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Any and All Animal News 2 - CLOSED
5 years ago

Since we don't have a thread for animals and the problems they go through, I thought I'd keep us all up-to-date and post all the news that's fit to read.   Enjoy, respond if you want or just read and note.


5 years ago

I didn't realize that thread #1 had gotten so long but thanks to Ingrid who requested it and Cheryl who seconded the request, this is thread 2. I will be adding more news as I get it.

Please post an appropriate animal news item yourselves. We need to help our precious animals!

By the way, here's the link to thread #1 so you can peruse the articles at your leisure.

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5 years ago

Thanks so much for the new thread Lynn and Cheryl for seconding that.

You're welcome, Ingrid!
5 years ago

With almost 13,000 injured, abused, and imperiled wildlife coming through our doors each year, it’s hard to define the “average” patient at South Florida Wildlife Center. Sometimes, it’s an orphaned infant who needs a safe place to call home until she is old enough to be released. Other times, an animal requires far more comprehensive treatment to recover from wounds and injury, which was the case with a recent red-tailed hawk patient.

See photos and read the full story here»

The red-tailed hawk arrived at our center with most of the feathers on his left wing damaged, likely burned as a result of electrocution. He was unable to fly, which meant he couldn’t hunt for food or evade predators in the wild. Thankfully, red-tailed hawks do moult, a process in which their feathers rejuvenate themselves, but it’s unknown if he would have survived long enough in the wild for the process to complete itself.

So, to speed up his rehabilitation, we decided to give our red-tailed hawk feather extensions. He was able to fly with these extensions even before his own feathers regrew. He practiced flying in one of our aviaries for a few months until we felt confident that he could perform all of his natural instincts in the wild. With only a few borrowed feathers remaining, we released our red tailed hawk into the wild just a couple of weeks ago. Watch him fly free»

Release of our wildlife patients is the ultimate goal, and no matter how long or short their rehabilitation, it is always a special event. Thank you for your continued interest in our work.

5 years ago

Written by Stephanie Legelis of Pennsylvania I rescued my first animal when I was three. I begged and pleaded with my mom until she agreed. Thank God she...

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5 years ago

When a loggerhead sea turtle is hungry, he hunts for food that floats and billows in the water. What he’s after is a nice, tasty jellyfish....
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5 years ago

Blackfish, a new documentary that chronicles the life of SeaWorld’s infamous orca Tilikum and the effects of keeping these apex predators in...
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take action, now!
Ban Pesticides Used to Kill Tigers!
signatures: 50362
created by: Chris Wolverton
sign now
5 years ago

Thanks for all your posts Lynn.  Poor animals they suffer so much!  That poor dog and the turtles!

5 years ago

It always does one's heart good to see a rehabilitated animal/bird being set free, like that hawk, and the amazing work done to save it. Wow!

And that poor Dobie - finally getting the love and care he deserves!

Sad to say, it's not just plastic bags that hurt sea creatures... all the balloons people let go for birthdays, and sad occasions as well, often land in the waters.

Thanks Lynn. Great threads you're doing here.

Thanks, Barb and Cheryl :-)
5 years ago
July 27, 2013

Humane Action shareShare on FacebookShare on TwitterSend an Email

Humane ActionHow Florida Protected Animals

Lawmakers in Florida approved a bill that adds animal fighting and baiting to the list of racketeering offenses for purposes of the Florida Rackateer Influenced and Corrupt Organzation (RICO) Act. This bill also stipulates that each act of cruelty to an animal may be counted as a separate offense. Additionally, Florida restored HB 851 which prohibits the dyeing of animals including those less than 12 weeks of age.

Unfortunately the puppy sellers’ disclosure bill did not pass, but we will continue to work with legislators and other advocates throughout the state preparing for 2014.

Now is the perfect time to call your elected officials and ask for a meeting. Let them know you care about the protection of animals. To find out more, check out our Advocate Toolkit here.


5 years ago

Yes thanks for your posts Lynn. Ban plastic bags for the turtles. Sad story about the Doberman but glad he was saved. I signed ban pesticides used to kill tigers petition. Also love the Hawk story.

5 years ago


How One Family Went From SeaWorld Fans to Foes in a Single Show

When park staff do nothing to help a beached pilot whale, these people take action. Read More

5 years ago

Holy Humpbacks! Whales Come Close to Swallowing Scuba Divers




What’s Hitting Baby Seals Hardest?



Recipe for a Mauling: Drunk Man on Bicycle Feeds BBQ to a Bear

5 years ago

July 29, 2013

ACTION!Protect Bobcats From The Commercial Fur Trade
Bobcats are mercilessly hunted in California between November and January at the hands of the commercial fur trade. This is tragic, but it's also perfectly legal.
These wild cats' stunning coats are sold to China and Russia, an inhumane export that kills innocent wildlife while damaging ecologically valuable natural habitats. Bobcats are NOT safe anywhere, not even in national parks and protected outdoor spaces. The bad news: hunters may kill an unlimited amount of bobcats under law. The good news: the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 will limit commercial trapping of bobcats in California if passed.
For today's Daily Action, please help make sure the Bobcat Protection Act passes before Sept. 13.                                        

5 years ago

Learn 10 Signs Your Kitty Actually Loves You

  Cats can be independent, sassy and downright stubborn. They're cute, but they're not always as affectionate as a slobbering and earnest golden retriever. If you're having trouble feeling the love, this cat guide will do the trick.    

For today's Daily Action, learn the 10 signs your kitty actually loves you.    
5 years ago

Baby Ospreys have fledged but are still around nest!!!  Live Audubon Cam.!/live-cams/player/live-osprey-cam

Don't forget to check in on our Puffin Chick, HOPE!!/live-cams/player/puffin-burrow-cam

5 years ago

See video of baby Vulture chick at Wildcare.  Someone found him on their front lawn and brought him to the rescue.

5 years ago

The Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Giant Sequoia, Muir Woods, and Death Valley – can you imagine an America without these wild places?

These spectacular areas boast some of the most amazing scenery around and are home to mountain lions, bobcats, black bears, river otters, gray foxes, and thousands more species. Unfortunately, a bill awaiting a vote in the House right now could put future national monuments – and the animals that call these special places home – in great danger. 

Take a stand for our wild places and wildlife today by urging your representative to vote NO on H.R. 1459. 

H.R. 1459 would make it a lot harder for the president to designate wonderful wild places like the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Giant Sequoia, and Death Valley as national monuments and limit the number of places that can be protected. But there's absolutely no good reason to restrict the protections of the few wild places we still have left.  

This bill could lead to special interests like oil, gas, coal, timber, and other companies developing our public lands, leaving our most important wild places unprotected and the wildlife that live in these areas potentially homeless.  

The House is expected to vote on the bill any day now. Please ask your representative to vote NO on H.R. 1459! 

Although many of our most iconic places have been protected as national monuments, many others are still at risk. We can't afford to make any compromises on future protections. We need to preserve these precious places as national monuments for wildlife that call them home and for generations to come. 

Thanks again for all you do.


Kevin Curtis                                             Director,

5 years ago
July 30, 2013
ACTION!Celebrate Imprisoned Chimpanzee's Freedom
Bazoa the chimp was locked up in solitary confinement for 16 years. Bazou struggled inside a cage so small he hardly had space to move. He wore the a rope around him like a necklace, one that remained from a chain that had been used when he was young.
Trainers watch with joy as Bazoa runs through the grass for the first time in 16 years. The biggest challenge for this rescued chimp is being welcomed back into his own species. 
Chimpanzee captivity happens all the time; but rescue and rehabilitation keeps saving lives. For today's Daily Action, celebrate Bazoa the chimpanzee's freedom.                                         

5 years ago

Thank you for the Owl and the Pussy Cat Lynn!!!  Adorable!

I will look at your other posts when I have more time.

Love and big hugs.


5 years ago

Thanks for the stories and videos and also the actions. I took action on those.

5 years ago

Monsters live among us, cats are being tortured in Canada, I know what I'd do if I got my hands on the culprit.  Hope he is caught soon.

A truly angry bird story (wish I had the chance to play that game, angry birds) anyone know if it is available for desktop computers?

Penguins, especially for Lynn.....

This one came from my friend Patricia G so blame her if it offends you, or me because I laughed so loud people would have heard me a mile away...

5 years ago

Thank you for the videos and news stories Sue.

5 years ago

Sue, thanks so much for those wonderful videos and stories (except for the animal cruelty one, which I hated reading about). 

I've heard about the "cozies" that people make and donate for birds with problem feet. That penquin was so cute.  That's one lucky little hamster and so cute. As far as the "What Time is It" video?  I'm still howling. I laughed so loud I scared my doggie, Mandy!

5 years ago

OMG too cute!!! Click >> <a href= to treat your kitties like the luckiest cats alive with our yummy Temptations Chicken Jerky Treats! YUM #petflow" width="403" height="294">

Time to celebrate and have a huge party!
5 years ago

Lynn that is such a precious picture, thanks. Glad you enjoyed the videos and articles,except for the cruelty one.   I got sidetracked yesterday and did not end up posting everything I wanted to.  Here is something that came in this morning and needs to be celebrated big time.  Wish there was a petition somewhere to send our congratulations to the amazing people that made this decision.  Let us hope this kind of decision making is contagious and spreads worldwide.

5 years ago

Sue, thanks for the article but after reading it, I'm not too sure I agree to let the animals go free. It says they'll release them into the wild or to rescue places. Release captive animals who have been fed every day and know no other life into the wild? That's cruel and dangerous. I'd like more information before I share this.

5 years ago

Lynn, I agree with you that they should be careful to rehabilitate the animals before releasing them and would hope that happens.  I guess I was just so happy that Zoos are closing as I really hate the idea of animals being caged for their entire lives.  It is a pity these days that our news comes in such small snippets and we never get the whole story about anything anymore.  Hopefully in time this story will become clearer and the people involved will do the right thing. 

I live in hope.  We have feral cats here that once had homes with previous tenants who simply left them behind when they moved.  They are still alive after many years and manage to feed themselves and stay safe. How they do that given how cold our winters are I do not know.  We have a trap, neuter and release program in place in our City and a no kill shelter/animal hospital, just the one.  The program to try to rehabilitate them into domestic pets again was a huge failure.

5 years ago

Hope you enjoy this little news item.  It would not be nearly as funny if it had not happened in Turkey!

5 years ago

Say hello to Kemosabe, the talkative, one-toothed coendou who loves to eat bananas.

read more
5 years ago
August 6, 2013
ACTION!Can We Save the Pink Dolphin?
As a direct result of human destruction, the pink dolphin has almost vanished. There are only 64 of these beautiful creatures left.

Time to help the pink dolphin is running out. We must decide now whether this coveted swimmer is rescued from human impact, or defeated by an invasive human presence. Overfishing, industrial development and noise disturbances are just a few factors pushing the pink dolphin species toward its death.

For today's Daily Action, find out what the future looks like for the pink dolphin.

5 years ago

Thanks for the adorable porcupine Lynn!!  He sounds so adorable!!!  

5 years ago

Thank you Lynn and Sue for the news stories and videos and I took action about the Pink Dolphin petition.                 

5 years ago

Just came across this little gem, love knows no bounds it seems.  No video, just the written article.

Lynn I love that video every time I see it, such a little cutie.  Let us hope and pray there is something done to save those precious dolphins, they are endangered in the waters of the Amazon too.

5 years ago

A Washington man attached an explosive to his dog's collar and set it off. He's been charged, but not with animal cruelty because officials say the dog died instantly and didn't suffer. Please sign the petition today! Animal Cruelty Must be Added to His Sentence!

take action
5 years ago

Loved the article about the missing boy and the kangaroo, Sue. Thanks for posting it.

5 years ago

Some humans do not deserve the air they breathe, signed the petition, many animal lovers are in jail, he'll get his just desserts.  Here is the fattest cat I have ever seen...

5 years ago

One of my daughter's cats weighs in at 23 lbs. He doesn't eat that much and only cat food but he's all muscle and so much fur that he looks twice as big. He's got the most gorgeous face!

Picture's a bit blurred....

5 years ago

This is Misa Minnie at 23 weeks old. She's the cutest and smartest Yorkie in the whole wide world an she's so happy!

5 years ago

What a lovely cat Lynn, reminds me of a friends cat Sulu, who was a pure black cat with 4+" long fur, he was so heavy it hurt to pick him up!  He ate properly too, no idea why he grew so big.  That tiny dog is so pretty and cleaver.  Thanks for posting the videos.  Here is video of a lucky escape, I had to click to refresh the URL link to make it work.....

5 years ago

Thank you Lynn and Sue for the lovely and cute videos. Also took action on the petition.

5 years ago

No More Blood For Ivory Ivory Trade To China A recent study revealed that some populations of elephants in Africa have declined a heartbreaking 62% in the last 10 years. This drastic decrease means that these majesties of the African plains could become extinct within the next decade.

The reason behind this sickening plummet in numbers: the ivory trade. In 2011 and 2012 there were record seizures of poached ivory trophies, most of them en route to be traded illegally in China. Called "white gold," the ivory market is booming. To keep up, suppliers are mercilessly killing elephants for their tusks.

This cannot be allowed to continue. We must speak out against the ivory trade and implore the Chinese Ambassador, Ambassador Tiankai, to stand with us. Add your name to help stop the elephants' path to extinction!

Sign Now

5 years ago

ANIMAL CRUELTY: Sydney Central Local Court

Photos taken on 16/17 July 2012

Ms Kim Hollingsworth appeared in Sydney Central Local Court on Monday and was convicted of 11 charges of animal cruelty relating to horses in her care. Ms Hollingsworth was ordered to pay professional costs of $49,180.63, witness expenses of $10,876.60 and veterinary fees of $88,403.36. The RSPCA was awarded custody of 12 horses that had been seized from Ms Hollingsworth and a prohitibition order was also placed on Ms Hollingsworth prohibiting her from owning more than 20 horses for two years.

On Friday 10 February 2012 RSPCA Inspectors were called to a property at Cobbitty after receiving a complaint about horses on the property. Upon arrival Inspectors spoke with Ms Hollingsworth and a number of horses were identified and examined. On Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 July 2012 an inspection of three properties on which the woman kept horses resulted in the seizure of 11 animals on veterinary advice.

26 horses in Ms Hollingsworth's care were determined by veterinary examination to be severely underweight with a body condition score of 1.5 or lower. 31 horses in her care were also found to be suffering from intestinal parasites (worm burden). Whilst in the RSPCA’s care, some of the more underweight horses increased their body weight by over 60kgs.

Following expiration of the 28-day appeal period, the seized horses deemed suitable for rehoming will be made available for adoption.

Judgement and Charges

Ms Hollingsworth initially pleaded NOT GUILTY to all charges however changed her plea on the last day of a seven-day hearing to GUILTY. She was convicted of 11 charges of animal cruelty, ordered to pay professional costs of $49,180.63, witness expenses of $10,876.60  and veterinary fees of $88,403.36. Custody of the 11 horses seized on 18 July 2012, and subsequent foal born from one of the horses, was awarded to RSPCA NSW. A prohitibition order was also placed on Ms Hollingsworth prohibiting her from owning more than 20 horses for a period of 2 years.

5 years ago

Thanks for all the posts the wonderful cute ones and the serious ones i think Hollingsworth should never be let near a horse again shes heartless but at least they took away her horses love your duaghters cat Lynn

5 years ago

rare footage of snow leopards in the wild

5 years ago

Thank you Lyn and Mary. I took action on the petition and yes Hollingsowrth should never be let near a horse again.

5 years ago

Thank you Coralie, for those two wonderful stories. It's heartwarming to know that monster Vick's dogs are being rehabilitated and finding new homes.

Janet took on a big job when she adopted three FeLV cats. She's a wonderful person and her "boys" are very lucky to have her. Thanks again!!

5 years ago
August 15, 2013
ACTION!Stop Deadly Turtle Races!
Turtle racing carelessly gambles the health of turtles all across America. Nearly half of all turtles are at risk of extinction. Let's put tradition aside and help save America's turtles.

Turtle races can expose turtles to deadly diseases. Ranavirus -- the most recent viral threat to turtles -- has already caused turtle, frog and salamander die-offs in more than 25 states. This is a no-brainer. We can't fix habitat loss and destructive human impacts overnight, but we easily stop racing turtles for our own amusement.

For today's Daily Action, ask communities to stop racing wild turtles.

5 years ago

so happy that the victory dog found a home thanks Coralie  signed for the tutles Lynn have a great day everyone

4 years ago

Thanks for all the good news videos and the news that Hollingsworth will not be able to have more horses, should have been for life though.  Signed all petitions.  Some older news from my bookmarks.  Here is a video of a kitten born with two faces

Photos of a cat and her human swimming away from their almost submerged truck in the flooding in Alberta a few weeks ago, Momo the cat leads her human to safety.

Tiny baby deer born

4 years ago

Thank you Sue and Coralie for the awesome stories. Also signed the petition for the turtles.

Great stories and videos. Thanks, everyone!
4 years ago



A U.S. corporation has its eyes set on plowing down an area of African rainforest ten times the size of Manhattan for a palm oil plantation, putting chimpanzees as risk.


Send a message right now to Herakles Farms' CEO Bruce Wrobel demanding his company drop its plans and commit to a 'zero deforestation' policy.

          take action today

Industrial scale palm oil production is coming to Africa and it's bad news for the people, chimpanzees, and rainforests of Cameroon.

Palm oil is an ingredient for millions of people; we use it in cooking oil,  soaps, cosmetics and snack food worldwide. But destroying rainforests, pushing endangered chimpanzees towards extinction, and trampling on the rights of local people for an industrial palm oil plantation is simply wrong. That's why we’re calling on a U.S. corporation, Herakles Farms, to halt their plans to plow down an area of chimp rainforest ten times larger than Manhattan to create a palm oil plantation in Cameroon.

With your help, we have won major victories to save rainforest from expanding palm oil plantations in Indonesia. Now we're launching a campaign to do the same in Africa.

Some rainforest from the proposed site has already been cleared. We have to act before the large scale destruction starts.

Send a message right now to Bruce Wrobel, the CEO of Herakles Farms, demanding his company drop plans to destroy rainforests for palm oil in Cameroon and commit to a 'zero-deforestation' policy.

New science shows that the rainforest Herakles wants to destroy is home to wildlife like elephants, chimpanzees, and other endangered wildlife like the red colobus monkey. It also provides for the livelihoods of more than 14,000 Cameroonians who rely on the forest for small subsistence farming, many of whom strongly oppose the project.

Yet Herakles Farms' CEO Bruce Wrobel refuses to acknowledge these facts, instead claiming that the company is aiming to help the community through economic development. But the facts on the ground tell a different story. The Herakles Farms project is simply the wrong project in the wrong place.

Help us shine a public spotlight on Herakles Farms' African palm oil plantation proposal by sending a message to the company's CEO today.

We've voiced our concerns and, have made progress. Herakles temporarily suspended their project in June as more people, including some in the Cameroonian government, raised questions about it. But now the Herakles project is plowing ahead, so we need your help again.

If we flood Herakles Farms' inboxes with letters over the next few days, the company will not be able to ignore us and will be forced to address the truth about its plans in Africa.

This is only the beginning of our work. Over the next few months, Greenpeace will continue working with local partners in Africa to stop this project and to showcase solutions with farmers already active in the region.

It all starts with letting Herakles know the world is watching. That starts with you taking action today. Together, we can put a stop to this project before it really gets started.

For the forests,

Rolf Skar
Greenpeace Forest Campaign Director

4 years ago

Action taken Lynn. Thank you.

4 years ago

got it Lynn and shared

4 years ago

Mary, your link does not go to the right page, here is the correct link, I've been having troubles with links too recently

The more I learn about dolphins the more impressed with them I am.  Signed the petition.  Lynn signed the Greenpeace one too, I really hate what the Palm Oil growers are doing to our planet and inhabitants, it seems to be the crop from Hell!.

4 years ago

Mary, I got to the right page by looking for the article. I signed petition for dolphins who are affected by oil in the Gulf. Thanks.


4 years ago


4 years ago

Lynn this is so cute sorry about the mix up Sue i am a bit of a klutz with links  thanks for trying

4 years ago

Action taken for the Dolphins and very cute Lynn. Thank you for sharing.

4 years ago

Lynn thanks for the lovely story about Mavi, what a cutie.  Here are two news stories from my morning newscast.  What lengths a moose will go to in protecting her twins....

Aggressive deer in BC

4 years ago

Thank you Sue. Very scary but great the moose was protecting her twins and also the deer very scary.

4 years ago

Thanks Sue, for the moose and deer videos. I had no idea moose could be so aggresive in protecting their young. As for the deer? I have new respect for the "cute little things". 

4 years ago

It's been a long and difficult week, but I have good news to share. The 149 unbranded horses in limbo at the Fallon Livestock Auction in Nevada have been saved!

In fact, our friend Terri Farley just sent this photo in from the stockyard where the rescue is underway right now:

You'll recall that these horses were rounded up by the Fort McDermitt Paiute Shoshone tribe earlier this month with the blessing of our federal government.

As a result of our lawsuit against the federal government, a judge last Friday issued an injunction temporarily blocking their sale at the auction. The sale continued with the auction of branded horses, about half of whom were sadly purchased by kill buyers.

On Wednesday, the same judge lifted the order, clearing the way for the horses to be sold to the highest bidder. Clearly, we disagree with the verdict and with the actions of the federal government, which was complicit in making these horses available to kill buyers.

Following the ruling, we did everything we could to save the 149 horses from slaughter. I’m happy to report that, after an amazing collaborative effort, these horses are safe. 

Our coalition partner The Cloud Foundation, secured the involvement of Victoria McCullough and the Triumph Project of Wellington Florida. Florida State Senator Joe Abruzzo, negotiated with the tribe on Ms. McCullough’s behalf to purchase all the horses for rescue.

Stepping up to take the horses were Ellie Phipps Price (Dunston Wines), Madeleine Pickens (Saving America’s Mustangs), Liberty for Horses, Nevada Horse Power, and Return to Freedom.

AWHPC has played a key role in coordinating this monumental rescue. It has been a true team effort and we are touched and grateful for the outpouring of support and concern.

Our work is not yet over, though. Many the rescued horses are in need of permanent homes. And, we of course want to make sure this situation never happens again.

If you can offer a home for one of these horses, please email or just reply to this email.

If you would like to donate to help feed and care for these horses, Return to Freedom has started a fund dedicated to this rescue.

The outpouring of support and concern over the fate of these horses have demonstrated the strength of Americans’ opposition to horse slaughter and support for wild horses. In memory of the more than 150,000 horses who are sent to slaughter every year, please join us in continuing this fight! 

Thank you to all have supported this amazing rescue effort. `

- Suzanne & the AWHPC Team

American Wild Horse Preservation

4 years ago

Florida Panther Kitten Raises New Hope  

 Introducing: A new panther addition!

© Florida Fish and Wildlife

Born to a recently released rehabilitated Florida Panther, this kitten represents a hope for the species survival.

In late January, a rehabilitated orphan Florida panther known as FP219 was released back into the wild. That alone is a happy story, but what makes it even more special is what biologists found a few months later — a kitten! FP219 had successfully adapted to living in the wild and was raising a healthy newborn!  his kitten, dubbed K398, represents a hope for the future of Florida panthers and is a promising addition to the endangered species population! 

These and other successes are the direct result of hard work that individuals, like you, fight for every day. I am continually inspired by your passion and dedication — you empower and renew our mission with every action you take, petition you sign, and support you offer. 

From our team and from wildlife — a true and sincere thank you for all of your help.


Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders of Wildlife

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife

4 years ago

Funny story about Moose.  When white men first encountered a full grown male moose in Canada they were scared stupid as they thought it was a devil or demon, they had never seen such a huge beast before!  They are awesome creatures to be sure. 

Lynn thank you for posting those two happy stories, after the last week we all need some happy thoughts.  Here is a lovely news item from this mornings news.

4 years ago

great story Sue you are so right we all need good news thanks to you and Lynn

4 years ago

Mary thanks for such a happy story.  I hope Lakshmi has a wonderful retirement and makes new elephant friends.  At the top of the page that link went to was a story about 6 tiger poachers being sent to jail for 3 years.  Not long enough if you ask me, but it is a start and one is a 2nd generation poacher!!  Just love to hear some good news.  Here is a lovely article from June 13th.

Jerry the Carriage horse is dead
4 years ago

It saddens me to tell you that Carriage for Hire admitted today that Jerry, the horse who collapsed last Saturday while pulling a carriage in downtown Salt Lake City, has died. The carriage company tried at first to deceive the media and the public with a photo of a standing horse on Wednesday, but it was not Jerry. Only after they were called out on the photo discrepancy did they tell the media Jerry was retired to a farm, but refused to say where the farm is or allow them to see Jerry. No one had seen Jerry since the accident, including Salt Lake County Animal Services, but the company claims Jerry did not die until Friday. I, for one, do not find Carriage for Hire to be worthy of anyone's trust after all their lies this past week. Jerry's collapse and death are tragic evidence that we need to ban horse carriages on SLC streets.

For more on this story see:

We will not let Jerry's death be forgotten. Please join us this TUESDAYAugust 27 at 5:00 for the 'Justice for Jerry' vigil on the Northwest corner of the Salt Lake City County Building. Signs and leaflets will be provided for this silent protest to let Salt Lake City residents and City Council know why we want a complete ban of horse carriages on the streets of SLC. Just before 7:00 pm, we will walk in to the City Council meeting to present the signers of our petition to the Salt Lake City Council and offer our input during the public comment time. Please dress appropriately and be sure to be polite in your comments. Keep in mind that the City Council is taking this issue very seriously and we should respect that they must have a deliberative process before enacting any ordinance.

For more information about the 'Justice for Jerry' vigil, see You can also contact if you have questions regarding the event.

Thank you for taking a stand for horses in Salt Lake City.

This message was sent by Amy Meyer using the system. You received this email because you signed a petition started by Amy Meyer on "Salt Lake City Council and Mayor: Ban horse carriages on Salt Lake City streets." does not endorse contents of this message.

4 years ago

Sue, thanks for the beautiful story about the rabbit and the kittens. I wish humans could get along as well as some animals do.

Compassionate rescue team saves the life of paralyzed wolf trapped in icy river Read more at http://
4 years ago

wolf rescued from icy river

A severely injured wolf was rescued from the icy waters of the Limentra, in Camugnano, Italy. He was in a state of hypothermia and appeared close to death. The wolf was malnourished, his hind limbs were paralyzed and his body was riddled with 35 lead pellets.  The dramatic rescue was undertaken on January 9, 2012 by police and conservation officers from the Monte Adone Centre for Conservation and Research of Exotic and Wild Fauna. The conservationists are familiar with rescuing and rehabilitating injured indigenous wildlife animals. The rescuers first tranquilized the wolf in order to safely get him out of the water. His heart stopped as soon as he was pulled from the freezing river, so the rescuers fought to revive him. Finally, they successfully got him breathing again. Named Navarre, the wolf was brought to the Monte Adone Centre for emergency care. He received two weeks of round the clock intensive care and miraculously, he was able to walk again. This video is just incredible. 

4 years ago

HSUS Helps Lead 2nd Largest Ever Dogfighting Raid

Posted: 26 Aug 2013 08:46 AM PDT

In my role as president and CEO of The HSUS, I regularly see the best and worst of humanity. That was never more true than on Friday, as I participated in a rescue of dogs from an alleged dogfighter in southern Alabama. Federal and state law enforcement, along with The HSUS, the ASPCA, and other local and national animal welfare groups, assembled for a major multi-state operation on Friday in cracking down on a network of alleged dogfighting operations in the South. Specifically, the FBI arrested alleged dogfighters in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas, seizing dogs in 13 locations in Alabama and Georgia.

dogfighting raid
One of the rescued dogs receives attention at the
emergency shelter. photo: Kathy Milani/The HSUS

My colleague Chris Schindler is speaking for The HSUS at a press conference in Montgomery, Alabama today, organized by the U.S. Attorney based there, to report on the events of the last few days. I'd like to report to you on what I saw.

Many of the alleged dogfighters targeted in this anti-dogfighting operation had been known to each by gathering at fights throughout the Southeast. Their arrests did not occur at fighting pits, but at their homes, where they maintained “dog yards,” with pit bull type dogs on short, heavy metal chains staked into the ground, with minimal protection from the searing heat.

At the yard I was assigned, our HSUS team pulled 20 dogs, while five other HSUS teams fanned out to cover yards in that state and in two others. Despite being neglected and kept in substandard conditions, these dogs were friendly and very happy to see us. They welcomed the food, water, veterinary care, and love that we provided. Many of them were emaciated. Several had scars on their faces and forelimbs. Our teams also discovered supplements and other standard items found at dogfighting operations.

The dogs are now recovering at undisclosed locations. You, along with other caring people, have made that possible. It’s through your support that we can conduct long-term investigations like this one, deploy dozens of key personnel for rescues, and then handle and care for dogs for weeks or months on end.

A three-year investigation of these alleged dogfighters led to Friday’s series of interventions. Police in Auburn, Alabama started the investigation, with HSUS experts participating every step of the way, though the case was ultimately led by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney. All told, there were 367 dogs rescued on Friday in what is thought to be the second largest dogfighting raid in U.S. history (the biggest one was an 8-state operation centered in Missouri that HSUS also participated in that resulted in the seizure of more than 500 dogs).

Ten suspects were arrested and indicted on felony dogfighting charges. Federal and local officials also seized firearms and drugs, as well as more than $500,000 in cash from dogfighting gambling activities that took place over the course of the investigation. Remains of dead animals were also discovered on some properties where dogs were housed and allegedly fought. If convicted, defendants could face up to five years in prison, as well as fines and restitution, under the provisions of the federal anti-animal fighting law that The HSUS worked with federal lawmakers to upgrade in 2002, 2007, and 2008. We are working with lawmakers on an additional upgrade this year, to penalize spectators at animal fights, and both the House and Senate versions of the Farm Bill contain the reforms we’re seeking to secure.

I vowed that when we upgraded the federal law, we would do everything in our power to ensure its enforcement. That’s exactly what we did on Friday. We are grateful to the committed men and women in federal and state law enforcement who helped make this happen. And we are grateful for the labors of our peer organizations in animal protection for providing such meaningful help in a complex, multi-state, multi-jurisdictional enterprise.

If dogfighters think they’ll evade the attention of law enforcement personnel, they are mistaken. The U.S. Attorney in Montgomery, with these actions, has indicated that he won’t tolerate this crime and cruelty, and neither will the FBI.

We are committed to eradicating dogfighting in every dark corner where it festers. This series of raids should remind dogfighters everywhere that they are not beyond the reach of law and their day of reckoning will come.

4 years ago

thanks for the wolf post Lynn i got the same letter about poor Jerry the caraige horse this has to stop poor souls worked to death ,same for dogfigting we must keep fighting to end this evil its all about evil people using animals in the most cruel way i'm glad Navarre wasent another fatality

4 years ago

Lynn I totally agree with you, some humans could learn a lot from our animal brothers and sisters.  Such a sad story about poor Jerry, what an awful life to have lived.  I hope the lying owners are prevented from owning others as they do not seem to care about them.  What an amazing story about the wolf, mouth to snout wolf CPR how wonderful.  So happy he recovered, what a wonderful team of animal rescuers they were.  Dogfighting is such an awful thing, it needs to be stamped out.  Hope those villans enjoy a long jail term and come face to face daily with all the dog lovers inside who will teach them the error of their ways.

Here is a happy video about a whale being freed from entanglement

4 years ago

No matter how I try I cannot understand how anyone could do such a thing.   From July 19th.

4 years ago

A scary looking rabbit is very sick, I'm wondering why no one is helping the poor thing...

Here is the video, with the teen making fun of the rabbit, he seems to have compassion whatsoever.

4 years ago

Sue, thanks for the videos. Loved the one about the man who threw the raccoon. I hated the Frankenstein rabbit one. There was something dreadfully wrong with the poor thing and should have been tended to instead of being made fun of. I couldn't watch the whole thing.

A lovely story with a happy ending....
4 years ago
What dogs & pets can do for us is absolutely amazing
Please see the link below for an amazing story. What this dog has been through, to where she is now. 
Image: Xena accompanies Jonny Hickey on an outing to Petco


4 years ago

Lynn, I totally agree.  If I was anywhere close to that poor rabbit I'd have captured it and taken it to a vet or shelter.  Seems it has a viral disease that is usually fatal, but something could have been done to help it.  Makes me wonder what is wrong with people these days.  What an amazing story about Xena and her human.  So happy it turned out that good for both of them, seems Xena knew who she wanted to adopt right from the beginning.  Smart dog.  Thanks for the link to that amazing story.

4 years ago

August 28, 2013
ACTION! Stop Killing Endangered Wildlife for Souvenirs
Elephants, rhinos and apes are barely surviving. Their body parts are traded on the black market for food, souvenirs and and exotic products. Iconic African wildlife is even killed for trophy hunting -- a cruel blood sport that gambles species survival for the fun of it. 

We can do something about the illegal wildlife trade. Many of us feel that hunters operate on a different continent, far away and in a business irrelevant to our lives. This is not exactly true. The U.S. is one of the largest leading markets for illegal wildlife products! Americans travel abroad and, often without realizing, purchase furs and other souvenirs from endangered species. We can all do our part as tourists and consumers to abandon an industry that cruelly kills severely endangered animals. 

For today's Daily Action, stop the illegal wildlife trade before critical species vanish.

4 years ago

One of my daughter's cats weighs 24 lbs., Sue but he's all fat hanging down and swinging like the cat in your video. Michelin is HUGE!!

Thank goodness for people like the ones who saved the beaver. Poor little thing wouldn't have survived if not for their intervention.  Thanks so much for both videos. 

4 years ago

Haven't checked all the thread items yet but I did sign the petition about illegal wildlife, Lynn, and read the wonderful amazing story of Xena. This certainly wasn't a coincidence. That little boy and his family were meant to have her join the family. Don't you get the feeling sometimes that these pet animals, as well as animals like porpoise (sea angels) ARE really angels? I love it when Xena played with the train and I bet she just KNOWS why she needs to be close to this child. Love it!  

and Sue... I watched the video with the poor rabbit. You're so right... that boy has absolutely no compassion whatsoever. I didn't smile or laugh watching this, which the boy seems to expect people will do. I've never seen such a condition and that poor little thing certainly does need some intervention.

The raccoon video is really something. I have to admit that man did the right thing. He could have kicked the heck out of the raccoon and really hurt it but it probably landed okay (albeit very sore the next day!) Raccoons can really cause a lot of damage to a human or a pet like that little dog.  

4 years ago

I had to go back and see the video about the little beaver. Those cries were heart-crushing! What a wonderful story. Thanks Sue. This is why we are fighting that &*%$# pipeline! Any spillage would cause major disaster for BC coastline. The risk is too great.

4 years ago

That is one huge moggie Sue i am so glad the poor little beaver was saved thanks for sharing this is a story of a blind puppy who found a home

4 years ago

Mary, thanks for posting the link to Ray Charles, what a cutie, and what a great human he has.  Happy to say that after one week Michelin has already lost 2 lbs!  He is a very lazy cat, but considering all that belly fat it is hardly surprising.  He checks out as otherwise healthy, just does not like to move much.

Lynn, had already signed that petition, think it came from a link in another group before it made it to the Daily Action.  Hope it does some good.  Such an awful business for anyone to be in. 

Cheryl, fighting all the pipeline ideas is eventually going to fail.  There is too much $$ to be made and Harper is bound and determined to get them built, or the gas one reused for oil going in the other direction.  I've lost count of how many petitions signed to try to prevent them.  Just wish as much human energy and brainstorming would be put into producing high functioning solar power collectors and cars instead.

Here is a story about a disabled cat with a very special ability

4 years ago

Hi Cheryl, it's so good to have you back with us. I'm glad you enjoyed your well needed getaway. 

Mary, Sue and Coralie, thanks so much for all the videos and articles you posted. Just shows that there are some good people out there who, no matter the condition of the animal, will take them into their homes and care for and love them. I wish we could save them all. I really don't understand people who will pay hundreds of dollars for a pure bred when there are so many animals needing to be adopted or else they'll be euthanized.  

4 years ago

Thank you Coralie, Lynn and Sue for the news. Also took action Lynn.

4 years ago

Lynn, disaster indeed.  I would have preferred her spend a long time in jail and been prevented from owning any animal for the rest of her life.  What an awful decision.  But at least some laws and punishments were strengthened as a result of her crime against Patrick.  So happy to hear he has a forever home with his foster family.

Coralie, thank you for all the news both good and bad.  The bloody Cove slaughter breaks my heart every year and needs to be ended once and for all.  I'm so sad that the tortoises cannot be re-homed somewhere appropriate instead of euthanized.  Love the horse one the best, as it applies to people too.  Only someone who has also known abuse can really help another regain full health and learn to trust again.

Here are two news stories, the first a silly one about a possible spy bird, what will they think of next?

A very sad story, but I hope to hear a happy ending to it.  The video in this article can be problematic I have to click more than once to make it run, there is a good written article too, read the comments underneath to gauge the feelings of Canadians.....

4 years ago

"Thank you Sue, Coralie and Lynn for the news.

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