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A brilliant idea
2 years ago
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Every now and then the ingenuity of humans makes me wonder, why did no one think of that before.  Here is a thread to post those new stories in.  See how Solar lamps made from recycled bike parts are changing lives for the better in Mali.

2 years ago

Wonderful idea Sue - thanks.

2 years ago

brilliant! thanks Sue

2 years ago

This is amazing, Tesla has decided to share freely their patents for electric cars!  Now this is something that I hope becomes catching and other businesses share their patents, especially when they can make life on our planet so much better.

2 years ago

13 year old student invents robotic arm, cheaper than you could possibly believe

2 years ago

I am marvelling over the 13 year old's discovery and invention! Every once in a while we get a glimpse of genius or 'simple' genius from the rich, enthusiastic mind of a youngster. There is a saying that "The Teacher will come when the student is ready" -- and often the "student" is mankind. This really made me smile, Sue, because it makes me believe there are more young and old minds 'out there' working for the good of life on Earth. Thanks for great post!

Here's one that, if it works, is SO SIMPLE and there certainly is an abundance of the ingredient (LOL):



1 year ago

That's an impressive list Cheryl, saw something on TV about a farmer who is using cow poop to power his farm and then selling the heated poop as a safe fertiliser.  Maybe he is one of your links above.  Here are some links on the things students are inventing, bless them.

A torch powered by the human hand, I'd love one of them for walking around the corners at night when the streetlights are not working.

A better, faster, cheaper HIV test

The same for pancreatic cancer

and one for Malaria

Thanks to all these wonderful students the future of medicine looks like it will be vastly improved.  As we all know getting the right diagnosis is the most important part of healthcare.

1 year ago

It is so encouraging that life goes on for the good of civilization, away from the sorely hurting parts of the world. These 'kids' are amazing, and there are probably so many more budding scientists out there working for the good of mankind. Brilliant minds! Hard to believe they are so young. I think it was just their time to start a lifetime of really shining and the world's to benefit. Thank, Sue!

1 year ago

There is a much better way coming very soon to generate solar power.  Solar power generating paint!  I watched a segment on it in a Nature of Things program almost a year ago.  It stuck in my mind as the best alternative to destructive power generation.  The researcher had a painted roof generating some power, but not a lot.  He said it would take more research to make the paint better.  If we had our cars, trucks, buses, trains, planes etc. painted with this type of paint, we could generate energy all day long and store it in the batteries for night time driving and living.  If we all had painted roofs, then there would be no need for any of the destructive ways to generate power and all the birds and animals would be safe.  Here are a couple of links.  It will not be too long before this is our new reality.  Can't wait for that day to dawn.

This one also has a short video.

1 year ago

How a schoolgirl has found a better way to clean up the tar sands tailings ponds horrors.  Thank goodness our children have more common sense and ingenuity than the moronic adults currently in charge of things.

1 year ago

I LOVE the solar idea, Sue. Boy, would that ever help us.

Well good for Hayley... What an amazing achievement, and only 18-years-old. It truly is heartening to see our young people (Einsteins and Madam Curries) coming forth. It is THEIR time, and they are the ones who are going to save this earth, I think. Such big messes to clean up after the past many generations.

Thanks for awesome news, Sue. Very exciting!

1 year ago

A new breakthrough in medicine.  Early days yet, but the first patient is walking again!

1 year ago

OH WOW... I just saw this on the news today and can't stop shaking my head! I mean, who would have EVER guessed something like this?! This is, perhaps, the beginning of new life for those who may have been resigned to spending the rest of the life in a wheelchair or bed.

Thanks, Sue. It was like a miracle to watch.

1 year ago

 Wonderful Sue

Thank you

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