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Free Click To Donate

Care2 encourages donating to causes with the click to donate program.. plus the Butterfly Rewards, which consists of commenting for credits. These credits can then be turned into cash for worthwhile programs. If you have not participated in either of these try them out... 


If you know of other worthy sites, links or organizations offering similar or different 'free money for donations' programs, link to them here and discuss why they are worth doing or looking at. 

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Butterfly rewards


This link explains how butterfly credits work...


Add a post in a thread like this one.. Earn 5 credits.


Comment on the news stories or shares of others, and earn 20 butterfly credits. 


Once you accumulate enough to 'pay' for a donation, go to the link above, and choose where you want your money to go... It is Fun and easy! 



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Click to donate; free money to favorite charity


What is your favorite click to donate campaign? 


Post the link in this thread...

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Click to donate group


For those who are really serious into this...

1 pound of free food per correct answer



This is a wonderful way to help someone out and learn something along the way too.

Pass this along, with so many out of work, every bit helps. I know I feel good I was able to do this.

Love N Peace, Dandelion

Original Message:

Feeding America wants to give you a fun and unique opportunity to help men, women and children facing hunger. Play our online trivia game, and for every question you answer correctly, Kraft Foods Foundation will donate $1 worth of fresh food to someone 

In one round, I donated $50 dollars worth and that's a lot of cash for Kraft to put their money where their mouth is!!!!!

If you have time, please play for FREE. Now some questions are a little tricky, but they'll keep popping back up until you get them right.

Good luck & thanks bunchesbig hugs!


it's been awhile since i've had internet so i haven't been to these sites in a while but here is my list other then care2 -- 3 1/3 cups -- 0.5 cup per click, but you can
click 20 times a day -- US$0.19 (if I understand right) -- 0.10 euros -- 0.05 euros -- 2 cents -- a _loan_ of 25 cents;you can click twice
daily ,

and .

oh yeah and which has several catagories of games each right answer donates 10 grains of rice. which adds up quickly!

From Mellisa's Chadwick profile

Click below for over 55 charity sites you can donate to daily!

Thanks for the links!

Here are a couple more, I see that Molly has posted the freerice, but I don't see a link; so I thought I would post it here


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