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Getting 'Legit' on February 27, 2007 7:16 PM

file downloadings???

Are you familiar with 'BitTorrent'... the super-massive file downloader??? Or how about 'U-Torrent'? BitComet??  Well, is the newest: BitTorrent has just gone 'partially' legit! You can now download movies, TV serial progs legally thru BitTorrent's tie-up with the majors. They have offered 'pay-as-u-go' services for the above, BUT...

Before you start keying your credit card, read this LATEST update of an old Torrent-hand, his pros-& cons about BitTorrent's latest (just 48hrs ago) foray into 'legit' file downloading (click this url)~ 

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Got Your Vista? Having Problems February 04, 2007 6:54 PM

on installing it???

Check this official "installation-chart" again, before you attempt another "install" ~ 

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win-VISTA... February 04, 2007 6:41 PM

Gate's newest creation (or should i say "re-hased") is now AVAILABLE in the stores nearest you.

Now, the $600- dollar question was... "is it worth the upgrade you need for the current OS you were operating on?"

Read this (befor you plunged your precious savings)~ 

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My Last 6 Days... November 23, 2006 1:33 AM

(today, the 23rd no included) was so nerve-wracking, exhausting but very very exciting!

I was with a group of senior R&D staffs & its CEO brainstorming on a possible idea of applying so-called "flash memory - based" modules into a highly innovative oem computing deployment that can be produced into highly cost-effective price basis of speed(cpu)/capacity(HD)/Unit!

For the last 6mths, i had been keenly observing/researching on the historical price data of flash-memories that was being sold on the world market; Its cost-efficiency per new-capacity model by several different oem Taiwan manufacturers.

Presently, there already exist flash-drive (aka: thumbdrive) archiving units of up to 8Gb in capacity and base on Moore's Law, in the next 6mths new models with capacity of 16Gb should soon be on the market too.

Theoretically speaking, flash-based memory are volatile (unstable). But ever since 2Gb thumbdrives went on sale, the inherent designs had became ever sturdier and more reliable. The latest of 4Gb and above models (including 8Gb unit) by some manufacturers was so unlike early thumbdrive models!

Beside being humongous, incorporated oem utilities for encryptions/volume management had also became a norm. Based on what i had deduced from my researches on this particular component, "Flash Memories" will perenially be cheaper to produced than a typical "hard disk" that PC and notebooks critically needs to utilize.

Another intriguing factor of thumbdrive's was its overall smallness in dimension in parity with its operating speed, something that a PC's typical hard disk hardly can't match.

On the factor of reliability, flash drives has no mechanical moving parts but digitally-dominant instead. Therefore, it is more reliable than the standard hard disk designs.

Consecutive days of brainstorming sessions with those nerds from a premier (in the ranks of top 6  in world production in fact) Taiwan-based "flash-drive" manufacturer had convinced the firm's owner and majority of its R&D folks to set up a small 'skunkwork' unit (of which i was recruited too) to look into the possibility of using "flash memory" as a cost-effective replacement for the typical hard drive in PC!

The ultimate goal is a portable computing unit that has a core-weight (basic core unit, less peripherals) of less than 1000grams, a minimum of 1.5Ghz in cpu speed, in equivalent SRP cost-level of a HEAVILY-DISCOUNTED DESKTOP on seasonal sales!!!

If a laptop is on sale in the market at the same cost of a bargain-priced new desktop, say... USD 349.00 each (with a CD+RW),  would anyone BE INTERESTED IN ACQUIRING ONE as their typical computing workhorse???

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Last 'ExtremeTech' 2005 Poll on February 23, 2006 11:39 PM

"Best AntiVirus" taken and here it is (the result) as voiced by its subscribing members, including discussions posted ~

Note: 'ExtremeTech' is a digital edition known for its reports/news on everything digital (in web, net, softwares, hardwares & techonologies) that's being patronized by nerds & techies. I, for 1 do find this eMagz, highly accurate in its reporting. Discussion forums are available for registered members only.

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Welcome Back. May 20, 2005 1:32 AM

This post is timely & informative!  [ send green star]
 May 19, 2005 3:52 AM

Hope this procedure will be helpful for all of you and you will be amazed at how much time will be saved as you will not have to attach and then send anything to your friends and colleagues.

If anyone do know anyother method. Then please do share!

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Enabling Directory Browsing May 19, 2005 3:48 AM

There are cases, where one doesn’t have enough time to build web pages, but still needs to share information and LAN sharing is either unreliable or not possible at all. In such cases, entire derives or folders can be web – shared and enabling directory browsing, lets surfers browse the sub folders and files in the same way as on PC . And you have the satisfaction that no “write” operation can be performed over your PC.


  1. R – Click a folder you want to web share.

  2. Select sharing and security.

  3. Go to the web sharing tab.

  4. Select share this folder.

  5. Enter an alias.

  6. Check directory browsing.

  7. Press Ok.


Now this folder has become accessible without having an HTML page in it.

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Sharing a Bit Differently May 19, 2005 3:46 AM

Have you ever wanted to share your web creations with your friends or wanted them to download stuff from your PC through the internet, without you having to email various things to them?

Well this can be done by using the Internet Information Services ( IIS ) . Now how to set up your PC as a web server in Windows XP.

To install IIS go to Start > Settings > Control Panel. Select Add/Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Component > Windows Component Services.

Once installed, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management. From the left hand side tree, select Internet Information Services. This displays the administrative options for IIS services, such as the web server, FTP server, SMTP Server and MNTP server. Select Default Web Site.

  1. R-click on Default web site. Select > New > Virtual Directory. The Virtual Directory creation Wizard appears. Virtual Directory is an easy to remember alias that you give to a path on your hard disk.

  2. Enter an alias say “my site” and then press next.

  3. Now you have to select a directory that has to be mapped over the alias. Then Press Next.

  4. Set permissions for the site. The first two options are checked by default, whereas the rest are not. Leave settings as it is and press next.

  5. Press Finish.

Now you have successfully created a website that is hosted on your computer. Type in the address in Internet Explorer. The default page of your site is displayed. Make sure you have named the default page as index.htm or default.htm, since there are one of the few pages searched by IIS to display by default.






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