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Fundraising ideas for Virgil's trips
14 years ago
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I am an Avon Representative, and I'm going to plan an Avon party for a fund raising opportunity. Avon products are NOT tested on animals and are featured on PETA's "Cruelty-Free Living" site. Many of their products are 100% cruelty-free.

So that's my idea for fundraising  

14 years ago

I am out of stars for U so here they are!

14 years ago

LOL!!!   Thanks my friend!!! And here's some for you too!!!

good idea
14 years ago

I love Avon do you do mail orders?

And we STILL need to gather funds quickly - time is running out!
14 years ago
We STILL haven't gathered enough, though it won't stop me from getting there.  I will be there if I have to crawl, well hitch is probably more like it.  But that won't be necessary.  I have gathered some funds, but not nearly enough.  I STILL need your help.  Come on, with 445 members, we can't gather enough funding to do this?  I just have a hard time believing that.  I have been really disappointed in the lack of interest from members here.  I have heard from exactly three memebers of this group willing to help.  This is really important, everyone!  Please help!  I desperately need it.  We have worked really hard for months to make this happen.  So have many of the large organizations, but not financially, except for one that paid for my room.  I won't mention who because I don't know if they want that knowledge public or not.  There are instructions on how to donate on the home page, as there have been now for months.  My mailing address is up there, along with how to donate through PayPal.  This is the last plea you will get from me on this issue.  Let your conscience be your guide in what you do.  Or don't do.   It's really up to you.  I will continue to do my work regardless because it's my passion and the right thing to do.  I make not one dollar for doing all of this.  Nothing.  I do it simply because I care and am doing my level best to do something about this abominable industry we call factory farming.  It's up to you how much you really want to help to end it.  This is a good start.  Now, I will sign off and get to work on my talks I must give.  Have a good day, everyone.  I do truly mean that, whatever you do on this.
14 years ago
Oh Hey Sheri!! Sorry I missed your last post   Unfortunately I can't do mail orders, but if you want, I'll put you in touch with someone in your area. 
14 years ago

Yeah I agree Virgil! I've got you a little bit of funding coming from some local folks around here.

As I stated to a friend of mine, you're one of the extremely few slaughterhouse workers who has ever turned the tables and exposed what goes on behind their secretive walls. It's VERY important for you to continue to tell your story. After all, Tyson is still telling theirs! And still torturing chickens.

Please folks, give what you can , every little bit helps. Here's the info again for making your contibutions: 

Donations can be made at: 

  • The Cyberactivist through the PayPal button,

  • Or can be mailed directly to: Virgil Butler at General Delivery, Pine Ridge, AR 71966.

    Good luck brother, if I could come get you and take I surely would. But maybe if we pull together this one last time, we can get something going. I hope you get some good news soon Virgil, as time is quickly running out! 

  • 13 years ago
    GOOD LUCK Virgil Angela
    Thank you
    13 years ago
    for your support.  t is through the suppiort f regular people like you that mes my job possible.
    Hey Virgil....
    13 years ago

    What is the time frame?? 

    I will help as soon as I can!!!  It may not be much, but as Billye said, every little bit helps, if we ALL will do just that.  Count me in!

    It may take a few days, but I will do it!!

    I have said it before...and I will say it again....

    FOR ALL YOU DO, VIRGIL.......and all my friends here....FOR THE ANIMALS!!!!!

    With   Gretchen

    No time limit at all - it is always ongoing
    13 years ago

    I never know when I will be asked to come and speak.  In fact, at the Walk for Farmed Aimals in Nashville, TN that I just spoke at this past weekend, I didn't know until I got there that I was needed to speak until I was told that their speaker was a no-show and that I was needed to come up with a few words to say to help out.

    Billye just started this thread simply as a way of having other members share ideas for fundraising for these trips like this, as this one was entirely financed by us, Laura's mother, and grandmother, thankfully, becasue we sure didn't have the funding to make it any other way!  Of course, I didn't have to worry about a place to stay or food to eat once I got there since there are such warm and caring people willing to open their homes to me and put Laura and me up for the weeekend when we came to this just like last year.  This not only saves money, but is what I would prefer rather than an impersonal hotel room anyway.  No worry about finding food or transportation or anything like that.  Real grassroots activism going on here.  Billye put us up last year, and her mother put us up this year.  We enjoyed ourselves both times.  It's a lot more enjoyable for us to be able to stay with fellow activists when I arrive in a city to speak or participate in something like this.  And, like I said, it does save money so that no donations need to be raised for a place to stay.  Which means more money for the animals! 

    As I never know when I will be asked to go and speak somewhere, the fundraising is an ongoing way for those who do not have the personal finances themselves to be able to donate and keep the work of us and this group going themselves but do have the time and creative ways to help raise funds to help me get the word out to more people and to attract more members to the group.  The more that is raised, the more that I can do.  And, if I ever come to an area where one of you members reside, we would definitely take you up on an offer to stay with you!  A great way to get to know each other better and have a little extra fun and visiting that can't be done at the actual event.

    So, anyone having any ideas at how to help keep the funding coming in that keeps our work going is greatly appreciated!  I could not do what I do without the support of other activists.  This has become pretty much a full-time job.

    Thanks for your support, Gretchen.  And, Billye, thanks again for a great time in Nashville this past weekend, especially for letting us tag along to the pig sanctuary! That was great fun.  I'll be posting about this all later after we rest up.  Today we are just catching up on all of the hundreds of emails that have come in while we were away, so we probably won't get to it until at least tomorrow.  But all of you who have subscribed to my blog and/or photo page updates will be the first to know when I do get that done.  Those that wish to be subscribed to do so only have to visit the pages and sign up to keep up with the goings-on of what we are currently doing that doesn't always get announced in the groups (in fact, rarely does).

    Thanks again everyone for all your help!  Working together, we really ARE making a difference! 

    HEY VIRGIL......
    13 years ago
    ...something is on the way via SNAIL MAIL.  Hope it helps...even if just a little. 
    Thank you
    13 years ago

    Every bit truly does help out animals directly.  And we all appreciate it.

    Virgil and all of the rest of the animals here


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