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2 years ago
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Computer problems, big, small or just plain annoying   always seem to be affecting us in some way,   but there's usually an answer which can be supplied by one of our genious members here.   Post your problem and see if we can help each other.

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2 years ago
Our Wendy is having computer problems.
2 days ago

Read in F&S that Wendy is having computer problems.  I do not have her email addy.  If anyone has, please send her the info on the adobe flash update as she has been having problems with her version.  Either that or her system is infested by the fake update virus.  Will come back later to chat.  Thanks a million.

2 years ago
2 days ago

Sue thank you, I took your advice, that you gave on "F&S" group, I am not tempting fate, as it has been awful, with the fake flashplayer, (outbrowse), I have cleaned and cleaned, , then downloaded flashplay 14 from the legit adobe, so ......... wait and see,.

Thankyou for letting people know here, because if it hasn't gone, (the virus) then my time would be limited, because the virus, is a re-direct, and takes control, grrrrrrrrrrrrr, at times , if I could have got my my hands on the person who put the bloody virus out, I would have cheerfully wrung his/her neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, - even with my arthritic thumb, which is giving me gip,  

2 years ago

Wendy I have been getting that flash thing a lot tonight,drove me nuts taking about 4 attempts to post even in feedback.

I have the new flash player and that fake one is asking for a download to an older one!!
i have Malwarebytes and my McAfee security,they remove them but do NOT stop it appearing again

The people who cause all this bother want shooting!!!

2 years ago

Lily I am having that trouble too, it flashes up so often I can't get to the groups in the evening. there is no way to get rid of it either.

2 years ago

Quick get this posted, Lily, and Brenda, lets start a "get fake flash player" group, I empathise with you both , it is soooooo annoying,  the fake flash player is malicious, it is a re-direct , not a pop up,, = pop up's can be X'd, -> re-directs control your lap top / pc. So you have to x it in the small window, of the screen, then it downloads !!!!

Now i have become very quick at clicking the x in the small window, then clcking the x in the "tab" before the beastly thing down loads,

my security wont let it through, it tells me malicious maleware has been blocked, YES GOOD, BUT NOT ERADICATED GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. 

I followed Sue's great advice, I have the real flashplayer update - 14,

I have tried AVG, I even have another cleaner that I can't remember, as well as Kaspersky,> (not free).

So my next action, is going to my provider, I am with "Talk Talk", I am going to make them, look at the router, and if need be, give me a new one, ,.

If it helps any, loads of people are suffering , so the "geeks" had better do something, the people who invent security are smarter, than the evil virus/maleware planters,

Trust me, Lily & Brenda if I find a permanent solution, I will come here and share the info, infact I will message you both .

 Oh and yes it is the evening, that the fake "f.p." seems to become unstoppable. Keep smiling, we will eradicate the viruses/maleware .

When you are posting , and it is slow, look at what your p.c tells you, -you are waiting for, I caught one saying, "waiting for", (I think it was ?) that was the malicious site, I can't find it now, shows how quick they are, but i am watching !!!!.x x x x 

2 years ago
2 hrs ago

Another link that may help you remove the virus, if that is what it is.  I've seen it referred to as a Trojan, Virus, Adware etc. it seems to wear many hats and be slightly different as time goes by.  It seems to be contracted through malware infected ads placed on websites.  Thank goodness for AdBlock Plus.  One person said he got rid of the popups by using a script blocker.  Another by using an adware cleaner.  Yet another had to trash his routers and buy new ones.  He had a business with dozens of infected computers on his wifi network.

If nothing else works then go to

Become a member and then post in the help forum, it is usually a few days until they get to you, but they will stick with you until the problem has been erased.  Here is the link to the malware forum

An having a very rough week, will be back to chat in a day or 2.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Enjoy tonight's extra special moon this Friday the 13th.

2 years ago

WONDERFUL IDEA! Thanks Lynn, and thanks Sue, Wendy, Lily, and Brenda for participating. I will be keeping my eye on this thread to try and educate myself.

2 years ago

I went onto the F&S group, saw Sue's advice. which is what I will try next, I copied my rant to Eric , so I could show you here , Oh Sorry Lynn good Idea to get the problem in one place,

 will be back later and let you know how I get on, with yet more investigations, you will see at the end, I say, "I tweeted MR Tim Benser Lee, >he invented the "internet" -w.w.w.. be good if he got back to me ?

ER >>(I think that is his name, but definitly I tweeted the correct person, will check on twitter later ))<

Here is my rant to Eric on the F&S , here in care2 ,  x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxx
>>>rant to Eric >>>

I tell you I have configured, / de-configured/ created images/ run in safe mode/ cleaned /disenfected then what happens, it goes, but as soon as I have been on "care2" for any length of time it comes back, the dreaded big red f  is there flashing telling me to download flashplayer 11.7  

I have now contacted, ADOBE who told me it isn't a fake , not a maleware/virus???

my security Kaspersky will not let it download, calling it dangerous maleware,!!

I tried to get through to my broadband provider"Talk Talk" , who won't talk to me, as it was my son who intially contacted them, arghhhhhhhhhhh, I pay the bill, (it has spured to move to sky) oh was going to say to "talk (not to you dear) talk", to check the router !!!!!, luckily my son is here tomos, for Fathers Day, so he can "talk talk" to them!

I have even tweeted MR TIM BENSER LEE, !!!!

ok rant rant over >>>>>look out the big "f-er" is back , RUN , NO DON'T RUN QUIT. >>>>

2 years ago

Sue - you are the best at all this - now Wendy and Brenda - helloooooooBrenda - are both in the UK area at least - I have NOT had this fake flash player - unsure why - but your evening would be right about now for me - based on an 8 hour difference - Karpensky ios suppose to be one of the best - I run my AdvancedSystemCare daily - have Sbybot for the Saturdays.  use the free AVG (well weverything is free) - CCleaner when there is a weird problem - Anti-SuperSpye=ware and Malewarebytes when I want more - could be more but any ideas on these Sue when you are eeling better?

If you all haven't yet - I would sign up for the Sophos newsletter that Sue reads - I did and it is fantastic!

2 years ago

Lynn, thank you for starting a separate thread for computer problems.  Had meant to do that then forgot, too much happening here keeps me from thinking clearly.

I'm wondering if anyone who is having problems with the fake flash player update pop-ups is having the same problem on any other sites they go to?  If not then at this point in time I believe there is a malware infected ad on this site that is causing the problem.  If that is the case it would explain why people are having such a hard time here on C2.

The only reason I know a little about the malware programs is from my own infestations and all the hoops I had to jump through to get the system clean.  2 out of the 3 infestations I had came from C2!  Not from the site itself, but from infected links I clicked on before I knew about WOT.  Web of Trust is a browser add-on that I have installed in Firefox.  It is also available for other browsers, but I have no idea how to install it as I only really understand Firefox.   If WOT gives a link a red circle, I do not click on it.  If a yellow or orange then I investigate before deciding to click or not.  Green means the site is safe.  Here is the link for WOT for Firefox

Also use No Script, it is a royal pain sometimes, but does block scripts from running that may install malware, you choose which to allow, which not to.  It takes time to learn how to use it, they have a great tutorial to guide you.

AdBlock Plus works the best on Firefox, the version for IE is not as good and allows some ads to be seen.

It's possible that having these three add-ons is what is preventing my system from becoming infected.  Not sure at all.

Have also installed Lazarus, it is a browser add-on that keeps track of what you type in a box, if for some reason you lose your post or message you can right click in the empty box and click to have your text returned.  Never lose a post again.  Only installed this on Monday when I lost an entire hour's work responding to one of Cheryl's posts.  Was going to throw the keyboard through the monitor, then calmed down and installed this instead.

2 years ago

Val I remember Spybot Search and Destroy.  Had that on my Windows XP system and it was fantastic, never allowed me to get infected and blocked every attempt to infect the system.  For a while it was getting a bad rep, but now it is once again getting glowing reports.  I used to run it constantly in the background.  Then do a weekly full scan too.  Here is a safe site to download it from.  It is under the security heading.

AVG Free is what I'm using too, didn't like that it shut down Windows Defender though, but it appears it also does the job WD did so no use having 2 programs running all the time doing the same thing.  It is also available at the ninite site.  Used to use Avast Free, but after getting malware 3 times using it decided to change to AVG.

CCleaner, available at ninite, have heard both good and bad about it.  Some people swear by it, yet I've read about at least 3 people in my Yahoo Computer group whose systems got completely F'd up by it.  I use the Junkware removal tool, it deletes unnecessary things like empty folders, registry entries etc.  Never had a problem with it.  Direct link is on this page in blue.  For a while it looks like nothing is happening, then suddenly you get a file of everything it got rid of for you.

Every week I also run Malwarebytes and Sophos Virus Removal Tool, Malwarebytes is also available on the ninite site.  Sophos is available here.  Scroll down until you see the Virus Removal Tool download button.

Superantispyware is still on the list of things to do.  Have heard glowing reports about it.  Here is a link to download it, scroll down the page for a tutorial on how to use it.  The free version works to scan and remove problems.

To me, if my anti-virus, Malwarebytes and Sophos cannot get rid of something that is on my system, then it is time to go to Bleeping Computer and ask for help.  Sometimes it can be so difficult to remove malware or spyware, rootkits etc. 

Under no circumstances ever should anyone run COMBOFIX unless you are asked to by an expert who has told you to and is helping you to clean your system.  Running that on my system kept me offline for almost 6 weeks as it deletes everything it finds and what it found on my system were badly infected Windows 7 OS files, in the end I had to restore to factory settings losing everything.  Took me over a week to re-install everything I'd lost.  Although all my emails from the ISP were gone forever along with all saved photos, personal files and all my contacts too.  Learn from my huge mistake.

2 years ago

Here are a few links to help you learn how easy it is for malware/spyware/viruses to get onto our computers.  It is a never ending battle to keep our systems safe.

You can sign up for the daily Monday to Friday naked security newsletter at the link above.

That will keep you busy reading for the rest of the month!  Definitely not for reading before sleeping.

2 years ago

Sue you asked up there if anyone was having the problem on other sites,well so far I have only had the problem on Care2!
I have installed something called Spyhunter, don't know if I will get that flash problem tonight as I have only just come on here.

2 years ago

I right clicked on that flash thing and came up with a load of words and found this further down the page....

Host Search Results:
About this host:

This domain is owned by Baidu. The main business activity is: Chinese search engine

The main purpose of cookies set by this host is: Targeting/Advertising

Key numbers for

We have found 2 cookies set by this host domain, and these cookies have been found on 188 different websites.

Of the cookies found, 1 are Persistent cookies and 1 are Session Cookies.

2 years ago

Lily, is there any way to get rid of the cookies?  Like the Persistent cookie....if it's persistant, wouldn't it be hard to get rid of? Boy, the Chinese put their two cents in everywhere, don't they?

2 years ago

I am not very clever when it comes to things like that Lynn but it seems that is what is causing all this bother we are having

2 years ago

Lily, since you only seem to have the problem on Care2 it seems that one of the ads is causing the problem.  Eric is always telling people to allow ads on the site as that is how C2 is able to stay afloat, they get money every time we view the ads, but in all honesty the ads cause so much grief.  I have completely blocked all ads with AdBlock Plus in Firefox everywhere I go on the internet except a few TV station websites where if I do not watch the ads then am not able to view the program episodes.

There is a way to completely block everything from that site by putting the domain name into your hosts file.  However you can really F'up your computer if you make a mistake doing that.  Here are a few links some explaining what the hosts file is, some with instructions to edit it and add the domain name you want to block.  Then the last one is to a downloadable program that allows you to edit the file.  In all honesty I do not think I'd want to edit this file on my own system.  But if I was in your shoes and about to lose my mind completely, then I'd make sure to copy the existing hosts file with a new name like - hosts1 - in case I screwed up the edit.  Then it would be easy to delete the newly badly edited one and rename the older one back to it's original name.  Hope I explained that clearly enough.  Here are the links.

If you're reluctant to edit the hosts file, then this link has other less drastic options.  Mostly only browser ad blockers though.

There is a computer help group on Care2, Computer Shop, maybe join and ask the host, Frank, if he has any alternative suggestions, or give him your Windows version and ask for simple instructions to edit the hosts file if adding the ad blockers does not fix the problem.  He knows much more about things than I do.

Oh how I wish Zen was still with us.  She would have had this problem sorted out in record time.

2 years ago

Thanks , Sue , I only have the problems when I come onto care2, which is why I sent the message to Eric,

I have read up a bit , on the Kaspersky forum, and wow, scarey stuff , but the biggest targets for cyber crim's, are people on Facebook, . I am not on facebook much and only have known friends and family connections on there, I can get a message to friends who I don't have a phone number for,

Any way, Kaspersky gave me a blocker, that protects my facebook account, and my "friends account " while they are "chatting to me", from all the beastly cyber-crim's/ malware/ viruses/ adware/ pop up's  - flaming intruders !!!

The people being ripped off from their banks, are Russian , and mostly thanks to facebook!!

Any dormant forums are being invaded by chinese / Japenese adware pop up's, care2 would do well to close all groups who are not active ,.

The last thing I did was make an image of everything, oh and put a file into - quarantine,  oh and haven't seen you know what yet !!!, but yesterday it was on all day, and it wasn't called " flash ahhh ahh , protector of the universe !!!

back soon, Lily hope your ok, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxx 

2 years ago

Hi friends i was off earlier as my windows wouldn't start but thankfully got it going again now.
Well Sue I am reluctant to do a lot of stuff on here in case it makes things worse.

I did put adblock on Internet explorer but nowhere else so far.
I want to see how things go regarding that pop up.

Never had as many problems with my old pc well maybe a few in the beginning.
Then of course they decide to pack up supporting XP to get us to change to new ones but I find on my old pc that they are still doing updates on XP there !

2 years ago

Lily, I'm still getting updates on my desktop which has XP. My laptop was Windows8 when I bought it but then I upgraded to 8.1. It knocked out my Kaspersky and I had to reinstall it. It also made it so that I now have to put in my Microsoft password every time I boot it up. Why can't they leave things alone? Each new thing brings on some kind of trouble.

I hope the pop-up is gone forever!  Wendy, you're a computer guru. Wow, the things you have done to protect your computer are astounding. You go, girl.

2 years ago

Well I have always had a start up password to get on to from windows but the password I had to change recently.

I too hope that pop up has gone but well who knows.
It definately only shows on care2 nowhere else so must be from one of the advertisments.
It is not so much the pop up but the fact it wont go away and keeps on no matter how many times you click on the X
I have put adblock on Internet explorer but nowhere else so far.

Just clicked accidently on that ad below here Avon one, they are a niusance sometimes,I though I might lose this post when it covered the page.
I lost a post in another group a little while ago so annoying that page came up that said page cant be found thing so I lost what I had written.

2 years ago

Great thread -

Wendy good info re FB.  I am on it but not much at all - adn I agree about the groups and I add profiles on Care2 - i they haven't been her for 10 years - whey are they still here!  makes the #'s look good.

And Sue - Frank is good and thanks - will come back here and luckilu is beore noon - I know CCleaner doesn't get rave reviews sometimes but works or me - luckily I don't have the fake Adobe Player - wonder why?

You all are great - and if you have NOT yet signed up for Sophos - link above - I highly suggest it! 

How to post You Tube videos in groups
2 years ago

Boy, wrote and posted this yesterday, but Care2 was down when I clicked on submit.  Thanks to Lazarus I didn't lose the post!  I'm really loving that add-on.

Seems people are having trouble posting You Tube videos.  They changed the URL's of many videos and have now made them HTTPS instead of HTTP so mostly if you delete the S you should not have a problem.  Here is what I have on a sticky note on my Windows 7 desktop so that I can always check the link is the right one.

Embed group video
Then video code

Whatever comes after the ?v= in the URL bar of the browser showing the video on You Tube is the only thing that will change.  Of course you have to type - video: - before adding the URL.  Then check by clicking preview to see if you have the correct code before clicking to submit your post.  If the video box does not show up in preview then the URL needs editing.  Sometimes there is a . in the that also needs removing.

Sticky Notes are available in Windows 7 and 8, to get them click on start and then type - sticky notes - in the box that says search programs and files.  Click to run the program.  I pin mine to the desktop so that I can see all my reminders every time the computer boots up.  The link that looks live in this post will be copied and pasted as simple text to a sticky note.  Couldn't find a way of not making it a live link, although it will go to a not found message as there is no video code in it.

2 years ago

Sue, thanks so much for instructions on embedding a video. I was doing it right but didn't know that you had to take the "s" out of https, so my videos were not coming up. I tried it your way and it was perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Thanks also, for the sticky notes link. I now have the sticky notes with your instructions on my taskbar.

2 years ago

Are we talking about videos for groups or for on comments on peoples pages?

When I post a video in these groups from YouTube I only copy and paste the url under the video and it works first time in the groups here.

When I did do an embed one for comments it was just the same after clicking on the embed link just copied and pasted.

2 years ago

Glad it is working for you Lynn.  I love the sticky notes and have fun doing them in different colours for different types of things to remember.

Lily, those instructions were just for group postings.  I've never put a video on peoples comment pages as they are so tiny and hard to see.  Many people do not know that if you click on the You Tube logo in the bottom right hand corner of the video box you will be taken to you tube to watch the video in the usual size box, which I had to do all the time thanks to my failing eyesight when people posted videos in my comments.  The URL under the video does not always work in group posts as many people complained in Zen's group.  You're lucky that way works for you.  Going to try it now to see if it works.

2 years ago

Now that is surprising, it didn't work that way months ago.  The link had the in the URL under the video.  I wonder if Care2 has changed the way they accept the videos now?.  Good to know that works too.  Love to have options and to learn something new every day too.

2 years ago

A bit overwhelmed here but probably because am exhausted from mowing - and hurting   I just added Lazarus after losing some posts so we'll see - have never been able to post a video - just the link - let's see - when you say to copy the link under teh video - have no idea - i just see the one in the top bar = for example

 I just get the link

2 years ago

Oh wow - it worked!  I took off the "s" - thanks - well enjoy the song

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2 years ago

So happy it's working for you Val.  In all honesty I'm amazed when anything works properly here on Care2.

2 years ago

Sue - the first video I ever posted!   And love Lazarus!  Had forgotten about that link!  Thanks for all youir help always!

2 years ago

Is anyone else having problems with Care2 latency? Everything is slow in coming up and I lost two posts already. I hope it's not my computer. I've had enough problems with it already.

2 years ago

Last night Lynn I could not get these boxes to open properly so could not post.

I thought I had lost a post recently but it showed up again a while later!It was slow when I came on tonight but seems to be better now

2 years ago

Yes Lily, it seems to be a little bit better now. I couldn't get into my Personal Messages last night and earlier today but that seems to be alright now also. Looks like Care2 needs a little care!

2 years ago

Thing is Lynn it confuses people as they often think it is their computers and maybe start messing around with them for nothing.
So best to hang in there for a while when these things occur 

2 years ago

Lynn, it's time for you to install Lazarus on your browser.  You'll never lose a post again.  The link for Firefox is above, but if you use a different browser, here is their web site link.

If you use IE there should be a similar add-on for it.  Care2 has been too slow to use for days now, so I only came on to do the daily clicks and sign a few petitions.  Now have to catch up yet again!

2 years ago

Lynn - I never remember those except the one that has saved me - C + V - paste

Seems Care2 is always having issues now - having trouble with the videos again so will ask once more - I think - and will save somewhere - when you copy the URL - do you use the HTML box in the advanced editor or the link in the editor - and WHEN do you write video:   ????   I remember about the "s" - sorry I am dense today -

2 years ago

Val, no need to use anything at all, just type in the box you use to make any group post.  Just type video: then add the link from the browser URL bar making sure to remove the S or anything else that shouldn't be there.  It will be live all by itself after you click post reply, but to check click on preview before posting.  I've been dense for days due to the heat and humidity and noisy as hell upstairs neighbours waking me up at ungodly hours the last week or so.  Think someone up there lost their job.

2 years ago

Thanks Sue - may have just been one of those that don't work???   Also I downloaded the Sophos Anti-Viral Tool - did you see that htis AM - supposedly it found 1 threat - I use the free AVG - just wondering your opinion.

2 years ago

Sophos is a great malware detector, I run it every week, more often if the system is slow or not behaving properly.  Usually that just means Care2 is having a snit again, or the weather is bad causing power outs somewhere locally.  With all the thunder storms recently we have had trouble getting to websites in our province and it was next to impossible to watch TV episodes online.  Switched to AVG free some time ago as Avast free was becoming annoying and I couldn't get help from their help forum.  AVG is no problem at all and it automatically runs a full scan every morning for me.

What was the threat Sophos found for you?  It does find things other scanners miss thankfully.

Maybe the video that didn't work had the time stamp on it.  That looks like #T=130 at the end of the URL if the poster wants the video to start at 1 minute 30 seconds in.  It's handy if you are referencing only a small part of a long video, or the first part is too boring for words.  Those will not post live on Care2, but work perfectly in hotmail/ emails.  Also if the URL has the word embed in it that part has to be removed as they will also not post live on Care2.  It's frustrating having to remember so many things just to post a video.

Flash player update July 8th, 2014
2 years ago

Mine managed to update itself, have no idea how.  To check you have the latest update go to this link.  We should all be on 14,0,0,145, unless we use the Linux or Solaris OS.

There is a link to the download centre on that page.

2 years ago

Don't remember the threat Sue but thanks for reminding me of it - completely forgot - actually it is the media player I need to update many sites saw now - I just got an alert in my e-mail this morning for the adobe flash - and YES lots to remember and then in one group where they want me to center them too -I would leave if I hadn't been asked to be a co-host - will eventually maybe anyway -

2 years ago

Just put this link on Car two support, I thought it was interesting, as it shows you how petitions can look real, when infact they are simply a phishing excerise, , 

have a read see what you think, (sorry it's not a live link, but you all know if you highlight it, you can right click for a choice to   >>go to ......,   (and it's quicker than copy and pasting),

oh at the end of the report, it says, you can sign up to the blog, do so if you wish , it's safe , from "Kaspersky" , or just ignore it

anyway have a read see what you think , x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxx>>>>>>>

2 years ago

Took a look Wendy - sure looks real - thanks.

2 years ago

We have to be so careful what we click on.  I'm lucky in my Hotmail account that I can click to see the full header of any email and usually can read it without actually opening it.  Get phishing emails almost daily and always report them.

Here is a link to a tool that removes adware, remember the fake flash player virus thingy?, one of the experts on my Yahoo computer group highly recommends it.  Seems it removes adware that other tools cannot.  Bookmark the site for future use, or download the tool and keep it on your desktop so it is ready if your browsers are infected.

2 years ago

The Firefox newsletter came today and gave a link to a truly wonderful and so easy to use screen grab tool.  Just downloaded and tried it and can't believe anything could be so easy.  Next time something strange pops up on your computer and you need to show someone and ask for help use this add-on.

You can save the whole browser window, or as I did a portion.  Just right click anywhere in the window, hover over ScreenGrab! from the menu that opens and then hover over save, select the type of grab you want to make.  Outline the part of the screen you need to save if you only need a portion, then the windows save file screen opens and prompts you for a file name.  So much easier than any other way I have ever done a Screen Grab.  Perfect for those pop-ups that don't stay on the screen for long and need deciphering by someone who understands more than we do about error messages.

Nov. 3/214
2 years ago

I just found this thread in the archives, so I re-activated it again. It's really handy to have where we can easily find it, with so many computers doing wacky things these days!

Please put any problems in here if you can as it's great to have the support of each other, especially from those who know how to fix things!    

2 years ago

Here's an article that shows us how long some problems have waited to be fixed in the windows OS.

I'm still battling the cause of my inability to load some web sites and pages.  Two months working on this so far!  If anyone wants to see how frustrating it can be to fix computer problems, have a read through all the things I've tried so far.  I'm about ready to open window and eject computer.  It will have a soft landing though since we have snow on the ground now.

2 years ago

Just researched and the answer is no - sucks

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2 years ago

Val, I read your original post in the emailed copy.  It seems you can dual boot a computer with Windows 8 and Linux Mint 16 if that is what you want to do. 

I suggest you join my Yahoo computer group and ask for help there.  Many members run dual boot systems with Windows 8 and Linux.  You will get all the help and support you need.  Remember to give the details of the system you want to dual boot, or a link to the specifications.

How to properly remove Flash Player
2 years ago

Discovered there is a very special way of removing Flash Player when I was told I'd done it the wrong way.  Here is the right way.

2 years ago

Why would you want to remove flash payer? you need it to view videos

2 years ago

Thanks Sue - so far I have an older Linux and 7 still - as long as the duct tape hold   will look at the group.  And dthanks for the link when I want it - I usually use revoUninstaller for things - the windows progran uninstall leaves traces of things that mess stuff up it seems -

Lily - there is suppose to be HTMLS you can use rather than Flash - but Sue might now  - I don't - read it in the Sophos newsletter - suggest everyione subscribe totthat - is free - Sue got me started  

2 years ago

Lily, I've been battling a massive computer/internet problem for the last 2 months.  At one point the flash player was crashing multiple times a day.  I was told to remove and then re-install it, but not told about the special removal tool to use.  If you remove flash player without the removal tool it is not completely removed and can cause problems with the new installation.  Any program on your computer can become corrupt at any time and will need to be removed and then re-installed.  It helps if you do things the right way instead of the way we think is right.  I'm on a steep learning curve right now and totally fed up with not being able to fix the problem.

The HTML5 way of watching videos has not been adopted by all websites yet.  So I think it is too early to completely remove the flash player.  The HTML5 is supposed to be very secure and not buggy like flash player is.  I'm waiting until Sophos says it's time to switch.  I think there is a way to switch on some sites by editing the way you view videos, but have not had time to look into that yet.  I'm falling way behind where I should be, over 3,000 emails/group posts and with watching TV episodes online since the VCR died.

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Val, can you help me please, we have the same Win 7 and you understand linux.  At this point I'm really desperate.  I was told to download the Puppy V6 and burn the ISO.  Then he said to boot to the Puppy desktop.  But didn't tell me how to do that.  If I restart the computer with the DVD in the drive the computer still boots to Windows 7.  In the Boot menu (F12 on my computer) is this option


Do I click on that to boot to the DVD?  I asked the guy who was helping me and he gave up helping.  I think he misread part of my post about being scared to mess things up more.  While I know quite a bit about computers after working on them for decades I have never booted to a DVD with a different OS before.  I'm terrified of making things worse by clicking on something that will further damage the system.  If you want to see his instructions they're here on the 3rd page a few posts from the bottom.  Personally I feel there is some missing info that would have helped me understand better.

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Don't bother replying to my previous message.  I decided to take a chance and found how to boot to the DVD.  Sometimes taking chances works out well, I was lucky this time.  Windows 7 is still not working properly though and will probably have to be re-installed unless I decide to give up computing instead, which is becoming more of a possibility as my frustration mounts.  Grrrrrrr.

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Maybe upgrading would help Sue I am using windows 8.1

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Lily, it will be a very cold day in hell before MS gets any more $$$$$ from me.  They constantly release software full of bugs and I'm sick of it, it's nothing more than a never ending headache.  Problem solved this morning.  It was a corrupted NIC card driver.  I had checked I had the latest version weeks ago but never thought about a corrupted file.  This morning I ran a repair on that driver and am able to load all websites again.

Given that Puppy Linux was so easy to install and use.  Took me less than 10 minutes to learn and being able to set everyting up and getting online as opposed to 3 days of updates and setting up for Windows 7, which took 4 days just to get the speakers working! Plug and play my ar**.  I'll go with Linux in future if this system ever dies and cannot be restored.  Besides I love the sound of the barking dog when you get it all working!

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CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?! This kid will be a billionaire by the time he's 10!

British boy, 5, becomes world's youngest computer specialist
Unchecky a tiny program that helps prevent us downloading crapware
1 year ago

Was sent this link in an email today.  A great little program to download that prevents you unknowingly adding any of those annoying browser add-ons, adware and other crap when you download any kind of software or updates.  Read about it here before downloading, there is also a video of it working.  It doesn't work for everything, but does catch things that we are not given the option of declining sometimes.  Google Chrome downloaded the toolbar without even asking me if I wanted it.  This little program would have prevented that from happening.  Works on all current windows versions through 8.

Here is a written review, although it also contains a download link I would suggest downloading from the site to get the latest version.

Here is a review from You Tube of how the program works.  Bottom line is that although it does not catch everything that tries to download itself it does catch lots so the reviewer thinks the program is good to install on our systems.  Every little helps as we try to protect our computers from becoming infected with all the crap floating around online.

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Just remembered something I heard on TV a while ago about how to find info about a photo we find online.  Go to this link to learn how to use Google to find the same image you want info about. Cheryl, you could post your tiny big eyed cutie in and find the original poster of the image and get the whole story about it!  Here is the link to learn how to do it.  I'll also post it in the computer thread so we will know where to find the info in the future.

Feb. 4/15
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From "Chatter..." thread #31.

From Sue:

Glad to hear Photobucket fixed your account Cheryl.  They do seem to have their share of problems, like Care2 does.  I didn't receive any notice from them about changes, maybe they targeted a few users to see how that idea went over first before making it site wide?  Glad Flash is fixed again.  You upload FROM your computer and download TO your computer. 

This article was in the Sophos newsletter this morning, Flash in as full of holes as Java is.

So, I made Flash ask to activate in Firefox, and every site I went to after needs flash!  This after reading that You Tube has stopped using Flash player on the site, yet it still wanted me to allow Flash.  This is going to be a real problem, or maybe there is a browser adjustment I need to do to use the other player.  Anyone know?

From Sue earlier:

Lily, you are not meant to copy and paste your photos from photobucket, the site is not designed to work that way.  If you hover your mouse over a picture on your main bucket page, or in an album a cog wheel appears at the top right corner of that picture, move the mouse pointer to the cog wheel and a drop down list appears.  Left Click on - share links- and then left click on the link next to - direct - from the list that opens, the box flashes yellow and says copied.  Then paste that link into the URL box in the box that opens when you click on the tree in a group post or Care2 personal message.  That's how I was taught to do it and it works every time.  Also once you upload a photo to either a care2 album or Photobucket or any other photo hosting website, that photo stays there until you delete it from the site, unless there is a problem like Care2 had when it lost people photos.  If you delete if from your computer that will not affect the copy stored on any photo hosting website. 

Believe me it took 2 long very frustrating years, and a lot of help from Zen and Nimue to learn how to use photos and pictures online, for the longest time I just couldn't get it to work, it's a never ending learning experience for me.  I still haven't managed to figure out how to use Photobucket stored pictures in emails, so usually download them to my computer and then use the image insert in the email program.  One day there will be enough free time to learn how it works from Photobucket.

Cheryl, the easiest thing for you to do is to completely uninstall flash player, then install the latest version, there is a way then to tell it to update automatically.  Here is the link to completely uninstall it

Then use this link to install a fresh new version.

I don't remember how I told it to update automatically, but take your time installing the new one, that choice comes up, I think it was checked automatically.  Those 2 links contain easy to follow instructions!

For Cheryl, and anyone else who emptied the recycle bin and then realized we wanted to keep that now deleted file.  The price is right it's free software, click the green download button, NOT buy now, to recover your deleted photos from your hard drive

Here's instructions with pictures, and a link to another free recovery tool....

Good stuff, Sue.

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 Love this Thread as I am no computer tech

Hi Sue

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Wow... another once-popular thing hits the dust! I still can't get over Blockbuster and other "big" stores closing after.. I think only a decade or so! It was fun going in there and picking out a few movies to watch. Nothing lasts very long these days. Thanks, Sue. If you hadn't posted that, I probably wouldn't have found out for ages. lol  I used to use that all the time, and then we had that big virus hit and I stopped.

March 23
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Sue, have you found a new computer mouse yet? If not, what kind of mouse do you have - cordless or otherwise?

I've asked my son to put the word out to his computer buddies, but he needs to add that information.

1 year ago

Cheryl, thanks for trying to help.  I know the mouse I want, a logitech wired one because it has the long wire I need to go from the computer to the desk where I type.  It's rare these days to find one with a wire long enough, thankfully Staples stocks it, along with the new keyboard I need too.  The problem is I have not been able to get out for over a month to that area of town.  The weather here has been awful, the coldest February on record, winds so bad my knees and hips ache after only a few minutes outside continue right into this week.  The ice on the sidewalks makes them treacherous and our very slow on and off again thaw isn't helping much.  There is a lot of walking to be done getting from store to store at that end of town where most of my shopping gets done.

Then the upstairs people, or idiots outside, wake me up numerous times a night, I'm like a zombie most days.  On top of that the depression has been so bad that I spend hours just crying and wanting to die every day.  Most days I barely function and my thinking is too clouded and muddy to feel safe going out.  My balance is off a lot too, another reason not to be going out feeling this way.  What an existence eh?  Have to get out today even though I'm exhausted again as there isn't much left to eat, haven't had a balanced meal in weeks now.  On the up side it will be +3C and sunny with low winds at some point this afternoon!  We make up for it with freezing rain tomorrow.  Can't wait for Spring to really arrive so getting out will be easier.

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Learn how to protect yourself online with this interactive video series.  You have to type in some of the web sites you use for a personalized view of how you are being tracked online.  I watched the first video, had to allow all scripts.  Then you give them your email address so they can serve you up the next video personalized for you.  It's completely safe to use.  Here's the article with the link to the website for the videos.  The first video was a real eye opener!

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If you do not want to upgrade to windows 10 then read this scary article.

Find out if it has already happened to you here, how to remove the files and prevent them from being downloaded in the future.

8 months ago

Scary new ransomware doing the rounds.  Read to learn how to not get caught.

Flash zero day prompts emergency update
6 months ago

Here we go again, just 3 weeks after the last one.  Yet another Zero Day and yet another Flash update.  Today April 8, 2016 Adobe has released a Flash update.  Install it as soon as possible to stay safe online.  Here's the article

Go here to check if you have the latest version, if not you can get the update from the link in item 2.

URGENT WARNING - QuickTime for Windows is dead and you should uninstall it to stay secure
4 months ago

Read about the vulnerabilities and how to remove QuickTime here

I am appalled to only find out about this more than 6 weeks after the vulnerabilities were discovered.  Apple really kept this quiet, shame on them.  Uninstalling the software took me less than 2 minutes so it is really easy.


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