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13 years ago
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Bush`s Potential CIA pick worries some....

Re: General heading up the CIA
13 years ago

CIA gobbled up by the pentagon/military....gee ya think?

There are good generals and there are bad. Some good ones just resigned.

But this one wouldn`t be resigning anytime soon.

13 years ago

Bush`s Potential CIA pick worries some

Nightmare might be a better term.

My take? Michael Hayden - is John Negroponte's footstool. He is obviously as unfamiliar with the 4th Amendment, as Negroponte himself is with the cover up of civil right abuses in Honduras during the 1980's. But, we are all familiar with the Reagan administration. It seems like yet another unwise decision and promotion based on cronyism. 

13 years ago

Because of the long overdue challenge of the actions of the Bush administration by the public, it is a frightening idea to imagine what this administration is capable of with no re-election of it's leader to worry about.  We all must be fearless in exposing the truth, even when things get...frightening.  I was 14 years old when I was first questioned by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation after my telephone interview with the President of the American Nazi Party in 1982.  Since then my fear of the government has multiplied again and again.  It's not right for anyone to endure such intimidation from their government, nevermind a child who is simply going out to present a comprehensive study and report on facist organizations.

We must act and be fearless.  My own experience, scary as it was, only showed me how much we need to hear the voices those in power would have silenced.  Someone somewhere is surely checking on all of us should we use a keyword or website that sets off alarms.  I'm not paranoid, but you may believe as you wish.  Either way, in this forum, let's find true or false such things as governmental actions and fairy tales of weapons of mass destruction.  I would reccomend Michael as a voice of truth in news reporting and (yes, I'm saying it) the Daily Show with Jon Stewart for a daily dose of indisputable facts, even though both may be "liberal."  If anyone has any sites to suggest as factual sources of intelligence information, I would love to know them all, no matter what political side of the fence they are from.


ALERT: Bush History-Bush Admin Lies about WMDs
10 years ago

Bush History-Bush Admin Lies about WMDs, & Bush Inches Away from Warming Denial

ALL Information on WMDestruction disseminated in the 1990's was in fact about WMDestruction of Western Narcotics Terrorists. Former UKGB PMBlair was an Journalist, unqualified for PM position, allegedly made a "G1" deal with Bush, Jr. on Iraq to terrorize Muslims & Non Westerners & any GOP "enemy" with the same news reports.

1990-2008 the Vietnam "Golden Triangle" repeated as the same Narcotics Traffickers were used to inspire Arian Supremacist Oxymorons in a FAILED Campaign against Non Westerners using the White House. The same Vietnam Narcotics Terrorist Military Employees were used to trafick & create a rubber stamp pattern of Narcotics Activity Internationally.

Westerners now claim the ability to Eradicate Narcotics, Weapons & Crime due to the creation of a DeFacto International Narcotics, Weapons & Crime Monopoly.

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Information on Alleged War Crimes & Criminal Activity here can be found at

Photos of Evidence & Narcotics Terrorist (Hindi P akistani Irish Germanic, CA, SA, AU, NZ) Perspective ---

> Bush History-Bush Admin Lies about WMDs, & Bush Inches Off the Global > Warming Denial Bus, 1/9

> The Bush administration flat out lies about WMDs on this date, even > while on-the-ground weapons inspectors say they have found nothing > (2003). Also the Bush administration sneaks off the global warming > denial bus on this date, finally admitting that green house gases > impact climate change (2007). Not that they intend to do anything > about that!

> More details, from the 2009 Bush Blunder Calendar ... >

> Today's category: Bushisms, Global Warming Denial, Human Rights/Human > Wrongs, Iraq, Manipulating Research

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