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4 years ago


4 years ago

Ah yes Wendy a cup of tea would be nice as I hate coffee, even the smell of it.
I don't drink much of it though really,when I am home usually one cup a day

I drink coke or squash.

Not good I know.
Been raining  a little here today so I hope they are right about the weather going to be good again.
Our weather is so unreliable isn't it?

Cheryl will have to start that new thread soon this one is sooo long! and if the end  and home button did not work it would take ages getting from one end to the other.
sometimes they don't work.


4 years ago

Popping in for another cuppa ,Cheryl  and to say have a great >officially now Labor Day,> did you a cuppa too, x x x x x

Lynn that sounds like a great family gathering, enjoy yourself, a cuppa to fortify you xxxxx

hello ,Lily hope you are ok?, the weather is going to cheer up for us this week, cuppa? x x x x x

Hello Angel, hope you are having a great Day too, cuppa?xxxxxx

Hello Mary, do you take sugar in your tea ? hope the weather is better for you too, here you are Mary, biscuit with that ? ahh you will >he heXxxxxx       

Val I know is rushed off her feet, sit and have a cuppa, x x x

Brenda, hope all ok? here's a cuppa, some nice weather due our way  x x

Sandi bet you have been enjoying Labor Day, here's your cuppa  x x 

Sue, how are you, I know you are always busy, on the computer, so here is a cuppa for you , hope you are feeling better  x x x x x

Finally time to drink my cuppa , cheers to you all, chat soon, love hugs x x Wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxx > ahhhh lovely xx

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4 years ago

Gee Cheryl, that tea time idea you have is so wonderful. Wouldn't it be great if we could all do that? Sit and chat over a cuppa tea or coffee and catch up on each other's lives while looking and smiling at other? Well, at least technology has given us the internet and even though we can't see each other we can "make believe" 'cause we have most of our pictures and know what each of us look like.

Cheryl, I think one of us should start a new thread. This one is getting rather long. I just started a new thread for "Any and All Animal News". There were 125 posts in there!

I'm going to Andi's house tomorrow, Labor Day. My grandson, Sue's son and Andi's brother is smoking 20 lbs of pork and a 20 lb. turkey. I'll eat the turkey. I don't eat pork or beef. There'll be 12 people including Trent and my great-nephew, who belongs to Josh and Katie, my brother's grandson and his wife. Their child is 1 and Trent is 3. Plus Andi and Chad's dog and 2 cats will make it a jolly gathering.

Gotta get back to my mail. I had 149 just for today but after answering and deleting I'm left with 54. See you all soon, sweet sisters! Love you all. ♥

September Ist happy early Autumn everyone
4 years ago

September is National Month of the chicken, also National Month of save the Tiger , hope September is good to everyone , Love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx pass the tea please Cheryl ahhhhhhh lovely xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

These chickens look happy


September- National Save the Tiger Month

4 years ago


Wouldn't that be great if we could... Mary, Lynn, Barb, Sue, Wendy, Lily, Val,  Angel, Brenda, Sandi, Isabel, ... then we might get a visit back from Dot, Coralie, Penny, DeSanka, Deb E., SuSanne... and hopefully I didn't leave anyone off the list but hope they show up! WE'LL JUST HAVE TO USE OUR IMAGINE! HAPPY TEA TIME! (or coffee, wine, beer...)

4 years ago

Good evening, everyone! Yes... HAPPY LABOR (without a "u") DAY/WEEKEND to all of you who celebrate it!

Lynn, you sound a bit better than the previous post. Vertigo/dizziness of any kind is such an awful thing because you can't get out and move around, in fact... mostly can't even get UP! That was terrible about Natasha Richardson (Vanessa Redgrave's daughter) and I'm sure glad that end result didn't happen to you! Such a senseless loss. BUT you sound better and that's what counts, sis!

Wendy, thanks for all that info on foxes, and the pic of the wee cubs is so darn cute! Good advice and I didn't know they had such a wide variety of food interests. I can't see them ever going hungry. Very interesting.

Hi Barb. You're right... sometimes it's hard to realize that one's ear is causing such things as dizziness because sometimes the ear isn't hurting. Hope you are doing okay and having a good weekend. Have you seen my Tweets video on the photograph thread?

Hi Lily, your fish tank looks so beautiful. You do a nice job of keeping it looking so clean and fresh. Boy, you've had some great encounters with foxes but not so much with the darn rats. Wherever there's food there's going to be rats! Rats!! Pics are so cute! Amen.

Hi Sue, Mary, Angel, Val, Brenda, Isabel... and all others who come here. Haven't seen Les for quite some time and I hope he's okay. I often send him good thoughts.

I have given up trying to keep up to emails, so if anyone has emailed me I am not ignoring you, I just haven't been there for awhile.


4 years ago

Strange I thought I had replied here unless it has gone into space!!

Glad you are feeling better Lynn,I don't know how you manage to contend with all your problems I know I couldn't, so good on you.
I have been watching the X factor tonight and it carries on tomorrow night.
Only the auditions but a couple of good ones  so far.


4 years ago

Hi dear friends, thank you all for the get well wishes. No infection, just left over from the fall I had in 2009. The neurologist said that because of the impact on my left side, the "crystals" in my left ear had become dislodged and were floating around. She said that I may have a periodic reoccurance of vertigo or vestibular problems for the rest of my life. I'll deal with that. It's better than dieing from the subdural hematoma in my brain that the fall caused. That's how Liam Nieson's wife Natasha Richardson, died.

Lily, the tank looks so pretty now. I hope the plants stay as they are and those hungry loaches
keep away from them.

I have so many emails I don't know when I'll ever get to all of them. PM messages also, so I'd better get back to answering or I'll be here all night!

4 years ago

Hope you are feeling better Lynn.
here is the fish tank today as you can see I have lost some of the plants

Just broke up and the loaches don't help by nibbling them


4 years ago

Yep get better soon Lynn, horrible to feel dizzy, my friend had that, it was something to do with her pituitary gland, she got meds , and is fine now, never re-occured , I think Barbara is probably right, most common reason, ear infection , or you have been getting up too quick, from a lying down position, try easing yourself up in the morning, when you get up, sending well wishes xxxxx


Cheryl sorry, thank you for the reminder yesterday re-International Day against Nuclear testing, I am anti Nuclear, totally "cnd"   

Lily great to hear about the fox I found the article interesting,

Hello Barbara, wishing you well wishes too, Hello Brenda, Sandi , Val, Sue, Mary, and all who visit here have a great weekend , and to all who celebrate this, happy Labor Day, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

Hello my dear friends!  Lynn I hope you feel better soon.  Maybe you have a middle ear infection. 

4 years ago

What cute cubs!!!
When I had a fox visit me regularly a few years ago he had lots of different foods off me.
Including meat pies,sausage rolls ,biscuits,chicken pieces,I even bought him  a whole one once (small) watched him carry it off.
he also liked grapes.
had to stop putting the biscuits out on the grass though as I found a couple of rats were taking them even back then.
The fox used to sit the other side of the wire fence like  a dog waiting for me.

I have  a photo of that will find it.


4 years ago

Thanks for all the interesting information, everyone!  I'm dealing with a bout of vertigo so I can't be on too long. Yesterday the dizziness was so bad that I couldn't get out of bed. Sue came over with dinner for me. What a rotten feeling!! Sue brought me dramamine and it's helped a bit. I hope to be back tomorrow. Have a great weekend, everyone.

I was reading about Foxes, thought Lily might like this
4 years ago

Hello all, have a great weekend, I have to do my emails, daily clicks , if i can I will pop back, if not will be here tomos, Cheryl, yuk May bugs errrr  love to all hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


What do urban foxes eat?

They have very varied diet, Urban foxes also eat earthworms, insects, fruit and vegetables and a wide variety of both domestic wild birds and mammals. Insects include large numbers of beetles, cut worms (the larvae of noctuid moths, which they get off lawns on wet nights), and both larval and adult craneflies. Most of the birds they eat are feral pigeons and small garden birds, and the most frequently eaten mammals are generally field voles, abundant on allotments, railway lines and other grassy areas. So urban foxes really do have a good varied diet.

Should I feed my foxes?

If you want to, yes; lots of people feed foxes, either regularly or occasionally, and get a great deal of enjoyment from doing so, but please be aware they are wild animals - feed and watch them, but don't try and tame them. In particular, don't put out excessive amounts of food and clear away any uneaten food. This will help ensure you do attract unwanted visitors, such as rats or cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

What should I feed them?

Virtually anything. Being carnivores, they like cooked or raw meat and tinned pet food. Meat bones and chicken carcasses are fine, don’t worry about putting out cooked chicken bones – foxes love them and, contrary to popular belief, they pass through the foxes gut without any problem. Foxes also like other savoury items such as cheese, table scraps, bread soaked in fat, fruit and cooked vegetables.

Will the foxes become dependent on me?

They won't become dependent on you, but if foxes are fed heavily and regularly they can be come over-confident and less wary of people. This could encourage them approach strangers for food, a situation that should no be encouraged. It's best not to put out large amounts of food every night, If you don't feed them, there are plenty of other food sources around. It may be strange but urban foxes frequently eat peanuts, bird seed, and other food put out on bird tables.

Do foxes have trouble finding food in bad weather?

No, there is still plenty for them to eat, but if you want to give the foxes some extra food, then do.

Why do the foxes run off with the food I give them?

Foxes cache their food (bury it to consume later), hiding it fast before some other animal takes it. A fox will go from house to house repeating the process, returning later to consume its bounty.

Why do I find dead animals buried in my flowerbeds?

The foxes have been caching surplus food, and are likely to be back within a few days to eat it. Foxes are not all fussy about sell-by dates, however, and some of the food they consume is more maggots than anything else, but is still eaten with relish.

Should I hand-feed the foxes?

No. Do not try to make foxes tame. While it is a great thrill to have wild foxes coming to take food from your hand, problems arise because many urban foxes are now so tame that they approach strangers in the expectation of being fed. Perhaps not surprisingly, a lot of people are scared by such behaviour because they do not know if the foxes are being aggressive or just inquisitive.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Hi everyone! Sounds like everyone is doing okay right now, and getting by. I've been busy on some other threads too; we sure have a lot of topics and features on the go, eh?!

Cute pics, Lily. Lovely animals and you are very creative with them.   Glad you got to see your brother. I bet there is always a big smile when you walk in. I have to get over to the family photo thread soon.

Between the rats and cats and foxes and spiders and other bugs, it's quite funny. I have a spider (not too big or bad) down at the edge of my computer desk and the wall. He gets to use the place in the daytime when I'm not here, and then when I turn the light on at night he skitters away in that space between desk and wall. Looks like we have an agreement. I can't get to him to put him outside unless I move the whole desk - not about to do that.

You sound like you're having a lot of fun there, Wendy! You always make me smile. Being a "magnet for the unexpected" must keep life very interesting for you and Mick and your friends. hee hee (and for us too!) I know what a June bug is - used to come out at night when we went camping. HUGE! But what is a May Bug like? One thing I haven't seen for a very long time is a snake. We used to see a lot of little garter snakes when I was a kid. I guess it's just the location. The pic of dog looking at that wine is funny. Looks like he's just waiting for a chance to take a slurp!

Okay... I got curious so I looked up the May bug (I shrunk the pic down so it didn't look so scary): Yep.... still scary, Wendy.


Here's a link showing the June bug. There seem to be so many different looking ones and some are quite pretty. But I don't believe all of them are June bugs. Some look a little like May bugs.;_ylt=AwrSblw.IABUcEkALenrFAx.;_ylu=X3oDMTB1Ymw5ZjQxBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1ZJUENBMDRfMQ--?_adv_prop=image&fr=yfp-t-715-s&sz=all&va=june+bug

Enough of the bugs.

Lovely roses, Angel. I can almost smell them! Mmmmmmmmm, nice!

Brenda, good to see you are back with us.

Isabel, I hope things are getting hooked up for you so you can come back soon.

Barb, hope all is well with you and Baby and Beenie. I still haven't posted that little video of our Tweets but I will soon.

Lynn, how are you doing, sis? Now that you are feeling better I hope you are getting out and about. How is Mandy doing these days? Nice that you can take her with you when you go visiting.

Sue, I hope you are feeling better. It's always great to see you post news on  threads and I know you sure enjoy the funny videos. I am still thinking about that crazy squirrel trying to figure out why he keeps sliding down the rope. So funny! On the news tonight it said Ontario has some pretty hot weather. Are you managing to keep cool enough? I just read tonight that Canada has some fighter jets in the Ukraine -- that kind of blew me away! Not a peep on the news about that.

Val, your MD is in Africa right now? Hope it's very far removed from the Ebola epidemic. Hard to imagine we have something like that happening anywhere in the world. Switch channels on your hubby when he's snoozing so he wakes up to something funny! Anyone remember Norman Cousins who ordered comedies to be played in the hospital and tests showed people's conditions improved. I hope those dizzy feelings have disappeared. Val, don't apologize if you can't be here every day. Life just does that to all of us. I couldn't be here every day, which I'm sure everyone's noticed.

Mary, you are off and about helping Luke to move and that should put you to bed early at the end of the day. It's always such a big job moving. I hope I never have to move again. Good luck and don't let anything injure you.

I best say good night here so I can go check out a few more threads. Sleep well, everyone.

4 years ago
4 years ago

Hi Brenda well that rat was a good actor,when I looked in box today it was gone!!!
I saw a big one on the grass earlier looking for bits of bird food dropped from feeders,don't know if it was the same one.
Bought some more bait,just hope it will rid me of them eventually.
The fox has been round again tonight, eats food fast and then away.

It is more nervous than the last fox.

4 years ago

Hi Lily, glad to be back. Pleased the fox is still coming for food. Glad your brother is well, I am sure he is pleased you go to see him.
You are still having rat trouble then, that must have been a shock when you opened the box. I have rats too, they have dug under my shed. I don't like insects either, I can't stand slugs. Love the fox picture.

4 years ago
Hi Friends,
             Well the fox has been back last night and tonight he is  a bit on the nervous side so I try to keep hidden behind the curtain but they don't miss much.
Anyway he has had the food I put out. last night he had chicken,that makes up for the cat pinching it last time!
I went to see my brother today,he was well.
I think me going more often helps.
When I got home I thought I had better look in the bait box to see if rats had taken any more.
Got a shock when I opened it as there was a large rat in there!!! it was alive but as it did not jump out I guess it was having effect from the bait.
I shut the lid quick believe me!!  yuk it was so big too.
If it is in there tomorrow which I guess it will be I will have the 'nice' job of removing it.
Hi Brenda glad to see you back.
Not sure what the 'May bug ' is Wendy but I wouldn't like it as I don't like any flying things in here (or crawling come to that) still haven't found the spider that run across this table the other night it was horrible!!
Even moths give me the creeps.
4 years ago

Hello everybody, sorry I haven't been here for quite a while. Hope you are all well, it is good to see all the pictures and the chat. I will be back tomorrow.

4 years ago

First I apologize for not being her more - between harvest, canning, appts etc it gets busy - and groups I host and Etsy.

Lily - always love your posts nd hope wasn't the rats as well. 

Cheryl - thank you for the candles much appreciated.

Angel - love the flowers.

Wendy - dog and wine - that is my kind of dog - but are you sure it wasn't suppose to be "whine"?    MD in Africa right now and insurance is a b**ch - so I'll do what I can with no funds....   now that really makes me laugh! 

Thanks everyone for caring so much.  As for hubby - everything he has wrong with him is basically progressive - when you have worked physically hard your whole life and being a type I diabetic - all the MD's are surprised he is doing this well -- getting harder and harder for him though to cook etc with his pain.  As for me - I do fine - just some days slower than others - thanks again.

Hello Sue - and anyone I missed -

4 years ago

hello Cheryl Lynn Wendy Lily Angel Sandi Sue Barb Val Brenda and anyone i missed i hope your back is a bit better Val and your hubby how is he ? Lynn you must have been freaked i never saw a bug that size Wendy how are you today?Cheryl how are you ?Sue i hope all is well in your neck of the woods  Luke and his family are moving house so its all hands to the pump here i may be missing for a few days love and hugs 

4 years ago
 photo nite1--edited_zps8be702f7.gif
4 years ago
Hi friends,
Wendy hope to be going to see my brother tomorrow so wont be on here late tonight.
Well those rats are still around but I am putting bait in the boxes and it is being taken.
But whether it will get rid of them I don't know as they seem to be immune to the stuff these days as the rats are so big.
One out there is nearly as big as a young squirrel!!!
I don't think I would pick up if I thought something was  a bomb! I wonder how many are sitting on a 'time bomb! we never know really do we unless one is un earthed.
Well have to get off now want to wash my hair for tomorrow as it's a right mess at the moment
4 years ago

Great to hear from Cheryl & Lynn, yes my extraordinary shopping trip , was one I could have done without, silly man taking an unexploded Bomb to the cops!, my friend Linda phoned me, and said  > "I knew it, I knew you would be there, then" 

she called me a magnet for the unexpected !!, then went on to remind me about all the weird things that have happened to me, Lin is coming over on Saturday, and we are going to write out all our adventures, then leave it all for the kids , he he he.

Glad to hear all is ok,for you both at the moment, - hope you had a good weekend xxxxx

Val so hope your husband gets sorted health wise, or at least gets some progress, re- his health , you too, you need to be careful, rest when you can, get some physio on your back, xxxxxX

Lily hope your other results are all good too, hope it isn't a rat hanging around yuk, didn't like the sound of Lynn's bug either,> have you seen those "May bugs" ? arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, one flew into our house about 5 years ago, oh gosh did I freak!!!, the cats were going mad to get it, I ran upstairs untill Mick got it , even he was saying "bloody hell it's big errrrr",  he he he. Hope you get to see your Brother soon  x x x x xx 

Mary helloooo hope all ok with you ? have a good week x x x x

Sue thinking of you x x xx x 

Angel hellooo love your pics, hope you are ok too, xxxXx

I am going to look at the other threads soon, first I have to answer my emails , so sending well wishes, hugs and kisses to you all, , x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

oh today 26th August is National Dog Day (global event) --

celebrate, cheers woof woof don't mind if I do  x x x x x

national dog day 2014

4 years ago

Thought I had posted here but seems not.
I have been busy in the other thread with the jib jabs  so now it is late and I am going to bed  so will catch up here tomorrow.

Well actually it is tomorrow lol

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Lynn! It looks like we were in 'this room' at the same time. How about that... we could have had a cuppa together if we'd known! So glad you got away for a bit and I'm sure you had some good conversation and laughs. That is a great picture you made! Wow!

Good night, all. I will see you tomorrow.... or even later tonight if I can't sleep. I am totally awake right now and it's just after 11:00.

4 years ago

That's a good idea, Lily. Thanks for suggestion. I'll try it soon.

4 years ago

Sunday night, and all is relatively calm! Watching Long Island Medium... she is such a character along with her hubby Larry.

Lily, as usual... your pics are so cute and their expressions fit well. I have posted some personal pictures on the other thread so take me to Mexico! I think George is doing what so  many of the playboys have done when they get older.... marry and have a child before they are totally worn out. You are so LUCKY to be able to watch ON THE BUSES! I absolutely love that show and hope we get repeats some day.

Val, I am sad to hear you have so much going on healthwise with yourself as well as hubby. It's a very rough time for you, that's for sure. Being dizzy is awful because it usually causes nausea and it's hard to do anything but lay down... or sit in a chair. I hope you have someone to help you and to help your husband because if it's all up to you -- I don't know how you do it. I am going to go into that 'other room' (the thread where we can light a candle) and send you lots of love, light, energy and prayers. I am going to try to keep a candle lit for you both. I really believe we can send these things to one another. You checking in with us to let us know what's happening is really thoughtful. We're here for you, sis! x 1,000 more hugs!

4 years ago

Lynn you have to be a member to download the jib jabs and you have to pay to download them.

Not a lot though.
The only other way you can do it and I have done before now and that is to film it with your camera while it is playing on here.

Then you can put in your files aand then burn to dvd

4 years ago

Lily, love the new JibJab. How can I download it so that I can put it on a DVD?  I've tried but can't seem to download it.

Wendy, your story was the "bomb", if you'll pardon the pun! How frightening that must have been! I'm glad that you and everyone else were unharmed. You sure do lead an exciting life, hon.

Lily, I hope it was the fox that came back to eat the food. I don't like rats, snakes and I certainly don't like spiders, although it's said that they eat all other insects so maybe they're not too bad. Except for the poisonous ones of course. We have black widows and even worse, the brown recluse spider which hides in your clothes and then bites. My son-in-law (Sue's husband to whom she's separated from) was bitten by a brown recluse that was in his jeans. He was bitten in the thigh right near his privates and wound up in the hospital. It was touch and go for a while but he survived.

Last night I was in the bathroom and a huge palmetto bug ran passed my feet. I'm used to them but I chased it (so did Mandy) and it ran under my couch in the living room. It was more than 2 inches long. I hate them. The males fly and they're even worse
. They're in the roach family but huge!! I was just afraid (like you) that it would crawl into my bedroom and crawl over me when I was sleeping. I still haven't found it. Yuck!!

I spent Friday night and all day yesterday at Sue's house. She picked me and Mandy up at 4:30 Friday and we slept over. It was good getting out but I made the mistake of giving Mandy one of her snacks and she was protecting it from the cats all the time until I got fed up and took it away from her. She didn't eat it but didn't want any of the four cats near it so she growled at them when they got near her. Silly furkid. As if they wanted her bone! Anyway, it was good getting away and I had a nice time. Now I have to catch up on all of my emails.

Val, I hope you and your hubby are alright. Did you find out what your dizzy spells are from? I still get dizzy spells every now and then, a leftover reaction from the fall that I had several years ago. The fall dislodged the "crystals" in my left ear and caused vestibular problems that may last the rest of my life. But at my age I'm kinda dizzy, anyway. Silly dizzy I mean! lol

Getting late so goodnight, all. See you tomorrow ( is tomorrow!!)

4 years ago

LOL  On the Buses is on TV now always was funny that one so glad we get the repeats now

4 years ago
Hi all hope you had  a good weekend.
Cheryl there is no pics missing now in this thread, strange,dont know which one it was now anyway.
It was probably a care 2 glitch.
Val hope you and your husband get your heath problems sorted out.
yep that was George there Cheryl he is getting in more and more of my videos lately ! hope you watched that as well as seeing the pic.
Yes get your pic posted and you will get in my videos for sure.
He is getting married next month (if he doesn't get cold feet lol)
the fox was round again tonight ,I put some chicken out but he had run off fast but a bit later it hadgone so hopefully it was him that had it and not the rats.!!
4 years ago

Lily - glad that the tests so far are OK.

Cheryl - hubby has several medical appointments next month - a bit worse.  And as for me - very, very dizzy so appt getting anything done today - back is like a steal rod twice over - have to get this figured out - -hoping a good night sleep will help! 

Love the graphic and hope you fine!

Sorry not addressing everyone but wanted to stop in !

4 years ago


4 years ago

It's Saturday night, just about 11:30 PM and I just read all the news!

GOOD GRIEF, Wendy... I didn't know whether to laugh or cry reading that about the bomb! My imagination took me right to the police station with that fellow handing it to them! LOL... vacate.. vacate...vacate!!!!!! One helluva shock, I would say. I wonder how many more there are 'out there' to find? Scary stuff.. and so glad no-one was blown up.
~~~~~What a horrible experience you had with your leg. So glad it's better now. Just relax back and take that physio. ~~~~~ I will go to the 'Granny Thread' to have a look at those kitchens you mentioned, as well as the sweets for Lily. ~~~~~ Led Zeppelin got me moving... I'll be up for a while yet after that. I will take a copy of ROSA PARKS picture for the Celebrate Women thread as she should be on it. AMAZING WOMAN!

Lynn, so glad to hear you are better. We are very fortunate to be able to have antibiotics when needed. I can't imagine so many places in the world where they are not available to people in need. Now you are back to your feisty self, eh?!

Mary, what a wonderful gift you got from your daughter-in-law. National Geo. is such an amazing magazine. Must be really nice to sit down with a cuppa and look through that! Such a cute kitty pic.

Sandi, that is a WONDERFUL poem! Yes, I certainly agree we do have such angels to be with here and other places online. To think of not having met such good friends if we didn't have the technology of today!

Val, WOWEE... you are one busy woman doing all those things! I wish I could say I am that productive. I do hope you are feeling better, and I sure hope hubby is stabilizing. My thoughts and prayers are always being sent to you, my friend.

Lily, funny you can't see that pic. when other people can see it. Baffling! From time to time others have the same problem. I don't know whether it a computer thing or a picture thing. Sorry you didn't get to see your brother, but you are probably planning a new venture out to see him. Glad your tests are done and over with.
~~~~~~~ oh my, that Mexican pic is so awesome... is that really George in there? I will have to get my picture posted so you can put me on a Mexican vacation too... behind the bar, please. Will have to put that link on the other thread so we don't lose track of it. Such great fun. ~~~~~ Your fish tank looks really beautiful. It's obvious you put a lot of work into that. Lucky fishies!

Glad to hear BRENDA will be back to see us, and ISABEL will also be back when she can get settled.

Angel, you always post such lovely pics. Thank you!

Barb, I hope you and Baby and Beenie are doing well and I HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING A LOVELY WEEKEND.

I also hope I didn't leave anyone out. Even if I do that doesn't mean I haven't read their post, or thought about them if they didn't post. Which reminds me,

~~~~~ SUE, we're thinking of you, I hope you know that, sis.

Thinking of Les and Christian, too. Hope all is well.

ee Is this cat laughing and mocking Mr. Dog, or what?! Hee hee hee

4 years ago
4 years ago

Glad you like the jib jab,they are fun to make.
I download some so I can put on dvd's.
They always get a good laugh from my in laws when I use their faces.

Well I got to my appointment early even though the silly cab driver got lost!
he should have known where he was going as it is quite local as well.
he was even ringing up his office to ask them directions!
They said my main tests were normal but I have to wait for results of others as they are blood tests and I will get a full report in about 21 days.
I was there about an hour so not too bad.

4 years ago

Lily - that is wonderful!   My hubby loved it too!  Beautiful tank plants.

Mary - love the kitty!

Wendy- you and me behind the bar - wonderful!   Wow - a guy walks in with a bomb - a great story!

4 years ago

Lily soooo funny the JibJab, it really is good, I wish we were all there dancing, especially ith gorgeous George , you put me in the right place to, behind the bar, "Taquila" love it , thanks for doing that , if ever we want a party, we can look at the jibjab.

Your tank looks good, nice and fresh for the fish, did they appreciate it, ? did they make you a cuppa and say gee thanks , he he he silly ignore me  x x x Hope you got on ok at your appt x  x x x x

Hello Mary and Angel lovely greetings from you,  x xx 

Hello Cheryl, Brenda, Lynn, Val, Sandi, Sue, Les and all who visit here x x x

Well I had an extraordinary morning, I can tell you Angels were looking out for Mick (hubby) and me, so glad people sent me them yesterday, - for a change,-

I went out today, to pay bills and to get a Jacket, Mick dropped me off, I had a wander, a nice coffee in the "parade" you would call the "mall" I think, parade = parade of shops .

I got a txt from Mick saying, "Wendy make your way to the car NOW!!"

I hurried to where he dropped off, this is what I saw,> (Mick took the photo just after calling me} <  ->I had passed the car, cause I was staring at the "Cop's" >>>>

               me walking past the car !!!

Turns out, some older chap, found an unexploded bomb, in his back garden, and decided to take it to the Solihull Police Station !!!

The Police evacuated the whole of the shopping centre, as I was leaving the parade I heard the tannoy,>" please make your way to the emergency exit, please walk calmly you will be directed .... blah blah,"- I had already left,!

 We were delayed by an hour, all was safe, no-one hurt.  Can you imagine the police when the old chap walked in with a bomb!!!!  I can laugh now , but wow, why me, why my one trip out?

Here is what was put out on-line for people to see >This is by "Solihull updates" .

"Army bomb disposal experts have now been to Solihull Police Station on Homer Road and removed what they identified as a WWII Luftwaffe incendiary.

The device had been taken in to the station earlier by a local resident."

Well The sun is shinning but it is chilly today, I am off to cook the Garlic chicken I bought for tea/late lunch, I bought the cats a treat too, some turkey strips which they love .
Have a great weekend everyone , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxx 
4 years ago

4 years ago

Here's my new tank plants.......










4 years ago


4 years ago

Thanks Wendy - August and September are way too busy here - but wanted to stop by at lest to say hello to you all - and I am OK - just busy between hubby's doctor's appts, the garden, harvest, canning, drying, etsy. home, pets, etc...  Pray you are all well.

4 years ago

4 years ago

Thanks Mary, my leg isn't too bad, just hate  medical appts, hate taking tablets, I am the worlds worst patient  (wow how did this happen re- block italics?) I didn't realise I clicked on the fonts ! Hope you have a great weekend too x x x x x

Sandi lovely Angel, you are one too, the kelly's love Sandi & Stripes x x x x x x

Cheryl hello hope all  is well with you ? have a good weekend  x x x x x

Oh before I forget, Val said to say hello, she is so busy this week, but sends Love to you all, and will be here as soon as poss x x x x x

Lily hope your appt went ok, ? will pop back later and see how you are x x x x

Sue hope you are ok too? have been thinking of you sending well wishes and have a great weekend  x x x x x

Angel hello also hope all is well for you ? and have a lovely weekend x x x x x

Lynn hello how are you , hope you are smiling ? wishing you a fab weekend too x x x x x

Going to search for that little fella of Cheryl's see can we say for sure what he is , he is certainly cute  x x x x x x


Well it's a "Bank Holiday Weekend" here, so an extra day of leisure for the workers  love to you all   -Chat soon


                    Time for my simple message:

Blessed weekend indians
                  Take it easy, and be careful out there...
                                             love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxx

Music:  Good old Led Zeppelin! 

Doing what is right
                Thats all folks

4 years ago

 photo 704105227f10f99c0e_zps0d310a4d.jpg

4 years ago

i hope the weekend is better for your leg Wendy and Lily sorry you didnt get to see your brother i hope your both up and about soon stick wiyh the physio Wendy it worked wonders for me when i broke my wrist  how are you Val ,Lynn Angel Brenda Barb Sue Les Sandi Isabel?Cheryl i get national geographic Marge my daughter in law gave me  a subscription to me as a present  the pictures are amazing hope everyone is having a super day 

4 years ago

Good luck tomorrow Lily sorry you couldn't visit your Brother  x x x x xx 

Hello Cheryl, thank you for all that info, really kind of you, my aches and pains have gone now, I did a little more today,

worse thing you can do is stiffen up, when you get a muscular pain, best thing is try to get mobile again A.S.A.P.- but gently,

I have to have physio on my leg soon, I dislike it intensly, but the physio is lovely Daniel, is his name,

he was with me when my leg locked, (last year) it was so stupid, -I went to the doctors for a blood test, the Doc was chatting to me , all was ok, I went to stand up, and couldn't straighten my leg, - now that hurt!!, they gave me morphine for the pain, - it didn't touch it !!

Two days later I was fine? annoying !!!!! will have a look in National Geographic, it is a wonderful magazine Xxxxx

Lynn hello, glad you are up and about, nice to hear from you, and love your photos too, 

Hello Les, hope all ok ?

Mary hello thanks for sharing the video , Paolo is a friend of mine, I love his sense of humour, even though it seems a little dark at times, - he loves animals and has helped out many a lost cat or dog, love your photos too by the way x x x

Angel hello my new friend love your pics here thanks for finding them, %#&!*%

Brenda hello in advance x x x

Sue hope you are feeling a bit better, did you feel well enough to get a bit of shopping in? Did you see the sweets I got for you, on the "did your granny know best" thread,? x x x x

- oh found Cheryl some kitchens too, x x x

I must put some pics in that thread that I found.

well it is late, must go, chat soon all love hugs x wendy kx & kelly cats xxxxxxx

4 years ago

Well I didn't go to see him after all today as it was still playing up but I rang the nursing home to ask them to tell him I would not be going this week.
Hope I am ok to go for the screening tomorrow,shan't be on any more tonight as I will have to go to bed early or I wont get up in time for when the cab arrives.


4 years ago

Hi friends,
            Well as I didn't go to see my brother today I am hoping to go tomorrow.
Depends on how I am,was ok all day but tonight it was playing up a bit again.
So will see how I am in the morning.
Got a cab booked to pick me up Friday to take me to that screening,hope my back ok that day.
Cheryl your pic is not me anyway
Lynn glad that has cleared up for you--not a nice thing at all.
Cheryl I think Brenda still has a few things to see to at home but she will be back eventually.
4 years ago

Hi to all my sisters and brothers, so good to see you all here although I haven't seen Les or Christian in a while. Les stopped into my graphic group to have a look-see. He's always such a gentleman.

Sue, I hope you're feeling better by now. I'm all over my urinary tract infection, thank goodness. It was more than uncomfortable, and I'm glad it's done with.

I'm finally getting most of my mail back now. It was so frustrating when I didn't get any Care2 mail at all.

Cheryl so graciously covered so much in her post so there isn't that much more than I can say.

Have a wonderful rest of the day, everyone! 

4 years ago

Wendy - I'm doing a little message to you separately as I'll include some very recent info. on the Tarsiers I found on Nat. Geographic - almost by accident the other day. Thanks for the chocolates and Smarties back there! Sorry you're having probs with the "ms" acting up after doing certain activities. I have heard about MS for so long and yet know so little about it. I'm going to look it up and get some education on it.

I'm back, I just spent the last half hour looking for the name of the doc. I saved the Nat. Geo link on! Arrgh! Okay... can't find it, but I did a snapshot of the picture and first two paragraphs.


The bottom of the pictures says, "The Dinagat tarsier, newly discovered in the Philippines."

Hopefully I'll come across the rest of the article in Nat. Geo. 

Wed. Aug 20th - already!
4 years ago

Boy, this month is just zipping by and soon the leaves will start turning into brilliant colours!

Hi Angel - hope you're having a great week, too! I love your pics. They always make me smile.

Lily - as always, your pics are so cute and the captions are right on! lol Glad you got out to garden/weed but not so good you're hurting now. I think that gardening, weeding, hurting all go together! Sorry you won't be seeing your brother Les. Hope for next week.

Sue - thanks for all the information and great links! I will have to go to my FB and read more on that one link (I haven't been to FB for quite awhile). Can't seem to get time for all the places I should be going every day. I am concerned about you not being able to get out for food, etc. Again, this is one of those times I'd like to drive on over and pick you up. Sometimes it feels like we can do that until we remember we are provinces, states, and countries away from one another. Yet here, we are right around the corner or in the "next room" it seems. There must be some kind of service there that would help you get out. And don't worry about what your apt. looks like. That's the least of concern to some helping agencies. Often that shows the depression people get in and that's very common. I guess your friend Marianne would help if she could - I just take it that she's not available when you don't mention her. Gosh I hope to hear you get out soon.

Mary - you get C2 problems too? Seems so many people are having problems with freezing, mail, etc. I along with so many others lost ALL our photo albums, even though the pictures come through on the main page. It's taken me a LONG time to get over that! Grrrrrr How is your garden growing this year? As I type that, all the events in your life over the past while flashed through my mind, so most likely you have'nt had time to go out there. Hope things have settled down nicely for you. 

Isabel -- wow, so HAPPY to SEE YOU! So that's what you've been up to -- moving. That can be quite an exhausting ordeal. I hope you get hooked up with internet and cable soon as you must miss them. Looking forward to seeing more of you!

Lynn -- I sure do hope that you are feeling better by now. Just take good care of yourself and relax and think "HEALING"! Those infections can be so uncomfortable/painful and wreck one's day. As long as you can get to do some tags and other things that make you happy, then that's part of the battle.

Hi Barb - I'll be posting a little video pretty soon of our Tweets having a spray bath! So cute. It was so hot and he enjoyed it so much. You aren't really all that far from me so I'm guessing you may have had a hot spell too. It's cooled down now which is nice.

Hi Brenda - haven't heard from you for awhile unless you've posted on another thread I haven't gotten to yet. Hope you are well.

Hi Les and Christian, our ChatterBox brothers, in case you check in. We haven't forgotten you. Hope you and family are well.

Hi also to anyone I haven't mentioned personally.

Have a happy Wednesday, everyone. See you on another thread.

4 years ago

liked and shared it Wendy i hope both you and Lily are resting up and taking it easy you can get back gardening when you feel better Hello Sue Cheryl Lynn Barb Val Angel Sandi Brenda Isabel Les Ingrid and anyone i forgot  hope your having a great day

re-above vid clip meant to say would you give the vid a "like for Paolo care2 member xx
4 years ago

Sue i so hope you soon feel "back to normal", can you get some shopping on-line to tide you over?, care2 is slow for me, but thank goodness I don't have as many probs as some peeps are having, I don't get many emails from the groups , I just visit them . Our sun has returned today hurrrah sending you well wishes to you.

Lily sorry your back is hurting, and that you wont see your Brother, rest up, must say I was out yesterday, digging and tidying, I too feel it today, with my "ms" I have to watch cramping, if it gets too bad, I get stuck in the mad position the cramps design, for my fingers , toes, - once my neck siezed up, and my head was stuck leaning to my left shoulder!!. I have to wait for it to losen up, then it can be manipulated back into it's proper working position, - hope that makes sense? .

What ever you do try to keep gently moving, dont stiffen up, it makes it worse. Easier said than done, I know

Hello Cheryl, hope all ok,

love your pic Brenda

Mary great to hear from you, sorry you are getting the freezing prob :

Hello Lynn how are you ?

chat soon everyone, sending well wishes to all, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



4 years ago

hi Isabel voted sharuing Wendy

4 years ago

Just a quick note, we've moved states! I wouldn't recommend it! Our new place doesn't have internet connected or cable yet. Sorry for not getting in here to chat. Have a great weekend when it comes.

will pop in later, thought I would show you this, my cat is in this Queen Mini, please will you "lik
4 years ago

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi sisters Sue i hope you get to feel steadier soon its awful being scared i have a lot of the same care2 problems they only send my stuff some days its a pain and other days it just makes my computer freeze hugs to all

4 years ago

Silly me did some weeding today and now my back playing up ,well to the side of it anyway.

Putting stuff on it so hope it goes away as I have that screening thing on Friday,also was hoping to get to see Les tomorrow but I reckon thats off.
should have left the garden alone but it s a right state at the moment.


4 years ago

Still looking for what Cheryl's little critter is.  Shame on me for not seeing that Slow Loris's do not have tails.  Just a vestigial one almost hidden by their fur.  So went to look at Tarsiers only to discover they supposedly have hairless tails.

Then checked out Bush Babies, Lemurs etc.  It's been hours and still no definitive answer.  Maybe if you still want a definite answer Cheryl you could send the photo to Duke Lemur Center in a tweet, or post it on their Facebook page asking what it is.  Here is the link to their website showing the grey mouse lemur, yet another possibility.  It's a fascinating site with tons of info.

Here's their Facebook page.

Sadly all the possible animal families are endangered, mostly due to humans destroying their homes.

Hope the meds work quickly Lynn and you feel better soon.  Still hoping to be able to get out soon, but not stable enough, keep feeling like I'll fall down all the time.  Just hate all this not being able to get out when food and other necessities have almost run out again.  Last 2 trips around the corners were far too scary and now I'm too scared to go out anywhere alone until this passes.

4 years ago

Love the photos Angel & Lily, so funny , hello Cheryl, ahh lovely baby so sweet, and I wondered how many big cats have fallen out of trees, yet don't you think , they always manage to look so comfy, lying on branches.

My Avatar was a Tarsier, I changed it to my current one, they are being hounded out of their habitat, by de-forestation, it is sooooo bad, it needs to stop ! end of!

Well I have had a quiet couple of days, and now it is dry, I must get into the garden, do some work there, my knees are hurting, shows I have been to inactive, So everyone have a great Tuesday, love hugs to all here x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


4 years ago

4 years ago


chat soon, have a good week , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats x x xx x
4 years ago



                                         Click to get the codes for this image. May your week be filled with many sweet things! Photo of chocolate candies.

4 years ago

4 years ago

Oh my... I found my picture that I thought was a loris but I see it's a Tarsier ... so many of these little guys look alike!


I want to share this video I came across in my mail tonight of a very sweet 10-month-old baby girl
who shows incredible emotion when her mother starts to sing. This isn't like a normal baby-cry of discomfort; it's like being able to see the precious soul of this child shining through her eyes.

Good night sweet friends. I love you all! I'm also thinking of Barb and Brenda and Les and anyone else I didn't mention above.

Here's a Jaguar to match Mary's sleepy lion. lol
I wonder how many have fallen out of the trees doing that?!

4 years ago

Hi sweet Chattererererers! I have been here for some time as there was so much to catch up on - look at, read, laugh, go back and forth, listen to..... etc.

Wendy - WOWEEEE, I can feel your ENERGY coming right through my computer screen! Hey girl, you are exploding your caring-ness (if that's not a real word, then I just made it one), energy, positivity, humour, liveliness on to so many people! What a wonderful thing you thought of to do sending that message to all. So glad you had such a marvelous time and that was a stroke of luck getting that broken chair!   All your pictures and videos are really great and I enjoyed them so much! Whoever was being racially bullied should NOT have been the person to LEAVE Care2 - it should have been THE BULLY! Makes me wonder how many others have suffered from trolls and bullies for similar things. We should have a system here to TRACK down these mean, hateful individuals! 

Lily, wonderful pictures! I see you've been playing with that .... what-cha-ma-callit! I want to go into that and play with it too! That looks like fun stuff! Well done!

Sandi, lovely picture re the flowers in your friendship garden

Val, I hope things (pain) really really settled down by now and you are taking it real easy - no lawn mowing, etc. Lots of relaxation is good medicine. Hope hubby is doing better too.

Mary, so happy you had a great time, and you're back! I bet your doggies were so happy to see you! I always hated the fact that I couldn't just sit my pups down and tell them where I was going and when I'd be back. I agree with you about Wendy having the guts to stand up to that nut in the pub! That is such a cute lion sleeping in that tree. I will post the leopard I have doing the same thing!

BY THE WAY.... has everyone got their hurricane lamps, just in case?


Sue, alll the information you posted is fascinating. Sure learned a lot about two little critters I had seen pictures of once in awhile, but really knew nothing about them. OMGosh... the woman who is a Primatologist getting to see those poor wee things suffering in that box! It seems that people buy these exotic creatures to impress their friends or something. There's a picture on that link with all the pictures of the Lorises and Kinkajous - with Paris Hilton holding her PET LORIS!! That alone creates a fad that makes many dummies rush out to buy them. Boy, the Kinkajous sure have long tongues... and the fact the lorises smell LIKE A BOX OF ROTTEN EGGS is probably for their protection. That should turn off animals and humans alike. AND ASIA using them for medicinal reasons..... oh for HEAVEN SAKE!!!! What animal doesn't Asia use to supposedly heal what ails people!!

Funny, I just put a picture of a cute loris in my photobucket folder this weekend. I'll post it at the end of this novel I'm typing.

Lynn, it's good to hear you so "up" sis! Looks like we're going to have a big bash birthday party for you! Last year there was a picture of a woman on Facebook that had just turned 100 and was still going strong. She loved her Facebook and planned on continuing posting and reading for the next decade. I think I took a snapshot of her.... I'll see if I can find it. I hope that urinary infection clears up real soon... they can be painful! 

I'm going to post this right now because I will have a fit if I lose it and it goes into cyberspace like so many other things have done.

4 years ago

Catch up tomorrow, wanted to leave this link, you can trust it, it is from Sue H, 

 here is the link that will save your posts check it out, 

"you can install a browser add-on that will allow you to retrieve your posts so you do not lose anything.  Here is the link for Lazarus, there are others available, Lazarus has worked perfectly for me since I installed it." 

4 years ago

Hi all,

I'm back to not getting any mail at all from Care2. Eric said the tracking was all fixed but it needs more tweeking. I have been in to F&S to report it because it's happening so frequently now. One day it's good and I get loads of Care2 mail and then pfffft, it's gone. No mail at all except for green star remissions. All in all, a pain in the butt!!

I'm on antibiotics for a urinary infection. Had one last year and I guess this old body is breaking down. Thankfully, the mind is still there. I'll be 82 in chronological years next month but about 20 in the brain. That's never going to grow up!! 

Sue, I love the slow loris. Too bad so many other people love them and keep them for pets. These are wild animals and should be left in the wild!

4 years ago

Cheryl, your photo is definitely a slow loris.  You can tell by the pudgy fingers, when you see them close up they look almost human as they have nails like us.  Here is a whole display of them.  I sent around an email yesterday with a photo of them and Val asked what they were so I went Googling to find out.  Saw a program about them a few weeks ago but couldn't remember the names of them.  Sadly they are in danger of becoming extinct as people love the way they look so there is a roaring illegal pet trade of them.  Just hate these senior moments that happen so often now.

Here is a very informative article about them.

The Kinkajou are very similar facially, their fingers have claws and they have long tails.  Here are photos of them.

Wendy, your stories about your life are so funny.  Glad you had a wonderful time in London and enjoyed the show.  Parking is so expensive there, I'd forgotten how bad it was.  The broken chair leg incident is funny, happy you got something free out of that almost accident.  The universe definitely smiled on you that day.

Care2 is once again not sending me emails of group posts so trying to catch up is taking forever.  I really wish they would fix that.  It's the 3rd time it has happened this month.  Seems many others are having the same problems.  That last round of maintenance broke something for sure.

Hope you're doing better Val, and anyone else in pain.  Still shivering here but we are promised warmer weather starting this afternoon.  The fog burned off an hour or so ago so it should start warming up soon.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Hi friends,
            Not much news at the moment,I have been doing some work in the fish tank.Part water change and some new plants in.takes a while maintenance but worth it to keep the fish healthy.It has got cooler here but not raining anyway.haven't seen the fox for a while,a black cat has been having the food out there

Guess the fox has moved on unless he comes round at  a different time.


look at the ears xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx here is your pic, Cheryl
4 years ago


for Cheryl, I think the baby animal you liked in your post was one of these , found in the Amazon ra
4 years ago


4 years ago

Cats and dogs left to roam
no more animals
being left without a home!
International Homeless
Animals Day
16 August 2014

International Homeless Animals Day

International Homeless Animals Day - Every year local pet shelters in America are overwheled by overpopulation - all because lots of poor animals have been left homeless.

When animals aren't spayed or neutered this leaves the risk open for them to breed again and again. It's cruel for the mother involved and cruel to her puppies or kittens.

Another big part of over-population is puppy mills - where dogs are being illegally bred and kept in tiny cages.   All these factors contribute to the reason why there are too animals.

This consequence leads to animal shelters for cats and dog animal shelters killing animal when homes can't be found for them. 

International Homeless Animals Day has been introduced to help bring about new ideas and campaigns that will help form a solution.

The government and the public need to know how important it is to get their pets neutered. The sheer number of a lack of homes there are for these helpless creatures also has to be realised!

There will be lots going on come 16 August.   Events will include adopt-a-thons, candle-light vigils, along with speeches and sometimes poetry readings.

Events were put together all over the world last year!   From Florida, Mexico and Colorado to India and Switzerland!

People get really involved with organising awards ceremonies raffles, music and dog walking.   It's all in aid of the animals and you can plan something too if you really want!

Once you let the International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR) organisers know, you will be sent a special pack to help you out with your own event.

You can also participate online by lighting a virtual candle and attaching a special message.

4 years ago

4 years ago
4 years ago


4 years ago

Lynn and Clark Gable.jpg 

To all my care2 friends
4 years ago

Sweet Dreams.  Love Stripes & Sandi

4 years ago


4 years ago

Hello Mary, yes I think that chap will think twice before interupting a girls night out again 

I was sooo jealous of you , when you were in Kerry, I must go again, I just love it there, and you can still find a fairly empty little cove along the "ring".

We had a lovely hotel in London, but I have to tell you this , when we got there I was sooo hot, I just sat down at a table, with my sister, and ordered lemon & lime with ice, we were chatting , (Mick was parking the car £29 for the night !!!), We decided to order a meal, then get changed for the theatre, soooo, I pulled my chair up to the table, and it started to sink on the left side, - yep the leg had broken, well I was trying to get up, but my shoes were sliding, on the wooden floor, and I was laughing, - I just managed not to land on the floor, we quickly moved to another table, I was so embarrassed,  later the manager came to see me, full of apologies, and said please what ever you have ordered for a meal and drinks, the hotel will settle the bill, for everyone of course. Mick my husband said, thats proper order, my wife could have hurt her knee, and might have missed the show, so we thanked her (the manager) - from then, we were treated like "v i p's" 

It was so funny, and I was glad I didn't hurt my knee, cause once that goes I can't walk !!! Mick said after, Wendy the room, it was full of mostly empty chairs, and you had to pick the one with a broken leg !!! - I just said, "guess I am lucky like that "

Hey I was pleased to check on my care2 friends, it turned out great, people were cheered up, that I had sent a message saying "how you doing".  I am going to check out your pics next , x x x x x x

Lily yes I remember Dave King, he was funny too, I haven't been to a show in the West End before, I really enjoyed it, and most importantly my sister did, I paid out loads for good seats, but it made it special, love your chatter Box pic  x x x x x


Hello Cheryl, Angel, Sue, Brenda, Val, Lynn and all who visit here, am leaving this message, that my friend Ben sent to me, I really like it, and it is great for here , chat soon, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gorilla Howdy
                               Howdy Pardner! 
National Relaxation Day
                                Now, THE message:
     Vive Le Weekend
                         Take it easy, careful out there...
                                                     x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On my way...
                                          And, of course...
           No news to note
                   Thats all Folks

4 years ago


4 years ago

Wendy glad you had  a good time in London
I haven't been up there to see anything for years.
But I remember going to the London Palladium to see Cliff Richard and another time Tommy Steele who was then all the rage.
We waited round the stage door at back for ages hoping to see him but he left another way!!!!   lol
Don't know if you have ever heard of Dave King but he came to the local cinema once and walked up the aisle past me.
he used to sing and sounded a lot like Bing Crosby.

Dave+King+-+Dave+King+EP+-+7"+RECORD-548760.jpg (500×500)

Cheryl I think that pic may be a baby lemur

This post was modified from its original form on 14 Aug, 20:15
4 years ago

Wendy i'm glad you enjoyed the show i'd say it was great good for you you stood up for yourself i bet that guy left feeling like the idiot he is you are an inspiration i was glad to hear from you today checking on everyone thats the way to go love and hugs 

Now this explains the jersey boys story, this is what we watched in the West End, hope you enjoy cli
4 years ago

4 years ago

Had a wonderful time in London, the "Jersey Boys" was fantastic, I was really impressed, I have a couple of photos, so I will show you later. I just wanted to add this today, while Robin Williams is still on our minds , (well mine).
Robin's death was the catalyst , for me sending a message to all my on-line friends, Just asking are you ok, plus I read of someone leaving care2 because of being racially bullied, - I didn't know her, but I had to write something, so I did.

Then I thought I wonder are any of my friends going through a bad time, - mostly all my friends were ok, but I had two messages back, from friends who were not ok, am pleased to say, my message really cheered them up, and now they know, I am here for them (as much as you can be on a computer). 

Just a simple "how you doing" made such a difference, . I also was cheered up, after making the effort, so mant friends , messaged back, saying , "and how are you, if you need a friend I am here too"   - that is how you beat bullies.

  Robin Williams' daughter , has thanked people for all the lovely comments, she said,>

> "Don't forget one of his favourite things was making you laugh, "  she then added "and to all of you who wrote in saying negative things, well I hope you can picture My Dad, and a small part of him giggling, as he sends pigeons to poop on your car- just after you washed it !, - you see he loved to laugh too"<

So to all here , it is your duty to enjoy your life as best you can, please don't let yourselves become soooo low, that you can't get back up", -we need your friendship,. Your furbabies / fish / all non furry pets as well, - need that smile on your face, - I say spoil yourself once a day, and luxuriate in whatever you have chosen.

My self indulgence would be (and will be in a few mins )  setting up this lap top outside , with a nice cup of coffee, 4 choclate biscuits, and the fun of watching the Kelly cats play. That is what I am off to do for an hour, no interuptions.

Oh before I forget, I had a good night last night, meeting friends in the pub, for my friends Birthday, we were chatting, when suddenly, this chap buts in, saying " I hope you ladies have all bought hurrican lamps", ? Linda my oldest friend, had to answer didn't she  , Linda said "why would we need hurrican lamps"? , the chap then said "because Britain's lights will all go out, we have run out of power" - "you have to demand that a nuclear power station be built"-  well that was it, that is like a red flag to a bull - to me, I just said " go away, and tell someone else who is as stupid as you are", Linda dragged me up to go to the bar to get drinks, -the others moved to the other side of the room, muttering "Oh Gawd "    - he left us alone after that,- my friends were laughing so much, saying  "he didn't expect that answer, did you see his face".

My other mid-year resolution, is at my age, I am not prepared to listen to rubbish, or put up with people , joining in a - what was a night out with friends, uninvited, with the sole intention of being confrontational . Apart from that , which turned out to be funny,- we had a great catch up.

Back to chat later off I go to sit out with the Kelly cats , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

4 years ago
Well Cheryl it wont matter if you don't put the Frankie Laine one in as I can't hear them anyway.
But I remember when I could and it was a good one too.
I am going to bed shortly as I may visit my brother tomorrow.
Weather forcast not very good ,says may have heavy rain in the afternoon so hope I am indoors then it is cooler here now.
Temperature dropped in fish tank to 78+ was over 80 the other day.
4 years ago

Not sure what that is looks a bit like a Loris

4 years ago

Hi Sue, Lily, Val, Sandi (from last posts) and all other Chatter Boxers.

Sue, I'm so sorry to hear you are so far down in the dumps, and believe me, I know what it's like 'down there', my Canadian sister. I'm glad to hear you are watching funny things because they do help. Sometimes gloom attracts gloom and when down I have had a tendency at times to watch gloomy shows, all the bad news, etc. We really need things that touch our hearts to help us back up and to get through the 'fog'. I love love love that song! I listened to it twice (those wonderful voices bring back memories!) You've given me an idea -- and I will start a thread for songs from the 60s that help us through! I will do that tonight, beginning with that particular song. I'm going to light a candle on the candle thread for you too.

  Lily, we'll get Frankie Laine on there as well, and even if different groups sing the same song we can put it on the thread.

Val, I am SO HAPPY to hear about your visit to the doctor. Even though you are in such pain, at least you know what it is and something you can do to help relieve the pain a bit. A good neck massage would, no doubt, be medicinal! I wish we all had someone who would come in and do a massage for us once a day. Wouldn't that be pure bliss? Hang in there!

Sandi, glad to hear you enjoy that song too. Hopefully you can add more to the thread I'll start as soon as I finish dinner.

Hi to Lynn, Mary, Barb, Brenda, Angel, Les and everyone else.

Does anyone know what this adorable little creature is? Looks like a little critter that lives in the forest with the fairies. Just melts my heart.


4 years ago

 Sue I remember when that song came out also. Val glad everything is okay.

4 years ago

Sue - I remember them too - so sorry you are having all these problems.

Sandi - he will be missed - thanks.

Lily - great cat!

Cheryl - didn't get back on after I saw the doctor - I am fine  - thanks - nothing seems out - just my body is tied in knots - so taking some muscle relaxants, keeping heat on it and doing just what I have to  - she knows my situation so she thinks if I weren't stressed she would be surprised - see her again next week  - still have the dizziness due to the tension in my neck - but I'll survive - thanks for asking.

4 years ago

I remember   that one ,lovely group with lovely voices,can't beat the old ones,was that the same one as Frankie Laine sang?Now that was something!

4 years ago

The last month has been a true disaster for me which is why I've not been able to post in this thread properly.  Far too many things are going wrong, breaking, not working properly etc.  I'm right back down in the gloom again.  Spend most of the time listening to music or watching silly videos online.  The world news is overwhelming too, so have to take a break from posting what's been going on for a while longer.  I hope everyone with health problems is getting better and not in too much pain.  Don't we all deserve something really good to happen to each of us health wise?  It's 24 hour pain city around here and there are no painkillers my body tolerates.  Will be back and chatty when the gloom passes.  Here is one of the songs that's been helping me keep going, life was so much easier 50 years ago when this first came out.

4 years ago

Tuesday, Aug. 12 - 10PM -- Good evening everyone.

Val,  right now your last post says "14 hrs ago" so it's hard to tell if you've been to doctor or not yet. I like the old way when they used to date the posts. I hope things are better, and if you've been to the doctor that he/she has been able to help you. I wonder if that fall put 'something out' which is now causing the dizziness. For instance, a bruised spine or tail bone can result in headaches, nausea, etc. And now your hubby -- lots happening with you two. I will keep the candle lit. Actually, you mentioned recently that you could never find that link and it reminded me of how many times I've looked for it. Thanks to Wendy posting it on the WW1 thread, we now have our own candle room handy. Love the moon - We had such a wonderful SUPERMOON the other night! Could almost reach out and touch it!

Mary, I hope you had a fantastic holiday and have been refreshed and energized. How did it go? Where did you go? Who, what, where.....

Lily, at least you are feeding 'something'. lol We had a rat problem in the winter when we put a birdfeeder out. The birds would scratch at the seed and it would fall on the ground, then a rat would sneak in and gobble it up. I caught him a few times, and there's often a hole under the fence to next door where the rat lives. They have a shed in their backyard where it seems like a mother rat is always raising babies. I love that picture of the cat and you've put the perfect caption on it. So cute!

Wendy, waiting to hear about your Jersey Boys adventure! The time seemed to go so fast.

Lynn, I hope you are feeling better and it's getting easier to eat, etc. I lit a candle for you too. Always thinking of you.

Sandi, Barb, Brenda, Angel, Les, and others -- hope the week is going well, and thanks, everyone, for lovely input re Robin Williams and World Elephant Day.

I love the photobomb pics. Some are so funny. Look who got their pretty face in this picture:

dd hee hee hee

4 years ago
Oh Oh that black cat has been round pinching the food again tonight,oh well I haven't seen the fox anyway so rather the cat have it than maybe a rat.
I see that every day after I put food on bird table and the pigeons come down.
They scatter the nuts so the rat has got a chance of grabbiing some and it runs back and fowards to get them.
They are a nuisance because I might get complaints from neighbours saying my feeding birds is attracting them.
But I don't want to stop feeding the birds.
4 years ago

21July 1951/ 11August 2014   Robin Williams  Loved & Missed. was sad & shocked to hear this, He will be missed. such a good actor.

4 years ago

Wendy - that is great - thank you

Lily - I miss my fish - those videos are great!

Cheryl - thanks  - the tummy ache is better - but still dizzy - have been ever since July 28th when I feel down the ramp with the dog - we'll see - thanks for the candle - really DO appreciate it - I love that site - hope nothing bad either - and hubby's gall bldder bothering him again - doc said next step surgery - so we'll see what he decides - hope all have a grand Elephant Day - we could learn so much from them!

 photo f9fa3270-5544-4676-85a1-c550a02583b8_zps64c16180.jpg

4 years ago

Oh Val, I'm so sorry to hear you aren't well. I am glad to hear that you're seeing your doctor tomorrow. Thanks for letting us know... I'm going to light a candle for you, which in my mind is sending you love, light and healing~~~~~ I hope to hear tomorrow that it's just a flu type-of-thing and that you just need some good old-fashion rest. 

Wendy, I'm half way through that marvelous video! Beautifully made. I have had a note in front of my computer reminding me that World Elephant Day is on the 14th! Can't remember where I got that. So happy WORLD ELEPHANT DAY and may there be big changes in this world to save and protect our magnificent elephants.

Beautiful fish, Lily. It must be very peaceful watching them, and apparently watching fish swim happily around lowers ones's blood pressure.

4 years ago

My Fish
4 years ago

world elephant day 12th August 2014
4 years ago


4 years ago

Cheryl and Wendy - hello and great information.   I  see the doctor tomorrow - am dizzy and have a real bad stomach ache so will be back when I can - thanks - hope all are having a good Monday!

4 years ago

Hi everyone. Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend.

Wendy, I posted in the Care2 Feedback and Suggestions re the above, and have honoured World Lion Day on the Motherhood thread. It really looks like a wonderful program and I hope it makes it on to the "Donate..." list. 

Hope the Jersey Boys were great fun... has that happened already? Seems like you were just packing to go!

will be back to catch up, but wanted to add this, incase people didn't get a message x x
4 years ago

 I was wondering is there any way the following - could be added to click to donate,

>maybe you could visit -"Care2 Feedback and Suggestions"- group,- then go to the "Suggestions" thread started by- Karen G,

I have asked on that thread ->could this "need" be added to click to donate, we might be able to make a real difference,?.

If you can please visit the group, -go to the "Suggestions" thread, -and add on, from the comment I made, that  -> you would also like to see this initiative added -to click to donate,< -

If you are not a member of "Care2 Feedback and Suggestion group", send me a message, I will add your comments,- if you would like me to, - hope I have explained this , so you understand what I am talking about , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxx

today is "world Lion day"- 10th August 2014,- instead of simply acknowledging this day, if we could click to help provide >>>>>>

Today is World Lion Day, and what better way to raise awareness for these amazing big cats, than to see what can be done to protect them.  The people of Tanzania and Kenya are facing a major problem with lions.  And as a result, the lions are facing serious issues with people.  The lions are coming into the villages and attacking livestock, which takes away from the livelihoods of the locals.  As a result, the community retaliates and kills the lions.  This may seem like a never-ending deadly cycle, but National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative thought of a solution: the Build a Boma campaign.

So…what’s a boma?  A boma is a livestock enclosure and fence that costs $500 to build and $25 a year to maintain.  It protects the cattle and other farm animals from the from lions, but also protects the lions from bringing danger to themselves.  It’s too expensive for the community to maintain, so they are relying on donations for building these lifesaving structures.  Even a small contribution can make a big difference.

A Boma

Learn more about the Build a Boma campaign and find out how you can make adifference.  Stop a deadly cycle before it starts.

Build A Boma

so tired chat tomorrow love hugs xwendy k & kelly cats xxxxxxx
4 years ago

   World Indigenous Day 9/7/14


4 years ago

Hi Val - good to see you. I know about that time factor - never enough! I hope you are feeling better. Thinking of you.


There are some wonderful pictures circulating on 'the net' celebrating today. Here are a couple more:



Thanks again, Sandi, for bring this to our attention.

4 years ago

Just saying hello - I just don't have the time to keep up with everything these days - so will stop by as i can - post my goodies when I remember and say hello. 

Happy Day - to all of them!

4 years ago

Sandi, I didn't know that! I have to go and find a picture to post to celebrate this day! Thanks for your post!

4 years ago

World's Indigenous People Day  August 9th, 2014

4 years ago


4 years ago

Caption this picture

4 years ago


any topic - good, bad, or ugly, pictures, and have fun! Welcome to anyone new who wants to join us! We're fairly harmless.

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