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2 years ago


2 years ago

Mary, it seems Romania is still very medieval in it's thinking, it's beyond belief to me that any country would take the actions they do towards their animals.  If they want to become or stay full members of the EU then they will have to change their ways.  Animal cruelty always increases during times of financial hardship it seems.

Thanks for the link to Elizabeth's story, I'm still crying thinking about her ordeal.  It is amazing that she did not get a broken leg from the trap.  Thank goodness she had her very own guardian angels to come to her aid.

2 years ago

anther bit of hopeful  news Sue romania make me despair i admit but we must keep trying for the dogs this is an encounter with a pine marten

First the good news, then the despicable news, ACTION needed
2 years ago

The Vancouver aquarium saves sea lions caught in thrown away plastic choking them

Romanian TV host on air asks someone to skin a dog alive and take it to him.  The link to Anneke's Share with petition links and an email to send to 100's of officials asking for justice for the moron.  Wish it had been a C2NN news item instead.  There are links to tons of petitions to sign too.

2 years ago

signed the e u vivisection as well Sue

2 years ago

Ihope they lock this creep up for life thanks Sue i know they wont but i wish they would jail this evil person

2 years ago

Thanks Sue.  I hope that this will help further much harsher punishments for animal cruelty cases!  I think people are getting very fed up with this kind of thing towards are innocent friends.

Puppy Doe abuser arrested
2 years ago

The news came in a PM this morning

Radoslaw Czerkawski

Radoslaw Czerkawski

Original Message:

Stop Vivisection - for Europeans only
2 years ago

Adding part of a PM that arrived this morning.  Wish I could vote on this. 

Unfortunately I saw yesterday that a new target of 1 100 000 voices has been set for the Initiative STOP VIVISECTION. It seems that the million could include invalid votes so in order to be sure of getting one million we still have to find 59780 additionnal voices. 

There are only 4 days left so may I ask you one last time to sign if you are an european citizen and to share in any case if you haven't shared yet? 

Here is the link of Stop-vivisection's website ;

Thank you very much in advance and sorry for having said victory too fast but I thought that the signatures were checked and I did'nt imagine that a 100 000 additionnal would be asked 5 days before the end

2 years ago

Cheryl, some days it does get overwhelming to read all the bad news, that is why I always try to end each post with some good news whenever possible.  Some days I give up and go do something else when it gets too much.  This morning there is some good news to post on.  Indonesia does the right thing...

Retiree makes new friend and collaborates on a Children's book for charity, the video is a hoot!  If the one at the top of the article is clicked more than once it works, those never work for me the first time I click.

2 years ago

Thanks for the great posts, sisters. It's really good that there are some happy posts in amongst the reality posts to 'lighten' the load on our hearts. I've just spent some time catching up on this thread and my energy level is very low after reading and/or looking at the hard plight of our world's animals. There are so many heart-tuggers... like the elephant protecting the body of her friend... which really put a thought into my head:

"Just WHO or WHAT is the "wild" life on this planet?"  The animals living in their natural environment aren't wild to one another; they are going about each day living the way God made them to live. It's THEIR home.They are who they are. BUT look at the human species... there are terrible things going on, things some humans do to other humans and animals that we can say are "wild" insane, cruel, and out of control, and totally against what humanity is or should be. I think I just had an epiphany.

Thanks to all for posting things to smile at along with the sadder news. Remember that many of the things about animals we read and see on Care2 and other news can suck us dry of energy and affect our way of thinking... depression, etc. So..... after signing petitions and viewing sad things, get up, shake your hands (as if shaking off the bad or low energy) and go to the funny video thread or whatever makes you smile and feel fuzzy warm, which talking to and petting our own animals always does. That's a good reason to post those 'good' things here as well. There are some things I simply cannot look at because it affects my brain in such a way that I cannot shake the images for a very long time - days, weeks, even months. But I try to get through to the petitions. So thanks for warnings, as you did Sue.

Sue, that is awful about the Mourning birds! Such a beautiful little bird now has a death warrant! Hopefully those you watch every year will return to that same safe spot where you can see them. So da-- sad.

Dog beaten with a shovel thrown in garbage by her owner
2 years ago

Here is the story about Breezy from the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper.  Such cruelty needs to be punished severely.  Some days I fear for the future of humanity when such things keep happening.  Breezy seems to be holding her own and has come through a surgery, but may lose an eye if it cannot be saved.  She has more surgeries ahead of her.  Thankfully Ontario is strengthening our Animal Cruelty laws and is introducing harsher punishments according to a news article this morning.

The link to the petition calling for a very harsh punishment for her abuser

For updates on her condition

or to make a donation for her care...

2 years ago

June, Duncan certainly is a celebrity now such a happy little doggie without those hind legs weighing him down.  It's snowing again today, still far too early.  But it is melting.  I hate when it is slippery outside but have to go out, there's only enough coffee for 2 cups left!  Right now Mary I'd prefer the rain over the mess it looks outside.  Here is some good news about strengthening the animal protection laws here in Ontario.  They can never be strict enough and I'm very happy to see this article with the 3 videos if you have time to watch.

2 years ago

Hi Sue and June oh Sue i hate when its slippery i turn into a really old woman lol its still pouring rain here take care stay inside if you can lovely story about the doggie June  and i'm so happy for the horse too thanks guys 

2 years ago

Love your morning news Sue thanks for sharing


Happy puppy adapts to two-legged life

2 years ago

Still recovering from the storm yesterday, that was a real surprise.  Most of the snow has melted, it was so slippery when I went around the corners to the closest store.  Thanks June for the article about the poor dog, hope he recovers from his wounds.  He was lucky to not only find a guardian angel, but a new home too!  Here are two videos from the mornings news.  Lucky abused horse finds an angel

BC Orca's go silent

2 years ago

Hi Sue just in from a huge downpour the dogs are shaking themselves dry  its been so wet here its not very cold so thats something  great story about duncan i am so happy he got a home

2 years ago

Found a happy story to post, phew, not too much good news today.

2 years ago

Morning Mary, it's freezing here and we had snow yesterday and overnight.  But it will melt as the temps climb.  Have to go out today and still not sure how far to go, no energy again.  Hope your weather is better, with some sun.  Here are two sad stories about dogs who deserved a better human family.  Thankfully they are now in a better place and getting the proper care.  Shrek's story.....

What happened next...

2 years ago

delighted to hear the good news how are you today Sue its very wet and stormy here 

Snow Leopard news, good for a change
2 years ago

main photo fpo

Great news for snow leopards.  Read the full story here....

2 years ago

Woweeeeee... really great posts, everyone. I haven't finished them all yet.

Coralie, I saw the documentary on Prince William - "Prince William's Passion" I believe it was called. I was very impressed by what he is doing and how involved he is with Africa, the people, and those in Africa trying to save animals. I think he takes after his mother, in that he has a love for Africa as did she. I still miss Diana and think of her every time I see Wills! Good for him, though. He's really doing something badly needed and he has the resources to make a difference.

2 years ago


Mimi Ausland, Founder, Freekibble Photo by J.Nichole Smith,  was launched in 2008, as the vision of then 11 year-old, Mimi Ausland. Mimi wanted to feed the hungry dogs and cats at her local shelter. "There are 10's of thousands of dogs and cats in animal shelters across the country, all needing to be fed a good meal." With this goal in mind, Freekibble was created.

Today, the Freekibble Network reaches over 500,000 passionate pet-lovers. This loyal community has helped us feed over 7 million meals to homeless dogs and cats in shelters, rescues and food-banks across the country (see map).

Sunshine. One of the 10's of 1,000's of homeless cats Freekibble has fed. and are now two of the five most-visited animal rescue web sites in the world, with over 115,000 combined daily visitors.

Thanks to our Official Kibble Sponsor, Halo, Purely for Pets, we are able to donate the highest quality, all natural kibble, for happier, healthier pets while they wait for their forever homes.

All of us at Freekibble are committed to Mimi's original dream that "Every dog and cat deserves a decent dinner". And, we're dedicated to the primary mission of feeding nutritious food to as many shelter dogs and cats as we possibly can.

Thanks to everyone for supporting Freekibble and helping to make a difference!

2 years ago

I have shared this in an ecard, but thought i would post here too, this is extremely upsetting, and i am sorry to share this, warning, if you read the report it contains the most vile cruely, it brought me to tears, but this cannot go unheard and ignored, i like to think the pup, is now chasing a tasty bone as he passed over the rainbow bridge, at least his last few hours were filled with love, get sad then get mad, then please sign to help prevent more cruelty like this love and hugs x wendy k x&catsxxxx

Demand Craiglist Stop...

Penguins in Peril - October 11th
2 years ago

This link came in an email this morning, one of these days I'll learn how to post the email here instead of just the link.  There is a petition to sign too.

2 years ago

Love all the stories and videos. I want to thank Sue, Coralie, Ingrid, June and Mary for keeping the thread alive and moving. There are times when Cheryl and I can't make it to post new items, so you all are in my debt for keeping the thread so interesting. Green stars for you all, along with my love!

2 years ago

 Pilots N Paws rescues & transports 400 kill shelter dogs

2 years ago

Thank you June, Sue, Wendy and Mary. Happy World Animal Day everyday to all here.

2 years ago

Bear strikes up unlikely friendship with a wolf


Both are meant to be isolated hunters that strike fear into everything they meet.

But this male bear and female wolf clearly see the softer side in one another and eat dinner with one another.

2 years ago

The wonders of the animal kingdom
Stunning safari photographs capture the Masai Mara at its glorious (and goriest) best

2 years ago

One of the few joys in my life is being able to watch and listen to the mourning doves in the tree outside my balcony window.  Every year I watch them raise their babies and teach them to fly.  Imagine my disgust when I read this article about the decision to allow hunting of these wonderful birds again in Canada.  Not for food, for sport?

As always I like to have a happy story to end with, meet the worlds tinyest puppy.

2 years ago

Chilly chickens strut their stuff in made-to-measure JACKETS to keep warm after being rescued from battery farms


Chickens Margot and Valerie rescued by Trevor and Samantha Stickley
Couple from Bournemouth were told ex-battery hens often struggle to adapt to the cold in the winter months.

So owners took pair to Zip Yard tailors, who made the fleece-lined jackets after measuring under their drumsticks and across their chests
The chickens wear their jackets while in the back garden.

2 years ago

October 4

Many people feel drawn to advocate for animals because even though they can feel pain and suffer just as we do, they do not have a way to advocate for their own welfare. In fact, animals are viewed by many as nothing more than property to be treated however the owner wishes. This view has created an inhumane situation for billions of animals that share our world.

- many of the world's 60 billion farm animals are not treated humanely

- 80% of the world's 1 billion cats and dogs are stray or neglected

- millions of wild animals are killed or sold illegally on the black market worth $10 billion a year

- animals suffer greatly and are often forgotten during natural disasters

World Animal Day is a time to celebrate and appreciate our relationship with the animals that share our planet and the ways in which they enrich our lives. It is also an important opportunity to speak out to ensure the humane treatment of farm animals and to advocate for protection of the habitats that are home to wild animals. It was started in 1931 by ecologists in Florence who wished to bring attention to the plight of endangered animals. October 4 was chosen because it is the Feast Day of St. Francis, the patron saint of animals. Today World Animal Day is observed in countries throughout the world.

2 years ago

Update on the Deer that got netting tangled in his antlers, at the end of the article is a blue link to photos!

2 years ago

2 years ago

Thank you Sue. I have signed that.

October 3rd news
2 years ago

How Canada deals with narwahl ivory poachers

More elephant ivory seizures - will they soon become an extinct species?

Mother whale watches as trapped calf is freed from net entanglement

This mornings triple silly video link, just love Jeffs videos and wanted to end on a happy note after the disgusting news at the top of this post, the last one is my favourite a cat in 7th heaven.  Hope everyone is having a great week.

petition to stop Google selling ivory items
2 years ago

The ivory trade is slaughtering elephants by the hundreds in horrific massacres that rip apart herds and leave orphaned calves to starve. But despite an official policy against selling products from endangered animals, Google still traffics ivory -- taking money from ivory sellers to promote their products. Google offers thousands of ivory items on its shopping sites around the world. Its lax enforcement of its own policies allow unscrupulous sellers to find easy markets for illegally poached ivory. Google needs to stop this horrific practice today.

Please join me in calling on Google to stop trafficking in ivory immediately.

Thank you

2 years ago

Thank you Sue.

2 years ago

Thank you June and Coralie for your news.

Elephant Says Goodbye To An Old Friend
2 years ago

John Chaney, 63, took this image of a female elephant performing a standing vigil by the carcass of her dead friend

The female elephant can be seen holding on to the tusk of the dead male with her trunkShe had to scare off surrounding vultures and hyenas to get to the body in a wildlife park in Botswana
All those who witnessed the emotional scene during a tour of the wildlife park in Africa were brought tears

2 years ago

Yorkshire Terrier is honoured for her work as a therapy dog

Meet Lucy the world's smallest working dog (at just 5.7 inches tall)

2 years ago

Thank you Sue and Coralie.

2 years ago

Here is a very scary news item about giant hornets killing people in China.  Wonder what they eat that makes them so huge.

The Cat That Gave A Boy His Voice Back
2 years ago

Just came across this story - makes me want to get the book - if you've already had this submitted, Lynn or Cheryl, please just delete the post, and sorry for any duplication

29-09-13 - The Story Of Balto
2 years ago
2 years ago

Thank you Lynn, June and Coralie.

26-09-13 - The Weiner Dogs Meet PlexiDor! - TheDogFiles
2 years ago
2 years ago

I loved every aspect of this very inspiring story, June

What a wonderful job these people are doing - wish more could do this world wide too

Will spread this story as far and wide as I can

 photo ThankYouSnoopy.gif

Bark-N-Rest A Retirement Home For Former Death Row Dogs
2 years ago
2 years ago

Thank you for the news stories Coralie and June.

Prince William Now Royal Advocate For Endangered Animals
2 years ago
25-09-13 - UK Zoo Bans Animal Prints Because Of Confused Wildlife
2 years ago
Cat Donut May Be The Next Cronut
2 years ago

We’ve all been hearing about the Cronut craze (croissant + donut = Cronut) but Japan’s done it again by taking two of the internet’s obsessions and packaging into something we can call the cat donut!

Remember Me Thursday Offers New Way to Help Pets in Need
2 years ago

There’s a new way for animal lovers to help raise awareness for the plight of homeless pets…..”Remember Me Thursday,” which takes place this Thursday, September 26, 2013.

2 years ago

Thanks Coralie and Sue for the news since I last posted. A 28 yr. old cat? WOW! And somewhere there's a 38 yr old cat? Incredible!

Wildlife Warzone - this is VERY powerful. I spent some time watching the video (some parts very hard to watch). The training for the rangers is extremely rigorous, but no more than a soldier would go through anywhere. They call each other "brother" and depend on one another for their life in the bush. Poverty, lack of jobs.... there are so many problems in parts of Africa that "call" men to poach for a living. Truly there is a war going on to save rhinos and elephants. So.... now rhino horns cure cancer??? This apparently is one reason "they are like gold." And China is a big-time culprit (to put it mildly). I'll be returning to that link as there are so many other things to read with updates.

Bees - the fellow said that we here in BC have "fields of canola?" Maybe I heard that wrong. Whatever the fields are growing is killing off our bees!

Thanks all my sisters here for your input of incredible news.

2 years ago

Thank you Coralie and Sue.

All about Bees!
2 years ago

Honeybees Thriving in Newfoundland, good news abut bees for a change.

24-09-13 - Dog Still Seeking A Home After Eight Years In the Shelter
2 years ago
Britain's Oldest Cat Approaches 28th Birthday
2 years ago
2 years ago

Wow... good job ladies with all the news! It's worked out well that lighter news is mixed with the very sad things. Hey Lynn, that fellow is VERY endearing, eh?

I've seen so many things on tv about the planes rounding up scared, terrified, trampled horses that it is so good to see the rescue operation. Thanks Coralie.

Yes... that poor buck ...... but then again, I feel sorry for him! But it was good to hear that he will lose his antlers eventually. I've never seen that before.

I am stunned that Prince Williams protection dogs were put down! Certainly there must have been some place where they could be retired. It feels so ungrateful to these animals who worked for humans, then when their "purpose" is finished with, they are just eradicated. Makes me feel sick, actually.


2 years ago

Our Coralie emailed these to me several months ago and I just found them again. Sit down, relax and enjoy these videos.  Thank you, Coralie.

African Wildlife HD Part 1


2 years ago

Sue, that poor buck! It does look funny, though. Like he's wearing a spring hat, competing with the Queen. Thanks for the post.

Thanks to you too, Coralie, for that beautiful, heart-rending video about the rescue of the horses. When that man started to tear up, I decided I'd like to marry him! 

23-09-13 - Rescue Operation Gives Horses A 'Fighting Chance'
2 years ago
2 years ago

A deer making a fashion statement, can't quite decide if this is funny or sad it's probably both....

3 years ago

Thank you Coralie and Lynn for your news stories.

21-09-13 - Guard Dogs That Protected Prince William On RAF Duty Destroyed Days After He Quits
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago

Thank you ladies for the news and took actions posted.

3 years ago

Blinding and poisoning animals to test new beauty products is an ugly and shameful business, yet unbelievably still legal in most countries. Humane Society International is changing that with our Be Cruelty-Free campaign -- the largest campaign in history to end animal testing for cosmetics worldwide -- and we’re getting results!

With the support of caring people like you, we already have played a crucial role in securing cosmetics animal testing bans in Europe and India, and in putting the animal testing issue on the public agenda for the first time in Brazil, Canada, China, Korea and other countries.

Now it's New Zealand's turn! Join us in urging the government to make NZ the next country to Be Cruelty-Free!

I know it’s difficult to think about the suffering that gentle rabbits and other animals endure in cruel laboratory poisoning tests--that's why it's so important that you take a stand for what is right.

A New Zealand ban will set a positive example for other countries in the region. And one by one, we’ll make the whole world cruelty-free.

Take action today: A New Zealand ban on cosmetics animal testing is within our grasp.

Thank you for helping us make the world a kinder place for animals.


 Andrew Rowan
Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
Humane Society International

Kissing with wolves
3 years ago

Incredible moment photographer is jumped by a pack of gigantic grays who then NUZZLE him

This tiny palm squirrel can fall asleep ANYWHERE
3 years ago

Wildlife film maker Paul Williams, 34, took looks after the tiny palm squirrel
Has cared for the animal, called Rob, after it was separated from its mother
It travels with the television crew, but is often caught napping on the job
Rob enjoys an impromptu snooze in many places, including a coffee mug

3 years ago

got them Sue thanks it makes me cry thanks for the good news Lynn

3 years ago

Sue, I signed around 10 of the petitions and then couldn't stand looking at the pages any more. I tried not to look at the pictures but it's hard to read about the abuse these poor animals  go through before being killed for consumption. Makes me want to throw up!

3 years ago

I have a huge victory to share with you! After years of pressure from The HSUS, and hundreds of thousands of emails and support from advocates like you, online puppy mills will finally be subject to federal inspections and oversight. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced plans today to ensure that large-scale breeding facilities that sell puppies over the Internet, by phone, or by mail are licensed and inspected regularly for basic humane care standards. This rule will also apply to large commercial breeders of other warm-blooded pets, such as kittens and small mammals. Read more on my blog»

We are so grateful for the actions of our advocates. When we stand together, we can make a tremendous difference for animals on a national level.

Thank you for all you do for animals,
Wayne Pacelle
Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

Stop dog and cat consumption in S. Korea - petitions
3 years ago

Too sickening for words.  The link is to the Care2 news article by Annamaria, the link from that goes to the site, but to past petitions.  On that page click the green sentence close to the top of the page that says -- click here to sign the petitions to boycott upcoming events -- and you are taken to a page of many dozens of petitions to be signed.  Warning the photos are very gruesome and mostly on the left hand side of each petitions page.  A well placed left hand not far from your left eye to shield that part of the screen works pretty well, but not always.  No matter our discomfort level we should do all we can to outlaw this horrendous practice.

For some reason would not let me sign in so could not sign any of their petitions.  That has never happened before.

3 years ago

signed Sue the evilnes of this is so horrible 

Leopard burned alive in Uttarkhand India
3 years ago

It never ceases to amaze me how evil some people are.  This is a link to a petition asking for justice for the leopard, WARNING there is a video of the event that I could not watch.  If you are squeemish like me put something up to shield the left 2/3 side of the screen when you click the link.  The video will not automatically play, but the picture alone sickened me.  If you scroll past the video the boxes to fill in to sign the petition will move with you, the PIN code is your postal code.

3 years ago

thanks for the posts sisters some are so sad so much suffering and some are hopefull animals are so resilient i am just getting through them now signing all petitions some break my heart  

3 years ago

In response to the poaching of 41 elephants

When will it end? As long as there are elephants on this earth - never

Even the rangers are doing the best they can, and they have the authority to shoot to kill, but they cannot compete with the vastness that is Africa

I read somehere recently, maybe even within this group, that now the poachers have "wised up" and will start targeting the vultures, so that they don't send up the alarm to any rangers with their circling of any slaughtered animal

The ivory trade, or fur trade, won't cease until all the animals are gone - then what will they be hunting?

All for the mighty dollar...

3 years ago

Thanks Lynn and Coralie. So much news! It's such a strange array of emotions reading these --- the good, the bad, and the very ugly. Smiling one minute as that little girl does paintings (she's giving back at her tender age) then the sensation of not being able to breathe when I read about the elephants and rhinos. Good news for rhinos... at least starting.

I wish there was a HUGE fine and JAIL for those who bought ivory. Until that happens the poaching will keep up no matter what kind of protections come about. Those who sell the intricate ivory carvings (like the Chinese love) and those who buy them are rolling in money. That's all their greedy minds are concerned with.

3 years ago

In response to the poaching crisis that continues to threaten rhinos, the U.S. has announced the southern white rhino will now be getting protection under...
read more
3 years ago

What’s Illegal and Masquerades as an Innocent Candy Bar?

What’s Illegal and Masquerades as an Innocent Candy Bar?

Read more:

How awful is this?
3 years ago

Officials in Zimbabwe recently apprehended six of the responsible parties in the nation’s worst poaching incident to date, which killed 41...
read more
3 years ago

Written by Jodi Shadle of California On a cold March evening, my family and I were driving home from a family get-together, when I saw something moving in...

read more

3 years ago

Australia: Koalas cry for help

Koalas need diverse forests that offer different types of eucalyptus

Dear friends of the rainforests,

The Australian television broadcasting services has aired a shocking documentary about the horrible deaths of koalas on eucalyptus plantations.

Since the Australian timber companies cut down thousands of hectares of forests each year that had served as habitats for koalas until then, the adorable animals are forced to live on the eucalyptus plantations. These pure plantations are expanding massively.

On the plantations the koalas are severely injured and often killed by automatic harvesters, which cut down the trees. The koalas are slow animals and instead of escaping their instinct forces them to hold on to the tree, that is about to be cut down.

Please sign our letter of protest to the Australian government and demand both a moratorium of the deforestation and the adoption of effective measures for koala protection.


Thanks for being involved,

Reinhard Behrend
Rainforest Rescue (Rettet den Regenwald e.V.)

Rainforest Rescue
Good News!
3 years ago

Stray Animal Hospital to open in Bulgaria 

In stark contrast to the current situation regarding Romania’s strays, FOUR PAWS is happy to report that we will be opening a Stray Animal Hospital in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

The grand opening will be held on World Animal Day (October 4th) and will be attended by FOUR PAWS and the mayor of Sofia. Our new medical facility will give lifesaving treatment to Bulgaria’s sick and injured stray dogs and cats – as well as some much needed, and long overdue, love and warmth from our caring staff.

Thanks to our incredible supporters, we will be able to treat and care for many more stray animals, who otherwise may have had to endure pain and suffering from their ailments and diseases.

3 years ago

Update: FOUR PAWS saves Masha in secret mission 

A FOUR PAWS rescue team has freed Masha, a brown bear used in cruel bear baiting competitions. The five-year-old female was transferred to the bear rescue centre Nadiya in Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

Masha’s ordeal is finally over. After grueling negotiations we managed to convince her abusive owner to hand her over to us. She was living in the grounds of a dog training area. Her owner acquired her illegally from animal dealers and for years, used her to train hunting dogs. In these training sessions, Masha would be chained up, defenseless and weakened by a lack of food and water. Aggressive hunting dogs would be let loose on her and the assault would begin. After a days ‘work’ she would be returned to a tiny cage for the night.

Finally, Masha no longer has to defend herself against hunting dogs, or spend her evenings imprisoned. At Nadiya, Masha has been eating nutritious food, receiving expert care from our dedicated keepers, and swimming in her very own pool. The life that she deserves!

Read more about Masha’s rescue 

So much news to share....
3 years ago

September Newsletter: Protest with us and give Romanian stray dogs a chance to live! 

FOUR PAWS is deeply shocked and saddened. A new law in Romania permits the mayors of towns and cities to order the mass cull of stray animals to reduce their numbers.

After the tragic incident last week, when a little boy was fatally injured by stray dogs, President Basescu urged the Parliament to legalise the indiscriminate mass killing of tens of thousands of stray dogs and puppies. Unfortunately, the law was passed, although FOUR PAWS appealed to the Parliament to act reasonably and to implement a nationwide humane and sustainable solution such as neutering.

Nevertheless, we will not give up. FOUR PAWS has launched a new online protest which appeals to the European Commission and all mayors of Romanian cities. We need your support to save the lives of these strays! Please sign our online protest without delay, and pass onto your family, friends, and colleagues. The cull will begin in the next few weeks.

URGENT ACTION - Please help us to stand up for these stray animals  

3 years ago

for the baby ele! By the sounds of it, the mother didn't have other female sisters to assist, as is done in the wild. The aunties stay with mom (as we've seen in other videos) during the birth and afterwards, becoming great babysitters and watchkeepers for both mom and babe. It's heartbreaking to see that little one cry! But it does say " the wild animal reserve" so I'm surprised there was no mention of other eles. Thanks Lynn. At least baby is living and being loved, even though it will never be the same for that baby.

Milly is SO CUTE! I remember my teeny babies when my ma and pa chihuahuas had kids a few times. So very tiny but boy, they sure have hearts of courage and lots of  wiggly love to give.

Sue, as a BC resident (but I'd feel this way if I wasn't) I am seriously outraged by the killing of this deer. I understand the aggression worry, but there are other ways this could have been handled. He is so adorable giving such affection to humans, like that fellow in the video. So... a beautiful, healthy, human-affectionate, and 'different' deer was put down when there certainly were other options. If he could have asked a question while being put down, no doubt it would have been, "WHY?"

Some of those "ugliest animals" aren't so ugly to me. Am I strange? I have to admit, though, the blobfish is on the homely side.

There are two sides to the little monkey story, but I think the right decision was made PROVIDING this little guy wasn't so far humanized that he would not be accepted into the monkey world. Then what? Some people may argue that if one is allowed to make pets out of monkies, then others should be allowed to have python snakes in their apartment. We know how that's worked out in deadly ways.

Thanks ladies for these terrific stories  and videos.  

3 years ago

Shame on me I am so far behind with the videos and articles.  Too many messages to answer first and never seem to be able to catch up.  Here is a very sad story.  I posted a few weeks ago about a friendly deer who was snuggling up to humans at a beach.  So sad to report the story has an unhappy end.  This from the mornings news.  Conservation officers are supposed to conserve NOT kill.  They should have relocated this animal to a safari park, or zoo if he was deemed to tame for living in the wild.  Sometimes we do more harm than good befriending wild animals.  My heart is breaking this morning and I am very, very angry.

3 years ago
Baby elephant weeps after being rejected by his motherTearful: The inconsolable calf weeps after his mother rejected him at birth and tried to kick him to death (Picture: CEN)

This newborn elephant cried for five hours without stopping after he was rejected by his mother.

Vets hoped it was an accident when the youngster’s parent stepped on him after he was born at a wildlife park.

They treated his injuries and returned him to her two hours later – only for her to attack him again.

A keeper drove the mother off as the calf sobbed under a blanket.

One worker explained: ‘The calf was very upset and he was crying for five hours before he could be consoled.

‘He couldn’t bear to be parted from his mother and it was his mother who was trying to kill him.’

My new mum: Zhuangzhuang with the keeper who is looking after him (Picture: CEN)

The new arrival, called Zhuang-zhuang, has now been adopted by the keeper who saved him at the Shendiaoshan wild animal reserve in Rong-cheng, China.

‘They have made a good bond,’ said a spokesman for the park. ‘We don’t knowwhy the mother turned on her calf but we couldn’t take a chance.’

Living in captivity outside of traditional family groups can interfere with animals’ protective instincts towards their young.

3 years ago

Thanks for  posting the screen shots from the video of the orangutan Rickina, Cheryl. She's so sweet.

Sue, thanks for posting the whale video. God bless the people who care enough to untangle them from the nets that capture them.     

3 years ago

Thanks Coralie for the orangutan video.... so wonderful! I did a few screenshots of baby's first day introduction to her brothers and sisters. They were so gentle with her, and she certainly was nervous at first. What a gorgeous baby!



Look at that look on her face... YOW!! SO PRECIOUS!


And wow, what a great ad for the dog food. Now there's a company that has a smart, intelligent commercial-maker!

Thanks Lynn for the Romanian dogs story. So very sad, and yet this woman shines a bright and happy light for so many unloved dogs. I've seen other pics of the Romanian dogs and they are heart-wrenching.

What a HUGE victory for animals re the stoppage of using live animals for experiments in military med. schools. Hopefully we will all see the day it ends everywhere! And the poaching cameras... It's progress.

Thanks Sue for the whale video. There is such a feeling of incredible happiness when we watch the release of injured and trapped animals. I get thrills and chills every time I see the rescue of a whale from those danged fishing nets.

3 years ago

Thank you Lynn and Sue.

3 years ago

Yet another whale rescued from entanglement, while this is good news it is heartbreaking that so many whales are becoming entangled in these nets.  Wish something could be done to prevent it happening all the time.

3 years ago

Remote cameras have been used for a while to help give us a glimpse of wild animals in their natural habitat that we may not otherwise ever be able to...
read more
3 years ago

Twenty-eight. That’s the number of animals who were euthanized at a Georgia shelter after their owners were charged $100 or more with the promise to...
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3 years ago

For decades, animal advocates have been campaigning to end the use of live animals to teach students medical procedures at the Uniformed Services...
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3 years ago

Why She’d Walk Through Fire for Romanian Dogs

It’s 5 am and Norica Prigoana wakes with a burning throat and runny nose that no amount of tea and tissue can control. She sits up in bed and tries...

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Don't worry about it, Coralie. I'm going to leave the two posts here in case anybody misses it in the video thread.

3 years ago

Sorry Lynn - I must have been half asleep when posting the last two items, which really should have been under the animal video thread

If you would be so kind in deleting them, and I will repost them under the correct thread

I'll try to be a little more alert next time, and maybe not so much in a hurry too

12-09-13 - Best Dog Commercial
3 years ago
11-09-13 - Baby Orangutan, Rickina, Is Introduced To Orangutan Playmates
3 years ago
3 years ago

Oops, I missed signing the wolfs' petition... now have. Has anyone heard any news about that black wolf in Yellowstone Park that left his pack to be on his own?

Lobster and salmon... - but wouldn't want to find that humongous knife on my dinnerplate! It's a wonder the salmon survived!

Saw a little bit about the rescued hens on Jane Valez-Mitchell who is a HUGE animal advocate and showed the terrible cages most of these hens spend their lives in and actually go insane! Wonderful to see the rescue!

The lion standing on his brother's head is awesome. So funny!

Thanks everyone.

3 years ago

Thank you Lynn, June and Sue.

Lion stands on sibling's head after getting stuck in a tree
3 years ago

The lion climbed a tree to enjoy some shade at Antelope Park in Zimbabwe
It struggled to get back down until its brother came along to help

3 years ago

The kittens on the tracks (wonderful!) ...9/11 hero dogs..(I love the video and had tears)...tiger cub abuse (darn, I can't sign it)...chimps free ... Russia's bears (really sad)...Dutch being saved )...the lost dog being found (awesome story)...the wolf calls being individualized (awesome, and may help stop those who want to kill them)...woman finding the person who left dog in hot car )... THAT'S AS FAR AS I HAVE GOTTEN!

Thanks to Lynn, Coralie, Sue, June, Ingrid... and everyone else contributing to this awesome thread!

Salmon eat what?
3 years ago

Try to guess before watching the news clip, I'm amazed it suffered no consequences....

3 years ago

Thank you Sue, Lynn, Coralie and June. I have read and noted all.

The best politician any community could have!
3 years ago

Here is the story about Stubbs the cat, Mayor of an Alaskan town after the assassination attempt on his life...

This mornings update on his condition...

Puffin follows young girl running at aquarium
3 years ago
Rabid raccoons swimming into Ontario from the U.S.
3 years ago
3 years ago

The Future of American Plains Bison: Domesticated or Wild?

Plains bisonJames Bailey, retired professor of wildlife biology at Colorado State University, considers the past, present and future of bison in his forthcoming book American Plains Bison: Rewilding an Icon. He's now written a guest piece for the Center on why small conservation herds of these magnificent animals, in small and convenient locations, will not maintain the wild bison of our past. 

His article begins: 

"But doesn't Ted Turner have a lot of them?" a salesperson once asked me. She'd noticed an embroidered bison on my hat. Her comment typified the very limited knowledge that most Americans have about the past and present status of these iconic animals that once roamed the country by the tens of millions.

Read the full text of Bailey's article.

3 years ago

Emergency Rules Will Protect Sperm Whales From California Gillnets

Sperm whaleAfter intense pressure from the Center and allies, the National Marine Fisheries Service this week issued emergency rules that will shut down California's drift gillnet fishery if a single endangered sperm whale is hurt or killed in a net. 

The fishery, which targets swordfish and thresher sharks, kills more whales and other marine mammals than any other fishery along the West Coast and has one of the country's highest bycatch rates. That includes sperm whales, protected under the Endangered Species Act since 1970, which can grow longer than 50 feet and weigh more than 45 tons.

A federal report earlier this year found that an average of about three sperm whales are killed every year by the fishery -- more than twice the number scientists say the population can sustain and still recover.

We're happy to see sperm whales get these emergency protections. Now it's time to look at long-term reforms for this deadly fishery.

Read more in E&E News

3 years ago

Public Has New Chance to Stop Removal of Wolf Protections -- Thank You

Gray wolfYou spoke and they listened: On Wednesday, after weeks of pressure from Center for Biological Diversity supporters and others, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agreed to give people more time to comment on its plan to strip gray wolf protections. It will also hold three public hearings.

In June the agency proposed to take away Endangered Species Act protection from nearly all gray wolves in the lower 48 states, abandoning 40 years of wolf recovery and leaving thousands of these noble animals vulnerable to hunting, trapping and other means of killing. The Service intended to cut off public comments on Sept. 11.

Thanks to thousands of you who spoke out, we now have until Oct. 28 to submit comments. There will be public hearings on Sept. 30 in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 2 in Sacramento, Calif., and on Oct. 4 in Albuquerque, N.M. (with a focus on proposed changes to Mexican gray wolf reintroduction).

Take action now to reject this wolf plan and stay tuned for how to get involved in the hearings.

3 years ago
IDA Protests at Unsafe Portland Aquarium

In Defense of AnimalsOn Sunday, September 1, IDA members and other local activists held a protest at the Portland Aquarium. Several prominent employees, including their head veterinarian and a marine biologist, have quit the Aquarium recently citing the deaths of hundreds of animals at the facility.

The Portland Aquarium opened in December 2012. In February the co-owner, Ammon Covino, was arrested and charged with illegally acquiring lemon sharks and eagle rays for his aquariums in Boise and Portland. A week later he was arrested again along with his nephew Pete Covino IV for conspiracy. Ammon instructed his nephew to contact the sellers of the illegally-acquired animals and direct them to destroy evidence. They have both since pled guilty to all charges.

Please see great coverage of this event by koin and kgw here:

3 years ago
IDA and Friends Protest Woodland Park Zoo's "Elephant Task Force"

In Defense of AnimalsIDA and the local advocacy group, Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants, joined forces last week to protest the zoo's fifth meeting of its "Elephant Task Force." At this meeting, the Task Force released its report on the zoo’s breeding program and the health of the zoo’s three elephants—Chai, Bamboo, and Watoto. From the start, IDA and Friends have maintained that the Task Force, charged with making recommendations to the zoo's board on the future of the elephants, is biased and nothing more than a public relations ploy to promote the zoo’s own interests, not the best interests of the elephants.

Following the Task Force meeting, The Seattle Times published an article also calling attention to concerns that the Task Force is "heavily seeded with current and former zoo-board members as well as financial supporters, may have conflicts of interest." Four Task Force members are current zoo board members; a co-chair is a former zoo board director. Convened entirely by the zoo, the Task Force has refused to consult with any suggested elephant experts who could provide an objective assessment into the welfare of Chai, Bamboo, and Watoto. A final Task Force report is due sometime this fall.

Read article here:

3 years ago

Judges Hear Appeal in Groundbreaking Wild Horse Roundup Lawsuit

In Defense of AnimalsFor the first time in history the Ninth Circuit Court in Pasadena, CA, heard arguments about whether a wild horse and burro roundup was consistent with the federal Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. The roundup took place in the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area (in northeastern California and northwestern Nevada) in 2010. The roundup removed about 1,700 (more than 70 percent) of the wild horses and burros from this range, most of whom are still held in confinement, while others have been adopted, sold or have died.

IDA is one of five plaintiffs in this groundbreaking lawsuit—an appeal hearing was held last week. IDA members and horse advocates from around the country packed the courtroom. The case addresses numerous issues, including whether the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was required to prepare an environmental impact statement under the National Environmental Policy Act for the roundup, whether the Wild Horse Act provides meaningful protections for wild horses and burros, whether the BLM is permitted to remove wild horses without first establishing that wild horses are compromising range vegetation, and whether the practice of warehousing captured wild horses and burros in long-term holding facilities in the Midwest violates the law.

Thanks to everyone who attended the hearing! IDA will provide an update as soon as we hear the outcome.

This post was modified from its original form on 05 Sep, 17:37
3 years ago
Demand that Wolves Remain Protected Under the ESA!

In Defense of AnimalsWhen wolves lose ESA protection they lose everything!

Earlier in the year, we asked you to send in comments in support of wolves to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Now that we know that the federal agency has cut three prominent scientists from their gray wolf peer review panel because these wolf experts had signed a letter expressing concerns about the science used for the delisting proposal, it is more urgent than ever that the agency hears from wolf supporters like you!

Under the proposal by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFW, gray wolves would be removed from the federal list of threatened or endangered species. The Mexican wolves, with only a few individuals remaining in the wild, would keep their endangered status but no protected habitat would be delineated for them.

Please take action by clicking here.

3 years ago
Speak Out Against Animal Cruelty at University of California, Davis

In Defense of AnimalsIn August, IDA filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal Care division, when our investigation revealed that University of California, Davis (UCD) was cited during a government inspection for negligent monitoring of 23 young animals (the species was not identified). The animals were undergoing lengthy invasive procedures – some as long as 36 hours – under general anesthesia. The report indicated that UCD animal care staff failed to adequately follow very basic measures, such as recording and monitoring animals’ breathing status, heart rate and body temperature.

IDA's formal complaint submitted to USDA called for an investigation into the incident to impose fines or enforcement actions against UC Davis for negligent veterinary practices in its animal labs. You can read IDA's full complaint here:

Help IDA to speak out against the negligent animal care at UCD by sending a letter to officials at UC Davis to call for a full investigation into the matter and to ensure such negligence never occurs again.


3 years ago
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Is NOT Asking For Your Money

Posted by Carole Altendorf (campaign founder)

It starts with you


WILD SPIRIT WOLF SANCTUARY IS NOT ASKING FOR YOUR MONEY.  Instead, I'm asking you for a different kind of help.   The Sanctuary needs a large influx of money to stay afloat to save and care for its rescues.  They are doing all they can to make this happen, but things are moving very slowly. 

I believe in the positive energy of the universe, and if you focus seriously enough on something you want to happen, it does.  Jim Carrey, for example, before he was famous, wrote himself a check for $1,000,000, and it worked!  Look where he is today. 

 All I am asking from each of you is to imagine a hand (doesn't matter whose), writing a check for $100,000 payable to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.  If all of you, (me included), did this visualization every day or when you think of it, I firmly believe it will happen.   Won't you please help Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary have enough money to sustain its employees who work 24/7 and keep the Sanctuary alive for the sake of our wonderful wolves.   Please take the pledge and share with as many people as you can.   As always, thank you for your ongoing support.   Carole Altendorf       

Want to get involved? See this pledge on Causes

Good for her!
3 years ago

All too often people will see a dog in a hot car and do nothing out of fear of making a scene or confronting a possibly combative owner returning to the...

read more

Wolf Howls Are Like Unique Fingerprints That Can Be Identified By Computers
3 years ago
Success! Dutch The Service Dog Saved From Euthanasia
3 years ago
05-09-13 - Bears Go Hungry After Russia's Record Floods, Some Will Be Shot
3 years ago
Call to Action - Stop Tiger Cub abuse
3 years ago

  Call to Action After two years of work by Big Cat Rescue and a coalition of much larger animal welfare groups, USDA has finally posted in the Federal Register for public comment a proposed rule to stop the exploiters from using tiger cubs to make money charging people to pet them, take photos with them, or swim with them.  The bad guys are on the USDA comment site now urging USDA to kill the proposed rule. 

What is CRITICAL now is for all of us who care about these poor cubs to show USDA that the vast majority of Americans want this abuse stopped, and USDA should not listen to the greedy, selfish few who abuse these tiny cubs to make money.
These young animals are torn from their mothers at birth, physically punished to make them more docile, deprived of sleep, kept on display when sick, and, if they survive, stuck in tiny cages to languish for the rest of their lives once they are too big to pet.
We need to hugely outnumber the bad guys’ comments to win a victory for the cubs!  PLEASE take just a minute to stand up for these helpless cubs by clicking the link below to let USDA know that you support their proposed rule to stop this abuse.  Thank you!!

Note that the USDA site will only accept U.S. addresses.

Click the link below to log in and send your message:

3 years ago

Kittens Shut Down NYC Subway

By Caroline Golon

  • Jeannie

photos are courtesy of IMarc A. 
Hermann/MTA New York City Transit

click image to enlarge 

It takes something really big to shut down the NYC Subway system…or, apparently, something really small.

According to the New York Daily News, last Thursday, Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) workers spotted a pair of four-week-old kittens on the tracks of the Q & B line in New York City. The cats were playing close to the dangerous third rail and workers knew the kitties were in trouble. MTA workers acted quickly and shut down train service in the area so they could get the cats off the tracks.

Sandra Polel told the New York Daily News how her train suddenly stopped. “The announcer said it had to stop to rescue some cats. I didn’t mind. I wanted to get home, but I also wanted the kittens to be safe.”

  • Jeannie

photos are courtesy of IMarc A. 
Hermann/MTA New York City Transit

click image to enlarge

For two hours, the two kitties played hide-and-seek with transit workers and cops, who chased after them trying to catch them. According to the New York Daily News, crowds gathered and onlookers threw out ideas for how to capture the elusive kittens. Nothing seemed to work and eventually the trains had to get moving again. Transit workers, however, were asked to proceed with caution, keeping an eye out for the cats.

Luckily, later in the day, the kittens were spotted again and one officer was able to grab them and pull them to safety.

The two cats, since named August and Arthur, were transported to the Brooklyn Animal Care Shelter where they were checked out by a vet and are safely resting while authorities determine next steps.

A happy ending for these little guys for sure, thanks to the efforts of the MTA and NYPD!



Any and All Animal News #3
3 years ago

Since we don't have a thread for animals and the problems they go through, I thought I'd keep us all up-to-date and post all the news that's fit to read.   Enjoy, respond if you want or just read and note. 


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