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Happy Mother's Day to the Animal Mothers 2:43 PM

Salute Mother Animals on Mothers' Day: Raveena
New Delhi, May 14 (UNI) For this year's Mothers' Day being celebrated today, film actress Raveena Tandon and animals welfare organisation, PETA, have a special message: Salute Animal Mothers.

Raveena, who became a mother in March last year, appreciates now more than ever that there is a unique bond between mother and child, regardless of species.

''When you honour your own mother on May 14, stop to consider the non-human mothers whose children are taken from them every day,'' asks Raveena and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

PETA has come out with a number of poignant examples to prove that motherly affection is not an exclusive emotion of human species.

Recently, a tourist videotaped a dolphin mother grieving for her dead baby, a phenomenon long reported by marine biologists but never before documented on film.

''When a young dolphin dies, the entire pod surrounds the mother and protects her while she grieves. Dolphin infants are too young and bewildered to escape from fishing nets, and their mothers will go to extrardinary lengths to stay with them nearby, singing to comfort them, even when it means that they, too, will die,'' said PETA, in a statement.

Kittens and puppies are whisked away from their mothers when eight-week-old or even younger, to feed a flourishing trade in cute, trendy 'pets'. No one considers the anxiety and grief this causes their mothers and the babies themselves.

A few years ago, a cat named Scarlet made headlines around the world when she risked her life by re-entering a building on fire five times to rescue her tiny kittens one by one.

Even though her eyes were blistered shut and her paws were burned, Scarlet did not rest until she had retrieved all her babies, touching each one with her nose to make sure that they were safe.

In England, a cow, named Blackie, and her calf were torn from each other when they were sold separately at an auction. The distraught mother broke out of her stall and went in search of her calf. The next morning, she was found seven miles away at another farm, contentedly suckling her calf. They were identified as mother and son by the matching auction labels still stuck to their rumps.

The burly pachyderms are quiet prodigal in showing their feelings to their young ones.

Mother elephants carry their babies inside them for almost two years! The relationship after birth is even longer -- mother elephants have a very close, loving relationship with their young ones, teaching them lessons about life and what they need to know to survive, including how to swim, how to keep cool and how to forage for food.

Even fearsome alligators are gentle mothers, delicately cracking open the eggs of babies strugggling to hatch in their powerful jaws.

''Mothers in the animal kingdom are not that different from our own beloved mothers. This Mothers' Day when you are honouring your mother, honour animal mothers, too, by practising kindness and compassion toward all animals,'' the PETA spokesperson said.

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thanx you ty..

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Happy Mother's Day Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting thank you hugs Carla
Happy Mother's day to all my friends!
13 years ago

Happy Mother's day to all my friends! I hope you all fid that special happiness. Also, thanks to all my non-Mom friends that work so hard to help everyone's Mom, Mother Earth!

                                Rose 13


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