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CARING for JAPAN: clicks, petitions, direct aid etc
7 years ago
Since 11 March 2011 those of us outside of Japan have watched in horror as thousands lost their lives, and then as survivors searched for their loved ones among total chaos.
How can we help?
Care2 member and friend Naoko has provided some ideas. I'll add them here.
Perhaps you have some helpful sources or news of the assistance coming into Japan from your own country.
Let's work together to help our sisters and brothers in Japan
Please sign/circulate Naoko's petition
7 years ago

Please sign/circulate Naoko's petition
Help me helping survivors of Tohoku Kanto Earthquake in JapanHelp me helping survivors of Tohoku Kanto Earthquake in Japan
The March 11 earthquake and tsunami caused devastation on Tohoku (northeastern region) Japan.
It is very shocking and sad, but I really appreciate kind and caring messages to the people of Japan, as well as rescue teams, supplies, etc. from around the world.
I would donate twenty yen for every signature of this petition - about $1 for five signatures- to Japanese Red Cross Society and/or SHARE (an organization working for health and medical assistance).
Please help me helping those suffering in the hardly hit areas.
I will close this petition either when the number of signatures reaches 1,000 (total danation 20,000 yen or $200) or by the end of April. After that I'll let you know the amount I donated, and hopefully present the receipt from the organizations on my page.
Excuse me the amount of money is not very big, but as much as I can.
Thank you for your cooperation.
petition link 

Click daily for Quake Rescue in Japan
7 years ago

Click daily for Quake Rescue in Japan
United People Fund - A Click-to-Donate Opportunity for the Quake Rescue in Japan
This is a Japanese site - Please click the box under the photo of the devastation. One click = 1 yen
 click the orange box under the picture 

Help Animals in Japan: Click-to-Donate!
7 years ago

Help Animals in Japan: Click-to-Donate!
 submitted by Ivana 
The site is french.
 Click on the paw symbol five times
Beyond the human drama that has played Actuanimaux could not remain inactive before the fate of the animals face the cold, hunger and multiple trauma.
That is why from the announcement of the disaster, Actuanimaux has established contacts to know how to be the most effective Japanese side of animal protection associations.

Take Action: Ask US Dept. of State to Allow Pet Evacuations From Japan
7 years ago

Take Action: Ask US Dept. of State to Allow Pet Evacuations From Japan
A message from Betty We Love Animals group 

Following the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the threat of nuclear disaster there is imminent. In response, the U.S. Department of State has started evacuating U.S. nationals. Once again, just as we saw in Egypt,  evacuees are being denied the right to take their animal companions with them. In fact, the official policy of the State Department is that it does not evacuate animal companions. This leaves the already stressed and terrified evacuees with a heart-wrenching decision: Leave their beloved animal companions behind or stay in Japan and risk their own lives to protect the nonhuman members of their families.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that "a lack of plans and resources to evacuate 'incidental' pets with their owners has been known for decades to be a primary reason why citizens will refuse to evacuate in the face of imminent life-threatening danger." Unfortunately, when it comes to disasters, people who love their animals often pay with their own lives.
PETA's rescue team has been on the ground from the onset of the disaster and just sent this update: "We're at the Sendai city animal holding facility where they're trying to take in as many animals as possible from people who have had to leave them behind. A soldier brought in a cat he found while searching for humans. … They've given us directions to areas where they think animals have been abandoned. … We do think there may be animals who are alive and in jeopardy because their guardians have been evacuated."
Please contact the US State Department today.
Implore officials to allow evacuees from Japan to take their animal companions with them and ask the department to permanently change its policy by mandating the evacuation of pets with people from disaster areas. Remind officials that the protection of animals is one of the U.S.' most deep-seeded values.

Please send polite comments to:
U.S. Department of State
2201 C St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20520
Phone: 202-647-4000
Email Form 

I clicked today.
7 years ago

I clicked today.
Here are some direct aid posts and links...

Socks for Japan Kit 
WHY SOCKS? Several reasons. Many of the victims ended up barefoot after fleeing in a hurry. In the disaster zone, feet get wet and then extra cold at night, especially in currently freezing weather. People often forget about socks in favor of more...


Families Grateful for ShelterBox Solution in Japan  


The ShelterBox Response Team (SRT)
have been working with the local
authorities to bring emergency shelter
to families who lost their homes in
the tsunami.

7 years ago

I just clicked all of the ACTU Animaux buttons [paws] - there are two dedicated to Japan.
I'm so proud of my friend Mary F of Dublin who donated socks!!!

7 years ago

Go Mary!!!  You, too, Jenny for all your clicks!   I clicked on the link to email the Department and it took me to a tab that said 'email a question or comment', so I commented.  I hope that was the right place.    I will also do some clicks and try to donate some socks, too!  

Thanks for informing us of all that we can do to try to help Japan, Jenny! 

7 years ago

I posted the info and link on Facebook, Jenny!

7 years ago

I'll be heaing back to Japan 5/26

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