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The reason we are feeling compassion for animals
13 years ago
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The reason we are feeling compassion for animals is because of the presence of
the spirit soul that is an eternal soul and an eternal person with in the material body.  All
bodies are a machine for the soul and all living beings are eternal persons be they a human,
animal, insect, bird or plant.  There are different names of god in different faiths and the
name that I call god is
Krishna.  Krishna said “The living entities in this conditioned world
are My eternal fragmental parts.”  “Due to conditioned life, they are struggling very hard
with the six senses, which include the mind.”
“The living entity in the material world carries his different conceptions of life from one
body to another as the air carries aromas.  Thus he takes one kind of body and again quits
it to take another.”
The living entity, thus taking another gross body, obtains a certain type of ear, eye,
tongue, nose and sense of touch, which are grouped about the mind.  He thus enjoys a
particular set of sense objects.”  Bhagavad Gita 15.7. through 9
As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old
age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death.  A sober person is not bewildered
by such a change.” 2.13
As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new
material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.” 2.22

We are all spirit souls, be a human or animal and we feel pain equally regardless of material body that we have.  It does not matter if we are in the womb or not killing someone who is innocent even if he is an ant is sinful

KARMA! The Law of Cause & Effect!
13 years ago

If the living being has made his conciousness like an animal´s, he is sure to get an animals body.

Karma Free Diet

The Sanskrit word karma means "action", or more specifically, any material action that brings a reaction that binds us to the material world. Although the idea of karma is generally associated with eastern philosophy, many people in the West are also coming to understand that karma is a natural principle, like time or gravity and no less inescapable. For every action there is a reaction. According to the law of karma, if we cause pain and suffering to other living beings, we must endure pain and suffering in return, both individually and collectively. We reap what we sow, in this life and the next, for nature has her own justice. No one can escape the law of karma, except those who understand how it works.

The person who eats an animal may say that he hasn´t killed anything, but when he buys his neatly packaged meat at the supermarket he is paying someone else to kill for him, and both of them bring upon themselves reactions of karma. Can it be anything but hypocritical to march for peace and then go to McDonald´s for a hamburger or go home to grill a steak? This is the very duplicity that George Bernard Shaw condemned:

We pray on Sundays that we may have light
To guide our footsteps on the path we tread;
We are sick of war, we don´t want to fight,
And yet we gorge ourselves upon the dead.

As Srila Prabhupada says in his explanations of Bhagavad-gita, "Those who kill animals and give them unnecessary pain—as people do slaughterhouses—will be killed in the same way in the next life and in many lives to come... In the Judeo-Christian scriptures, it is stated clearly ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ Nonetheless, giving all kinds of excuses, even the heads of religion indulge in killing animals and, at the same time, try to pass as saintly persons. This mockery and hypocrisy in human society brings about unlimited calamities such as great wars, where masses of people go out onto the battlefields and kill each other. Presentlythey have discovered the nuclear bomb, which is simply waiting to be used for wholesale destruction." Such are the effects of karma.

Those who understand the laws of karma, know that peace will not come from marches and petitions, but rather from a campaign to educate people about the consequences of murdering innocent animals (and unborn children). That will go a long way preventing any increase in the world´s problems we need people with purified consciousness to perceive that the real problem is a spiritual one. Sinful people will always exist, but they shouldn´t occupy positions of leadership.

The living entity in the material world carries his different conceptions of life from one body to another

Chapter Fifteen, Text 8-9

'The living entity in the material world carries his different conceptions of life from one body to another as the air carries aromas. Thus he takes one kind of body and again quits it to take another.

'The living entity, thus taking another gross body, obtains a certain type of ear, eye, tongue, nose and sense of touch, which are grouped about the mind. He thus enjoys a particular set of sense objects.'

Chapter Seventeen, Text 8-10

'Foods dear to those in the mode of goodness increase the duration of life, purify one's existence and give strength, health, happiness and satisfaction. Such foods are juicy, fatty, wholesome, and pleasing to the heart.

'Foods that are too bitter, too sour, salty, hot, pungent, dry and burning are dear to those in the mode of passion. Such foods cause distress, misery and disease.

'Foods prepared more than three hours before being eaten, food that is tasteless, decomposed and putrid, and food consisting of remnants and untouchable things is dear to those in the mode of darkness.'

13 years ago

Chapter Sixteen, Text 9

'...the demoniac, who are lost to themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy the world.'

¨As long there are slaughterhouses there will be always war.¨ - L. Tolstoy

¨I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals.¨ - Henry David Thoreau¨

A dead cow or sheep lying in pastureis recognized as carrion. The same sort of carcass dressed and hung up in a butcher´s stall passes as food.¨ - J. H. Kellog

¨It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living, by its purely physical effect on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind.¨- Albert Einstein

¨As long as man massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who saws seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.¨ - Pythagoras

¨The eating of meat extinguishes the seed of great compassion.¨ - Mahaparinirvana Sutra, a Buddhist scripture

¨And the flesh of slain beasts in his body will become his own tomb. For I tell you truly, he who kills, kills himself, and whoso eats the flesh of slain bests, eats the body of death.¨ - The Essene Gospel of peace

13 years ago

Where is our karuna, our compassion? What is happening to our hearts?

If you have once seen a picture of a young seals being killed for their fur, you will never wear a fur again. In the same way, if you saw how the animals die in slaughterhouse, you would never want to eat meat again. Just because the killing is done by someone else, does not mean that the karma (the responsibility) is not yours. You are contributing to their actions, and you share in their karma.

Suppose tomorrow all the butchers were to say: “We are not killing for your sake anymore. If you want to eat an animal, you kill it”. How many of you are ready to bring a lamb into your kitchen - the mother holding one leg, the father holding another, the son cutting it open while it screams and yells in pain, its blood splashing everywhere, all the fecal matter coming out – and then clean up all the blood and filth, cut it up and eat it? When it is all wrapped up in nice cellophane, with no blood, no smell just sitting in the supermarket case, then it seems all right to you.

When people kill the animal themselves, seeing their blood and hearing their cries, eventually their hearts forget to be compassionate. They no longer see the pain they are causing.

Some so called compassionate people think: “If you chop their heads quickly, before they even realize that they are going to die, it is humane”. That is not so. Even miles away, hours before the slaughter they know. You do not have to see them, nor do they have to see you. It is direct thought transference. They know that someone is coming to kill them.

We hear of many organizations dedicated to saving pets. Members will go to court to save the life of a cat. Yet, those same people will kill hundred of calves and cows for their parties. What is the difference between the cat’s life and the cow’s life?

Everyday so many animals are killed for food.

We are destroying the hearts and souls of millions of animals. We think that we can get away without facing the karma for this, but we can not.

by Swami Satchidananda.

We interpret that as thou shall not murder – meaning our fellow human beings. You can kill animals but you can not kill a person because that is “murder”. If you kill a man, you are taken to court for that. But there is always God’s court. He puts us into bodily “prison” by creating problems in our own systems.

Whatever we do to other living beings comes back to us. That is Nature’s Law. Nobody can save us from that. What you sow you have to reap. Instead of eating animals, we should learn to love them, or even use them for good purposes, but not to kill them and eat them. When you die you have a graveyard somewhere. But, when they die, where is their graveyard? In your stomach?

We say we want a loving world, a peaceful world, but we can not cultivate that love if negative vibes get into us. One way we can bring negative vibrations is into our food. Whatever we eat, should be a product of love. Killing another being is not a love offering.

A great South Indian Saint Thiruvalluvar says: “If a person refrains from killing to eat, such a one will be worshipped by all the creatures of the world”. It is true. Even a wild dog will wag his tail at you. The animals will feel that you are a non-violent person.

So eating the products of violence brings a violent vibration to the mind. You are what you eat. Forget that not. Your food should be a gift of love because the vibrations which comes from the food affect us.

13 years ago
Thank you - I wish these posts were on the front page 
13 years ago

The living entity in the material world carries his/her different conceptions of life from one body to another.

If the living being has made his/her conciousness & actions like non-human animal's, he/she is sure to get that non-human body in his next life.

According to this theory or believe, Heaven & Hell is on Earth. The vicious circle of life will always bring you back here to suffer your sins!

As We Sow, So Shall We Reap
13 years ago

"The most universal teaching, found cross-culturally in virtually all the world's religious traditions, is based on the truth of our interconnectedness.  It is presented both positively, in what we refer to as the Golden Rule (do unto others as we would have them do unto us), and more neutrally as the law of cause and effect ( that whatever we do unto others will rebound to us). Simply stated, we can never expect to be happy if we cause suffering to others, to be prosperous if we steal from others, to be free if we confine others, to be healthy if we cause sickness to others, or to have peace if we are violent to others and cause them to be afraid.

In the wild, the animals we eat for food live in families and have complex, vital, and enriching social relationships with others in their herds, flocks, schools, and communities. In animal agriculture, all family ties are destroyed, babies are quickly removed from their mothers, and each animal is seen as a separate unit of production.  This is what we sow and what we reap in human culture we can see everywhere: the breakdown of the family.  What we do to the animals, we do to ourselves.  More than ever families are breaking up and people feel the alienation of being lone "units of production" in a heartless and competitive economic system.

The same principle plays out again and again in a striking variety of ways.  We pump huge quantities of drugs into billions of defenseless animals.  We experience drug addiction, drug abuse, drug dependence, and all the horrors and traumas of side effects, and the perils of living in a society increasingly drugged with both medical prescriptions and illicit substances.  We force farmed animals to live in extremely polluted and toxic envirinments, to breathe air made noxious by the concentrated ammonia excrement of thousands of enclosed and overcrowded animals, to live in their own waste and eat contaminated feed.  We find ourselves living increasingly in our own waste as our air becomes more polluted and our water and food are increasingly contaminated. 

We terrorize millions of vulnerable and defenseless animals daily with painful shockings, beatings, brandings, debeakings, dehornings, castrations, ear notchings, nose bashings, and forcing them to watch the killing of other animals before they are killed.  As we terrorize, so we increasingly fear the shadow of terrorism, and we pour billions of dollars into campaigns to "prevent terrorism."  We steal from and deceive animals on a massive scale: we steal their babies, their bodies, their milk, their eggs, their honey, and their lives, and we deceive them with baited hooks, lures, nets, and slaughterhouse tunnels.  We find that we live in a society increasingly rife with deception and theft, where predatory capitalism and sophisticated advertising work together to create a climate that legitimizes deceit in the name of profit, and fraudulent cunning in the name of return on investment.

For young female animals born into our food production system, the sexual abuse of repeated raping is a defining experience.  It is euphemized as "artificial insemination", but it is forcible rape, and young female pigs, cows, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks and other animals are all repeatedly raped by men to produce offspring before being killed.  For these defenseless animals, men are serial rapists and killers.  Young female turkeys, for example, are raped an average of twice a week for twelve to sixteen months until they are slaughtered for turkey soup and baby food.  Many animals, particularly pigs, are the victims of sexual abuse by workers on factory farms, as has been documented by undercover workers.  Rape is a serious problem in our culture, with a woman or girl being raped or sexually assaulted in the U.S. on an average of every two minutes.

By severely crowding animals in ways that would never occur in the wild, breaking social structures, compelling them to eat feces, blood, flesh, and organs of other animals they would normally never feed upon, and forcing them into routine cannibalistic behavior by feeding them foods "enriched" with the body parts of members of their own species, we make factory farm operations the breeding grounds of deadly viruses, bacteria, parasites, and proteins that would never have any chance of developing in nature. Sowing disease in defenseless animals, we can only reap the same for ourselves.

Scientists are hard at work now breeding farm animals who will be as dull, insentitive, ans controllable as possible, in order to better survive the unimaginable pain and stress they are forced to endure on factory farms.  They want to create animals with minimal feelings and awareness, animals born with broken spirits, with no zest for life and with no purpose other than to serve the ends of their dominators.  That would be good for business.  As we cause others to be, so we become--and, in this case, perhaps, are already well on our way to becoming.

May we ponder deeply the wisdom of the Golden Rule before it's too late, and begin to live it with respect to the animals who are at our mercy.  otherwise, our future may be horribly grim: all that we force others to experience, we will eventually end up experiencing ourselves. " quoted from THE WORLD PEACE DIET pgs 42-50  written by Will Tuttle, Ph.D. 

13 years ago
13 years ago

I know someday, we will suffer all the things we do to the non human animals..  Im waiting for that day. I dont mind If I have to suffer and bleed to death, be boiled,  etc... that would be a good lesson for most  of the people in this planet.

The  animals dont deserve so much pain and so much cruelty.. it has to stop!!

13 years ago

I've pinned this topic with a red pin!

13 years ago
Thanks Emily!
13 years ago

Message: Animal Suffering: Is there a Karma Connection?
(8 comments) — Those who believe in karma as part of their spiritual beliefs know that it refers to the consequences of our current actions, and does not solely or necessarily deal with our actions during our previous live and/or reincarnation through the trans...  more

13 years ago
Can the host of this group delete sandra's post please? This is a common bullshit! Pardon my language but everyone know's about this... so please, anyone who doesn't, don't get fooled by this post and get trapped in this hoax. We need to inform Care2 about this kind of individuals who prey on innocent and compassionate people.
What a wonderdful thread!
13 years ago

Thank you for sharing.  I never saw the offending post myself, but it looks like one of the co-hosts I accepted took care of it.  Thank you for doing so.  I will be relying on the two of you to do more here for the next little while as I recuperate and Laura watches over me.  Thanks also for pinning this topic.  There is a lot more to the beliefs of animal rights than simply not eating meat.  If it doesn't stir your soul and deepen your spirituality, then you are not "getting it."  Glad to see even more people seeing the bigger picture.  As has been pointed out, far too many don't.  Looks like we have some really great people here. 

We also believe in karma very much.  I have to say that this belief that I learned about after meeting Laura has had a lot to do with why I kept on going even when things got tough for us so many times after I came forward.  I have a LOT to atone for.  And I will keep right on working to do that until the end of my days, however long that may be......

Hey Virgil...
13 years ago

I'm kinda concern... what medical problems are you having? And what accident you experienced? But, you don't have to say if don't wanna talk about it. I'd understand... I'm just a little worried... and I want you to know that we're all here if you wish to talk about it...

suffering of the innocent
13 years ago

suffering of the innocent.

The laws of material nature can be hard to understand.

First we come here out of our own free will.

Second when we came we understood that there would be pain and pleasure.

A cycles of repeated birth, disease, old age and death.

There is the three fold miseries of material existence.

Adhibhautika—(misery) caused by other living beings.

Adhidaivika—(misery) caused by nature.

Ädhyätmika—miseries arising from one’s own body and mind.

Karma- action and reaction.

All these are a factor, karma is a word a lot of people use but not understood.

karma means that every action that we do there is a equal and opposite reaction.

So if someone kills an animal he has to come back as the same type of animal and be killed in the same way. So we may try to stop an animal from being killed but it may be the reaction that person is do and you will not be able to stop the killing. There is another reaction that will happen if a society is engaged in killing so many animals is that they will be forced to go to war and many will have to die. This is all so true for the killing of plant life as well. One can’t get free from action and reaction unless one is under the shelter of the supreme Lord. There is a process of sacrifice to the supreme lord that one can be released from reaction.

Krishna said

"The devotees of the Lord are released from all kinds of sins because they eat food which is offered first for sacrifice. Others, who prepare food for personal sense enjoyment, verily eat only sin." Bhagavad Gita 3.13

"If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it."


The actions we perform in this life will affect many many life times in the future, so we need to be careful and act rightly.

13 years ago

Thanks Mark. But bringing people to believe in Krishna, is another tiresome story.

Our ultimate goal is the liberation of all non-human animals. People can believe who their supreme lord is going to be. May it be Krishna, Christ, Buddha, Siva, Allah, Jehovah, etc., etc., God is all, God is one. Trying to convince who is right, what is the way, where is the truth is never a good thing especially when trying to liberate non-human animals from pain & suffering. It will only make things worst.

As far as I'm concern, you can be a satanist or even a doorknob worshipper... the only thing we're concern about is the cruelty involved in those religious rituals that those humans perform on the non-humans. Immaterial of what you choose to believe, all I ask from everyone is, please don't hurt the non-human animals. And I beg of you for that...

Anyways, thanks for sharing your believes...

13 years ago
Buddha Animal Rights II.bmp
13 years ago
Buddha Animal Rights.bmp
Nick J
13 years ago

Nick J


I have looked over your writings and I am curies as to why you are using the pictures published by The International Society of Krishna Consciousness to promote your spin off philosophy. You quote Krishna’s words and then deny his existence, what’s that?

You say that I can’t help anyone by promoting Krishna’s philosophy and that you can by promoting your own made up philosophy that mimics Krishna’s. You even have the nerve to quote the founder of The International Society of Krishna Consciousness and then change the philosophy that he is presenting. I am a grand disciple of His Divine Grace’s. Whose disciple are you. The purpose of Krishna’s philosophy is to deliver all souls not just the animals. How are you going to stop the cycle of repeated  birth and death? You talk of saving the animals but unless you can stop the cycle of birth and death you haven’t salved the problem.

Krishna says:

The total material substance, called Brahman, is the source of birth, and it is that Brahman that I impregnate, making possible the births of all living beings, O son of Bharata. Bhagavad gita 14.3



It should be understood that all species of life, O son of Kuntī, are made possible by birth in this material nature, and that I am the seed-giving father.


In this verse it is clearly explained that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa, is the original father of all living entities. The living entities are combinations of the material nature and the spiritual nature. Such living entities are seen not only on this planet but on every planet, even on the highest, where Brahmā is situated. Everywhere there are living entities; within the earth there are living entities, even within water and within fire. All these appearances are due to the mother, material nature, and Kṛṣṇa's seed-giving process. The purport is that the material world is impregnated with living entities, who come out in various forms at the time of creation according to their past deeds. 14.4


That knowledge by which one undivided spiritual nature is seen in all living entities, though they are divided into innumerable forms, you should understand to be in the mode of goodness.


A person who sees one spirit soul in every living being, whether a demigod, human being, animal, bird, beast, aquatic or plant, possesses knowledge in the mode of goodness. In all living entities, one spirit soul is there, although they have different bodies in terms of their previous work. As described in the Seventh Chapter, the manifestation of the living force in every body is due to the superior nature of the Supreme Lord. Thus to see that one superior nature, that living force, in every body is to see in the mode of goodness. That living energy is imperishable, although the bodies are perishable. Differences are perceived in terms of the body; because there are many forms of material existence in conditional life, the living force appears to be divided. Such impersonal knowledge is an aspect of self-realization


To Nick J
13 years ago

That knowledge by which one sees that in every different body there is a different type of living entity you should understand to be in the mode of passion.


The concept that the material body is the living entity and that with the destruction of the body the consciousness is also destroyed is called knowledge in the mode of passion. According to that knowledge, bodies differ from one another because of the development of different types of consciousness, otherwise there is no separate soul which manifests consciousness. The body is itself the soul, and there is no separate soul beyond the body. According to such knowledge, consciousness is temporary. Or else there are no individual souls, but there is an all-pervading soul, which is full of knowledge, and this body is a manifestation of temporary ignorance. Or beyond this body there is no special individual or supreme soul. All such conceptions are considered products of the mode of passion.



And that knowledge by which one is attached to one kind of work as the all in all, without knowledge of the truth, and which is very meager, is said to be in the mode of darkness.


The "knowledge" of the common man is always in the mode of darkness or ignorance because every living entity in conditional life is born into the mode of ignorance. One who does not develop knowledge through the authorities or scriptural injunctions has knowledge that is limited to the body. He is not concerned about acting in terms of the directions of scripture. For him God is money, and knowledge means the satisfaction of bodily demands. Such knowledge has no connection with the Absolute Truth. It is more or less like the knowledge of the ordinary animals: the knowledge of eating, sleeping, defending and mating. Such knowledge is described here as the product of the mode of darkness. In other words, knowledge concerning the spirit soul beyond this body is called knowledge in the mode of goodness, knowledge producing many theories and doctrines by dint of mundane logic and mental speculation is the product of the mode of passion, and knowledge concerned only with keeping the body comfortable is said to be in the mode of ignorance. 18.20-22.


13 years ago

I think you have misunderstood and obviously have not understood at all what I'm talking about. Anyways, I'm not interested and have no time in religious or philosophical debates and/or arguments. I retired from that long ago. I'm sure you are a very wise person. So if my writtings confused and offended you, then I'm truly sorry about that. That was not at all my intention. May it be Krishna, Vishnu, Narayanan, Guru and all the other names he goes by, is Kool by me. Thanks. 

Blessings to you.

11 years ago

Thank you anonymous and Mahabala. That is exactly how I was taught as a child and what I believe. I put some of that in my introduction. I feel relieved that somebody else thinks that way. Thank you for those necessary words. Now, I will read everybody elses posts!

This post was modified from its original form on 04 Aug, 6:35
11 years ago

Mike I agree with you about the correlations between the social relationships and lack of between animals and between people. I thought it, but this is the first time I have ever heard/read it from anyone else. It is ENERGY.

I also liked that you pointed out the rape/insemination. Again, that is what I tell people, and they think I'm extreme. It is rape. And the animals (goes for zoos too) will not procreate naturally in such misery, which is one of the reasons they came up with such an idea.

God, I feel such relief that there are other people out there who think like me. Some times I have days where I just look at everybody with disgust and hatred....then I feel guilty. But it is exhausting, the extent of evil. I guess that "evil" sounds extreme...but it is, isn't it?

10 years ago

Boundless Love: True Christianity by John, Vegan Views 79 (Spring 98)

Historical fact: Aftermath of the Council of Nicaea in AD 325: original manuscript of the New Testament underwent numerous alterations. Scholars called 'Correctors' were appointed by the ecclesiastical authorities & commissioned to 'correct' Scripture in the interests of orthodoxy. Further alterations were made in the 6th century AD to counter surging popularity of the Christian Gnostic movement.

Thus, many of the Church's teachings are completely different, even opposite to what Jesus originally taught.

Still believed is Paul being guilty of leading a schism against true Christianity. Many of the teachings of Paul (who never even met Jesus) are directly contrary to what Jesus taught. Paul was in favour of meat-eating, oppression of women, slavery, etc. All anathema to Jesus.

The 3 main religious sects during 1st century AD were the: Sadducees, Pharisees and the Essenes. Jesus was an Essene, belonging to the Northern Essene centred around Mount Carmel. Members were also known as Nazarenes - Nazareth was a Nazarene Essene settlement, and noted the term predates the place name.

Pliny said (of the Essenes): "a race by themselves, more remarkable than any other in all the world".
Philo described them as living each day in "constant and unalterable holiness".
Roman historian Josephus described them as having "a reputation for cultivating a particularly saintly life"; adding "rightly do they deserve to be called an example for the life of other people".

Anyone who has studied them will know the Essene teachings differ markedly from Catholic teachings, explaining why the Catholic Church has gone to extraordinary lengths to obliterate every documentary evidence linking Jesus to the Essenes.

Most notable being: (1880s) w/ re-discovery of 'the Gospel of the Holy Twelve', (contains the pure, original and unadulterated words of Christ) the Essene New Testament, by Rev. Gideon Jasper Ouseley, translating original Aramaic into English. Being a great scholar & deeply spiritual, he observed a purely vegetarian diet. For revealing the Truth, was persecuted & forced to leave the Church of England.

Here captures so beautifully the true spirit & nature of Jesus. 'And the birds gathered around him and welcomed him with their song and other living creatures came unto his feet and he fed them and they ate out of his hands' The Essenes believed in the sacredness & unity of all life and were strict vegetarians.

The original teachings of Jesus are full of love & compassion for all God's creation. More: 'Boundless love. Order indeed is good and needful, but before all things is love, love ye one another and all the creatures of God, and by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples.'Animals, verily these are your fellow creatures of the great Household of God, yea they are our brethren and sisters, having the same breath of life in the Eternal. And whosoever careth for one of the least of these, and giveth it to eat and drink in its need, the same doeth it unto me'.'For of the fruits of the trees and the seeds of the herbs alone do I partake.

Joseph & Mary, went to Jerusalem every Passover & observed(the Essenes), who abstained from bloodshed and the eating of flesh and from strong drink'.

Wherefore I say unto all who desire to be my disciples, keep your hands from bloodshed and let no flesh meat enter your mouths.' Mercy killings (animals): 'But if they kill to put an end to suffering which cannot be healed, they are not guilty if they do it quickly and in love'.

Last supper: Iscariot said, "Where is the lamb that Moses commanded", for Judas had bought the lamb, but Jesus had forbidden that it should be killed, and Judas said again, "Master, is it not written that a lamb must be slain for the Passover within the gates?" and Jesus answered, "If I am lifted up on the cross, then indeed shall the lamb be slain."'N.B. The earliest Christian writer, Hegesippus, says of James, brother of Jesus and the first ruler of the Christian Church in Jerusalem. that 'he drank no wine, nor strong drink, nor ate he any living thing, even his clothes were free from any taint of death, for he wore no woollen, but linen garments only.'

Clement of Alexandria, chief disciple of the apostle Peter (Clement recorded as vegetarian, more precisely vegan) wrote:'The Apostle Matthew partook of seeds and nuts and vegetables, abstaining from flesh'.

Society of Metaphysicians
Archer's Court, Stonestile Lane
Hastings, E. Sussex TN35 4PG.

Banton Press, Dippin Cottage, Kildonan
Isle of Arran KA27 8JB

Essene Church of Christ
45 N. Third Street
Creswell, Oregon 97426

God commanded man to observe a purely vegetarian diet (Genesis 1:29).

The lifespan of (vegetarian) Noah's meat-eating descendants plummeted. During the Exodus many of the Israelites rejected the vegetarian 'manna from Heaven' and lusted for and ate flesh (quails) instead. Thus they all died of plague & were buried in what the Torah calls the 'graves of lust'. In the Gospel of Peace we read: Jesus continued: 'God commanded your forefathers: shalt not kill", but their heart was hardened and they killed. Then Moses desired that at least they should not kill men, and he suffered them to kill beasts. And then the heart of your forefathers was hardened yet more, and they killed men and beasts likewise. But I do say to you, kill neither men, nor beasts nor yet the food which goes into your mouth. For if you eat living food, the same will qui

10 years ago

Jesus continued: 'God commanded your forefathers: shalt not kill", but their heart was hardened and they killed. Then Moses desired that at least they should not kill men, and he suffered them to kill beasts. And then the heart of your forefathers was hardened yet more, and they killed men and beasts likewise. But I do say to you, kill neither men, nor beasts nor yet the food which goes into your mouth. For if you eat living food, the same will quicken you, but if you kill your food, the dead food will also kill you. For life comes only from life, and from death comes always death. For everything which kills your foods kills your bodies also. And your bodies become what your foods are: even as your spirits likewise, become what your thoughts are.' The prophecy of Isaiah states that in the New Kingdom the original Edenic state will he restored, there will be no more killing or bloodshed, all of God's creation - man and beast alike - will live together in peace and harmony and love. Scholar Josias Bunsen: the original of Matthew (written many years later than the Gospel of the Holy Twelve) made no mention of fishes. The word used was OPSOM which simply means a dessert and in virtually every case it referred to fruit. As Jesus was going with some of his disciples, he met a man who trained dogs to hunt other creatures. And he said 'Why doest though thus?' The man said, 'By this I live and what profit is ere to any in these creatures? These creatures are weak, but the dogs are strong'. Jesus said 'Thou lackest wisdom and love. Every creature which God has made hath its end and purpose and who can say what good is there in it, or what profit to thyself or mankind? And, for thy living, behold the fields yielding their increase, and the fruit bearing trees and the herbs; what needest thou more than these which honest work of thy hands will not give to thee? Woe to the strong who misuse their strength. Woe to the crafty who hurt the creatures of God. Woe to the hunters for they shall be hunted.


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