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more than talk
5 years ago

greetings all, I too am fed up with concentrated feeding facilities. I know this is just a forum for discussion but what about getting some people together and make a little noise? I own a few acres across from four chicken houses. what if we were to start an annual get together? I have never done anything like this. I have no idea where to start or what to do. I only know my heart breaks for those poor animals that never see the light of day nor breathe fresh air. anyone want to try this?

more than talk
4 years ago

Hi, Mo. I live in the UK so I can't join you're get together, but I share your frustration with the continued oppression of animals in industrail agriculture. I live on the outskirts of a city and there are big sheds fenced off a shortish walk from where I live, you can't see them as its hilly where I am, but you can often smell them. If you walk in the park on the estate you can tell the river is polluted and I'm sure it is from the farms, you never see any animals in the fields but I often here shotguns on a night, so I know they are intensively farming nearby. It sickens me, I want to go and release them all, but know I won't get very far alone & without resources.

The estate I live on is very poor and most people around me claim they can't afford to be vegan or chose free range animal products, but I know that it is just a combination of ignorance, habit and lack of care, as if I can live healthily on a vegan diet with my budget, anyone can. I always say to people, a can of chickpeas is still cheaper than a factory farmed chicken.

Anyway, I'm rambling on. My advice for if you want to get people together to protest is, I'd set a date in the future that gives you enough time to build, contact everyone and every group you think would be interested in getting involved and make some flyers and posters and stick them up and hand them around where you live. Good luck! Beth.

4 years ago

Mo, May I suggest you fill out more info on your profile as well as where you live. people are hesitant to respond when they dont know anything about you. many would be thrilled to get involved but we dont know where you are for starters.

new member
4 years ago

thank you beth for your support. my family was forced off our land because of some underhanded work to get zoning changed allowing my neighbor to build four large chicken factories. 45,000 birds each I am told.

gina. I will go do that straight away. thank you for your advice.

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