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Silly Alliteration
5 years ago

This game is simple: Your two words have to just start with the same letters.But the is a rule: They have to be as silly as possible! And there can be more than two. The next person then has to make a sentence of the two or more words(again, as silly as possible) that the last person said, then give two more words. 

Here's an example:

Man Manicure.

Then the next persons says something like:

The man loves getting  his hands manicured because it impresses his zebra wife.

Then more different words, like:

Animal After Ants

And so on.

I'll start below.

5 years ago

Five funny fishes

5 years ago

Okay... if I understand correctly.... here goes:

Ma and Pa eagles gasped when their eggs hatched and out swam five funny fishes. (Obviously they live by salmon-filled waters and did not alter their diet much. lol)

Okay, next part... someone make a sentence, please:

Rhino Restlessly Ran

nothing ventured, nothing,.... whatever,...... ~
5 years ago


given 'er a try,.....


Ruckus Rick runs the rodeo with bulls who like to run

as them 'ol rhino restlessly ran when the zoo's fence got trampled.




Molly Makes Millions

We're All Rich!!! Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!!
5 years ago

Many a dollar was spent when Molly makes millions in the Lottery last Friday, some say she's broke already,...  


Happy Weekend, - hold on to your purse strings, and enjoy life by just being with friends and loved ones, - it's a richer experience anyway!


pampered poodles prancing

This post was modified from its original form on 23 Aug, 15:26
5 years ago

Molly makes millions when she entered her dogs in a contest and the audience clapped while watching her pampered poodles prancing up and down the isles looking for doggy treats. (Not sure if I'm doing this right but it's fun! That was a good one you did, Dot.

sweaty running shoes

wombat's wanna dance / and William wonders why
5 years ago

Hi Cheryl ! - Thanks!  and, I agree, this is a fun word game~  Giving'er another whirl, (and I don't know if this is what was intended either, so let's just have some fun,... Lol )


Pampered poodles prancing past the pastry shelves pretending to pounce on puppy tails, are a particular part of Patty's Poodle Parade in the Park, and it makes for sweaty running shoes for silly Sue when she showcases her shih tsu.




Worrying William wondering why  {   }

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