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ATTENTION! Read this!
8 years ago
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This is THE VERY BEST information I have found on fighting cps and the courts:


On our website we are teaching people about court process. So they can learn about their rights and go into a courtroom and understand the deceptions that are being operated around them. 

Everyone in court in order to intervene whether it is the first hearing or years-long cases, you have to get your facts in to the court record and file to get your discovery. These are the first two steps to taking authority as the moving party in your case and beginning to defend yourself and your children.

So, you write your facts out in affidavit form (on our website you can put affidavit into the search engine or any other terms and learn more about these points). And you file a FOIA/Privacy Act/ Discovery paper to everyone who may have information about you or your minor children, and you find out what they are using against you. 

Usually when you start getting your records you find they are filled with lies and hearsay, but now you can use that in court to turn your case around.

So if you have not yet been to court yet- at the beginning like so many who contact us- then you are in the best position to end their schemes real quick by demanding the DOCUMENTS that are supposed to be there BEFORE they take the children. 

They usually do not charge anyone with a crime and they usually have NO lawful paperwork, but if you have an attorney he will allow this and not question it, and allow the court to proceed instead of standing against it. 

YOU DEMAND THAT IF NO ONE IS CHARGED WITH A CRIME THERE IS NO CASE AT ALL AND TO RELEASE THE CHILD IMMEDIATELY. That is the REAL bottom line in that courtroom and recently some parents are learning this and using it and bringing their children out of the beast clutches by being strong on that ONE point...

"Credible Evidence"
6 years ago

What (if anything) can be done when CPS has enough "credible evidence to indicat you for abuse/neglect, but they never take you to court, never offer to help, leave the children in your care?

I was indicated for neglect because I left my 13 yr old son at home after school.

All of my children were questioned multiple times at school. It took 2 months for the report to become founded.

The only way the investigator found out about my son was my slip of the toungue. Our child care subsidy doesn not assist in child care payments for children over age 13.

My child(ren) are in no immediate danger, so they are left in my care. I refused to let the investigator in my home without a warrant and he never came back with one (he did however come back once). He spent all of his time pulling my children out of school and questioning them there.

Finally, my children recited their Benoit Rights and I was indicated.

6 years ago

my children recited their Benoit Rights and I was indicated.

Pardon my ignorance, but what does that mean? Benoit rights and indicated?


I refused to let the investigator in my home without a warrant and he never came back with one

Good for you - Always ask for a warrent!


Caretaker of my son lied to DCFS and the Childrens Court
3 years ago

My and my husband lost our parental rights to our 5 year old son. It was a complicated and difficult case, ( I will explain the details later) but most of the lies,slander and heresay came from the that foster parent, my so-called "sister" and DCFS went right along with her crap....this system is stacked against parents,it is all about money, egos and reality they do not a dam about children involved in the "system"!!!