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Mark of the Beast. 666 February 22, 2005 6:09 AM

It is the year 2066. A great famine has just eradicated 9 billion of the 10 billion people that lived on the planet. The reason was that they could not afford to pay their medical bills. In the past, people had a choice of where they could obtain food, water, medicine, and all their deepest needs and desires. All that changed when the people were instilled with fear that if they complained about conditions at the workplace too much and tried to unionize, the company would just close and relocate to someplace where the people were even more desperate. Pretty soon there was only one place to get commodities. We all know where that is! They decided that since it was the only place left to get things anyway, we may as well get rid of money. It's dirty anyway. It was one of the main ways that the famine got transmitted. So, everyone was fitted with a microchip under the skin of the left wrist, palm side up. Every living thing, every cromozone, every cell, all dna, all the way down to the nucleus of an atom were catagorized with a bar code. If a substance was discovered not to have a bar code, it was assumed it was a material that was just discovered and was issued one asap. When all of this high technology was in place and it was improved to where nothing could go wrong it was decided that no one could get any commodity with out a chip and bar code in the database. And you would go immediately to jail to find out what happened to the chip. Of course, every being is tracked via satellite so no one could ever hide no matter what. To top off this ultra centralization, Their was a supreme being with ultra power to control: The person was to be looked up to above all so there could be a focus for all the people to worship and make sure they are submissive. To prove the almightyness of this individual, there was a miracle that he was mortally wounded by a Persion assassin and came back from the dead three days later. So, all religion was based on the Supreme Person. If you spoke against him, you were automatically executed from outer space by being disintegrated on the spot. So beware people! This could happen. Tell me why it won't!  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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