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Favorite snack?
10 years ago
What's your baby's favorite snack? Or favorite food in general?
10 years ago
Unfortunately, Danilo (dwarf lop) only eats the type of dry food that is more snack than food. He also eats carrots and hay. That's all. Well, since he thinks he's a dog, he also wants to eat dog food, and is very annoyed when I won't let him. Other than that, he only consumes water (and wallpaper - if he thinks he can get away with it).   When Alexander (cockatiel) was younger he only ate sunflower seeds. Period. Now he leaves those and only eats the other seeds. He also likes bread, pasta, carrot and apple (but in very tiny amounts). Pasta is probably his favorite. He'll hang on the bars of his aviary and screech from the time we begin to discuss dinner, but only if pasta is on the menu. Obviously he can understand human talk. This post was modified from its original form on 11 Nov, 23:06
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