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7 years ago
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pit abuse



After seizing 13 allegedly abused dogs in April 2010, Baker County, Florida police charged Cletus Gaskins and Omar Aldridge with animal cruelty and dogfighting. Reportedly running away from the officers on the scene and leaving his four-year-old son behind in the process, Aldridge was also charged with child neglect.

Dogs raised for fighting are forced to live desperately, repeatedly suffering ruthless and gruesome abuses as well as systematic neglect. Tragically, it is not unusual for children to be victimized by this culture as well -- either taken to fighting events by the very adults they should be able to count on to shield them from harm, or chronically exposed to squalid and dangerous living conditions.

On March 8, 2011, Gaskins and Aldridge entered no contest pleas to charges of both cruelty to animals and fighting or baiting animals -- both felonies under Florida law. The prosecution will present its sentencing recommendations to Judge Rosier at a hearing on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.

Take Action!
Please send a polite letter on ALDF's website in care of Assistant State Attorney Geoff Fleck, encouraging Judge Rosier to hand down aggressive and meaningful sentences which clearly reflect the Court’s recognition of the cruel violence and attendant criminal activities which dogfighting inflicts on communities.

Local residents are encouraged to support the prosecution by attending the court proceedings. The sentencing hearing is currently scheduled for Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. Court information can be found on ALDF's website.

Thank you for speaking out against dogfighting!

For the animals,

Stephen Wells
Executive Director


7 years ago

Sent the letter. I'd be interested to see how this comes out.

7 years ago

Hello, John. Thanks for that. I'll try to keep an eye on this case. Endangering his own son as well as animals. What a piece of work this guy is.

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7 years ago

Yeah!......I saw that too......Leaves the little kid behind....what was he four I think.....What a dude. You know I'm beginning to believe that these dog fighting boys are a bunch of pansies.

7 years ago

Yeah....Selfish, overcompensating, apathetic bunch of cowards...

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7 years ago

That's the best way to put it . Apathetic cowards.....everything else must fight for them. They simply can't do it for themselves. They must feel big when they pit there dogs....I way 140 lbs. and I'd love to have a go at them simply because of what they do to there dogs and kids.....most likey there wives get some of the brunt of it too. They're just pathetic.

7 years ago

I know...Hey, I weigh 140 and I've had daydreams of slapping them around every time a stray dog comes to our shelter from one of those idiots...No conscience...No guts....Just what the hell could possibly be going through their minds...? Yes...No doubt they would be just as likely to beat their own children as to watch a couple of half-starved, steroid-pumped dogs tear each other apart ...Horrible.

7 years ago

Too say the least.

7 years ago

Yes...The VERY least. Thank you, John. I'll never be able to comprehend just how these people can derive any amount of pleasure in this sort of senseless violence. Must come from years of being exposed to it, the point where they have become completely insensitive to it.

7 years ago

Sorry I'm late!...I was in Plymouth Ca. ....Great place....really wet!.... But to catch up on this action.....Dog Fighters really suck! Micheal Vick still has some work to do.....Amazingly the dude does seem to be getting the point now...Or he realizes that he lost a butt load of money because of his actions. Who knows with these Yahoos.

7 years ago

Welcome back, John...Yeah, it's been ridiculously wet...and cold...and windy here in California lately...Plymouth, eh...? Gold Rush country...:::grins:::...though I doubt there's much gold to be found there these days...What did ya do there in Plymouth, then, if ya don't mind me askin'...?

To say that dog fighters suck is quite the understatement...but you're quite right. They most definately do...and as for perhaps the most notorious of all of them, I doubt Vick has any true remorse for what he did to those dogs. More than likely, he cares more about his reputation taking a major blow...but it seems as far as his football career is concerned, he doesn't seem to be suffering too much these days...So much for the NFL claiming they wouldn't let him back in, eh...? That's "entertainment"...:::smirks::: Anyway, hope all's well with you.

7 years ago

My cat Theia and I went to a TICA cat show and she had a blast and championed out....She's a show boat! We had a blast. ....She's quite the girl for showing off her the way..Pymouths Rescue did well at this TICA cat show so thumbs up to them....They had a tuxedo cat that looked like a night on town was in the happening....He didn't last long at his shelter.....He's now in Reno where the action is....Hanging with my cats. He seems to be mixing in well. I've hit my limit now...Seven is all I can have and that's all I can handle anyways. A great addition to my family. Tommorow the handsome devil goes to the Vets to get really checked out.

7 years ago

Seven...? Wow...Careful, now...Don't get yourself in trouble....:::smiles::: I can't say I blame ya, though. I've been tempted so many times to take SO many cats at the shelter where I work home with me...but then we get cats in from hoarding situations and I see what damage it does to those cats...It's far too easy to get in over your head....but you have some beautiful animals there, judging from your photo album, and they are all very well cared for, I know...Thank you for all you do for them and for caring so much about all of those who have no voice. All the very best to you and the new addition to your family.

7 years ago

Oh...And congrats to your kitty. diva cat

7 years ago

That's cute! The four black ones look to be from the same family possibly. The Diva needs to have bodyguards when your that cute.

7 years ago

Haha...Yeah...Love that picture...Some cats just deserve diva status...or act like they do...:::grins::: As for her "bodyguards"..., I've never had a completely black cat...Only one female tuxedo...but she did have a bit of that "I own you" attitude....I'd love to have a little black cat one day, though...From what I've seen of them in the shelter, they are some of the smartest, funniest cats around...

7 years ago


action alert


Alerted to a potentially violent situation in Hancock County, West Virginia on March 9, 2011, a SWAT team brought an end to Jeffrey Nally, Jr.'s alleged months-long abuse of his ex-girlfriend. Nally allegedly terrorized the woman by sadistically killing twenty-nine dogs -- mostly puppies which he reportedly obtained via classified ads -- over an approximately two-month period during which he allegedly kept the woman captive at the property.

"Mutilated, skinned, anything you can imagine," said Chief Deputy Todd Murray of the animals. "After the dogs were killed, he would make her clean up," Murray said. (WTOV TV 9, March 10, 2011)

With Nally facing charges of kidnapping, domestic battery and 29 counts of felony animal cruelty, this case provides a disturbing reminder of the link between cruelty to animals and domestic violence.

Take Action!
Send a letter to your legislators through ALDF's website! Let your legislators know that as a voting constituent you are concerned about animal cruelty and its effects on communities -- effects which are not only evident in the physical suffering these cases involve, but in the monetary costs which repeat offenders shift onto taxpayers by over-burdening animal shelters and other community agencies.

Also, educate your local newspapers and community on the dangers associated with “free to a good home” ads for animals by writing a letter to your local newspaper editor through ALDF's website.

Thank you for taking action and speaking out against animal abuse!

For the animals,

Stephen Wells
Executive Director
Animal Legal Defense Fund


7 years ago
ASPCA Urgent Alert

Having trouble viewing this email? Read it online in your browser.

Dear Animal Advocates,

As Congress focuses on reducing spending, we need your help to make sure it doesn't slash funding for enforcement of vital federal animal-protection laws. While the amounts required to support these laws are quite modest, all programs—whatever their focus—are vulnerable.

Two members of Congress, Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), are asking their colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives to co-sign a letter of support to protect the ongoing funding of important humane laws like the Animal Welfare Act. The letter will soon be submitted to the House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee. It's an uphill struggle, particularly this year with so much budget tension.

We don't have much time: Legislators must sign the Smith-Blumenauer letter by Wednesday, April 13.

What You Can Do
Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center right now to email your representative in the U.S. House and request that he or she sign the Smith-Blumenauer letter.

The Animal Welfare Act, the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act, the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act and the Horse Protection Act are among the most important pillars of animal protection that our nation has, and we must make sure their enforcement is properly funded.

Thank you for taking immediate action, advocates!

7 years ago

Signed. Everything is vunerable now. I really believe that these deep budget cuts will cause more harm than good. It's like seeing a sewer leak and not doing anything about it. Within minutes will be up to are chins in sewer water and the cost to repair it will be much higher.

7 years ago

Yes...Apparently there is a high price to pay in order to avoid a government shutdown...and we're the ones who ultimately pay for it as politicians play their games and collect their paychecks...Frustrating, I tell ya...Completely, utterly frustrating...

Well, anyway, good to read your words here again, John. Thanks. Hope all's well with you and yours.

7 years ago

Alls well on the home front. The work still comes in and for that I'm grateful. How's your home front doing?

7 years ago

Still have my job at the animal shelter, thankfully...and have started volunteering at the local wildlife rehabilitation center. Very rewarding to learn to be able to help my "wild neighbors". Glad you're still doing well in this shaky, unstable economy.

Proposed Ban on Undercover Video Will Protect Abusers
7 years ago



Guest Blog by Ann Church, ASPCA Senior Director of Government Relations. Ann Church is a longtime animal advocate. She has worked for the U.S. Senate and has more than 20 years’ experience fighting for humane legislation.

I feel a cold shiver go through me when I think about what could happen to millions of cows, chickens, pigs and other farm animals. The Iowa Legislature is close to enactment of legislation that will protect animal abusers while incarcerating those who expose cruelty. Because big agribusiness is tired of having the inhumane treatment of animals exposed, it is choosing to trample on the rights of the public and media instead of taking steps to treat animals decently.

Two state-level bills that aim to prevent legitimate investigations into animal cruelty in farming operations will soon be voted on in the Iowa Senate. If passed, House File 589 and Senate File 431 will protect large factory farms as well as puppy mills by making all undercover investigations into animal care illegal.

If this measure becomes law in Iowa, it will set a precedent throughout the country. Our jails could become full of humane activists and journalists while animal abusers continue their actions in secret. Our country is founded on transparency and the belief that more information is better—that public knowledge is good. If passed, decent farmers will be tarnished by this effort. Most do not have anything to hide, but this law would condemn them all.

Take Action!
Please join our efforts to block passage of this chilling legislation. If you live in Iowa, please email your state senator and politely urge a no vote on SF431 and HF 589.

If you do not live in Iowa, please contact Governor Terry Branstad at (515) 281-5211 or Please do so in a reasonable and dignified manner.


How's life.
7 years ago

Debbie that must be fun to work for wildlife rehabilitation.....Do tell!. Man!....What we can learn through organizations like the one your at. Tell us what you learn!...... We have a place 11 miles from my home...I''ll join the program and tell you what I learned....I think I can still get in.

7 years ago

Just started my volunteer training there last Tuesday...Got to feed some fledgeling sparrows...and a greedy little squirrel :::grins:::...and a great horned owl...and a turkey vulture. That was a bit intimidating...being so close to a vulture...and I was awestruck by the owl...Absolutely stunning (and aggressive) bird...This will probably sound cheesy but I do feel so honored to be in their presence and to have the opportunity to learn how to save them from human negligence and to help them return to where they belong. The rehabilitation center is actually just down the road from where I live...I've wanted to volunteer there for a long time but kept hesitating for some reason...until recently...Just had the strongest urge to finally sign up...and so far, I'm so glad I did. So much to learn about animals and consservation...and the people who run the place are so eager to help you learn. You really should join your own local wildlife rehab center. It's the best experience. I hope you can get in.

I'll keep you posted.

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7 years ago

There's so many things I wanted to post that seems so I can post them with you. I"ve witnessed Kit Foxes native to Nevada coordinating an attack on a rabbit. It was planned and finished. It was amazing. It was nature at it's best.

7 years ago

Nothing at all cheesy about that. I've always been fascinated by animal behavior, particularly in the wild, ever since I was a kid watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and those brilliant Disney nature shows. So excited to finally be able to study some of these animals up close. Going back tomorrow for more training. Can't wait !

A tragic day for American wildlifeş
7 years ago



I am dismayed -- and heartbroken -- to report that the last-minute budget deal agreed to by Congressional leaders on Friday night will strip endangered species protection from gray wolves across most of the Northern Rockies, leaving them at the mercy of states that plan to kill hundreds of them.

This stealth attack on wolves -- which circumvents the will of the courts and good science -- was inserted by Representative Mike Simpson (R, ID) and Senator Jon Tester (D, MT). It was approved by the leadership of both the House and the Senate, and it was okayed by the White House.

It is a shameful day for this nation when both parties unite behind the slaughter of an endangered species -- without public hearing or debate.

And there is another victim here as well: the Endangered Species Act.

Congress has never before removed an animal from the endangered species list. By replacing scientific judgment with political calculation, the House and Senate have struck at the very heart of wildlife protection in America.

We have to make sure that the political door is not thrown open to new attacks on other imperiled species.

Send a message to your Senators and Representative right now, expressing your outrage at this attack on wolves and telling them to keep their hands off the Endangered Species Act.

In the meantime, I urge you to keep faith with our shared dream of a sustainable future for wolves in the Northern Rockies. Tens of thousands of you made your voice heard over the past six months as we tried to stave off this worst-case outcome in Congress.

We fought the good fight but, in the end, we could not overcome the Beltway politics of cynicism and deal-making. We are left feeling terrible sorrow for the wolves that will now die as a result.

But make no mistake: we have fought too long and too hard for wolf recovery to give up. We always knew that achieving our goal could take years, perhaps decades. And as I write this, NRDC is already preparing for the next phase of this fight.

Our Montana office will be monitoring the states to ensure that they uphold their commitment to protect viable populations of wolves -- and we intend to hold those states accountable. We will also continue to promote practical methods for ranchers to end wolf conflicts without shooting these magnificent animals.

I’ve never been more determined that wolves be allowed to roam wild and free in the Rockies. I know you’ll stand with us.

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

P.S. Part of what makes this defeat so hard to stomach is that the Senate and White House stood strong against 18 other anti-environmental riders. Thanks to your phone calls and emails, we staved off an attempt to cripple the EPA’s ability to control air and global warming pollution. That makes the bipartisan attack on wolves all the more unconscionable.

7 years ago

I heard about this on NPR also.(They too got chopped on the chopping block) I guess when all the Grey Wolves in N. Rockies have been completely decimated.....Or practically. Than they might save some pennies. It's the animals that get the worst of it everytime. It's just so stupid and sad to see this happening now.

7 years ago

Oh! and Mutual of Omaha was always a great Program to watch. Cheers!

7 years ago

Yes...It's certainly frustrating, to say the very least. The government's priorities have long been backwards...and those who can't speak for themselves have always consequently been given the short end of the stick.

7 years ago

How to fight back?....It take alot of money!.

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7 years ago

:::laughs::: Well, that could certainly draw some attention, couldn't it? I like your spirit, John. Perhaps we wouldn't need to go quite to that extreme but we could and should definately keep fighting persistently through our words and actions for those who have no voice.

7 years ago

For sure!.....Still....It does take money...... I'll check it out!

7 years ago

Sadly, yes....Doesn't everything these days...? Okay then, John. Thanks. Keep me posted on that. It certainly is such a tragic waste, that the lives of so many animals are taken just for a "lack of funds". Is that what the value of these animals has come down to? A crying shame...

This post was modified from its original form on 03 May, 19:19
7 years ago

I've just been mailed another action dealing with this travesty against wolves :

action alert



Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, recently wrote to President Obama expressing serious concern over the rider on the budget bill, signed by the president, which takes wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains off the endangered species list -- "a highly undesirable precedent," the governor noted, on an issue that "deserve[d] open and informed debate."

Kitzhaber asked the president to "avoid repeating such an approach to policy decision-making" in the future.

And indeed, the threat of special interests trumping species protection is great:

  • Livestock interests and the anti-wolf Arizona Game and Fish Department are seeking legislative delisting of all gray wolves in the nation, including the approximately 50 Mexican gray wolves surviving in Arizona and New Mexico.

  • The oil and gas industry is seeking to exempt greenhouse gases from regulation, despite their catastrophic effects on polar bears, walruses, coral reefs and much more.

  • Agribusiness interests in California are seeking a rider to deprive the San Francisco Bay ecosystem of the water necessary to keep delta smelt and many other imperiled fish from extinction.

Please ask your governor to join in writing the president, expressing dismay that wolves were delisted via congressional rider and requesting presidential leadership to ensure that the Endangered Species Act will not be circumvented again.

Click here to find out more and take action.

If you have trouble following the link, go to

7 years ago

It is!.......You've witnessed yourself the problems some states have with Politics.....I guess money could change there idiotic minds. They're so stupid. I'll see how far they'll go.....I hope they're seeing this. Are beloved state just watched an animal Vet quit his job because of a love affair. John Ensign.....He was a Right Wing dip %#&!*% that made the mistake of getting caught in a love affair. A Senator.......He did try to fight for horses when he started his job....It went know where. Money is everything now for our BLM.

7 years ago


7 years ago

Well, that's dedication to animals, isn't it...? Giving up a veterinary career over an affair...What a waste....

Pretty pathetic and desperate for politicians to treat the protection of an endangered species as nothing more than an expense to be eliminated. If that's all they care about, I wish I had the money to throw at them to keep these wolves protected...:::sighs::: 

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7 years ago

His whole career was desperate I think. Now we have a new whack job taking his place......Gaddsss....! Pray for us Nevadans.

7 years ago

Gawd....Politics....My prayers are definately with ya there, John...

7 years ago

like the way you spell that (Gawd). I guess it's correct these days. Yep we have a fight in front of us.

7 years ago

:::laughs::: Sorry...Not quite correct...It's not meant to mock Him...or anyone else, for that matter, really...I just spell it (and say it) that way sometimes out of habit...and yes...Hasn't it always been a fight...?...but well worth it.

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Animal Cruelty Goes Mobile
7 years ago


Tell Google they should not promote animal cruelty!

In this day of technology, you can find mobile applications (“apps&rdquo for just about anything, from getting weather forecasts to finding shopping bargains. Now, thanks to a new app by Kage Games, you can virtually participate in the sadistic “bloodsport” of dogfighting. The KG Dogfighting app, which sells on Google’s Android Market website, entices gamers to "Feed, water, train and FIGHT your virtual dog against other players…." The logo is a pit bull’s bloody face.

"The game teaches users how to breed, train, fight, medicate and kill virtual dogs," said Paul M. Weber, President of the Los Angeles Police Protective League. According to a news article, the game "allows players to train a virtual pit bull to fight other virtual dogs and build street cred that 'puts money in your pocket and lets you earn more in fights.'"Players have a "gun for police raids and can inject the dog with steroids."

Dogfighting is a violent crime that is a felony in all 50 states, and it is a federal crime if it involves interstate or foreign commerce. Dogfighting victims suffer cruel training methods and often die in fights. Those dogs not killed during fights may be viciously killed by their handlers when they do not win. Family pets are sometimes stolen to be used as "bait" animals. This is not a game – it is animal cruelty.

Take Action!

Tell Google they should not be selling mobile apps that promote animal cruelty or illegal activities. Urge them to remove KG Dogfighting from the Android Market today!


Death & Agony: Wild Horse Roundup
7 years ago

wild horses



Help stop the Bureau of Land Management’s mistreatment of America's wild horses!

Despite the public’s outcry against wild horses being run long distances in high temperatures during the height of summer, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) blazed forward with a plan to roundup 1,400 federally protected wild mustangs from Nevada’s Tuscarora region in Elko County in July 2010. Tragically, the roundup resulted in the death of at least 21 horses and several others being treated for painful colic and brain swelling due to dehydration and exhaustion.

The BLM is planning to repeat wild horse roundups in six westerns states this summer! Help stop this massacre of America’s wild horses! Contact your U.S. Representatives and Senators and urge them to:

  1. Call on the Interior Department and President Obama to halt the BLM’s summer roundups; and
  2. Use their appropriations authority to strip funding for this abusive practice while the National Academy of Sciences conducts its independent review of the program (to be completed by 2013).

Thousands of additional wild horses and burros are slated for removal in California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming and Utah, paid for with your tax dollars.

Violating their own protocol of waiting until mid-August (after the foaling season) to begin helicopter roundups, the BLM started the Nevada roundup in July last year and is planning to do the same in 2011. Last year, adults and foals, some only days or weeks old, were chased up to eight miles over dangerously rocky and rugged terrain during the hottest part of the summer. In the winter of 2009, after being run over similar terrain, two foals suffered horrible deaths when their hooves separated from their leg bones.

While there is an ongoing debate around the reason for these summer-time gathers – the BLM claims it’s to protect the horses; wild horse advocates say it’s driven by helicopter availability, using taxpayer money before the end of the fiscal year and making public lands available for cattle ranchers – there is no question that the horses’ best interests should dictate the schedule and size of the roundup. Chasing mothers and their newborn foals across the desert during the hottest months of the year is clearly not protecting these majestic animals.

The BLM’s mismanagement must be stopped before another horse suffers and dies at the agency’s hands. Send a letter to your Representatives and Senators through ALDF’s website, demanding a moratorium on all summer roundups and stripping of all future funding for this abusive practice.


Stop the Soring of Tennessee Walking Horses
7 years ago



The high stepping gait or “big lick”, of the Tennessee Walking Horse often comes at a painful price. Many of these horses suffer excruciating abuses like chemical burning of their front legs, forcing them to step ever higher. This cruel practice, known as soring, was made illegal over 40 years ago when Congress passed The Horse Protection Act (HPA). Unfortunately USDA has not effectively enforced the act, and horses continue to suffer the pain of soring.

USDA is reviewing an HSUS-led petition to end the practice of soring by adopting new regulations and strengthening enforcement of the HPA. Now, USDA is requesting comments from the public on whether to put these changes into action.

Please fill out and submit the form below to urge the USDA to protect horses from abuse by adopting these new regulations. We encourage you to add your own thoughts or comments about this issue in the editable portion below, so the agency knows how important this issue is to you.

7 years ago

Thanks Debbie! I signed and posted a comment. Personally I think the high stepping horses are not that elegant anyways. But that's my opinion......They look better in the wild anyways.

7 years ago

Most definately, John. All that high-stepping just looks painful to me. Putting such a beautiful animal through all that torture just for show. Cruel and completely unneccessary. Thanks for signing and commenting.

Historic agreement reached for nation's egg-laying hens
7 years ago



I am excited to announce a historic agreement that The Humane Society of the United States reached this morning with the United Egg Producers, which could result in a complete makeover of the U.S. egg industry and improve the treatment of the 280 million laying hens used each year in U.S. egg production. Thanks to your support over the years, through our state ballot initiatives and legislative and corporate campaigns, we now have a new pathway forward to ban barren battery cages and phase in more humane standards nationwide.

The HSUS and UEP have agreed to work together to advocate for federal legislation that would:

  • Require a moratorium at the end of 2011 on new construction of unenrichable battery cages -- small, cramped, cages that nearly immobilize more than 90 percent of laying hens today -- and the nationwide elimination of barren battery cages through a phase-out period;
  • Require phased in construction of new hen housing systems that provide hens nearly double the amount of space they’re currently provided;
  • Require environmental enrichments so birds can engage in important natural behaviors currently denied to them in barren cages, such as perches, nesting boxes, and scratching areas;
  • Mandate labeling on all egg cartons nationwide to inform consumers of the method used to produce the eggs, such as "eggs from caged hens" or "eggs from cage-free hens";
  • Prohibit forced molting through starvation -- an inhumane practice that is inflicted on tens of millions of hens each year and which involves withholding all food from birds for up to two weeks in order to manipulate the laying cycle;
  • Prohibit excessive ammonia levels in henhouses -- a common problem in the industry that is harmful to both hens and egg industry workers;
  • Require standards for euthanasia of hens; and
  • Prohibit the sale of eggs and egg products nationwide that don’t meet these above requirements.

If enacted, this would be the first federal law relating to chickens used for food, as well as the first federal law relating to the on-farm treatment of any species of farm animal.

7 years ago

Some of the provisions would be implemented nearly immediately after enactment, such as those relating to forced molting, ammonia, and euthanasia, and others after just a few years, including labeling and the requirement that all birds will have to have at least 67 square inches of space each. (Currently, approximately 50 million laying hens are confined to only 48 square inches each.) The bill would require that all egg producers increase space per bird in a tiered phase-in, resulting in a final number, within 15 years for nearly all producers, of at minimum, 124-144 square inches of space each, along with the other improvements noted above.

In order to protect Proposition 2 (a landmark laying hen welfare initiative passed in California in 2008 that many of you worked on), all California egg producers -- with nearly 20 million laying hens -- would be required to eliminate barren battery cages by 2015 (the date Prop 2 goes into effect), and provide all hens with environmental enrichments, such as perches, nesting boxes, and scratching areas. This will also apply to the sale of all eggs and egg products in California. And this agreement to pass comprehensive federal legislation on hen welfare puts a hold on planned ballot measures related to laying hen welfare in both Washington and Oregon.

Passing this federal bill would be a historic improvement for hundreds of millions of animals per year. We are grateful to all of our volunteers, supporters, and others who have helped to make the cage confinement of egg-laying hens a national issue, and we will keep you informed as we make progress on this issue. I hope you will contact your U.S. senators and representative today and urge them to support this federal legislation to end barren battery cage confinement and provide more humane standards for laying hens.

wayne pacelle
Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO 
The Humane Society of the United States

Humane Alert - Urge The Government To Protect Captive Chimpanzees
7 years ago

Ban All Animal-Tested Cosmetics in the EU
7 years ago

cruelty free



Animal testing of cosmetics is an ugly business, especially when animals—like rabbits, mice and guinea pigs—are blinded and poisoned just to test a new lipstick or shampoo.

The European Union promised that from 2013, the sale of animal-tested cosmetics would be banned, meaning the EU would become the world's first cruelty-free cosmetics zone. An EU sales ban would also force companies around the world to stop cosmetics animal testing or have their products removed from EU shop shelves. But now EU decision-makers are looking to delay the ban by up to 10 years, meaning more unnecessary animal testing.

The Cruelty-Free 2013 petition has so far been signed by 124,249 people calling for an end to animal-tested cosmetics. Please add your name today.






Thank you, Martina, for bringing this to my attention. I've always admired the HSUS and HSI...and I have never understood why there are still scientists who insist upon continuing the inconclusive and unnecessarily abusive, archaic practice of vivisection when there are so many non-invasive methods available. It makes no sense whatsoever to me why these companies continue to subject animals to this needless cruelty.

Signed. Thanks, Martina

6 years ago



We want you to be the first to know. PCRM is happy to announce the re-introduction of a bill that will phase-out the U.S. military's use of live animals in trauma training courses. Yesterday, Congressman Bob Filner (D-CA), along with Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC), Congressman Robert Andrews (D-NJ) and 6 other representatives introduced the Battlefield Excellence through Superior Training (BEST) Practices Act. Now, PCRM is launching a nationwide effort to pass this important bill into law, and we need your help.

Please call or e-mail your member of Congress today and ask that he or she become a co-sponsor of the BEST Practices Act, H.R. 1417. If you can call and send an e-mail that would be best.

Each year in Department of Defense (DoD) courses, more than 6,000 pigs and goats are wounded and killed in combat trauma training courses. In these courses, military trainees practice medical procedures on anesthetized animals. At the end of each course, the animals are killed. The DoD has defended this practice despite the overwhelming evidence that a transition to human-based alternatives would provide a better educational experience for our service members. These medical procedures are taught in the civilian world almost exclusively without the use of live animals. You can read more about these superior, nonanimal alternatives here.

Our nationwide campaign to end the use of live animals in military medical training begins with you contacting your member of Congress today. Please be on the lookout for a future e-mail in which we will invite you to take part in Citizen Lobbyist Week (April 25 to 29), when you will have the opportunity to lobby your member of Congress's office in person.

Please e-mail or call the Washington office of your member of Congress and ask him or her to co-sponsor the BEST Practices Act, H.R. 1417, today.

We look forward to working with you to pass this historic legislation. Thank you for all of your help. If you have any questions, please contact Noah Gittell at

Elizabeth Kucinich
Elizabeth Kucinich
Director of Government Affairs


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