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4 years ago


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4 years ago

Hi Ingrid, Sue and Wendy. Well it certainly looks as if Sue got Ingrid's snowfall! I hope that snow has cleared up now Sue and you are able to get out. Some stores are already putting Christmas things out and it's not even Halloween yet! Gets earlier every year.

Wendy, I can feel your excitement and happiness clear through my computer! lol I'm actually on #4 this weekend (not talking to self). I know what you mean about your sons giving you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I've been there too!

Angel, I hope you are having a good old fun and laughter-filled birthday today.

Thanks for suggestion, Wendy. I'll start a new thread.

Hope all my sisters are safe and happy this weekend.

Lynn, I am thinking of you all the time and know you are missed. All your sisters will be so happy to see you again whenever the time is right for you. You have our love!

4 years ago

Just popping in to say have a good weekend, and again thanks for the birthday wishes, honestly no-one was more suprised than me when my sons presented the lap top to me, wow it is sooo quiet, gets warm not hot, and is 50 times faster, now i know why, my requests for answers, re- " have you found a lap top , or should i just get one, >were ignored,"

Luke (my youngest son)said to me "it was so hard not to even drop you a hint, that Jack(oldest son) and i made a pact to not answer, when you asked about a new lap top, and quickly change the subject "!

Sue sorry you lost your post due to power failure, hope your having a better day now?

Angel hope you had a good birthday, 

Hi Ingrid, Barbara, Lynn Mary, hope you are all having a goood weekend xx

Cheryl, I know how fortunate I am , with my sons , I love them dearly, they were/are the reason I get out of bed some days, but when they were so pleased to present this lap top to me, wow, took my breath away. Hope you are well, (I havent heard you lately guess we are back at 3 is it? he he he)

maybe a new thread would be a good idea, this one is kind of long? well chat soon, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx 

AAARGH! Send Help - it's snowing and it will not stop!
4 years ago

The power just went off and on and I lost my post.  No time to re-do it.  I hate today!

4 years ago

Hello all you ladies here at Chatterbox. So sorry to hear your news Lynn. Thinking of you. Glad your birthday was wonderful Wendy. Cheryl, yes I live in Indiana. We didn't get any of that snow I was talking about but other parts of Indiana did. Earlier today we had freezing rain. Yuick. Have a lovely Thursday all.

4 years ago

G'day everyone. (I've always liked the way Aussies say that). lol So much news here!

Yes... Sue, thanks for reminding me about the paint! I forgot about that. We had to scrape the bathroom ceiling a couple years ago as the mold was crawling along it. Horrible! I hope you get some time to go shopping and it won't rain for you.

Wendy, I am so happy you had a wonderful birthday and got such an amazing prezzie! I can hear your excitement over here. lol You're not alone in the grandmother department. We just have to borrow Mary's little Tom and Lynn's little Trent! That cross is so interesting... right in the middle of England. It's history like that that really tells a story.

Lynn, I'm so sorry to hear about Steve's beautiful car. I thank God they weren't killed. Alicia will, no doubt, be feeling that whiplash for quite some time. I know how much work goes into building and maintaining a car like that, so it must 'hurt'. There is a drunken (probably) moron 'out there' that needs to get caught. In fact, there are many drunken morons 'out there' - everywhere - that need to be caught. A drunk hit my parents many many years ago and left my mom a quadriplegic. He managed to elude police and that meant he probably ended up killing someone before getting caught.  I sure hope you are feeling better real soon, sis. I'm glad you're doing the tags because I believe that's therapeutic. We miss you and I know everyone is thinking about you.
Is this thread getting hard to load Maybe it's just me. If so, please let me know and I'll start another.

4 years ago

Hi everyone,

Still having some trouble with the computer. Internet Explorer doesn't allow me to answer my personal messages so right now I'm using Firefox. Care2 is a pain and so are computers when they're not working right. I've been doing a lot of my tags just to ease the tension. Not going in to any of my groups, either.

My son Steve had custom built a "T" bucket which is an open (convertible) Ford roadster, circa 1927. He made all the parts and built the body out of steel. The bucket seats are red leather and the car is a shiny black. He took me for a ride in it once and I was so excited because going at 45 miles an hour, everyone stopped and stared. He wore goggles and I, my sunglasses. He went to car shows with it all over Florida.

To get to my point, Steve and my d-i-l Alicia took the car to dinner to meet friends and at the end of dinner, on the way home, they turned a corner at a slow speed and all of a sudden someone hit them in the back and drove off. If it weren't for the sturdy car that Steve built, they would have been killed. The police were called and when asked for a description of the car, the policeman said that it looked like it tied in with another hit and run a couple of blocks away but this time the BMW hit a tree and the driver (a woman) ran off, leaving the damaged BMW. Now, Steve's beautifully custom built car is totaled. I know it could have been worse but as a mother I'm really shook up.

Steve is alright but Alicia, who had cervical cancer surgery last year (she's cancer free, thank God), has whip lash and her neck still hurts. They're going to see the doctor this week. So needless to say, I'm full of unreleased tension and don't really feel like going into the groups and making jolly. I'll be back when I feel better.

Be well, everyone.

Sending love and big hugs
4 years ago


Mary your grandson is adorable, what a lovely smile he has, awww, have to wait for grandkids me. Well done for finishing your painting, our decorating is almost there, then new carpets &flooring friday!!!,

Cheryl wish i could help you as well, glad you liked the keep warm idea, great thread survival ,

Ingrid snow already, we have rain, wish i could send it to Australia, they are having a very bad time, and the fires were set by children, well two of them were, just awful my prayers with those who are losing every thing due to the fires xx

 I had a great Birthday weekend, and Monday which was my actual Birthday, but what a suprise I received from my sons Jack & Luke, when they presented me with a new laptop for my Birthday, shocked was not the word, well today I have been getting to grips with it, as it much more up-to-date than my old one, no more crashing or overheating, I have been really spoiled, then all the wishes from friends on care2 wow, speechless >>almost 

Remember I told you all I lived in the exact centre of England?well found a pic of the  stone that marks the exact centre of England, which is now on the "green" in Meriden,  Solihull, w.mids, UK where I live, tomorrow I will post a picture of the Cross which holds the stone, and a pic of our church ,be great if you could post a pic of where you live, interesting things or just a pic of the area, not your house or anything, too dodgy on the "net", it's late so  for now night everyone, love and hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx  >>


October 22nd
4 years ago

Morning ladies, another week has gone by, they seem to just fly these days.  Feels like there are less weeks in the year these days.  It seems impossible to ever catch up with things, especially group posts!  It is almost the end of the month, only 9 more nights until the neighbours from Hell move out and celebrating begins!  Can't wait.  Although they have been much quieter the last couple of nights.  Never did get to grocery shopping, just paid the bills and came home, too tired to do anything else.  Am aiming for Thursday right now, or possibly tomorrow if the promised rain does not arrive.

Ingrid, we are also promised some snow this week, that will be really early, but it will not stay as the daytime temps are still too warm.  The wind is much colder these days and it is almost time to wash the hats and mits ready for winter.  Northern Ontario has already had snow!  And it stayed.

Cheryl, good luck for the painting.  Just remember to use the bathroom and kitchen paint for those rooms.  Whoever painted my bathroom did not use it and I am constantly having to remove the mould from the walls and ceilings!  If I wasn't allergic to the ingredients would repaint it myself.  It is always nice to have some fresh colour on the walls, it brightens up our mood when we have our favourite colours to look at.  How to paint the walls going down the stairs and the ceiling?  VERY CAREFULLY.  It would probably be better if you could afford to pay someone to do that.

Mary, congratulations on posting the photo of Baby Tom, he looks like such a happy baby and must have an infectious giggle.  Lucky you getting to spend time with him.

Was reading this morning that the Windows 8.1 update has been causing blue screens of death on tablets etc., and am hoping our Lynn has not fallen victim to it.  MS has now removed the download from the list as it is too buggy.  Gee and Windows 7 works so well, they should have left well enough alone.  Hope everyone has a glorious week.

4 years ago

Hi Ingrid - I see you are in IN - is that Indiana? Wow, snow maybe - already? We are getting colder and colder here in BC and I just know that horrible rain in coming. Stay cosy and I'm glad you're having a good Monday.

Hi Mary - I wish you could come over here and help me too! lol I will look at the YouTube's again - I saw a few but they were quite different to what I have. I'll figure it out sooner or later. Gosh it would be nice just to hire someone.

Hi all sisters - I haven't checked on our Toronto 3 elephants yet - I imagine they arrived safely at PAWS Sanctuary and I'm looking forward to seeing the W5 documentary. Then we'll probably be able to see some YouTube videos.

Tuesday is coming up fast so I'll wish everyone a happy Tuesday. The weeks are going so fast these days that I feel there's only monday, tuesday, thursday, friday and sunday! Anyone else missing a few days?

4 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope you ladies are well and having a lovely Monday. I am. Going to be a very cool week with a chance of snow later this week. Stay warm all. Hugs.

4 years ago

Iwish i could come and help you Cheryl i saw a lot of help on youtube it would be nice to help you out you do so much to help me 

4 years ago

Hey Mary, you are inspiring me! I need to paint my kitchen, my bathroom, the walls going upstairs and the high ceiling - which I don't have a clue how to do! Maybe YouTube has some pointers. And I need to re-do the bathroom and kitchen floors... yikes... where to start! I need to sit down quietly and think about all this. hee hee 

4 years ago

couldnt have done it without your help sweet sis how are things with you?i have my painting halve done  one room ok now i'l start another next week 

4 years ago

OH MARY.... YOU DID IT! Tom is absolutely adorable!! I have such a huge smile on my face right now! He looks like such a happy baby. I have a feeling that you enjoyed every single second with him.

Thanks, Mary. It's really great to watch the babies in this group grow (Trent and Tom... and Irish Twin on the way).

4 years ago

 photo 326c4f34-05cb-4720-b4c3-addad01dfdb3_zps1cd76ead.jpg

4 years ago

hello Cheryl thanks for the advise how are you today hello Ingrid i hope your having a great day its wet and stormy here real halloween i had a lovely time with Tom hes a wee dote i will try to post his picture and if its big i,l try again  hello Sue and Wendy June Coralie Barb Angel i hope your wether is better than mine lol love and hugs 

4 years ago

Thanks Sue - it was a lovely Thanksgiving. I think your being forced to internet investigate has given you so much information that we can consider you a "wiz"!

Glad to hear you had a good time with your niece and nephew, Ingrid. Sounds like everyone is having visitors these days.

Hi Mary - are all your visitors gone now? Oh wow... you get to have wee Tom with you! You are so lucky and must be in 7th heaven! I know I would be. Maybe one day.... MAKING PICS SMALLER as per request: Mary, I don't know where you keep your pics (hard drive?). Places like Photobucket have an "edit" where you can resize them - OR - Lynn taught me something I didn't know for years: AFTER YOU POST A PIC there will be a little square appear at each corner of the pic and at sides and top and bottom of pic. Just guide those little squares - perhaps get the bottom corner one - and push it in towards middle of space. You will see pic get smaller. I hope this helps. Or... (I just thought of it) you could go to Online Image Editor to resize:

Wendy - brilliant idea! I have started a new thread for "Survival" and put that on it! Thank you!

Hi to all my other sisters too!

4 years ago

Hello Mary and all here at Chatterbox. Hope all you ladies are well and sorry if anyone of you had problems with Care 2 like me. Glad its back. Have a lovely Thursday. Hugs.

4 years ago

hello everyone here i have been so busy how are you all doing love to all of you i am babysitting Tom today i will post some pictures soon .by the way if Lynn is watching or if anyone knows can you tell me how you make your pictures fit mine are always too big love and hugs

4 years ago

Short and sweet message to everyone, hope you are well?

here is a novel way o keep warm , in a smallish room, >

maybe while you do care2 work, or are enjoying chatting

to your friends  in your fav groups , hope the link works

love and hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx

.heating your home office for 8 pence a day-  Potheadforkandle (TM) - www...: via @youtube >OK WILL TRY IT XX

5 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well and hope all have a lovely Monday. I had my niece and nephew here over the weekend and it was nice. Big hugs

5 years ago

Wendy, good to know you have the Windows 7 disk, you'll be all set as long as the drivers are available.  Lucky you having 2 sons who can do it for you.  Wish I had someone who knows what they are doing to help me, would save hours of researching online for solutions to problems.  It's hard to believe that your govt. is aiming to sell private medical info, that is outrageous.  Hope it can be prevented.

Cheryl, not sure which petition you mean, but if it was the RAN one with the photos, I looked on the site and in their blog is the article about it with a comment box at the bottom of the page.  You could post a comment asking how well it is doing.  Do not see any updates about it on their site.  Here is the link to the blog article.

The video on you tube is now showing 120,012 views but not everyone who watches will be inclined to or able to submit a photo to add to the petition. 

Hope you and all Canadians have a lovely Thanksgiving today.  I'm working hard as got quite a lot of sleep last night for a change and need to catch up on things before going out to pay bills and hunt for groceries tomorrow.  Have a spectacular week all.

5 years ago

Hi sisters! Mary - so glad you got through your painting. It can be a painstaking job. Hope you are having a great time with your visitors. Did Tom come too? I bet puppy Rosie keeps you busy. Does Benny help calm her down or does she make him regress into puppyhood? lol

Sue, where do you go to see how many people have signed the petition? It's always nice to know how many people got involved. Yes, Michaela must stay up all day and night to post the petitions she does. She is so dedicated. Well now I know how to spellcheck! I'll have to practice. So happy to hear you are feeling better. Some of those viruses can knock you about something terrible. Yes...yes... I'm glad RCMP are investigating too! Gov't really fast to want the taxes but if they owe you something.... can take a long time to get it.

Wendy, was that you I was talking to the other night? I heard someone laughing! I hope your laptop arrives soon. I may have to continue my midnight rants to correspond with you! hee hee

Oh boy, Lynn, you must be lost without your laptop. I hope it gets back to you really soon. I can't imagine you without your creative equipment!

THANKSGIVING TOMORROW.... just pass me the pumpkin pie!


5 years ago

Hello Sue and Lynn, I have windows 7 on disc, both Jack &Luke (my sons) can install it for me, so I am lucky there, Sue Governments!!!!! our's have ordered our GP's to sell confidential medical records to private providers, a main buyer from USA , I have been, emailing, and chatting on twitter, "Twitter" is excellent for sharing info , one tweet sent to >North , South, East, West  of England , inc Wales, Scotland & N.Ireland = secrets out, shared info how to stop "ones " Data being sold.very satisfying, Glad your horrid BEASTLY neighbours are nearer the exit door (so to speak)

Hope you have enjoyed your thanks giving weekend, and am sending Peace and love wishes for thanks giving, hugs x wendy k x & kelly catsxxxx

To all Canadians, but especially Canadians here on chatter Box >>>>>>>>>>>>


5 years ago

Wendy, Lynn, and others with computer problems.  It is not beyond the realm of possibility that if your Windows 7 computers hard disk is still good that you can take it out of the old desktop or laptop and put it into a new one and with adding some new drivers you should be all set to continue working in Windows 7.  However, I do not know exactly how to do this.  It all depends on whether the drivers for Windows 7 exist for the new machines hardware.

It would be a good idea to talk to a computer expert you trust (not one in a big box store) and ask about it.  On my Yahoo computer group are a few people who have set their computers to be dual boot machines with either Windows 7 or 8 as the choice to make before the system boots up!  If anyone wants the link I'll post it.  Many members there repair computers for a living and love to help with their extensive knowledge.  They would give detailed instructions on how to do it if it is possible for your new system, or give suggestions as to what new computer to buy to be able to do it.

All new computers now come with Windows 8 installed, unless you buy a Mac.  There is a small window of opportunity to still buy a copy of Windows 7 software online, but once again the main issue would be the availability of the drivers.  It makes me so angry that so much software has to be updated, paid updates no less,  every time a new version of Windows comes out.  My paid for software will not work in Windows 8 and I plan to do everything I can to keep using Windows 7 for as long as possible.

We had a couple of viruses going around here and as usual I got both of them.  Am beginning to feel alive again after 4 weeks of fighting them, but still am very tired.  At the same time Yahoo changed the way my email works for the 2nd time in as many months and in the process deleted 100's of my stored emails with links to free bead weaving patterns and computer info in them.  Hotmail/Outlook still does not work properly so just reading emails is no longer easy.  It all adds more time to doing the simplest things online.  The BEASTLY upstairs neighbours from Hell are getting quite noisy as they pack and at times drown out what I am trying to listen to, but since they work early shifts I do get some uninterrupted sleep from 12 midnight for a few hours.  Only 18 more nights to go until they leave.  We have Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and the building is so quiet today except for the upstairs people as most people are away for a long weekend.

Mary, hope you're recovered from the flood and that the dogs helped with the painting right to the end of it.  Have visions of them dipping their tails in the paint and wagging them furiously to help paint those walls!

Politicians make us so mad don't they.  We all have to vote better next time around and get some into office that will actually do the job we pay them for.  The US is virtually shut down and the representatives are arguing like 5 year olds blaming the other side for all the problems.  Of course, stand by for the last second agreement that will end the troubles.  Our Canadian government is prorogued and has not worked in over 100+ days and at the same time so many things are going seriously wrong that need dealing with.  Seems our senate is populated by thieves taking everything they want whether it is legal or not.  So glad the RCMP is investigating them.  Gee if I get $5.00 too much on my disability benefits they take it away in the next cheque and threaten to cancel my benefits permanently!

Thank you for posting all the lovely pictures and videos.  Still have 5 pages of them to get to in the emailed group posts, but at some point in the future will catch up.  With now being able to spell check it takes less time posting in groups and sending messages.  Hope everyone has a glorious Sunday and feels invigorated for the new week ahead.

5 years ago

I'll be quick.  My laptop is in the shop and this morning my desktop computer wouldn't open so I have no computers to work with. Thank goodness for my iPad. I won't be on much until I get my laptop back.

Wendy, whatever you do, don't get Window8. You'll hate it, as I do!  I couldn't buy a new laptop without Windows8. They don't sell them here unless one wants a refurbished one, which I didn't.

5 years ago

Hello everyone, good Idea Cheryl, to use the word "beastly" for a code he he he, hope you are well and enjoying your no' #1 spot, swore i could hear you the other night I am still awaiting a new Laptop, this one is holding out , good old work horse, I cant be doing with windows eight, I prefer windows 7. Hope you have a good weekend xx

Mary hows the painting, sorry you had a flood, hope all is well now, hope too you have a good weekend.

Sue have signed the petition and shared it on twitter, hope they reach their goal too, have a good weekend, soon be Canadian thanks giving wont it?

Hello June, Ingrid, Angel Lynn love your pics of your gt grandson, he looks a bright little boy, hope you all have a good weekend, .

Now next time you, hear a cat meowing, look and check it isn't this little fellow love and hugs x wendy k x& cats =^..^=  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

.Cat vs Parrot: via @youtube  poor cat, crafty parrot  xsalx

5 years ago

Morning Ladies.  Found their petition in my deleted folder Cheryl.  Here's the link....

Their home page is 

You can also join the C2 group  Orangutans men of the forest at this link...

Michaela posts hundreds of petition links there.  I tried to post the video yesterday, but I think she has blocked members from posting anything.  Spend some time signing all those petitions to help more.  I also do not know how to take any digital photos so cannot do anything more to help.  Was given 2 digital cameras and do not have time to learn how to use them!   I have the video on you tube open in a tab and constantly reload it to bump up the numbers, it is all I can do to help.

5 years ago

hello Sue shared your video it brought tears to my eyes how are you Cheryl and Lynn ,Ingrid June Barbara and feathery ones Coralie Wendyand Angel my painting is done  thank God ,its a lot of work having visitors for the weekend o my and theres puppy Rosie into everything shes a wee dote my sister got her for me she says shes so like Sophie ,i must put up a picture of Tom hes coming on so well after being so small born ,i hope you are all having a great day thanks for all the wonderful posts love and hugs 

Wishing everyone a great weekend
5 years ago

5 years ago

Hi Ingrid - happy Thursday to you too, and it's only a few hours until it's happy Friday! So happy Friday to all!

Sue, that is an amazing video! I really believed they were doing that... like with Koko. What if we can't take and upload a photo? Is there something we can sign? Looks like I have to stop buying Smuckers! I wish I could get a photo done while I'm holding a very life-like Orangutan. I've had him for many years.

Great instructions re the spellcheck. I'll have to ask my son tomorrow if we have the Firefox 24.0 version (obviously I'm not the one who takes care of those things when I have a computer wiz in the family).   Boy, you sure know your computer stuff!

Enabling Spell Check in Firefox 24.0 PMs and Group posts
5 years ago

Thanks for sharing the video Ingrid.  I've been watching the numbers jump up as the day progresses, hope they reach their goal. 

I've not been posting much recently as I have been working on a few major problems.  Will write about them later but wanted to share this very exciting news.  Since Firefox updated to 24.0 we lost the ability to spell check in personal mesages and group posts.  This is NOT a Firefox bug, simply that the programmers are now honouring websites requests not to have that ability as a right click option.  Care2 has spellcheck="false" in their coding for PMs and Group posts. 

But I did not like not being able to spell check and have been working with the programmers at Firefox's help forum to come up with a solution.  Here it is, happily it should also work in other browsers, but alas I do not know how to install it in other browsers.  So at least all the Firefox 24.0 users will be happy.  I asked a C2 friend Mariette G to test my instructions for installing it and she responded it was really easy.

Go to this link and hold down the left mouse button on the SpellYes2 blue button.  Drag it up to your Bookmarks toolbar and release the mouse button.  I put mine to the right of my Care2 bookmark to find it easily.  It does not have an icon though, just an empty black dotted outline of a square in front of it.

You have to left click the bookmarklet to enable spell check for each post or message. 

5 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope all is well with all of you ladies and hope all have a lovely Thursday. I just read that Sue about the video and shared it. How very sad.

Help Rainforest Action Video go Viral
5 years ago

Small part of the email I received this morning, and the video that needs promoting....

Focusing our action together, today, we can start to create the turning point orangutans need so badly.

We have 48 hours to get enough eyes on this video to send a loud and clear message to 20 of the top snack food companies using Conflict Palm Oil.

Will you stand with the last wild orangutans and share this important video with as many people as you can?

5 years ago

Oh yes.... Mary, how is little Tom doing? Time for another pic. Do they know what gender his little Irish twin is? This makes me think of how my dad used to sing "Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral" to my brother and me at bedtime when we were little. Listening to this really takes me back in time. Beautiful song.


5 years ago

Hi sisters! I have been around here but haven't had the chance to get to this thread. Was doing the elephant thread and made a new video animal thread as it kept freezing up. By the time I do snapshots, upload, download and all that stuff, I have to go to bed!

Yes.. Ingrid is in the brothers club but in a little different way. Funny how we sisters have bro probs. Wendy, good for you to keeping trying to contact/visit even if your bro doesn't reciprocate. And Sue, perhaps your bro is on emotional overload from all the things you say. Maybe a position we sisters have to take is just 'to be there' if needed. I am glad to hear that he signs himself in when he gets bad... that's a really good sign.

Wendy, I think we should make the word BEASTLY the code word for something! Funny, I also heard that a lot and said it myself in my childhood and teen years. It just fit into any sentence! lol Cute article on David Cameron and the cat. At least the staff feeds him and some bill for $150,000 isn't going to turn up for "Cat Maintenance."

Sue, how is it going with your neighbour's computer probs? You are so good to help her. Hey... it's countdown til those other neighbours leave and thank heaven the beastly stabbing family is gone! Sheesh!

Lynn, so very happy to hear you had a fabulous birthday with your wonderful family! TRENT is SO CUTE.... actually, quite HANDSOME! What a lovely little man he is and I can feel how much you love him. (I do too!) Wow... with all that equipment it's no wonder you're so smart! Hate those beastly computer probs though!  

Mary, Benny and little Rosie are SO PRECIOUS! Sounds like there's probs in Ireland too. Last night I saw a documentary with Lloyd Robertson on how Ireland had a referendum to abolish the senate! It was so interesting, even though the senate was voted back in. It comes down to "Too many politicians" and "What Exactly Does the Senate Do?" and more big questions. Well, it looks like Canada is going to look at doing the same thing after Halloween! A couple of once well-respected journalists (Pamela Wallen and Mike Duffy) were exposed for spending what they shouldn't have in their senate postitions and had to repay.... Pamela: $152,000 and Mike: $90,000 and someone else: $231,000!! I just made the numbers even. I've never been fully informed about who does what and what such and such means, but I'm learning more. I am sure watching CNN about all what my American sisters and brothers are going through. I think big changes are going to come about in many western countries. It's time to look in the mirror... and the pockets.

Barb, every time you post something I get the feeling that things are going really well for you and Baby and Beenie. Happiness just flows right through the computer. It's your time to shine, sis!

I hope I didn't miss anything I was going to say when I read through the thread. By the way, I'm back to #1 on the Insanity Level Chart. I would probably be carted away if anyone heard me. hee hee

June and Angel... you post such beautiful pics! Always make me smile.

5 years ago

He takes after you Lynn a whizz with technology i am up to my eyes in paint right now my kitchen flooded and i have to repaint "aided "by three dogs lol see you all soon i hope

5 years ago

Cheryl, you asked me to post a picture of my great-grandson, Trent. He's not quite 2 and 1/2 years old and talking up a storm. The other night at the restaurant as the waitress was taking drink orders, he waited his turn and then looked at her and said "apple juice".  He gave the waitress his order!  Here he is, playing with my iPad.


5 years ago

Mary, Benny is adorable! Is he a corgie mix?

5 years ago

I've been having trouble with my laptop. I was battling with trying to get on the internet when a pop-up showed asking if I wanted to "Refresh". I have Windows8 on my laptop and although I've refreshed many times on my desk top computer (Windows XP) with no problem, I didn't think twice about refreshing on the laptop. Without letting you know beforehand, when you refresh in Windows8 it removes any paid or downloaded program that didn't come with the computer and brings it back to the default area of the new laptop that you bought. I'm so angry and disgusted with Windows8. I looked up "Refresh Windows8" and it seems this has happened to other people who have refreshed and Microsoft apologized but that doesn't change anything. 

Some of my paid programs were downloaded from the computer so I had to write to them and have them send me a new download app. It's a good thing I kept all the information for the purchases. One of them was Corel Paint Shop and thankfully, I finally got it back. 

So this is why I haven't been on the computer for a few days except to post some creations that I made in other programs that weren't removed. Now I'm pooped and still pissed at Windows8, if you'll excuse the expression.

Love and Hugs to everyone.

5 years ago

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday as well June and to all here at Chatterbox. Just wondering if we are going to have a new thread for the news and animal videos soon? Getting pretty long to me. Thank you and hugs.

5 years ago

5 years ago

Have a lovely weekend back Angel and Wendy and to all here at Chatterbox. Hugs from Ingrid

5 years ago

Have a great weekend everyone lots of love and hugs x wendy k x and cats

 Hope this makes you smile, to start the weekend off chuckling he he he xx

        ONE MORE CLICK, AND THE DOGS SOLD !!!!!!               .
Lap top kittens

5 years ago

5 years ago

Ahhh both dogs are cuties, Mary, hope you have had a great thursday,

Cheryl,Sue, Ingrid, Angel, Lynn, June, Barbara, Coralie , have agood thurs, xwendy k x & cats xxxx

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HI Mary, Ingrid, Cheryl, Lynn, Wendy, Sue, June, Coralie, Angel and anyone I missed. 

Oh Mary what a beautiful and cute little dog.  What is her name?   

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What a beautiful dog Mary. Hope all you ladies have a lovely Thursday

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i never liked David Cameron Wendy we are pretty much the same in ireland the gap between rich and poor is staggering and the keep cutting aide to the most vulnerable .on a cheerir note heres Benny and Rosie my sister gifted me this little beauty after Sophie died ben and rosie photo doggie030_zpse1499911.jpg

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Hello everyone here at Chatterbox. Hope all you ladies are well and hope you all have a lovely Wednesday. Hugs from Ingrid

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Just popping in to show everyone, England's eccentricities are still alive and kicking, we have record debt, rocketing unemployment, food banks due to poverty, >yet we are the 6th richest country, given it's size, we face like most countries, cuts cuts and more cuts. SO what then do you think our PM David Cameron has to answer for >(hope this link works after all this) !!>>>>

David Cameron denies family hates No 10's cat via @3NewsNZ >>PROPER ORDER  =^..^=

you couldn't make it up , > if link does not work type>>, David Cameron and no.10 Downing st cat<<< into google, love and hugs x wendy k x,  >>back soon %#&!*%

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it sounds fabulous Lynn you certainly are a whizz with technology you even give lessons ,lovely to have you back 

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Hello Lynn. That's awesome you had a wonderful time with your biological family with cake and gifts and your welcome for the Birthday greetings. Hope you and everyone here at Chatterbox have a lovely Tuesday. Hugs from Ingrid

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Hi everyone,

I'm back from my epic birthday celebration.   I was feted from the day of my birthday on Wednesday, through last night at my son and d-i-l's house with more gifts, a gorgeous cake that my granddaughter made and a delicious Italian dinner....eggplant, lasagna and baked ziti. Yummy!  I was busy every day with different parts of the family and my wonderful friends who took me out to dinner. Now I'm full to busting and I'm pooped from all the festivities. A good kind of pooped, though, from good times! I'm blessed at the age of 81 to still have all my faculties and I keep my mind busy all the time. My children and grandchildren are very proud of me for that. My son said that I'm the only 81 he knows who has an iPhone, an iPad, a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a Kindle and a walkman and uses them all! 

Thank you all so much for the lovely birthday greetings.  Yes Cheryl, time does fly, especially when you're having fun.  This year has flown by, my great grandson is now talking and when he says "I yuv you, G.G." to me, I melt.

I have 2 marvelous families. My biological one and the one here with my "sisters". I love you all and send big hugs and kisses to everyone. ♥ 
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Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope all had a lovely weekend. I did. Yes Sue, I hear from him but its not that much. Just especially when he needs something like watching his children for him. I would love to hang out or do something fun once in a while with him but he does work a lot. Hope all have a lovely Monday. Hugs.

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Cheryl, my brother also suffers from bouts of suicidal depression and I think that is why he is the way he is.  He occassionally signs himself into hostpital for suicide watch when things get really bad for him.  I think he just cannot take more bad news most days.  He misses Mum terribly and never left home, which I think was his worst mistake.  Our parents suffered from undiagnosed PTSD after growing up in London during the 2nd world war.  Far too many people their age did and never realized it.  I was very worried about him staying in the house with our parents, but he refused to leave, said Mum needed him.  It seems I'm the only one who understands him in our tiny family, the other 2 (one cousin and an aunt), don't have the patience to keep trying to stay in contact with him.  Like you say people make their own choices and have to live with the results of those choices.  In the end the only person we can change is ourself and if others do not want our help that is their decision.  At some point we have to stop bashing our heads against that brick wall and move on to save ourselves.

Tell your son that people who are able to meditate themselves into the pictures are the sane ones, that's quite an achievement for you.  And truly wonderful to be able to find that level of peace and serentiy.  I'm stuck on #1 of the levels of insanity and often have to tell others in the grocery store that the talking to myself is my way of trying to remember things on the shopping list.  Do get many strange looks some days.  Of course all the seniors laugh when I tell them that because they understand completely.

Mary, still have 5 weeks before the upstairs neighbours move out and they are noisier than ever while they pack, seemingly around the clock!!  But this Halloween I'll be doing the happy dance around the apartment for sure!!  The family from the basement where one brother stabbed the other moved out yesterday so no more shouting of obscenities will be heard from the victim, who I'm certain, has some kind of brain damage that makes him so angry all the time.  Pity their new neighbours though, that entire family sure has major anger issue problems.

Ingrid, seems like you've joined the problem brothers club too, at least you hear from yours.  He obviously relies on you for help when he needs it.  We have to love them no matter what right?  Thanks for posting the lovely picture.

Angel and June thanks for posting the lovely pictures too, boy I'd love a swim in that lake!!

Wendy, you must have been watching the Harry Potter movies, I remember Beastly being used a lot in those movies.  Also hear it a lot in Foyles War episodes.   Heard it a lot in my childhood too, especially when people talked about the weather.  So we 4 have problem brothers, a very intelligent person once said something like "you can choose who will be your friends, but you cannot choose your family, you're stuck with the one you were born into".

My friend with the Hotmail problem did not want to do anything except try the bookmark again and hope they logged her in.  It took me 3 days to get her to understand that we were in the middle of resetting her account.  Finally she agreed to ask her granddaughter for help.  We called her and asked her to relay the code we asked to be sent to her cell phone.  It took less than a minute to get her account working after typing the reset code into the right box!.  Then as we were both so tired and didn't want to cook, we decided to have some Swiss Chalet Rotisserie chicken delivered.  We shared  a half chicken dinner with some extra fries and dipping sauce, oh so yummy.  I'd only had 3 hours sleep due to the upstairs neighbours and promptly fell asleep after eating that wonderful chicken that arrived at my door!!   Have leftovers for today so another easy supper.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and getting ready for another Autumn week full of fun. 

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Oh my gosh I just posted a long message and woosh, gone, I usually copy it before posting, but thought no its been good lately!!!!

Cheryl, thankyou for your well wishes, my vision is better in my left eye infact it's now sunny in my left eye, and over cast in my right eye I kid you not! so I will be glad when I can get my right eye fixed, but dread it at he same time!!

Sue sorry about your brother, I dont see my bro either, we send xmas card, and I see him every couple of years, when I drag my sister out and over to see him with me. oh my sister gets a b'day card, not me, favouritism me thinks, you know what, I just say let them get on with it, but I still instigate visits, contact, still love him, but I expect nothing, so I dont get dissapointed, families huh? great your beastly neighbours are moving, >do you like that ? beastly, I have been saying that alot, >"oh how beastly for you" and    >"oh yes rather lashings of custard for me mmm yummy" ... it amuses me lol,Oh you are good trying to help your friendwith her password problem, have you tried "GMail", I have outlook and hotmail, the only ones who wanted a ph one number was outlook ?

Cheryl I am 6 on your chart, got to number 3 twice he he he

Mary hope you have a great weekend, hope your ok and your family

Ingrid, have a great weekend too

Angel, hope your well, and your family, have a good weekend.

June great pics, hope you are well and your family, have a good weekend

have you heard of this book, inspirational at its best, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. lappy is going to crash love and hugs xwendy k xxxxx

            for book club

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Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope all is well. So sorry Sue to hear about your brother. I have a brother who calls and wants something all the time. I wish it gets better for you and for you Cheryl and your brother. Hugs from Ingrid

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Sue i'm sorry to hear about your brother its so sad when someone is distant but maybe hes not as strong as you some people deny bad things i suppose because its so hard to deal with .i hope you are doing better without your horrid neighbours Cheryl im happy that your feeling better sis ,hello Ingrid Wendy Coralie Barbara AngelJune i hope your having a great weekend

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HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!

Sue - I'm so glad I dropped in here tonight. I'm sad to hear your brother is so 'removed' from you. Sometimes when I see some documentary to do with a family and watch how loving and dedicated they are to one another, from the youngest to the oldest, it jabs me where it hurts. There really are families out there with brothers and sisters who care about one another. But there are also situations like ours - we have a family member we grew up with yet we can't have any sort of meaningful relationship with them. Sad as I feel about my brother - how he has treated me in the past and would again treat me with disrespect and intimidation if I allowed that, thank God there are friends who really care. I think that's why we call each other "sisters" in this group and it feels good to think of us that way. I am glad that your brother does help financially and I can tell it's received with appreciation. Too bad he can't take the time to answer an email or telephone you and say, "How are you?" - then listen and care! But he has to live with that and who knows how that sits with him.

I'm glad also that you discovered the lights that help with the depression. No one knows what suicidal depression really feels like unless you've been there. So many people just want to say, "Snap out of it!" because they don't know what to do or how to help. There have been times I thought I'd never again know what joy feels like, or be able to find a reason to get out of bed in the morning. When the depression fog clears, it feels so good to be alive. I keep plenty of pictures around me of beautiful scenery and meditate myself into them. Yup...I just walk on that beautiful beach and get my feet wet! I have done this so much for years now that darned if I can't REALLY smell the beautiful flower I'm looking at. When I tell this to my son he gets a strange look on his face like... "My mom is slightly ss.

There was a lovely woman in this group many years ago who suffered from depression and said she had been close to taking her own life many times. She loved this group where we could act crazy funny then turn to have serious talks as well. I can't remember why I left Care2 for about six months or so and so did others. When I came back, the host had left and I was surprised to find that he had put me in as the host. I tried to contact this friend but something in my stomach (gut) told me she wasn't here any more. I feel certain that she would have been here (Care2) and come back to this group if she could have. I still miss her. SO..... NOBODY LEAVES THIS GROUP WITHOUT PERMISSION.... okay?!!   I really do love my sisters here!

Hey, that was some good work you did with getting the bill reduction! I can't believe they were going to charge you. Good work, Sue! And those neighbours moving.... great! That's one of the things we absolutely have to have for our mental health - sleep! Chocolate doesn't hurt either!

Well, I'm off to bed now. Hope there's a good movie to watch (it's only 9:30 p.m.). Good night everyone. I love you all!

ss I have all of these!! Right now I'm on #3. ss

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Cheryl, brothers can be real brain twisters.  Mine does not answer any of my emails, never calls to say happy birthday and will call maybe once a year to say happy new year, but then changes the subject instantly when I tell him how sick or injured I am, no compassion whatsoever!  But he does sometimes put $$ into an account for birthday presents and every month there is some $$ in the account for groceries for me!  It helps me not starve to death and helps buy some things I would have to go without otherwise, like ink for the printer.  Guess we just have to accept that some people are not that friendly even when they are family.  Does anyone really have one of those Normal Rockwell type families anyway?

I have also suffered from bouts of Suicidal Depression since a small child and have found that the lightbulbs are the best defense against that too.  The medications never worked for me, did the opposite, just made me feel worse.  But, chocolate, coffee, good food and enough sleep really helps along with those lightbulbs.  And of course silly cat videos and science fiction TV programs and online shows I watch.

Do have some good news to share.  Yesterday I phoned our cale company.  I have the old style analog service so I can still use my VCRs and they have decided to charge me $2.00 for each bill they send.  I phoned to complain about that on behalf of all disabled and seniors on fixed incomes.  They said unless I am willing to sign up online for the bills they have to charge me.  I said it is a fine on all poor people and that I wanted to cancel the cable.  Was transferred to the cancellation of accounts department, yelled at that person about the unfairness of it and instead got $10.00 off my service charge, plus calcellation of the $2.00 fee, plus an offer of a free PVR that will record 8 programs at the same time.  I declined the PVR offer as my TV is too old to work with the digital service.  But all in all $12.00 plus tax off of the bill was a great outcome!

Even better news, the upstairs neighbours from Hell are moving out at the end of October!!  After 3 1/2 years of being woken up from 2 to 7 times a night there is the promise of getting to sleep through the night again.  At least for November, as the apartment will be rented for December probably.  But I'm so looking forward to getting more sleep for a change.

Here is a warning for you all.  Make sure to write all your site passwords and security questions and answers down for every site you belong to in a name & address book.  My 81 year old friend who lives in the apartment below mine is locked out of her Hotmail/ account and cannot get back in.  She did not remember her password or security questions answers and it had taken me 2 hours yesterday to get her back in.  This morning she had to re-enter her password again and ended up changing it to something she did not write down and now, today, it has just taken 4 hours trying to get her back in.  We are stuck in a loop with the security questions and as she does not have a cell phone cannot get the security code.  She has both a Hotmail and an Outlook email account but cannot access either.  Spent over an hour with Microsoft online chat helper who kept telling me to do everything we had done before and in the end I gave up and told her to wait 24+ hours and try again.  But I think she is not going to be able to get back in as their service to send a code by voice message to a landline is broken!!  Yahoo will not give her an email account as she does not have a mobile phone.  Any ideas anyone???

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I'm baaaack. Had to take advantage of a of the few sunny days we have left. The rains are coming the day after tomorrow! ss I need to catch up here.

Lynn, I hope you are finally having some good weather, especially today. I could swear that you just had a birthday about two months ago! (Time plays with one's mind!) I'm so sorry to hear you've had some blue days and your weather causes pain in numerous ways. I understand your thoughts about losing your brother and not having people to share 'growing up' with. I would say that you are fortunate to have had a close relationship with your brother to look back on. Until I dropped in on my brother a number of months ago, I hadn't seen him since our mom died in 1993. Although he initially seemed to be glad to see me, he soon went into a tirade about this and that and the past. He intimidated me and said some nasty things about our parents. Sooooo - not going back. I may as well have never had a brother (he's three years older). I was very close to my Dad and when I lost my Mom I thought: "I'm nobody's daughter anymore!". A number of years later I was looking through some cards I've saved throughout the years and found one from my parents that said, "To our dearest daughter on her birthday." Well, that changed everything. I put that card up every birthday (and sometimes when it isn't my birthday) to remind me who watches over me, just as I'm sure your brother checks in on you regularly!  ddWe all have somebody 'up there' who keeps track of us.

Sue, that's such a cute duck. Makes me smile! Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well and I hope you are much better by the time you read this. Thanks for the tip about the lightbulbs, which I'm going to go out and get. I hate the dark and gloomy days once it starts raining. I would rather have snow because after the snowfall it's usually cold but bright and sunny. SAD is really awful, and I've heard that some people get hospitalized it gets so bad. And as far as your spelling goes - nobody's lookin'! Sometimes I am just too lazy to do spellchecks. Coming from places I used to work where everything had to be just right, I feel it's our privilege to not have to worry so much about it anymore. Wow... that's some ready-to-fight cat. You can see someone's shadow as they video him and obviously he's not keen on it!

Wendy, you can't be any more wimpy or a scaredy cat than I am! I turn into a five-year-old! Yay, it's all over with and done and you are all the better for it! I shall remember your experience and all comments about the op in case I have to have it done one day. Sounds like you've met some good friends at the same time. The "I" game is priceless! It's nice your sons are arguing about which lappy to get you. Who's going to come out the winner? ss

Hi Mary, Barb, June, Coralie, Angel, Ingrid - hope all are well!  

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Wendy, you can find everything on YouTube, here is the main list I came up with, then a video showing how to replace the key on one brand, with video links on the side for other brands...

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Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well and hope all have a lovely Wednesday. Hugs from Ingrid

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Hope you are doing something special today to wash away that rain and make you feel better!

I am so sorry sisters that I haven't been here to see all that's been going on in the last weeks. I shall come back this afternoon after my chores.

Hello Everyone
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Days Of The Week Comments

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Birthday Comments Lynn

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Hello Ingrid, Lynn, Wendy, Sue, Cheryl, Mary, Angel, June, Coralie and anyone I missed.

Happy Birthday Lynn!!! 

Many More To Come!!!

Love and big hugs.

Barb, Baby, Beenie

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Hello here at Chatterbox. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Happy Birthday Lynn. Hope you have a very special day. Hope all have a special Monday. Hugs.

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Lynn, I'm wondering more why the cats ears were so far back, that usually means the cat is really angry.  Does make you wonder what they are thinking when they make that sound.  I think my brothers memory loss is something his brain did on purpose, subconsciously, to protect him.  Things for us as children were unforgiveable and he is much better off not remembering. I'm not going to say much, but will say that if we were children today going through what we did then, our parents would be sent to jail for decades for how they treated us. 

I'm pretty sure that dementia, and alzheimers are genetic.  Both my grandmother and aunt had it and my memory lapses are getting very scary.  Am always asking to be tested to be sure, that is my worst fear, being unable to look after myself.  Had waited 2 years for an appropriate desk to be on sale, hope it does not take that long again.  Sale, my favourite 4 letter word too, although there is another I use a whole lot when things go badly wrong.

Spent hours yesterday trying to help an 81 year old friend get online, looks like her modem is sick, nothing I tried worked.  10 minutes after I left, she got online, so have no idea what happened.  Fixed many problems with her laptop, but even the ISP could not find her modem so we are pretty certain it is the culprit. 

Orange and pink was all the rage in the 60s!!  It's time to bring it back as a fashion statement.  Hope everyone has a great week, we have some sunshine for a change so that helps after the 4" of rain we had Friday afternoon into Saturday morning.  Boy that was one huge storm and for once no flooding in my City but other places did not fare as well.  Only our golf course got bad flooding this time around.  Good thing we now have the storm ponds to store all that rainwater that used to overload the storm system, the ducks will be in 7th heaven.

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I hope you are planning something special for your birthday dear sis wishing you joy hugs 

5 years ago

happy birthday Lynn 

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Pretty tag, June. Thanks for posting the beautiful butterfly in all colors.

Sue, that no-no cat was hilarious but I wonder what he was so afraid of. Having sad memories of your childhood is very bad but losing your memory altogether is even worse. That's a big fear that I have and that's why I try to keep my mind as active as possible. You have to keep challenging your brain. I don't know if it works if dementia or Alzheimer's is genetic, but I keep truckin'.  In my mind I'm not my biological age. I think young to the point that my granddaughter's friends like hanging out with me. That's such a compliment to me. Keep your minds active, my sisters. It does a world of good.  I'm so sorry that you weren't feeling well and couldn't take advantage of being in the store to shop and had to come home. I hope you have managed to get enough food for yourself. As for the desk, there'll always be another sale. (My favorite four letter word)

Wendy, so glad that you're feeling good and looking forward to the other eye being done. You'll see even brighter then. I have always loved to wear outfits and accessories that blend and match in colors. Before my cataract surgeries, one of my outfits was a deep pink and I bought a pin (broach) with what I thought was a deep pink stone to wear with the outfit. I always wore that pin on the sweater of the outfit. After my operations, when colors were brighter and real, I found that I had been wearing an orange pin with a pink outfit. lol  Oh, the embarrassment! 

Ingrid, Mary, Cheryl, Barb and whoever comes in after me that I missed, continue to have a lovely weekend filled with much happiness. Love you, all. Smoochies!!

Hello Everyone
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Cheryl, I have not seen a single buterfly this year.  We used to have many monarchs fluttering around but not this year.  I do hope they are somewhere around it would be too sad if they never returned.  I suffer from SAD and have found a quite inexpensive solution.  I buy Sylvania 100W daylight bulbs, the incandescent kind and put them into every light fixture that will accept a 100W bulb.  It made a huge difference in how I feel on gloomy days.  They are getting harder to find, but are much cheaper than the full spectrum light bulbs on the market.  Try a pack and see if they work for you.  They are blue.  They come in 60W and 40W too.  GE also used to make some but they were/are more expensive.

Lynn so sorry you are feeling so sad.  It is hard when you get to a certain age and are the only one to remember.  Try to concentrate on the happier times and that will help.  I too am the only one to remember the early days, my brother has blocked his entire childhood from his memory, which is better than remembering all the horrors that happened to us as I do.  He hates that he cannot remember I hate that I cannot forget.  Keep telling him he is better off.  Hope you get some sunshine really soon.  We are always told that Florida is the sunshine state that has occasional hurricanes!  Don't know anything about the running duck, that clip was sent to me and just wanted to pass it on as it is so cute.

Wendy that video was hilarious.  Thanks for the laughs.  I'm so proud of you for getting the eye op done.  Don't think I'd ever be able to be that brave.  Glad you are seeing much better now.  Congratulations on doing the presentation I knew you'd be fantastic at it.  It is so important that vulnerable children are kept a close eye on and are taken into care as soon as possible when problems arise to prevent any more deaths.  I do hope you are suitably very proud of yourself!!  Even if the door has to be taken off the hinges so you can get through no one would mind, you did a truly wonderful thing for all the children in danger.  Hope your suggestions are implemented as soon as possible.  It is well past the time that we should ever be allowed to fail a child in danger.  The top priority of every adult should be -- first protect the children --

This has been a dismal week for me.  Went out Monday to pay bills and buy groceries, but was feeling so unwell had to come home without groceries.  Then when someone came to take me out for groceries a few days later was so nauseus from something being used in the building that I could only manage a few minutes in the closest very expensive store.  So am almost out of food again.  Feeling better, but still not up to going out.  Missed the desk on sale that I wanted for the computer room to help clear the clutter.  Now have to wait for another suitable one I can afford to come on sale.  Firefox updated itself to 24.0 2 days ago and now we cannot use the spell check in either group posts or PMs so please excuse any mis-spelled words in this post.  I'm a lousy proofreader.  Hope everyone has a glorious weekend and some sunshine.  We still have the overcast gloom from the 4 hour thunderstorms that rolled through last night to end the mini heatwave. 

Here is a little video of what I was like the last time I visited the oral surgeon to have the abscessed tooth removed.  Don't mind admitting I'm a scaredy cat.  Wendy, were you like this going for your eye op?

5 years ago

Hello everyone here at Chatterbox. I am well Mary and hope you are too? I hope everyone is well and has a lovely weekend. Hugs. Ingrid

5 years ago

link works fine Wendy hillarious have a lovely weeekend 

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(subtitled) Voicemail Accident Hilarious: via @youtube      >THIS LINK SHOULD WORK? 

5 years ago

Wendy I'm glad its all over for you i hope you enjoy the weekend and feel the benefit of your ordeal ,How are you Lynn i dont think you have much to atone for you are so caring  ,Cheryl how are you sis ?Sue and Lynn and June i love the videos thank you so much Ingrid how are you?Barb how are you and your feathery friends Coralie and Angel i hope your day is going well happy weekend everyone 

5 years ago

SOOOO A-miss of me not to check in and say thankyou all for the good wishes, I am fine NOW but boy was I scared, I was awake the whole time, weird experience, and quite pyschedelic at times,  The whole thing lasted 10/15mins, and half an hour before the op, to make sure my eye was properly "frozen"/numb, didnt feel a thing, and Lynn so glad you said that, yes everything is sooo much brighter, almost ultraviolet, the colours around wow, it's like watching the best "HD" telly, I can't wait till they do my other eye, which I think will be, A.S.A.P. the ophthalmic surgeons here wont do both eyes at the same time, I met two lovely older women  Lily and Mrs Turner, I am treating them to lunch on 24th Oct, thats our final check up day, we kept cracking jokes while we waited, but the jokes had to have eye in the punch line he he he. The surgeon, said to me theres always one, I knew you would be trouble > as if ha ha ha.  Thanks again, have to go and put my final eye drops of the day in .  will chat soon, hope you are all ok? Sue, Lynn, >sorry about your arthritus ) Mary , Ingrid Cheryl, Angel, and all who visit here, love and hugs xwendy k xxxxxxx

5 years ago

Wendy dear, I'm sure you're over the cataract surgery by now and I hope everything went well. I don't know how it is in the UK but I had both eyes done and they put me into what they call a "twilight sleep" where you're sleeping and don't feel anything but you wake up very easily after and it's all over. I still have to wear glasses for reading and watching tv, but otherwise, a whole new world opened up for me after the surgery. Colors were brighter, the sky was bluer and I saw much better. 

Happy (belated) Women's Day to you too, Ingrid and to all of you. I hope your Wednesday has been lovely 'cause it stinks here. Rain, rain and oh, yes....rain!  It kills my back because when the barometric pressure goes down, it affects anyone with bone or arthritis problems.

Cheryl, dear sis, you never fail to remember my holidays. Thank you so much for your Yom Kippur wishes. Actually Yom Kippur is not a happy holiday and this year for some reason I was affected deeply. It's a day of atonement for one's sins (I'm really not worried about that), a day of fasting and it's a day of deep mourning for your lost ones. My parents are gone, I lost my older brother a couple of years ago and he was my only sibling. We were extremely close and it hit me that day that there was no one left to remember my childhood so I was very blue the whole day.  I'm not really religious but that day I too, fasted. I ate my first meal at 7:00 p.m.

Sue, I love that little duck running so fast. Was that somebody's shoe that you can see in the corner?  Maybe the duckie was running after his human who he takes for his mommy.

Take care, everyone. Toodle Doo for now! 

5 years ago

Good luck Wendy. Hoping it went well. Hoping all here at Chatterbox is having a lovely Wednesday and Happy belated Women's Day to all. Love and Hugs.

5 years ago

Good luck tomorrow Wendy i hope all goes well i'm sure it will you must make a plan for the next day something really nice for yourself if your up to it love and hugs 

5 years ago

Have a great week everyone, and belated celebrate "womens day" , I am honoured to know and have such great friends here on care 2, you are amazing women,

(and for all my male friends, well you will have to hang on for a compliment he he he, )

tomorrow is the dreaded day for me, (excuse me today, as it is  12 ..29 am), I have a catarac removed, I am a wimp, but it's my eye!!! wish i could be asleep when they do it, oh I know it wont hurt, I used to work in industry, one of the things that used to happen was we used to get bits of rust stuck in our eye, (long story) so we made regular trips to the eye hospital, our eye was frozen, and the offending rust removed, >. but this is different, on the plus side, I will have better vision, and might not have to wear distance glasses, wow, so I keep telling myself that, trouble is, it doesn't stop me going all hot and faint at the thought of 2-3 hours with the surgeon, the op only takes 30 mins if that, it's all the other stuff, getting the new lense acurate, then waiting to make sure I dont need  a stitch in the cut ,

Sorry it has all been me me me, so hope everyone is ok, will let you know how things go, oh forgot, Sue, the presentation went great, got me brownie points, and better still my suggestions, have been implemented to better safe guard vunerable children and young people, I received a bonus, so win win , plus my name is in the new guidelines, ( I wiill have to grease my ears to get out of the door if I carry on  lol, love and hugs to everyone  xxwendy k xx

Do you greet a new week with this much enthusiasm?
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Hello Everyone
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Hello here at Chatterbox. Thank you and your welcome Lynn and Cheryl for the new thread. Glad the weather has been better for you Cheryl and love the butterfly graphic. Speaking of rain we need it here been very dry. Sorry the weather is hard on you Lynn. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Hugs, Ingrid

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HAPPY FRIDAY sisters (and any brothers who are visiting!)

Wow, Lynn, it's not in my imagination to know it's been raining in Florida for such a long period. I certainly know about that "blue" feeling that comes along with the rain -- remember my 5-6 months of depression after last winter? This year I'm going to try to find one of those therapy lights. I'm so glad you have the tags and groups, etc. to get involved in. You do such amazing creative things. You are a real trooper handling the physical problems! I think it's Yom Kippur today - right? So you have every reason to sit down and rest. Happy Yom Kippur!

Here's wishing everyone a great Friday and weekend! Somebody must have butterflies to chase! lol

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Cheryl and Ingrid, I had been meaning to open a new thread but life got in the way. lol Thank you Cheryl, for opening the thread and thank you Ingrid, for suggesting that it be done.

I haven't seen much of anything nature-wise. It's been raining here practically every day for weeks on end. Makes a person very blue because of the darkness that comes before and during the rain but I shouldn't complain. It's hurricane season until the end of November and so far, so good. The weather does effect my arthritic bones, (back and legs, especially) and it makes it hard to walk too much. Standing in one position for too long will lock my legs up and if I'm not holding on to something, will fall very easily. But I sit and make my tags and I'm a happy little camper.

I hope everyone is well and keeping busy. Talk soon....I have to go finish looking at my mail and answering, then posting in my groups. Sending love to all who comes in the room.  

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Glad to hear you're cooler there now, Ingrid. This is an incredible summer here in BC this year. Last year was just awful with practically no sun at all. I got terribly depressed. But this year... wow! It's another beauty today but by mid-late afternoon it's time to come inside. Leaves on the big trees out back of us having been falling for a while now. Not looking forward to rain because once it starts it doesn't stop!

But for now..... Who said she hasn't seen butterflies this year That just hit me... either have I. Where have all those big colourful beauties gone?!


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Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well and hope you all are having a lovely Thursday. Very nice here as in cooler temperatures and some rain. Yea. Was wondering could there be a new thread for Chatterbox talk please? This is too long for me. Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestion, Ingrid. If anyone else has problems with too long threads, please speak up - okay? Sometimes they take a long time to load.


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CHAT AWAY SISTERS AND BROTHERS... any topic - good, bad, or ugly, pictures, and have fun! Welcome to anyone new who wants to join us!

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