank you for posting it. I've listened to it twice while watering my plants. I hope those headaches go away (and the storms).

Wendy, so glad you got to have a talk-fest with your sister. It really helps to "get away" for awhile, doesn't it? I still have lots to do from my getting away but there's lots of time now. Gosh, I've been watching the 9/11 documentaries also. I do that every year and it seems I notice something I haven't seen before every time. So many heroes to be honoured.

Lynn, I absolutely love that WOO HOO with that happy bouncing Betty! It is just so HAPPY! I'm going to have to learn how to do that. Yes, catching up on e-mails is something else when you've been away. I just hope I haven't missed too many birthdays. I see I am about an hour behind your last post. We almost met here and we could have had coffee together. lol Sorry to hear you are going through that sneezing thing. I hope it ends soon.

I didn't know New York was building big tall buildings again on ground Zero!!! I thought it was going to be made into some memorial-type garden. Does anyone have any pictures on what it looks like there today?

Lots of love to you all....

3 years ago

Hello, all my little sisters. It's Sunday night here and I've been answering mail and creating some new tags for my group. Just relaxing and trying to get rid of this allergy attack that I've had for two days. My nose has run away with itself. lol  I have glaucoma and I'm not allowed to  take antihistimine so I'm left to just sit here and sneeze!

Wendy, I'm from New York originally so my heart breaks all over again when I see anything about 9/11. I know this is a superstitious thing to feel, but the re-building of the Trade Center, as high as it is, to me is like asking to be hit again, God forbid. It's still raw for me. I'm glad that you are looking at it as the progress it really is. Call me an old fool.

Have a good week, everyone. I hope the weather is great for all of you.

3 years ago

Hello everyone, hope you had a good weekend, and hope the week ahead is good for you all

Sue I know what you mean re-9/11 but here we are another year past, and so much has changed, re built since that terrible day, I am compelled to watch the progress, rather than dwell on the destruction, We in the UK as you know  have hade our share of atrocities, . so on this dark anniversary, I thought I would share this photo, one in a million series love to all hugs x wendy k x) >birds caught in fab photo>>>>


3 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well. I haven't been feeling well but little better. Wow 181 emails that's a lot Lynn. Hope you catch up. I know I couldn't. I can do as much as I can in one day. Big hugs.

3 years ago

Hi everyone,

I was at my granddaughter's house all day yesterday and stayed at my daughter's house last night. Still here but now I have a chance to answer some of my mail. I came back to the internet to find 181 emails waiting for me. Wow, how can I answer all that mail in one day? But here I am and I'll try. I hope you're all having a great weekend and are feeling well.

Angel, I clicked on the empty space where your picture should have been and it brought me to your picture. I copied it and when I went to paste it, lo and behold, there it was. It's magic! lol  I hope it stays there and doesn't disappear like it did with you.

Gotta go tend to my other mail now, folks....


3 years ago

Happy Saturday everyone, we have a gloomy overcast day and warnings of thundershowers from 2pm until the wee small hours of the morning.  But for once do not have a really bad headache, so am hoping not really bad storms.  Come Tuesday we have another heat and humidity warning so it is a week of a little bit of everything again.  Have been covered in goose bumps and shivering the last few days.

Angel not sure why your lovely comment pic does not show up in the thread, but I did see it in the emailed copy of your post, it really is a lovely one.  Would you believe I have not seen a single butterfly this year.  We've had an earwig infestation instead and I'm constantly stomping on them, those critters give a nasty bite! 

Wendy I still cannot watch anything about 9/11, it was the worst thing I have ever seen and I maxed out my tolerance from having the TV on the news channel for far too long that day.

I hope your weather is good to you this last weekend of the Summer and that you have some outdoor fun before the next week begins.

3 years ago

Days of the Week Comments

3 years ago

3 years ago

Hi Sue i hope your headache is gone by now sometimes pressure in the atmosphere causes that i hope your feeling better Wendy what fun planning a trip and reliving old times Ingrid how are you today?Lynn Cheryl Barbara Coralie Angel i hope your having a great day hugs

3 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope all of you ladies had a lovely Labor Day weekend. I did. I had a cookout over the weekend. I had hotdogs and baked potatoes and a Salad. Great job with the walk Mary. Hope all have a lovely week. Big hugs.

3 years ago

Happy Labor Day to you all here, September is also guide dogs for the blind month, made me think, maybe on Labor day, or as we call it in the UK MayDay, means the same, to celebrate the working class, or working people dependant on your political stance , lol

Anyway, maybe we should include animals in this day, I mean lots of animals work side by side of us, many people wouldn't be able to work, or do their work without the animals to help them?

Well done Mary great triumph collecting so much money and of course your dog who walked/ran with you.

Sue when I really need to know will there be bad weather, i will message you, and say do you feel headachie?, hope your ok?

Cheryl , how are you? nice to read that you have been ok

Angel hope your ok?

Ingrid, hope you have had a good weekend and Labor day

Lynn you too, re-weekend and labor day?

I had a nice 4 days with my sister, we chatted about days gone by, and that we are going to Australia in March next year God Willing

This weekend channel 4 has remembered "9/11" still as shocking today, but as well as a persons view who was there in New York at the time, there was a programme dedicated to the re-building of the "world trade centre" amazing achievement,- we were watching, "the phoenix rising from the ashes" the human spirit that would not give in to evil.

Now I am watching "the lost hero of 9/11"  peoples tenacity , except the "hero" just vanished

he didnt want medals and glory, for doing what he did, >saving lives, risking his own in doing so, he just wanted to get back to his wife,and daughter

Some wonderful stories of human compassion, on a day of absolute destruction caused by humans    ying & yang.

The hero was Jason Thomas a marine

They made a film about the rescue Jason helped in, "The World Trade Centre" directed by Oliver Stone, Starring Nicholas Cage, the man chosen to play Jason was white, >Jason is an African American Marine,  Oliver Stone apologised, but had no way of knowing the facts about Jason, because Jason dissapeared, he even moved to another state.  Only coming forward when the film was made, because the film helped Jason, recover from the sights he saw that fateful day.

Wow I told you the whole thing!!!!

Well wishing you all a peaceful week , chat soon love and hugs  x wendy k x

Just a quick question, is this thread the wrong way round? usually the last post is above here, not the first post? or is it me? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3 years ago

Morning Mary, glad to hear the walk went well and raised much needed funds.  Not long after I posted yesterday we had this sudden really heavy downpour for 20 minutes or so.  Could not see a thing out the window except the almost wall of water.  Headache disappeared.   Woke up this morning with another headache so guess we have some more surprises in store.   I should work for the local weather service, no need for any machines.  Ha ha.  Hope everyone has a glorious week.

3 years ago

good morning Sue i hope your headache is better we had a terrific walk i just took my jack russell Benny my older girl would get too tired it went well 2000 raised for the doggies Benny met some old friends i hope you ,wendy Ingrid Barbara Lynn Angel Coralie and Cheryl are having a great day love and hugs

3 years ago

Good afternoon all, boy that storm on Friday was one for the record books.  4 1/2 hours of non stop thunder and lightening.  It started out being far away and I saw lightening every 2 minutes or so in the beginning.  Eventually it came right on top of us and at one point the only thing I was able to see through my balcony's patio doors was the bright white light of the lightening.  It felt a little like it was a different place entirely outside when you could see nothing else.  The headache I had had all day started dissipating after that and was gone until this morning, so I guess we are in for yet another storm.

Good luck on the walk Mary, hope the weather cooperates.  After being up to date I'm now very behind again so not writing much.  Here is a video to let you all know how much it helps belonging to this lovely group.  I'm dedicating it to all of you.

3 years ago

hello dear freiends have a lovely weekend i'm off to do a charity walk for the dog rescue wish me luck

3 years ago

3 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Good luck to Wendy and Congrads Mary and glad to see you Cheryl. Hope all here at Chatterbox have a very lovely Labor Day Weekend. Not doing much but was going to see my new niece but its to hot leave the dog in a cage in the garage and nobody to watch her so I am staying home.

3 years ago

Thanks Mary. It's so good to be back and reading all the action!

3 years ago

delighted to see you back Cheryl i hope you had a super time its lovely to just get away from everything for a while isn't it? Lynn how are you ?good morning Sue and Wendy Barb Coralie Ingrid Angel i hope your having a great day

3 years ago

Oh it's so nice to see all you sweet Chatterbox peeps!! I've read down the thread and caught up to all the action that's been going on.

MARY - congratulations on the Irish twins! How very very exciting! You must be over the moon with big smiles. So we will be getting lots of pics - I'm also glad to hear you can get some riding in again.

SUE - I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful trip through Ireland by watching that young couple's trip! It is a land of great history and historical sites that boggle my mind (I want to see and touch them so badly!). Canada is an infant in comparison. We have no castles, at least not to my knowledge. I'm posting that link again here in case someone hasn't taken the trip yet. I love the music that goes with it.


What a lot of computer probs some of you have had, not to mention Care 2 probs. I haven't checked my photo albums yet but I have a feeling I still can't access the pictures. Makes me so angry/sad. There are many that I won't ever be able to find again and it's been almost a year, I think, since this prob.

LYNN - thanks for the gif.mania link. Another wonderful world to explore! I have to get back to creating.

It's been about three weeks since I posted, I see. I was given the unexpected opportunity to go to the Okanagon (where our orchards are) and stay with a friend. She felt I needed the break and I surely did. I stayed longer than I expected to and had such a great time relaxing, walking through forests and beside a beautiful lake, and sitting on a porch that overlooked a magnificent view (sipping wine and coffee/tea). It's also wine country.

It's so good to see you all and read what's been happening. I will be here more now that I'm home.

Love to all. I missed ya! I used my friend's computer briefly about three times only!

3 years ago

Good luck with the laptop search Wendy its great to have help searching i am hopeless myself lol . Iam glad you got your spots sorted ,enjoy great yarmouth its good to get away anyway even if its not your favourite place ,what a kind sister you are .i never saw gangs of new york i must try it sometime , i had my first 2 boys close together as well so i know what you mean about this making them closer my younger son didnt come for another few years ,i am delighted to hear you met friends its great to catch up .next week i'm doing a walk for the rscue i got my jack russell from .love and hugs to Sue, Wendy, Lynn , Ingrid, Angel, Dot, Cheryl, Barbara, Coralie have a great week

3 years ago

Hello everyone,

Sue thanks for the link and advice, but this lap top was my sons first, it will go to my other son, when I decide on which laptop to buy, the battery is dead, and I have to have it  plugged in all the time, I am not having a brand new one, but a good used one, luckily my son knows what is what, for him the issue is time to look for one, work takes his whole time , as you probably know it isnt good to have , lap top or mobiles plugged in charging for too long, so that is why I am getting a new lap top,  My eldest son will give this one a make over with the parts he has from other laptops .Hope you are well like you I will have a go at the clever stuff you can do with the link Ingrid passed to us as soon as possible xx

Mary congratulations, "Irish Twins" they will be, hopefully the "twins" will be there for each other all their lives, .That was why I had my boys close together, 18 months between them , they were great friends as boys, rivals as teens , and now "Brothers" in their twenties.

Thanks for the condolences about my spots!! it was awful, I know how some adolescents feel now. Luckily I do keep antihistamine in , so took one each night, they went quickly, and thanks to tons of concealer under liquid foundation make up, they vanished!>I dont normally wear make up, must admit, it made me feel younger putting "slap on" it was great to see my good friends, we all agreed to meet once a month, from now on , time has passed that we cant get back, so we are determined not to lose it in the future.

Hope you all had a nice weekend, and enjoy the bank holiday tomorrow, I am going to Great Yarmouth tues, to Fri with my sister, just for a break, not my fav place but my sister likes it there so......., the good sister I am

I have just watched "Gangs of NewYork" again, I had forgotten how violent it was, but the ending is very poignant, fighting to belong, then protecting what is considered to be the established "peoples" , only to be forgotten by future generations, - so Sue, Mary , Lynn , Ingrid, Angel, Dot, Cheryl, Barbara, Coralie  have a great week and love the time your in , make the best of it , as much as we can, love and hugs-

xwendy k x

3 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Sorry Care 2 wasn't working for awhile for you all. Glad its back for you. Hope all have a lovely Friday and weekend. I have my niece and nephew until Sunday. So that will be fun. Big hugs to all.

Yahoo, Friday, Care2 is back!
3 years ago

So happy to see Care2's members up and Chattering this Friday morning!  Wishing All a weekend to enjoy with loved ones and the beauty of living a good life! 

3 years ago

I thought it was my computer too Lynn good morning Ingrid Wendy and Sue i hope your having a great day ,Yes Lynn its Toms parents again they are over the moon it'l be irish twins 2 children born within i year  ,thanks  Ingrid for the link

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3 years ago

So good to be back on site. I thought it was my computer but then tried my laptop and couldn't get to Care2 there, either, so I knew it was a Care2 problem. I got busy making tags instead, watched some tv, read a little and kept myself occupied. Didn't realize how much I'd miss Care2!

3 years ago

Thanks for the link to that site Lynn, so glad they have an English translation button too, makes it much easier to follow.  Congratulations on becoming a grandmother in waiting again Mary.  Boy did it seem strange to not be able to post in groups or comment under articles for 2 days.  So glad everything is working again, except the photos, which are still wonky.  Hope they get fixed soon.  I spent lots of time watching episodes of Haven online and had a lot of fun doing that.  Now have to catch up with all the group threads.  Hope everyone is having a great day, we are under a storm warning, but have only had a little one this morning and can still see some blue sky.  Hope it lasts.

3 years ago

Congrads Mary. Have fun. Hope all you ladies have a lovely sunny Tuesda. Hugs to all.

3 years ago

Good advice about help for computers, Sue. Thanks for the information.

Anyone want to make signature gifs like I made? It's so simple to do. Choose your little icon from the vast on it. Choose your color from the palette; choose the font and size of font; write your text and click Create. That's all you have to do. Here's the link:

Wendy, I hope your spots have disappeared. Did you have a good time with your friends?

Mary, you're going to be a grandma, again!  It's such a great feeling, isn't it?  Is this Tom's parents who are pregnant or another of your children? Congratulations to all of you!

3 years ago

Wolf Graphics & Comments

~Magickal Graphics~thank you so much Sue  this will be a big help   and its free great! i hope you are having a great monday .Hi Ingrid i am in great form just heard i'm going to be a granny again love and hugs ladies
3 years ago

Hello Mary and all. Hope all you ladies have a lovely Sunday. I am well Mary. Hope you are? Hugs to all.

3 years ago

Mary, here is a link to what gave me when I entered - desktop crashes - as a search.  I cannot say enough good things about that site as my helper there taught me how to clean and repair my system after the malware infestation.  Join the site and ask for help to resolve the problem, they are really friendly.  You have to give details as to what you were doing when the computer crashed and any error messages windows gives you.  It is possible to read the threads without joining, but you need to join to post.  Why pay a repair shop when you can learn how to fix your computer for free?

3 years ago

Good morning everyone thanks for the laptop tip Sue i wonder if it works on p cs mine is always crashing  ,Wendy i hope your spots are cleared by now ,heloo Ingrid how are you?  Lynn love that betty boop

3 years ago

Hello all in here at Chatterbox. Hope all is having a lovely Saturday. I am. Love love the weather until next week suppose to be hot. Hugs to all.

3 years ago

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and you all have good weather.  Lynn I second the great Betty Boop, I've saved the link to the site and one day when I have time will learn how to do those. 

Wendy, laptops overheat and crash usually because the vents are blocked, you should try to vacuum out any fluff, although my computer users group suggests blowing compressed air from a can through the vents from the outside.  More than half of the time that will fix the problem.  Check your owners manual for instructions for our model.  It is surprising how much gunk can find its way inside.  When you boot it up put your ear really close and listen to hear if the internal fan is running, maybe it is broken.  It is cheaper to replace that than buy a new laptop.  Hope you have a great time with your friends and that the spots are going away.  I know allergic reactions all too well, they are a real pain to figure out what caused them.  Always a good idea to keep some anti-histamine capsules on hand and take them right away, if the allergic reaction makes it hard to breathe or swallow put the contents of the capsule under your tongue as it absorbs quicker there, and go to the closest ER immediately.

Was able to get out to pay bills and do a big grocery shop for the first time in over 8 weeks yesterday.  Boy it felt good to finally be out of the apartment except for a trip to the closest corner store.  Am well stocked up now for a few weeks.  This morning I ache all over, used lots of muscles I do not usually use when at home.  But no worries, will not starve again for a few weeks.  We also have warmer temps too, no longer covered in goose bumps and shivering all day and night.  This has been such a cold Summer, have had the windows closed more than open and it is nice to be able to have them open again.

Still catching up, but have dealt with 1,200 emails and messages so far so it is going well.  Will have to stop and do something else soon, have not done any cleaning for months and am starting to have sneezing fits because of all the dust around the apartment.  Just have to fix the vacuum cleaner first, so much to do, so little time.......

3 years ago

Great Betty Boop, Lynn, Hope this Friday finds everyone well, I enjoyed the video of the tour of Ireland Sue, my lap top kept crashing poor thing is over worked and over heats, I am having a newer one soon, life  will be easier, and this laptop can have a well earned rest .

At this current moment , I am stranded in the living room, while the "gas men" put right their botched work, wont bore you all with it, I am having a picnic, of cheese & onion sandwhiches, had to bring all the ingredients into the living room.

The poor cats freaked out, but have calmed down now, infact Mini, is fast asleep on the chair, with the sound of drills going off, banging hammers, men running up and down the (carpet-less) stairs!!! she is fine while I am in the room with her, relaxed, knowing if (mom) is here I am ok. the other 3 cats run in, eat biscuits then run out again. Not much longer to go now. Then I have to clean up the dust >Again!!!.

I have been snowed under with work thanks to Mismanagement, the one thing about being promoted to Inspector, means I can call meetings, and change things, ahhh the power he he he. Any way am at the end of that , and I received a bonus, the frontline staff are much happier >so win win.

I am meeting two very good friends tomorrow, who I have known for years, and what happens, I have had a reaction to something, and have a lovely crop of spots, on my cheek and around my mouth!!! going to have to buy a ton of concealer, or people will think it's something catching !!!

Well hope you all have a great weekend chillax as they say, that is what my weekend is going to be about, I may stay in bed untill midday tomorrow,  then go for brunch in the "Meriden Tea Rooms" have a chat to people I havent seen for ages, then just potter about, till I meet my good friends, mmmmm sunday lie in , papers, tea and toast, well thats me organised. hope you all enjoy what ever your up to this week end, love and hugs %#&!*% wendy k xxxxxx

Hi, everyone!
3 years ago



3 years ago

hi Ingrid Sue Wendy Lynn Barb Coralie Angel and Cheryl have a great day love and hugs

3 years ago

Hello all in here at Chatterbox. Hope all in here have a lovely Wednesday. Hugs.

3 years ago

Hello all in here. Hope all you ladies have a lovely Monday. Hugs.

3 years ago

I hope you do get to ireland Wendy specially kerry you sure are right about God dipping his finger there thanks for the great video Sue i know how you feel catching up myself as well ,i hope you ladies are having a lovely day hugs

3 years ago

With all the talk about Ireland in this thread I thought you would like to see this video that takes a two and a half week trip through Ireland and puts it into this truly amazing video.  19 minutes of pure Heaven.  It is a stunningly beautiful country.  Read the posts out of order today as I'm having a really rough day here, really am only up to about June in my catching up....  Hope everyone is having a much better day.

3 years ago


3 years ago

Hello Lynn and all here in Chatterbox. Hope all have a lovely Thursday. Its been raining here but its okay. Sorry about your granddaughter's pictures Lynn. I have quite a few and their perfect and yes I had a blast there. Wish I could share but don't know how in groups. Hugs.

3 years ago

3 years ago

Hi Wendy enjoy your time off i hope you get to the sea its so peaceful there kerry was lovely although this year it was hard for me without Sophie she had been coming with me for 15 years .i was in glenbeigh rigt on the coast its lovely it can be a little rainy in ireland but i love kerry .hello everybody have a great weekend by the way Lynn how do i change the size of a picture mine always look too big ?

3 years ago

Hello Mary , how was wonderful Kerry?, Just a quick hello to everyone, hope you are all well, I have 2 days off, so today I have been here on care2 , and then emails, , signing petitions, tomorrow I have to do housework, before I can come on here, I am still decorating, well my husband is.!!!!!

The weather is kinder but I have really noticed the days getting shorter , it's close to dusk now here, I am seriously going to get out at the weekend, try to get a few days by the sea soon, before autumn sets in , chat soon, look forward to reading about whats been happening , love and hugs x wendy k x

3 years ago

Good morning dear friends i missed our group while i was away  i am just looking through all the threads now ,Cheryl how lovely to see you thanks for your kind words about Sophie i am riding again but my wrist will never be the same too much damage its functional though and i can hold Tom and take my jack russell on the lead  Soph didnt really need a lead .Lynn my dear how are you i hope the storm didnt do too much damage how is Trent? Barb how are things in your part of the world sis?Angel how are you doing?Sue and Wendy what wonderful posts Ingrid how lovely to seee you  welcome Coralie what a great post love and hugs to all

3 years ago

A Teacher Asked, What Is Forgiveness? The Little Girl Answered, It's The Wonderful Smell That A Flower Gives When It Is Being Crushed photo ATeacherAskedWhatIsForgivenessTheLittleGirlAnsweredItsTheWonderfulSmellThatAFlowerGivesWhenItIsBeingCrushed.jpg

3 years ago

Thanks for the information Sue, but I thought the site was shutting down for 24 hours. According to the notice on top of every thread, the site will shut down at 9:00 pm Pacific time tonight....the 6th of August. It doesn't say for how long.

Care2 Scheduled Downtime August 6 - 9pm PST
3 years ago
Copied from Eric's post in F&S

Scheduled Downtime--August 6th- 9PM PST 1:34 PM

Hi Everyone!! We will have the portion of the site down for about 30 minutes tomorrow night. During that time you will not be able to access any of the site's features and functions, so please plan accordingly. will still be available, but signatures may be a bit slower in processing at that time.

Thanks everyone and we will keep you posted with any changes or updates!!

3 years ago

Dont know how you have read the GOT books so fast Lynn, I am still trying to finish a cat named Bob!!!!!  Yes I saw Uncle Jim, he played a judge, only two words order order, then the camera went to another shot, Dont know if you even heard of Bobby Sands , the IRA terrorist who starved himself to death, well Uncle Jim played his father in a film, "Bobby", he played opposite a British actor called Helen Mirren, Jim had two words "my son" and then had to cry, he had us in hysterics telling us what went on, but its too long to go on about here, fame hasn't gone to Jims head, and he is working up to 3 words, so he says lol

Lovely friendship card Coralie and hello to you from me wendy k %#&!*%

Well thats me news for now, enjoy the week ahead, Just watching a "ukulele"band  they are really funny, they sing and play rock, pop, and contemporary music, it's a concert they did in Sydney Australia, very unique they are called "The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain" if you see them advertised on t v, watch them see what you think.

The Ukulele is making a come back now and considered cool

chat soon love and hugs x wendy k x

3 years ago

Hi everyone, Happy Friendship Day to all! Coralie, thanks for the lovely friendship day tag.

Wendy, how nice that your uncle and cousin are to be extras in a tv series. That's exciting for you and for them. I'm reading the 3rd book of "Game of Thrones" and talk about exciting!  It's fantastic. Two more books to go after this one.

Ingrid, my granddaughter did take pictures at the concert but they were close to the stage and she made the mistake of using her flash so the lights from the stage drowned out the faces.

Cheryl, even though Castro won't ever feel freedom again, he should be tortured by the inmates so he can feel like those poor girls did. He had the nerve to plead Not Guilty at first. Monster!

Sue, loved the bear!!

3 years ago

Happy Friendship Day

3 years ago

Just popped in to say happy International Friendship Day to you all

hope you and those you care about are well

glad you liked the porcupine vid , and Sue the clips with the bear is so cute and funny,

he/she is sooo clever and persistant, I love when he is walking backwards pulling the rubbish bin, gives a whole new meaning to "meals on wheels" 

I agree with you Cheryl -was a victory for justice giving that sentence to castro. wish Britain would give out sentences like that. for horrendous cases such as that one.

well it is cooler now, so to all here have a good week ahead, I am just going to watch

a new series called the "mill" set in the early 1800's when they employed children, and women were worthless, greedy land owners ruled!!! love historical dramas

After that I will watch a new series , being shown here from Dublin, it's called "love and hate" it is bang up to date, and our Uncle Jim , and cousin Robert star in it as extras -so i will be scanning the programme for a glimpse of them.

once again Happy International Friendship Day love x wendy k x

3 years ago

Hello all in here. Thanks Lynn and Cheryl. I'm sure I will enjoy myself. Have any pictures of when your granddaughter went Lynn? Love to see them. I will be posting pictures sometime in here of my experience. Have a lovely rest of the weekend all. Big hugs.

3 years ago

Happy Weekend everyone.  I'm finally back with a clean and almost perfectly working computer.  Took 7 weeks of 8-12 hour days and more scans, fixits, uninstalling and re-installing software etc. than I can remember.  Once I have posted all the silly videos and stories I've bookmarked, then deleted those bookmarks, I'm going to make a disk image on my backup drive and if anything ever goes wrong again will just completely wipe the hard drive and re-install the disk image.  That only takes a few hours and everything works the same as it did when the image was taken.  Will only be a few software updates needed after.  Such a time saver.

Still trying to catch up on all the emails, messages, newsletters and emailed group posts so am going to be behind for a while as there are almost 2,000 of them.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, be prepared for many posts from me today with silly videos etc. Loved the chatty porcupine one, thanks for posting that.   Here is what an unusual and very cleaver Canadian garbage collector looks like, two videos one follows the other....

3 years ago

Thank you Cheryl H appy Friday and Weekend to you and my other dear sisters and brothers!!!

I love all of you!!!

Love, Barb, Baby, Beenie

3 years ago

HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY, everyone! It's a long weekend here in Canada and it's raining today, which isn't so bad as we haven't had rain for quite some time. Supposed to be a weekend.

Re: The Ariel Castro case: (Man... monster morelike) who kidnapped, raped and tortured three girls/young women and kept them hidden in his home for over 10 years)

SENTENCE: LIFE plus 1000 years!!! He plea bargained to have the death penalty taken off the table. YIPPEE... finally justice! Too many cases lately (high profile and not so much) have shown that "justice is an ass" ... as the saying goes.

Love you guys!

3 years ago

Hi sisters and those brothers we have popping in once in awhile! Wow Ingrid, you are all decked out to attent that concert - sounds awesome! We'll look forward to hearing all about it.

Wendy, the porcupine is soooo cute! I'm not sure I would cuddle up to one but they are awesome to admire at a slight distance. lol

Lynn, that weather doesn't sound too good. I always thought Florida was sunny every day and never had any of these probs. Holy smoke, you've had quite a few scares in the last year. But you always come out "on top" and well. Right?

Mary, how is that wrist of yours? Has it healed completely? Are you horseback riding again? Gosh you must be proud of wee Tom, and his parents too of course. Always waiting for pics, and don't forget that thread that's dedicated for your pics. I better check and make sure it hasn't gone into archives.

Barb, keep on dancing! I heard it's one of the best exercises one can do.

Weather has been so wonderful here with 33 days of sunshine in a row. It broke a record. But autumn leaves are sure falling from the trees behind us and there's a little smell of autumn in the air that comes with them. Can anyone else smell autumn?

I'm just off to bed now so I'll say goodnight to all and sweet dreams dear ones.  

3 years ago

Ingrid, you're gonna love the concert.  My granddaughter went with her friend (sat 7 rows back in the orchestra), a gift from her girlfriend and she loved it. As old as the guys are now, they're still terrific and sound the same. Enjoy yourself!

3 years ago

Hello Lynn and all. Hope everyone here is having a lovely Wednesday. I am. Going to see New Kids On The Block with Boys 2 Men and 98 degrees. It better be good as I paid quite a lot for tickets. Cute Porcupine Wendy. Thanks for sharing. Big hugs.

3 years ago

3 years ago

Hello everyone, quick post as we have an internet connection problem, am awaiting an engineer, there's a fault on the outside wire, so the slightest thing and I lose connection, going to leave a cute clip here for you all, forgive me for not putting it on funny cute animal thread, I dont want to jinx this connection, so we have a new prince George, so glad all went well for mom &baby , and it;s cooler here tonight, infact I felt chilly earlier, had to put my cardi on, woo hoo, hoping everyone is well , have a great week , will be back soon, love and hugs xwendy k x>>>

>>> Talkative Porcupine Enjoys Banana Snack Time in Tree Fort(Video)

3 years ago

Hi everyone, hope you're all well this last day of the weekend. Our weather has been, humid and rainy. I hope we don't get that tropical storm that's out there now. It seems to be heading right for us.

Ingrid, going to a concert? I'm all ears; who are you going to see? You must be so excited. New haircut, new outfit and you're good to go. Have a wonderful time!

I have to go open a new Animal News thread. Thanks again Ingrid, for being the "Keeper of the Watch". lol  I appreciate it.  Love to all.

3 years ago

Hello all. Hoping everyone here is well and is having a lovely weekend? I am. Yesterday I went out to eat, got a haircut and got me a lovely new outfit for the concert I am going to next week. Hope to hear from all of you soon.

3 years ago

Hello to all here. Hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday. Thanks Cheryl. I think I will do that and start a game. Congrads to the Royal couple.

3 years ago

Hey Lynn... due to Ingrid's request, could we get a new animal information thread? Pleeeezze?

Ingrid, do you want to start a games thread? Please feel free to start a thread with any topic you like. We're not a one-theme group and all ideas are welcome. So happy to like the group and have joined the sisterhood (with added delightful brothers)!  

HAPPY MONDAY, everyone. We are on royal baby watch. It said this morning that William and Kate don't know the gender and want to be surprised. Do you think that's true? I bet the betting (bookies) are super active. lol  I can't help but think that it seemed such a short while ago when William was born and the pics of young Diana and the baby were circulating. I still miss her. In my belief, Diana's spirit got to know the spirit of the new baby before the birth and will be watching over her or him as she does her "boys".

3 years ago

Hello all. Hope everyone here in Chatterbox is having a lovely weekend. I am. It has been raining here today and cooler so that is great. Do not like the heat. Thanks for welcoming me again Cheryl. I like this group. Wanted to ask could there be a new thread for the animal information it is getting long for me? Also why not have some fun with some games? A hangman? Hugs.

3 years ago

P.S. When I tried to sign in about a month ago, my McAfee anti-virus popped up with "Whoa, do you really want to go there?...." in red. I clicked off pretty fast. Then I did a search for Care2 and EVERYTHING came up with the red circle and "X" in the middle... petitions, e-cards, the works. So I guess it was the spammer thing mentioned above. It was quite a shock to see that and I'm sure glad whatever it was got fixed.

July 19
3 years ago

Wow you guys - Lynn, Mary, Barb, Wendy, Angel, Ingrid (hope I didn't miss anyone). I am so grateful so many have thought about me!! I think that has helped me heal. Thank you all so very much. I am deeply touched.

I have just read through the thread and SO MUCH has been happening to all of you. First - MARY, I am so sorry to hear about your beloved Sophie. Oh wow, just after I typed her name I looked out my window and a gorgeous dragonfly flew by! That is very spiritual. A message from Sophie to you! Many well known psychics/mediums have spoken about animals being on the "other side" and they are well taken care. There are so many of my beautiful pets - chihuahuas, border collie, an Aussie blue heeler, Jack Russell, and Blackie, the first dog we had when I was a little girl. YOU HAVE BEEN A PERFECT CARETAKER of that wonderful SOUL NAMED SOPHIE! I understand your grieving as I thought my pain would never end when I lost each pet. You see them everywhere they travelled with you, ate, slept, etc. But here's a thought.... maybe they do come with us for walks or visit us at times. My Blue Heeler visited me one night and I have absolutely no doubt their beautiful souls carry on.

Gosh Mary and Wendy - you do have so much in common! And here you found one another in Chatter Box. Awesome! Wendy, I saw "Life of Pi" about a month ago and it was wonderful. I am so intrigued by how they could get all those shots. Truly amazing film.

Lynn, thanks so much for making a new thread. I am very sorry to hear that our brother Les is leaving Care2. He is such a wonderful human being and has so much to give. We will miss him a lot.  Gosh, I bet you really miss your laptop and ipad... hope it's fixed by the time you read this. Yes yes yes yes.... I want a drink from that fountain of youth you have, sis. Actually, I'd love to wallow in it.

I am joining everyone having a heat (I wish this was me)
Wow, 35c or 95f? I guess we're lucky at 22c - 31c. I was brought up with the "f" measurements and when we changed to "c" I protested whenever I got the chance. I still don't understand it. After such a long and dreary winter which deeply depressed me, it is such a blessing to KNOW that tomorrow will be sunny again. 

Gosh Wendy, you lead such an interesting life! I never knew that girls worked in the mines, and the ages of the boys and girls who did is terrible. I know they liked having the boys because they were small and could get to places the men couldn't. What an awful life.

Ingrid, it's great to have you as a new sister!

I will sign off for now but will be back! Love you all.

3 years ago

3 years ago

Cool Lynn              record temps here too, and next week it is going to be hotter, 35c  whats that about 92f  , my cats sleep in my bedroom, on my bed with the fan on, till sunset, then they get up fill their tummies and stroll out to the gazebo, only to flop down till, it is dark and cooler, then they disappear, but they all check in during the night, I managed to get Mini to the groomers, she is long haired and was stuggling, well at the hairdressers lol they gave her a bath, and a good brushing, followed by a trim, Mini looked great, sleeker, with all the old winter fur brushed out, the little horror wont let me do that, she bites and scratches, but was so sweet for the groomer, >the traitor!!!

Thanks Ingrid my youngest cat is fine now, How are you? whats the weather like where you are?

Barbara there is a book called "I hope you dance" my friend gave it to me, one Christmas, it's an inspirational type book, based on the lyrics of a song >of same name "I hope you dance", so the point being i am glad to here you are feeling able to dance. I will have to look up who sang the song, and copy one of the quotes. just for you

Hello Angel hope you are ok, seems USA and UK are having a heatwave, if the forcast is correct and we get 35c next week, that will be the hottest ever weather, I may rent a portable aircon unit as much for the cats as me!!

Hello cheryl  hope you are ok ? and not too hot?

Hope I havent missed anyone out? Oh Sue how could I forget how are you? hope not as down , now, love to you all and hugs have a great weekend , stay safe everyone x wendy k x

3 years ago

Hi all, so good to see you all here. Mary, that's a lovely picture of Tom and his mommy and daddy. A bit large, but the better to see everything.  Have a wonderful time in Kerry. I know you'll miss Sophie at the ocean but she'll be with you in spirit and in your heart.

Barb, I'm so pleased that you're still dancing. I know how much it means to you. It's good to walk, also. Keeps you more limber. It's nice that you'll be seeing your sister again. Have a lovely time with her.

Cheryl dear, where are you? I hope everything is ok with you.

Angel, how are you doing and how's the weather. It's been storming here all day. I had to turn all the lights on at 5:00 pm, it was so dark in the apartment.

Ingrid, Kerry is in Ireland. That's where Mary comes from.


Most of the US is having a heat wave. I hope it's cool enough for all of you.

Chat soon. Love to all. ♥

3 years ago

Mary how I envy you going to Kerry, my fav place. I was living in Kerry for 18mths loved it, we stayed in a couple of places, Abbeydorny  near Kilflynn , Bally heigue, and Castle Gregory, the latter was my fav, the Maharees was so beautiful, (hope i spelled all the places correctly).

another coincidence we have , my youngest son is named Luke too, and as for Sophie, well as they would say in Kerry "sure you know she'll be with you, always in your heart" -- "now whats the story from where your living now"

Have a good break, let me know how things are across the water , safe journey Mary , look forward to hearing from you on your return.

Helloooo all hope everyone is keeping cool , love and hugs xwendy k x

3 years ago

hi Ingrid Tom is my grandson thats Luke his dad my son i think i messed up the pic

3 years ago

Hello all Chatterbox peeps. I am well and staying cool in the house. Hope you have a fun time in Kerry Mary wherever that is? Good looking picture of Tommy your son right Mary? Enjoy the birthday party Barbara. Wendy sorry about your cat and hope that he will be better soon. Hope all have a lovely Thursday. Hugs.

3 years ago

Hi Barb i am so happy to hear you are dancing i always think of you dancing enjoy the birthday party ,hi Lynn Angel Wendy Ingrid Sue   Cheryl i hope you are feeling better today i am off to kerry for 2 weeks so i won't be around it will be very strange to go without Sophie we have been going for 15 years and the ocean will look so empty without her .i have my other 2 but i love her best .love and hugs sweet sisters and Danilo too

3 years ago

HI Mary, Wendy, Ingrid, Angel, Sue, Lynn, Cheryl!!

Mary beautiful picture of Tommy at his baptism!  I am doing well thanks and the birds are well.  I am still taking dance classes!  I am also walking again, too.  I got so lazy and wouldn't go for walks for a while.

Cheryl how are you doing and how is little Bibby?

Going to the mountains on Friday for my sister's birthday.  Will try to remember to post some pictures for you!  I am looking forward to getting out this Friday with my sister!  I am glad she is having her birthday! 

Love and big hugs to everyone

3 years ago

 photo tomschristening009_zps45890ec6.jpgHelo Lynn Wendy Ingrid Barb AngelSue  and Cheryl i hope you join us again real soon i am sorry your poor Buni wasent feeling wellWendy the heat is so hard on our furry friends Ingrid how are you today?Angel i know you are working hard for animals every day its so hot in cork i have to keep the dogs in Lynn this is a picture of Tom at his baptism he really enjoyed the day he is 17 weeks now still a bit small being premature its terrible when we get computer trouble and as you said so expensive how is Trent?Barb how are you i love the webcam thanks for posting love to all

3 years ago

Hi, everybody!

Late start for me today. I was at my granddaughter's and just got home. Sue, that was such a terrible tragedy with the train wreck in Quebec. Horrible things are happening in so many places in the world. It's very sad and depressing to see and hear about. I hope your computer problems are gone for good.

Angel, love the tags you post. Keep them coming, please.

Mary, always good to hear from you. Congratulations on Tom's christening. I remember how excited you were when he was born. Do you have any recent pictures of him?

Ingrid, it's always so nice to see what you post. I doubt if anyone here know it but Ingrid was the first one to send me a green star as soon as I joined Care2.

Wendy, I'm so glad that Buni is feeling better. I know how I feel when Mandy is not up to par and I'm sure you feel the same way about your furkids.  It's a good thing I have air conditioning; otherwise I would have perished from the heat and humidity.  The heat has not let up (in the 90's every day) and it's been raining so the humidity is very high which affects my arthritis. Owwww!! lol  My goodness, what are you talking about on Twitter that you have so many followers? That's fantastic.

My router for my WiFi croaked on me the night before last so now I can't use my laptop or my iPad. Bummer!  I have to buy a new router and the "old" one was less than a year old. Those things are expensive!

Toodles for now. Love to everyone!! ♥

3 years ago


I SPEND TIME INFRONT OF THE FAN, IN THE HOUSE, IT GETS SO HOT AT NIGHT THAT THE CATS CAMP OUT IN THE GAZEBO, THEY ALL CHECK IN THROUGHOUT THE DAY, THEY POP IN MEOW, GET A FEW BISCUITS, A DRINK , THEN COME OVER TO ME FOR A FUSS, AND SLOWLY STRETCH, THEN GO OUT AGAIN,Buni my youngest cat was bitten by something, he wasnt well for two days, very quiet and clingy nothing like his usual self, but luckily, i had some antibiotics and cat ibruprofun in, and after checking with the vet , gave him some meds, and he was better, he is still more fussy than normal, i just think he likes extra fuss now. well we are very slowly getting organised, will have more time to pop in.

Sue sorry about the train crash over in Quebec, we were all really shocked to hear the news, I hope you feel like your own self soon, glad your computer is feeling better, as you can see my caps lock still sticks, and I am having a problem with the y's, I have to check all the time or the words such as -you , end up ou. annoying or what?!!!!

well I am visiting twitter just to say hello to my 1,374 followers, not that I am bragging about MY 1,374 followers you understand  most of them are adverts, !! but I have a few like minded people i say hello to , political on twitter oh yes.

love and hugs to you all x wendy k %#&!*%

3 years ago

Hello Angel. Hope you have a beautiful week too and to all Chatterbox peeps. Hugs.

3 years ago

3 years ago

Hello Mary and all. Hope all is enjoying the weekend. I am. Very sorry about your computer and the incident in Quebec Sue. Yes the world has to change now. Hugs.

3 years ago

its so horribl what happened in quebecSue ,like Barb said our world has to change. Good morning Lynn and Angel, Cheryl ,Ingrid and Wendy i'm off to my grandsons christening have a super weekend

3 years ago

HI Sue glad to see you back and glad you got your computer working again.  I feel for you.  That is no fun at all.  Big Hugs. 

Thanks for the videos.

I am really mad at oil and for what happened to the little town.  This tells us that we should not be dependent on oil anymore.  I keep signing petitions to stop oil drilling and the pipeline.  We need solar power.  I will keep praying for the little town and for solar power.  Our world needs to change.

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See why my heart has been broken this week.
3 years ago

Sorry I have not posted for a long while. I have been battling my computer since June 12, the MS updates did something nasty and right after it was infested with some nasty malware.  Didn't want to spread the infection.   I've been working 8-12 hours a day ever since trying to get it back to being healthy.  Think it is better now, just some other problems need sorting out.

It amazes me that the major disaster that happened in Quebec last Saturday when an unattended train pulling oil tankers started on it's own and derailed in the small town of Lac Megantic Quebec and destroyed a large art of the downtown core as the tankers exploded, has been so little reported on Care2.  It happened around 1am, 60 people are presumed dead, some bodies may never be found as the fire was so intense.  The story has been our number one news story this week.  Later the same day a plane crash landed at San Fransisco airport with only 2 fatalities.  Children died because they were left in cars in the hot sun.  Yesterday massive flooding in China.  Today the train crash in Paris, it has been a devastating week.

Here are 2 links, the first a news video, the second a written article from today about the Lac Megantic disaster. As you scroll down on the left there is a link to the photos, look at them to see the whole scope of the disaster.  Every time I hear the train whistle now as the tankers roll through my own small town it makes me cry as I remember how devastated my fellow Canadians are feeling.  Promise next time I will post some happy little videos and stories.  Just cannot laugh this week.

3 years ago

3 years ago

welcome Ingrid i hope you enjoy our group

3 years ago

Thanks for welcoming me in Lynn and Barbara. Hope all is enjoying their Tuesday. Hugs.

3 years ago

Hi Ingrid so nice to meet you and Welcome to our group! 

3 years ago

3 years ago

Ingrid, I'm so happy to see you here. Welcome to our wonderful group. All of us here care about each other and now you're one of us, also. Enjoy all the threads and post wherever you'd like to. Big hugs, ♥

3 years ago

Hello Lynn and all who post here. This group looks fun so I posted. Hope all of you are enjoying Sunday. Hugs.

3 years ago

what a wonderful weekend weather wise, and to top it off Murray is the new wimbledon champion, did anyone see the game? was hard fought in 80f , so good for Murray so pleased .

well the weather looks as if it is here for a while, so make hay while the sun shines, love to all here xwendy kx hugs

Have a great weekend everyone x
3 years ago

3 years ago

happy fourth of july

3 years ago


3 years ago

thank you so much Lynn and Wendy i know shes in a better place i miss her and love her so much ,you are so kind .Lynn i'm sorry Les is leaving we will miss him i know Cheryl will come back when she can. hugs to Lynn Wendy  and Barb and Angel

3 years ago

Mary so sorry to hear of your loss, Sophie will never leave and is just over the rainbow bridge,

    sooo hard for us that are left I know, but remember all the happy times, you shared, soon the pain will ease big hug love xwendy k x

3 years ago

Mary, sweet sis, I'm so sorry to hear about Sophie. I remember when she pulled through her illness last year (or the year before?) and we were all so happy about it. Losing a beloved pet is like losing a member of the family. Try to stay strong, dear one. She's over the Rainbow Bridge and finding new friends to play with, although she'll always miss you, too....until you meet again.

There are so many losses of different kinds. Cheryl still can't get back on to Care2. I got a message from Les that he's leaving Care2 due to health and personal issues. He's such a gentleman and so kind and spiritual. I'm sure we'll all miss him and I hope things get better for him and his family.

Meanwhile, let's all try to look at the good things that we have and have had. I love you all so let's keep this group together and hope that Cheryl can get back in very soon.

Great big hugs and kisses..♥

3 years ago

thanks Barb my sweet sister i rea lly feel so lost and lonely

3 years ago

Hello Mary I am so sorry for your loss of Sophie.  I give you my deepest sympathy Mary.  We love you so much.  Sophie will be waiting at rainbow bridge for you. 

Love and big hugs.  Barb, Baby, Beenie

3 years ago
 photo Ciarra2010051.jpgWendy i signed that petition hello Cheryl Lynnn BarbAngel Wendy Les all  my chaterbox friends i am so heartbroken today ,yesterday my beautiful Sophie passed away she was the most amazing dog the most beautiful soul i am so lost without her this is me and her last year in kerry she was 15
3 years ago

Thanks everyone for the Anniversary wishes, so kind of you all.

Happt Canada Day all even if we are not Canadian , we can raise a glass to Canada

Dont know if you saw in the news about the fire in the plastic recycling unit in B'ham u.k. caused by a "chinese lantern", those things cause deaths and injuries to wild life, so easily avoided, think most of you have seen my petition to ban the sale of fireworks to the public, well look out for the "RSPCA's" petition to ban the sale of chinese lanterns, pls sign if you see it as 100's of wild life animals are injured by the lanterns.

My thoughts though are with the firemen who were killed in Arizona, 19 firemen killed, what an absolute tragedy, God bless them, and condolencies to family and friends not forgetting their colleagues so sad .

sorry to end on such a sad note, hope you all have a good week ahead, love and hugs x wendy k x

Hope you all have a great week
3 years ago

3 years ago

thanks Barb this is lovely have a great weekend

3 years ago

Live Puffin Loading Ledge Cam:  Enjoy my dear sisters and brothers.!/live-cams/player/puffin-loafing-ledge-cam

And Plains Bison and Praire Dogs:!/live-cams/player/plains-bison-grasslands-national-park-cam-2

Have a great weekend Everyone x
3 years ago

3 years ago

Happy Anniversary Wendy!!!  Hi Lynn.  Thank you for the good news about Cheryl!  Poor thing i hope she will be ok now.  And I hope her computer will be too. Hope Cheryl can get online soon!  Hi Mary glad to see you here.  I am pretty good except today my right hand, thumb, wrist and my left hand and thumb are hurting really bad and will need to take some time off from my clicking I need to do for my online work.  I took some Ibuprofin and it's helping.  I also vacummed and did a ton of laundry today - blankets.  They get dusty. I am still dancing.  Hi Angel.

Hope I didn't miss anyone.  Love and big hugs.  

3 years ago

Happy anniversary Wendy it sounds like a wonderful weekend good for you austerity is killing off so many services for needy people Lynn i am so happy to hear Cheryl is feeling better i hope your link works and shes back soon Barb how are you?and dear Angel how are things with you ?love and hugs

3 years ago

Wendy dear, happy anniversary! I wish you and your husband many more years of happy, healthy life together.

I'm very anxious to see "Life of Pi". I read the book a few years ago and was thoroughly intrigued by the story. I'm glad you liked the film. Ang Lee is a marvelous director and he won the Academy Award for directing it.

Good news and bad news....the good news is that I heard from Cheryl in an email. She fine now, had some digestive tract trouble that put her in the hospital at one point but she's ok now. The bad news is that she can't get into Care2. Her newly worked on computer says that Care2 is a dangerous site (it can be sometimes lol) and a red page comes up that if she tries to enter it will ruin her computer or something to that effect. I sent her a link to try to get in but I haven't heard from her yet. Maybe when they worked on her computer something was changed. ????  I'm just glad that she's well.

Love to you all and have a fabulous week ahead. ♥

3 years ago

Hello Lynn,Angel, Mary, Barbara, hope you are all well? I hope we soon hear from Cheryl too, bet she is busy and will pop in soon.

I had another mad weekend, well fri 21st was my/our 30th wedding anniversary, had a lovely evening , I would have had a get together, but my husband prefers quiet times, so we had a meal with close friends and family, then when we got home, we watched the film -"Life of Pi" have any of you seen it? oh it is so good, made me cry at the end, I have never seen a film like it, and I have seen hundreds of films, it is one of my interests, so if you havent seen it , try to get a copy of it , you wont be disappointed .

well then Saturday we went to London to attend a political gathering, called "the peoples assembly against austerity". we discussed an alternative political party to what we have now. very heated , very annoying, but very enjoyable. the party will support the "spirit of '45" the will in 1945 was to make things better, re-build and look after one another, a kinder face of capitalism, where wealth is shared/distributed in a fairer way, we need business, and business needs profit, but not at all costs,  well we were inspired, and now have to wait for the next move??

so today we have taken it easy , and I have given my 4 cats loads of attention, they had extra treats, even the cat that visits, the intruder cat!!, seems he has adopted us, so I have made him a place to sleep in the lobby, and he has food and water, I will see can I gain his trust to get him looked over by the vet. well thats my news for now will pop in soon , wishing you all a happy healthy week ahead, love and hugs xwendy k x

3 years ago

Lynn I am glad you liked the Osprey Cam! 

3 years ago

Hi Mary, Lynn, Angel, Wendy.  I am getting worried about Cheryl.  I am sure she is ok.  I miss her, too.

Love and big hugs.

Barb, Baby, Beenie

3 years ago

Hi Lynn ,Angel ,Wendy Barb i wonder where Cheryl got to as well i hope shes not ill we sure miss her

3 years ago

Thank you Wendy, Angel and Mary for your support in our wonderful group. Barb comes in once in a while, as does Les, but our dear Cheryl is still missing. I'm worried about her. She's not usually away so long and I'm really concerned. I hope she's alright.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend, everybody. I'll be with my daughter and granddaughter all day tomorrow so I might not be in here.   Remember:

Love, hugs and kisses to you all....♥

3 years ago

happy summer sweet friends i hope the sun shines on all of you

3 years ago

3 years ago

I knew it lol, Lynn has drunk from the" fountain of youth", Lynn you should have bottled some you would be rich--with friends Cant believe I am still awake again at 1.50am , it is too muggy to sleep, 3 of the cats are out, poor things, they dont know what to do with themselves, tomorrow the weather is set to break, not so muggy, we will get rain and thunder storms, trust me all the cats will be inside then.

Glad sue spotted the spammer, and well done care2 support for closing the threads, those spammers can cause loads of grief for people, especially with virus's. not to mention financial crimes, as I said if people look on google etc read reviews on these so called money making offers, the reviews will always say dont bother.

As for covering letters for jobs, the prospective employer is the one to ask, not some unknown spam artist.

Well I am of up the wooden hill to bedfordshire, hope everyone who chats here are all well , Sue deserves a green star for her eagle eye, I sent her one, I got a green star from care2 support, which was really nice, that was for my comments echoing Sue's "spam alert", so love and hugs to all  xwendy kx

3 years ago

Wendy, well I did drink the water at The Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, FL. lol  It's the oldest city in the US and Ponce de Leon found the fountain when he discovered St. Augustine.


Hugs and kisses ♥

3 years ago

Hello Lynn, yes we went to the tunnels, very dark and spooky, but interesting, I didnt know girls were miners either, I couldnt imagine my boys down a mine at 9 years old.

I have 2 sons only, but they are grown now, 27 & 28 respectively.

We did have a lovely day for "Fathers Day" I am grateful my two are relatively happy and have jobs, no grand kids yet though on the horizon.

I cant believe your daughter is a gran too?, wow I am coming to visit you and drink some of that water your drinking, there must be an anti ageing formular in it !!!!

Cant stop as it is 1.50am, and I havent finished watching a programme that , I simply wont sleep , if I dont watch it !!

I hope all is well with Cheryl too, love and hugs to you and all here x wendy k x

3 years ago

Wendy, I had a vicarious thrill reading about all that you did this weekend. Did you actually go down into the tunnels?  I don't know how miners do it. It's such a hard life and usually handed down from father to son. I didn't know that girls can become miners. Wow!

It's so nice that your sons came to visit and you had such a wonderful, traditional time with them. How many children do you have? I have 2....a boy and a girl. Not so much boy and girl anymore. They both have grown children and my daughter is a grandmother, which flips my mind because I still think of her as my little girl. lol

I'm not doing much today. A quiet day at home. My son is at home also, having a quiet day of his own. He's divorced from his first wife and although he didn't meet Alicia, my now daughter-in-law until 3 months after the divorce proceedings, the boys didn't talk to him. It's been 2 years now since the younger boy called him for the first time since the divorce almost 10 years ago. The older one, who's 30, is still estranged and doesn't talk to me either. I guess I'm collateral damage in the divorce. It's so stupid. Life is too short for nonsense like this.  Their mother has brain washed them since they were young boys with the oft repeated phrase "I'm your mother and you always have to take care of me". Soooo, they both still live with their mommy and help pay her bills!  Do you get the feeling I don't like her? Well, you're right!!!!

Anyway, Steve has now been married to Alicia for 7 years and deliciously happy and in love. I adore her....and her family has taken me to their hearts and treat me as if I were from their own family. I go out to dinner with Alicia's mother and sister quite often. They live about 5 minutes away from me.

Have a good what's left of the day, Wendy and whoever comes in after. I hope Cheryl is ok. It's not like her to be away for so long.

Sending love and kisses to all. ♥

3 years ago

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, with the unpredictable weather?

My weekend was enjoyable, as my son's came to visit, always light up the day when they visit,

Today they have cooked dinner for their Dad, and brought over cards and presents for him for Father's Day. We all had a glass of "bubbly" to drink to and "toast" their G' Father's,- a little tradition we have.

We also had a great day out, last thurs, which I arranged for our friends b'day, we went back in time to see the "lime mining tunnels" in Dudley W.Mids, we went by barges, amazing to think the miners dug the tunnels out by hand using pick axes, they had to stand for hours in freezing cold water, gosh what a life, their children would join the miner's at the age of 9 or 12 for girls!!

The staff at the Dudley Canal Trust were fantastic so enthusiastic, and knowledgable.

From there we went to the "Crooked House Pub" such a shame I couldn't put a photo here, the House slants to the left, sliding into the ground through subsidence, we had a good laugh there, walking as if on a rocking boat!! , well thats my news , hope to hear your news , did you celebrate "Father's Day" hope the day brings good memories for us all, as I am very aware some of these days are emotional for others,

lots of Love &hugs to all x wendy k x

3 years ago

3 years ago

Thanks Barb, for the wonderful live cam of the ospreys. I looked in and momma was sitting in the nest....on the eggs or the chicks. I'm not sure until she moves. Boy, it sure is windy out there!

Wendy, I loved your poem in thread #12. I was "erbil" to figure part of it oot but I'm so glad you translated for us. It was very funny! Thank you, sis.

It poured here today and just stopped about an hour ago. It's still a bit dark out and it's only 5:00 p.m. C'mon, this is supposed to be the "Sunshine State"!!  lol

I hope all my sisters and brothers are well and happy. Sending love to all until the next time. ♥

3 years ago

The last post in Chatter Box #12 was from Barb:


Hello to all of my dear sisters and brothers.

Here is a Live Osprey Cam from the Audubon.  I thought you would enjoy this very much.  Wonderful parents and chicks!!/live-cams/player/live-osprey-cam

3 years ago

CHAT AWAY SISTERS AND BROTHERS... any topic - good, bad, or ugly, pictures, and have fun! Welcome to anyone new who wants to join us!

SS SS  DD   SS    DD 


Here's the link to Chatter Box #12, which got too long.

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