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Toward A North American Union
12 years ago
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Toward a North American Union Lou Dobbs Tonight, June 9, 2005


The global elite, through the direct operations of President George Bush and his Administration, are creating a North American Union that will combine Canada, Mexico and the U.S. into a superstate called the North American Union (NAU). The NAU is roughly patterned after the European Union (EU). There is no political or economic mandate for creating the NAU, and unofficial polls of a cross-section of Americans indicate that they are overwhelmingly against this end-run around national sovereignty.

To answer Lou Dobbs, "No, the political elites have not gone mad", they just want you to think that they have.

The reality over appearance is easily cleared up with a proper historical perspective of the last 35 years of political and economic manipulation by the same elite who now bring us the NAU.

This paper will explore this history in order to give the reader a complete picture of the NAU, how it is made possible, who are the instigators of it, and where it is headed.

It is important to first understand that the impending birth of the NAU is a gestation of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government, not the Congress. This is the topic of the first discussion below.

The next topic will examine the global elite's strategy of subverting the power to negotiate trade treaties and international law with foreign countries from the Congress to the President. Without this power,

12 years ago

There are efforts underway to halt Deep Integration and repeal NAFTA. The essential components of this agreement are in violation of the US constitution and place the Prime Minister of Canada in a position where he is guilty of high treason against the Crown.

It is no coincidence that during these crucial years of negotiations, there have been numerous catastrophes, crisis and wars, to divert public attention.

Media coverage has also been minimal.

The following links may be of interest for those who wish to actively oppose this union.

View Video….

VIDEO: Stealth Agenda to Bring About New World Order

To View SPP Documents That Violate The US Constitutution

Stop Deep Integration/Care2 Share

Council Of Canadians Information:
On the American front
12 years ago

For the first time in history, passports are now required for Americans to enter Mexico, Canada and the Carribean. This does not ring of free movement between countries. This smacks of containment where one must have their papers on them at all times. Where one must be given approval by Homeland Security to get a passport or be allowed passage at the airport even between states. All credit (even prepaid) and debit cards have to have a home address, no P.O. Boxes for billing. Those who buy Prepaid cards $1,000 and over must be investigated by Homeland Security or the funds are confiscated. This is going on right now. This is not Science Fiction. These are the new rules that are being enforced as we speak.

Human Microchipping is also in the works to track all movement between borders. This will be done supposedly to track illegal aliens but that is bogus since they are coming and going at will now with amnesty for illegals in the works. It is really to track legal citizens and to contain them.

As to NAFTA, this Super Hwy is going to seal the fates of every free worker in the U.S. where Slave Wages will be a certainty. The U.S. already has Mexican truckers coming in 5,000 trucks a day (or more). These truckers do not have to have a drivers license, insurance nor are they subject to DOT rules and regs. Ask any legal American trucker and they will tell you the Mexican truckers have impunity on the road. They don't even have to stop at the Weigh Stations. As example of how the American workforce is being replaced by illegals, Anheuser Busch is replacing it's decently paid truckers with independent Mexican truckers.

In addition, this is how drugs are getting into the U.S. and Canada, on the Mexican trucks.

The U.S. economy is very weak, it's dollar is being driven into the ground so it can be replaced with the Amero. Rents are at the highest they have ever been. Wages are plummeting. Jobs that paid $25 per hour like Aircraft mechanics now pays $12. Office jobs that paid $16 per hour now pay $10. Industrial Labor that paid $10 now is at $8. Road and construction jobs are practically non existent for Americans. That sector has been taken over by Mexican illegals. Contractors truck these illegals in for their crews. They don't have to make it over the border by themselves. They are brought here to work at slave wages.

The U.S. Constitution and it's Citizens are under attack by it's own Corporate run Government. Oppression and containment are the Governments goals, not Freedom of movement or opportunity. Private, corporate run prisons are multiplying to contain those on drug charges (drugs brought in by Mexican truckers), crimes of desperation, mentally compromised, homeless and next the dissident political prisoners.

12 years ago

Analysts: Dollar collapse
would result in 'amero'

Two analysts who have reconstructed money supply data after the Fed stopped publishing it argue a coming dollar collapse will set the stage for creating the amero as a North American currency to replace the dollar.

How severe will the coming dollar collapse be?

"People in the U.S. are going to be hit hard," Chapman warned. "In the severe recession we are entering now, Bush will argue that we have to form a North American Union to compete with the Euro."

"Creating the amero," Chapman explained, "will be presented to the American public as the administration's solution for dollar recovery. In the process of creating the amero, the Bush administration just abandons the dollar."

Microchips In All Credit And Debit Cards
12 years ago

I have just received notice from my bank, that my new credit and debit cards will be microchipped. They are scheduled to be renewed this summer.

The explanation: It is to protect against credit card theft, identity theft, etc., as well as to circumvent the inconvenience of magnetic strips that are too easily demagnetized.

The microchip's information content has not been disclosed.

12 years ago

Thank You.

This information is most helpful.

All of your postings are carefully chosen and well presented.

They speak of what really matters now.

Refreshing !!!

Canadians are speaking out against Deep Integration
12 years ago
Integration is a euphemism for absorption. The U.S. Corporate run Government intends to absorb Mexico and Canada for "the economic good of all".  What an easy method of Imperialism! They've already got the slave force from Mexico, the military from Canada to fight Wars in the Middle East, Hell I bet they'll use the Canadian Military to quell Canadian citizens should they resist this North American Union. So I wonder what the exchange rate will be for Ameros once the Pesos, Canadian & American dollars are history?
12 years ago

There are people promoting the same for Australia and New Zealand.

What Would Happen If The Federal Reserves Were Shut Down ?
12 years ago

This leads me to ask what would happen if the federal reserves were to shut down now ?

As for Canada, the founder of the Council of Canadians, Mel Hurtig, has stated that he is examining the possibility of having charges against our Prime Minister, of high treason, as a way of halting the SPP and Deep Integration; reclaiming our autonomy.

All of the actions of Canada and the US, are in violation of a constitution.

As an British colony, we have an added offense of treason to Her Majesty's Government.

As to what the US gains from Canada ?

We do have an excellent military.

They are far more interested in our vast oil supplies, our water and all that wide open land. Our resources are priceless and they are being literally given away to the US...and we receive nothing in exchange.

12 years ago
They would have to be shut down externally as they have no intention of shutting down on their own. After all the Reserve is run by International Bankers who have been profiting off Nations and Wars of Nations since Napoleonic times.
12 years ago

, many of ur answers are posted on Cdn's Proactive, not all of all course, as harper was being well trained by the US and especially athe the religous right which i smost of his cabit as is bush's, back to 2003, long before he got in, and he got in from RURAL POPULALSITONS NOT THE BIG CITIES. He back pedddling now somewhwat ont isssues. asfor the Council of Candians Marde Barlow is the proment leader and has been for some time, I am a member. I don't agree with all of her/their statements, mostaly the doctors because they are not changing or even trying to what is going on here in oh canada, that they are not only protected by politiicians laws but paid for to keep us out of court  with our taqx dollars, unless u have a forturne and and large family.

Someone posted a more recent article with senator for x2 going against the SPP, INTEGRATIONA ND THE superhihway, which is aloready, sorry typing hard, being done, many of the statements were sorely outdate4d althou and very recent article, and that spain was financing the highway (s0 far) which has not been stopped, makes me wonder about the WB and THE IMF. The federal reserve in in the US had nr,,  never been federal, look up skull & bones

i don't knoow if ok to copy link from my site to here, as donna was part of the 2nd thread, I have 2, Patt H has longer history on her sit e new world order, i leave it to the hosts, they can copy paste waht they wish my ADVArar ok, other members not, just the info.

As u are Cdn &  think belong to same site, somewhat surprised to see ur comments only here, I find canadians to placid and don't speak up enough or just apathy.

11 years ago
IT'D AN, been ratified in Manitoba, Canada, video on utube may post in abit of up to it. wonder if any provinces have the guts to back out, Quebec maybe,
11 years ago
A lot of people just don't believe the NAU is happening, even when presented with what I think of as convincing evidence. It may not be as bad -- the NAU -- as some are making it out to be -- but it is real and it's being done behind the people's backs in a such a manor that we will have no choice. It's something we should know about.
11 years ago
If we shut down our present federal reserve bank, it would be to abolish the private ownership of it. We would set up our national federal reserve bank that is owned by the people.

The EU also has a privately owned central bank and would probably do better to establish one owned by the people. These private banks charge us interest for money they can print out of thin air.

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4 years ago

Manifest Destiny?  Thomas Jefferson said during the War of 1812 that the invasion and take over of Canada was "a mere matter of marching."

Didn't work out well, did it, we are still here and spelling things colour, centre, 

honour, manoeuvre mold, Google Spell Check so many red lines that it is in danger of being sent to the ER before it flatlines.

No matter what the plots of corporate Greedocracy, there will always be a Canada, Resistance to assimilation is Not Futile.

Also, Resistance is Not Futile when it comes to resisting Monsanto and the seeds of GMO destruction.

"I find canadians too placid and don't speak up enough or just apathy."

I have not been to Lake Placid recently, Cheryl B, but not all Canadians are placid, I joined the Civil Liberties Association decades ago, carted around many a protest sign on Parliament Hill and am still plugging away, fighting injustice, economic disparity and other battles. 

4 years ago

There was supposed to be a comma after the world manoeuvre in my last comment, but then, one can always say that the War of 1812 could now be labelled as a moldy military manoeuvre that failed its objective on the American side of invade and take over Canada.

Just what would they have called us?  Can-Am?  Am-Can?


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