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5 years ago

Cheryl, we're missing you in the threads. I hope you're well and not experiencing the blues because of the weather. We love you dearly and would like to see you back here, healthy and raring to go, as usual.


Meanwhile, it's your birthday, dear sister and I hope you have a wonderful day!!


5 years ago




I hope you are having a great day Cheryl!  Did you do anything special?  I hope you are feeling better, too.

5 years ago

Lynn I love your Elephant Card!!!  So bright and colorful.

Yes Cheryl you make us happy!!!  You lift my spirit and others as well.

5 years ago

happy birthday sweet sis

5 years ago

5 years ago


so sorry this belated, but better late than never.

Hope you had a great day, with lots of love & joy many many happy returns xwendy k x

5 years ago

Oh wow you guys... you gave me a birthday party and I didn't show up! I'm so sorry and THANK YOU Lynn, Barb, Mary, Angel, and Wendy.

I have missed you all - my sisters -  SO MUCH!

I have had abdominal surgery and although fairly minor, the stitches hurt like heck and I`ve had to either stand up straight or lay down straight. Bending by sitting wasn't an option. (Owwwwweeee)

Thank you for my cheerful birthday thread. Such good vibes! This no doubt helped me heal.

Thanks for carrying on in the group, sisters. See? I'm bending today. lol I plan to bend a lot more now and get back to the group. I have done practically nothing on computer for sooooooo long.


5 years ago

Hello dear Cheryl!!!  How are you feeling?  I am so happy to see you here!!!

Love and big hugs,

Barb, Baby, Beenie

5 years ago

Cheryl dear, I'm so very happy to see you here back with us. We missed you so much. I'm sorry to hear that you had surgery, no matter how minor. Please feel all better very soon and come back full scale as you always did.

I love this thread and have invited Wendy and Sue H. who are both super ladies and have now become our sisters.

Love you, sis and I love all the rest of our sisters here, too. Big hugs!

5 years ago

Happy belated birthday Cheryl! Sorry it so late!

5 years ago

lovely to see you back Cheryl sorry to hear you had surgery i hope your back to your self soon love and hugs 

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5 years ago

i seem to have put all the smilies in accidently i cant delete them oops 

5 years ago

Leave the emoticons there, Mary. It shows how happy you are that Cheryl is back.

I forgot that we have a new brother here....Hi, Danilo!!!!

5 years ago

Happy Birthday Cheryl. Sorry I am late. Care 2 problems.

5 years ago

Wow, thanks Barb, Lynn and Ingrid... and Mary, I love all the emoticons! I feel so very welcomed back!

And welcome and a big HI to our new brother Danilo and to sisters Wendy and Sue.

I am so happy to see the group alive and thriving. Thanks to you all!

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