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LIGHT A CANDLE for Family, Friend, Pet, Self, World Peace...
4 months ago
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This is the link that Wendy posted on the WW1 thread. It is a Care2 'Candle Room' so it will last. I've looked for this link before and couldn't find it, so I don't want to lose it again.

There are so many things to light a candle for these days. Enjoy that peaceful 'room'.


"Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness."
~Anne Frank

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."
~Edith Warton

"It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."
Eleanor Roosevelt et al

"We can feel the vibration that comes from the candle flame, burning its way into our innermind, no blurry images, clear as crystal, we enter into the highest consciousness, on our journey back home, we possess the eagle's eye, the eye that can see the invisible."
~Michael Bassey Johnson

August 24/14 SUNDAY
4 months ago



September 11, 2001
3 months ago

(September 11, 2014)

3 months ago

For all the poor dogs who lost their lives in an arson attack in the Manchester Dogs Home.
— Lily A from United Kingdom
3 months ago

I'm lighting a candle for my sister who had an operation yesterday to remove some skin cancer, also my mum who has been ill the last week, my dad who has biopsies to see if he has cancer next week, also for all the poor dogs that lost their lives in the arson attack in Manchester

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3 months ago

i'm lighting a candle for my aunt who has lymph node cancer and for all the poor dogs as well 

Dec. 19/14
6 days ago

Join the campaign to honour the memory of the children of Peshawar, Pakistan who were massacred

join the campaign to honour the memory of the children of Peshawar
-- it will be delivered by Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy on Education, to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and leaders who can make it a reality. Add your name now:


I'm sorry I didn't realize so many of you have lit a candle for a loved one. I will check in here more often.

Sandi, Sue, Lily

and Angel - I hope your sister, mom, and dad are doing well now.

Mary, I hope your aunt is doing better.

Everyone lighting a candle for those poor dogs was like lighting a pathway for their travel to Heaven.

6 days ago

I signed a couple of days ago, I just cannot imagine the pain, the parents of the murdered children  feel.

The poor children, they hadn't committed any crime, they were sought out , to prove a point, what will happen when pakistani men join the army to fight against the Taliban. 

The world grieves with the parents and families of the children and their teachers also murdered .  R.I.P.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

6 days ago

It's 5:30PM in BC - and so far there are 776,802 names, and the names (signatures) just keep on rolling in. Here's all the good people in action!

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6 days ago

Oh, Wendy.. I didn't see your post until I posted again. That was quick action!

The world surely is grieving and I hope the families of the children and teachers receive the love the world is sending to them. I cannot imagine their pain.

ee   dd