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7 years ago

Hi Pam, Lee and Lily!   I was at my friend's house from Thursday til yesterday and I had to work a few hours today so I'm finally able to post today.

Pam, your 2 graphics are adorable!   $500/mo in heating costs????  Oh my gosh!!!   How much did it cost to install the insulation?   I sure hope your bill goes way down!!

Lee, did you get your gloves, yet?   I sure hope they help you.   Someone told me that one night next week (maybe more?) it is supposed to get down in the 30's.   Gosh I find that hard to believe, but......

Lily, you got a couple of really cute graphics, too.   Girl, you better get those bulbs in the ground.   Even though you got lots to do you need to put aside at least 1 hour to stick some around Maurice's grave.   Just think how pretty they'll look in the spring.   I've got a couple of bulbs in pots and they are coming up.   I wonder what they are.

Well I have some other groups to visit.   Have a good weekend and I should be back tomorrow after work.

frm Jeanette

7 years ago

0Hello Lee, some days are like that for me too! I just keep going though till I am finally ahead. Have a nice day.

7 years ago

Hi Lily and Pam,

I know exactly what you mean, Lily.  The list of things to do just gets longer and longer and I can't seem to get anywhere with it.  Alice, I think, had it right when she said that she had to run just as fast as she could just to stay in the same place.  I don't seem to be able to make any progress.


7 years ago



Have a good weekend
7 years ago


Hello, it was one of those hectic weeks for me. Lots of chores outside and I had a crew come in and put more insulation in the attic. I am hoping it helps on the heating fuel cost which in the prime of winter can be 500.00 for the month. It's outrageous! Take care everyone and hope you enjoy the weekend. Me I am relaxing! Hugs

7 years ago


Dan _boxer dog_ edited.jpg
Hi all, weekend again!!!!
Lee I hope the gloves will help your hands.
will keep them warm anyway.
It is colder here now at night , not indoors of course.
Our summertime ends on the 30th.
What little we have had of it.
I really must get my bulbs in soon as I have another order coming and I have forgotten what they are even!!
Seems to be 101 things to do but I never seem to get round to them.

7 years ago

Hi Lily,

Your little ducky "chorus line" is adorable.  Weekend's here again.  Tomorrow I'm getting those gloves.


7 years ago

Ducklings edited_001.jpg

Yes Lee and I have just made more apple crumbles, they are in the freezer now.

7 years ago

Hi Lily,

Apples are so lovely, and they're free food, and they are good for you.  How can you beat that?  And they freeze well.  It's wonderful that you have an apple tree.  Oh yes...and the animals like them too!  I just keep thinking of good things about apples...  


7 years ago


Thursday cat edited.gif
Good morning friends,
                                            good Lee I hope they help you.
Care2 playing up still, cant get into photo albums now!!
Others complaining too so it must be wide spread.
Hope it is soon sorted because I go there a lot .
Cooked some more apples but not made the crumbles yet.
I put them in the freezer after so they will last me some time.
Also gave some I picked today to a neighbour.
Should have left them all longer on tree as they are much redder now.
Still more out there so must get them all soon before the frost.
Looks like I will be eating apples for some time  lol

7 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lily,

Hands are acting up again.  I'm getting some gloves this weekend.


7 years ago



Good morning friends,
                                            Vicky I cant see any red X 's in the videos in music,music, music.
But sometimes pics appear afterwards after a time, you know how it is with Care2 these days.
I lost a long post a day ago myself, I forgot to copy it first in case that happened.Although we shouldn't have to do that.
The more they change things the more problems we seem to get.
seems more changes are on the way according to feedback and suggestions.
Weather is still dull here but they say it will brighten up a bit by the weekend (heard that before!)
Dang moths have started appearing indoors now, I hate those.
Caught  a big spider in my bedroom  ahhhhhh soon threw him out but I guess will find his way back in again.
they give me the creeps.
I have  a spider catcher it is a long tube thing run by batterty and sucks them in so you can put them out unharmed.
Sometimes hard to catch them though as they run so fast dont they.This one was on my curtain and as I tried to catch it it jumped down but I managed to catch it on the floor.
Saw a robin out there yesterday but no sign of any foxes still.
And the hedgehogs must have finally hibernated now the weather has changed.
I really must do those bulbs soon, I wish I could get round to doing those weeds first though, they are a nusiance.

7 years ago

My last post (which is invisible right now) better be latent or I will not come back to Care2 for a while.   It was a very long post and I don't see it...and in another thread I posted the same thing 3 times and I'm not sure if any showed up.   God I hate this site sometimes!!

Anyway, if this posts then I'd like to ask if someone will go to the Song/Music thread and see if the video's are red X's or if I am seeing that because I need to update something on my computer since restoring it.   That's a definite possibility.   Thanks!

7 years ago

Good afternoon Lily, Lee, Fullmoon, Agnes, Pam and Jill.   My computer seems okay again (after I restored it) but now Care2 is acting stupid.   Always something.    Geez, I haven't been here since last Thursday so part of my replies will be old.

Lee, I am so sorry your refrigerator went out!   Poor thing, it seems like one thing on top of another.   I know you hated to throw the food out but you were right to do so.   My mom's BIG freezer (packed with food) went out and we didn't know it so of course everything spoiled.  

Agnes, what awesome photos taken from the plane!   The clouds are beautiful, although I am afraid of heights.   The little black/brown oppossum is so sweet....great pic of the wild turkey, too!

Lily, even though the dog is homely, that is the kind that would tug at my heart.   How wonderful that a loving family took him.  Your frog graphic is adorable and I snagged it.    The duck is cute, too.   Now that one's a 'snagger' for Lee.   You made 14 servings of Apple Crumbles????   Who ate them all?  lol  Oh, I unpinned the Bible thread cause they unfortunately changed their format (like everyone else ) and everytime I clicked to donate a Bible (no matter what time of day) it said their quota had been filled.   Something fishy there; especially since at no other times (or very rarely) did they ever make their quota.

Pam, it's cloudy and cool here today also.   I thought rain was on it's way but evidently not.   Your little birdie graphic is soooo cute!   How was your trip to Detroit?  Are your visitors still visiting and how many miles did you travel one way?    It looks like a dancing candy corn in one of your posts....cute!

Jill, I hate to keep deleting your posts but the pictures are continuing to show up as X's.   I can't figure it out.   I've asked you a couple of times before if you save them to Photobucket or Care2 as that would eliminate the X's.  Try it and let's see.

Fullmoon, your graphic looks so peaceful!   I adore trees and moments of quietness.

Gotta run ladies!

frm Marie

7 years ago

Hi FullMoon, Pam, and Lily,

Lily, I threw out anything there was any doubt about.  I just can't afford to take a chance.  I've got enough to deal with!

No one would adopt my Milo because he "looks weird".  So I took him.  


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7 years ago



Good morning all,
                                  Lee I hope nothing got spoiled when your fridge broke down.Do your fridges self-defrost over there?
Mine does, the one I had before that didn't and it was such a chore getting the ice out.
Yes Pam it's great that dog got adopted,it's such  a pity lots of animals get passed over because they aren't 'pretty'.
I think if I went somewhere to get an animal I would come away with one of those 'not so pretty' it's not fair poor things.
It is just like some men isn't it going for looks rather than someone's personality.
Vicky is having computer problems again I hear.
Weather still miserable,windy and dull.

Have a good day everyone
7 years ago


Lily what a ugly little face the dog has. I am glad he was adopted by a family who obviously adores him. Thanks for sharring.

Hi Lee.

It's a cloudy day here but the temp is great for October.

7 years ago

Enjoy your week !!!

Good luck, Lee !
7 years ago

Hi Agnes, Jill, Lily, and Pam,

Have a great day everyone.  I'm off seeing about a frig.  Mine quit this morning!


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Just had to post this
7 years ago

ugly dog edited.jpg

ugly dog script edited.jpg

7 years ago


good morning friends--duck.jpg

Good morning friends,
                                           Jill I'm seeing a red X again but it may show up in a minute.
Agnes great pics there but I wouldn't like to be up there myself! I like my feet on the ground.
Didn't do any gardening as we had  a bit of rain and it has been windy again.
I know some of you are getting it hot but I wouldn't mind just a little bit more than we have had this year.
we have lousy summers on the whole.

7 years ago
7 years ago

2Hello Lily, Lee, Agnes, Vicky and all who stop by. To all my Canadian friends Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Sunday.

Agnes gorgeous photo's.


7 years ago
Happy weekend, Thanksgiving...
Lily, Vicky, Lee, Pam and to all Dear friends
clod here in canada....winter soon....
have relaxing day....HUGS..Agnes

here I took while I on plane back to Canada
the roof of the beautiful??

7 years ago


Hi Lee and Pam, where is everybody?
Hope you are having  a good weekend.
Still cool here but now they say it's going to be warmer again!
wish they would make up their mind.
If it is then maybe I can get something done in the garden before it gets really cold.
It gets dark earlier here now and British summertime ends on the 30th of this month.
all the shops have now got Christmas stuff in.
I don't have many to buy for now and last year did most of my shopping on line.Saved trudging round the shops in the cold.

7 years ago



Hope your weekend is awesome.
7 years ago

Hello everyone, good to see you all in. The grandkids are here and so I am busy with them. Take care everyone and have a great weekend. Hugs

7 years ago



Hi friends, weekend yet again,
                                                   not many weeeks to Christmas!!!
Hi Lee glad to see your hands made the post .
Agnes those pics are good, cute possum.
Much cooler here now, the heating came on indoors!
Not looking forward to the colder weather,I wish the year wouldn't go round so fast.
I think as you get older it does seem to go faster ,dont know why.
Still haven't got my bulbs in.

7 years ago

Hi Vicky, Pam, Lily, and Agnes,

Well, I pushed my hands too far yesterday.  I have to take it easy to get them well.

I think you can only send money to another country with a special set-up with an agency (like paypal or a bank or some such).  Individuals can't because they are afraid of people sending money to terrorists.


7 years ago
Good day ..!! Vicky, Lily, Pam, Lee and friends...
enjoy your day and take care...

Lee..congratulation!!! your dog won price...
Hi Vicky..thanks..I'm rest and relax enough but got some cold here
weather change fast...too much pressure in the air
yes..Australia Queenland warm...missed the weather there
have not much pressure
Vicky you ask???here is possum..she told me like that
here is wild turkey walk around the area...I saw many of them
7 years ago
Vicky what has happened to the Bible thread?
7 years ago


Hi friends, good morning,
                                             Well I didn't get in before Vicky because I was busy and then it was late.
Busy earlier too, I did some apple crumbles, there's about enough for 14 servings.
And still have more apples to cook plus more on tree.
I need to get those in soon before the frost starts.
Certainly a load this year.
Lee I would not expect any money towards postage.
It was my idea to send you things not yours.
I dont know about money being sent abroad though, I have done it with pay pal when i donated somewhere over there.
just hope you dont have to wait too long for it anyway.

7 years ago

258 Have a nice evening.


I am on my way to Detroit this evening to pick up my aunt. You girls all be good.

Take care!

7 years ago

Hi everybody!  Well I got to work later but I wanted to stop in first.

Lee, congrats on Milo winning an award and for being good.   Animals can be so proud when attention is bestowed upon them so I know he was happy when he received his award.    

Strange that Lily hasn't popped in before us.   She's usually Johnny-On-The-Spot.  lol  

Well gotta run...have a nice day folks!   I'm having trouble posting a graphic...I keep getting an error message. 

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, and Pam,

Yes, the blessing of the animals was beautiful and lots of fun.  My dog Milo won a prize and was very good for a change.  I think he had fun.

No worries, Lily.  I have the patience of Job.  I wanted to send you some money on the shipping, but supposedly it's illegal to send money to another country.  How odd.


7 years ago

Hi Lily and Lee.  It was a gorgeous day today and I am thanking God profusely.

Lee, I'm glad your hands/feet are feeling some better.   Sounds like you had a good time at the St. Francis affair with the animals.

Lily, yep Care2 probably still has those horrible gremlins.  I'll go and check out the Halloween thread and hopefully will be able to delete any duplicates.   Cook those apples, woman. 

Agnes will be posting some pictures of her vacation soon and she has some really nice ones.  

Later folks....see ya later.   Have a good evening.

7 years ago


alien00017.gifHi friends,
                              Good evening.
Well strange things were going on for me here last night as you will see in the other thread Vicky.
In the Halloween one my post is showing 5 or 6 times!!!!
I could not delete any of them , I tried.
Guess the gremlins were around again!
Maurice has been gone 2 years Vicky, how time flies.     That snow is forecast for up Scotland not here.
I'm not expecting any here for a long time (I hope)!!
It is cooler here now though and windy at the moment ,we expect some rain too.
at least the temperature has gone down a bit in the fish tank thank goodness.
I need to get those apples cooked.But I suppose the tank will shoot up again.
Lee as I said in the other thread your parcel is on the way.
i hope you dont have to wait too long for it.

7 years ago

A little better today...still not great.

I went to a Blessing of the Animals for St. Francis Day on Sunday.  I'll tell you about it later.  That's how my hands and feet got so sore.  I knew I'd have to pay in pain, but it was worth it!


7 years ago

Will reply later as for some reason it is going mad on here for me right now  (see in halloween thread)

7 years ago

Good evening ladies.   Another beautiful day and cool night.   We've been having LOTS of hummingbirds coming to my feeders.    I love watching and listening to them.

Lily, hey you ain't the only 'older lady'.   I'm right behind you, kid.   I'm glad your weather is cooling a bit but you're probably dreading the snow if it's on it's way already.   Bulbs will look great around Maurice's grave.   How long has he been gone now?

Pam, what a cute Fall graphic.   I am so sorry I haven't had a chance to join your graphics group yet.   My computer has been running sooooo slow that it takes me hours just to visit my groups and make a few posts.   However, I'm defragging and fixing registry problems right now so keep your fingers crossed that it will speed up things.     Then I'll join and I can't wait.

Lee, how awesome that your fingers/hand are feeling better.   I love when you have good days...chronic pain must be almost unbearable.

Agnes, have you rested up yet or will it take a couple of days?   It's always fun to pack and travel to where you're going but coming home seems soooo slow and having to do all the laundry, etc. is sooo tiresome.  

Well I gotta run...have a blessed evening everybody.

from Lynn G.

Have a nice evening.
7 years ago


A quick hello to each of you. Take care.

7 years ago

Hands getting a little better.

7 years ago


Hi friends,
                      Good morning,
Vicky it's me that's the older lady  lol.
There was a nice breeze today so it was better but the forecast says all change now and it is going to be cooler from now and maybe rain.
Up North may even have snow they say. Oh dear.
Good weather is short and sweet here!
But right now it is still warm in here and my fish tank is 84+
Once it is cooler I can cook those apples before they go off.
Yes I have had bulbs in pots before, hycinths anyway.
But the anenomes cant go in them as they are small flowers and spread nicely along borders. (usually anyway)
I have more tulip bulbs than hycinths,I want to get some of the weeds out before putting them in.
Loads of them around Maurice's grave and I want to put some in there.
Lee hope your hands are getting better now.
I'm going to get your duck packed up this week.
Nice photos Annie, Vicky's got her eyes on those fellas  lol.
Lily_002.gif          lily_008.gif

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7 years ago

Good evening Lily, Agnes, Pam, Kat and Lee!   Today, again, was gorgeous and the nights have been pretty cool.   I'm lovin' it!

Agnes, so you went to Australia?   It looks like it's still nice and warm there.   I love that pic of you in the hat!    So cute!   I don't know why but I always thought you might be an older lady but by golly you're not!!!   And hubba, hubba on the guys walking on the boardwalk.   Especially the one with long hair.   Your messages to us in the sand are cool!!

Lee, I know your hands hurt but I'm glad you are able to at least stop in each day.   I would miss not seeing your little duck graphic and knowing you were here.

Pam, so you have to turn the heaters on already?   Oh yeah you're in Michigan (I think).   Can you tell my memory is shot?   So you still have tomatoes?   I bought a fall tomato plant and it was still kinda hot and I forgot for a few days that I had it and I forgot to water.   Anyway it was looking spindly so I've been watering pretty faithfully (when I think about it) but something has been eating the leaves up.   I've tried spraying Dawn liquid and water but don't know how much good it's doing. 

Kat, how awful about your Mother in law and her talking to Jesus would have scared me, too.   I feel so bad for your hubby...I know how upset he is.   I wonder why they operated on her so close together knowing they shouldn't have?   Doctor's nowadays leave a lot to be desired.   They sure aren't like the old fashioned ones of yesterday.   I pray she recovers nicely and that you all get some rest after all that travelling.

Lily, I love your 2 cute...the squirrels and the puppy.   Hey have your ever thought of planting some of those bulbs in pots?   I have 2 coming up in one of my pots and they're pretty tall but not blooming yet.  I'm not sure what they are but I love surprises.  lol   I can't believe your weather is hotter than here right now.

Good night ladies!   I gotta work tomorrow so it may be tomorrow night before I get back.

7 years ago

Good day to all Dear friends...

have a happy Monday....

today rain and in Canada...

Hi Kat..nice to see you drop in here...
sending warm wishes your way my friend
Hi Lee...hand hurt're as like a little child..
feel love you..take care yourself for us....KISSES and HUGS
Hi Lily..thanks for comments...I didn't see shark around there
but I saw big fish while hubby swimming to look colar under
and I saw whale water spout ..but nobody in boat see it that time

here some pictures...walk way side airlie beach

I think..I fallin in Ausie people.....haha

7 years ago


Hands hurt...

7 years ago


snoozing_pup edited.jpg

7 years ago


Hi friends,
                Kathryn I am so sorry to hear that,I hope your mother in law soon recovers.
Luckily she was seen to quickly.
So much trouble going round for everyone lately.
Where is everyone tonight?
Care2 seems to be behaving better at the moment.
Weather has been pretty hot here the last couple of days.
It was over 85 in my fish tank tonight, going to have to change a little of the water.Its far too hot for them.

7 years ago


Hello dear friends.  I know it's been quite a few days since I last posted.  This week has been truly a roller coaster of a ride.  My mother-in-law was at her dr's office getting her sutures taken out on Tuesday and she passed out.  I mean out cold.  Praise God, she was only about 500 yards from the local ER.  She has been in there since Tuesday.  My husband called me at work on Wednesday crying saying his mom was talking to Jesus. When my husband cries, it's serious. So, I got off work and my 2 daughters and I drove to Houston.  What the dr's have said is she has had a lot of stress.  2 surgeries in less than 3 months.  Her second surgery should have been 6 months from the first. Plus she has a very contagious Urinary tract infection. You know the kind where a bunny suit has to be worn.  Well, praise God, she is moving back to the skilled nursing facility this evening. My husband has left to go to Houston.  He'll be back on Wednesday.  Thank you everyone for your continued prayers.  I haven't slept much these past several days, so, this will be short. Know that I love each one of you dearly.  Kathryn

7 years ago

Hi there Pam and Agnes
thats nice Agnes I wouldn't mind being on that beach.

Do you get any sharks there?
There has been  a lot  of shark attacks reported in our papers from different places.
I'd be afraid to go in the sea now other than at the edge.

7 years ago
Good day ..!!Pam, Vicky, Lily, Lee, Jill
and to all Dear friends who drop by..
sorry I didn't around for a few week
I just came back from the trip

today rain and cold here in Canada..I must turn heat on now...
here some pictures from Airlie beach to share..
it's show I missed all of you on care2

we enjoyed sunshine and heat there very much
many friends cockatoo came every morning
have some cute, lovely pic and vdo to share...later

sending love, warm hugs, Peace to all...Agnes

7 years ago

Hello I wanted to stop in and say a quick good night.

My day was a very nice day. It was chilly but the sun was out all day and no rain! We are to have a hard frost tonight so there goes anything not covered. I only took the time to cover the last of the tomatoes. I don't envy you digging up bulbs, back breaking work. Hope it goes quick for you Lily. Okay ladies sweet dreams.

7 years ago


Hi friends ,
                   Vicky I dont see Jill's graphic anywhere,maybe Lee has, as she mentioned Red Riding Hood or something.
I saw a red X in the other group -friendship forever.
I will get those bulbs in soon as I can (lot of bending there) 50 anenomes without all the others.
Got a lot of weeds to remove anyway or there will be no spaces.
Lee I will get that duck packaged up soon as I can.
Wonder how long it will take to reach you if that card you sent took 8 days!

7 years ago

Jill, I know I reposted one of your graphics in my group but I can't remember which group; I don't see it here.  Or am I sleeping?  lol

7 years ago

Good evening Pam, Lily, Lee and Jill.   I love the graphics Pam and Lily.  

Lee, yes our weather today was most beautiful and cool.   Supposed to be cooler tomorrow I think (hope).  I am sooo loving it.

Pam, I hope you have a nice weekend with your visitors.   Stay cozy and come back when you're able.   We'll be waiting for you. 

Lily, just put the bulbs anywhere and enjoy them as they bloom and spread!!!   Then you can mail me some.  lol   Sounds like you've got a nice variety.   I won't be able to visit the flower thread tonight but I will try in the morning.

Jill, your graphic is still a red X.   Please let me know where you are saving them to.   I had no problem saving yours in my Photobucket album and reposting on here.

Have a good evening and Happy October 1st everybody.

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, Pam, and Jill,

Oh Lily, I can hardly wait.

Vicky, it's getting chilly here...thank Heavens!

Pam, have fun this weekend.  

Jill, I'm so glad that your beautiful Red Riding Hood is not X'ed this time. 


7 years ago

Hi all,
           Yes Pam Care2 seems to be a lot better now although I have had one or two hiccups tonight.
Remains to be seen how long it will last with them!
I have put my new flower pics in the thread now ,had to resize them all first as I took them up close.

Got most of them outdoors now but I had some more bulbs arrive this morning.Dont know where I will put them all.
Tulips, anenomes, and hyacinths and Irises.

goodnight Mickey Mouse.gif
7 years ago

3Hello and I hope you had a good day and will have a good evening and Sweet Dreams.

I've had a crazy day, first one thing and then another. Is Care2 working better now? Hope so.

The grandkids are here for the weekend so I may not be in much. I guess it depends on what we all do. No plans in place besides staying cozy. It's been a cool and windy day here but we do have a warm up on the way. I know some of you are begging for cooler weather. My Aunt who is in California at the moment says it is in the hundreds and she is so looking forward to coming home where it's nice and cool. Hugs

7 years ago

Hello Group!   So far so good with Care2...I'm glad to hear that it might be Care2 and not my computer that is running slow.   Our weather was beautiful today and tomorrow I heard will be in the 60's!   There are some really cute graphics posted.  Bambi is precious!

Agnes, I'm so glad you made it back safely and be sure to come back after you rest up.   I know travelling is a tiresome thing.

Pam, I haven't joined your group yet but I haven't forgot.   It seems each day I have more and more to do and the days keep getting shorter.  

Lily, that's a shame your fountain is not working at all now even though the sun stays out.   How awesome that you are sending Lee a duck.   I know she will treasure it.    I hear acupuncture is a very beneficial thing and really works for all kinds of things.  

Lee, how is the weather your way?   I wish Care2 would stop acting up so that you don't lose your's got to be awful to retype with hurting hands.

Well folks I will be back hopefully tomorrow.   Good night.

7 years ago

Hi all,Care2 `problems have supposed to have been fixed,but not for me it seems!

Last night things were better but now I am having a job getting into threads,the page just sits there for ages and nothing will move.
Lee I had the last physio yesterday she said you only get 5.I have to keep on with the exercises and she will send the report through to my doctor and also will recommend if I get worse to have X-Ray or acupuncture.
I have  a weakness and the exercises should help strengthen it.

Lee your duck has arrived!!!!!!! came today so I will get it packed up as soon as I can and will let you know when it has been posted.
I dont know how long it will take to reach you though.I need to get a stronger box around it,I have plenty of cardboard so should be ok.

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Pam, and Agnes,

Agnes, tell us about your trip when you can.

Pam, I love those fall graphics.  

Lily, how was your physio?  Is it helping yet?  


7 years ago
Good day to all Dear friends....
I'm back from the trip....and want to drop in to says hi....
I'm not ready around yet...

Trip was amazing.!!

hope all my lovely friends are fine
missed all of you and care2
sending warm wishes
take care...HUGS..Agnes

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7 years ago


good morning-Bugs Bunny.gif

7 years ago

Yes it is but I am not going to speak too soon!!

Only had about 2 white pages tonight

7 years ago


5Care2 seems a bit better right now for me at least. I hope it is for you too. I did visit Care2 Feedback and Suggestions Group and Care2 support is still working on all the latency issues. They are doing the best they can as quickly as they can.

I hope you all have a good day.

7 years ago


Hi friends,
                   It's still playing up on here I see.
Wonder how much longer it is going to go on for.
every one is complaining in the groups.
Got to copy these each time otherwise means retyping a lot what with all the white pages etc.
Lee guess you are still having trouble too and maybe your hands also.
Vicky is fed up with the problem too so i dont blame her staying away.
It has been hot here today and likely to be for the next couple of days at least.

That silly bird bath fountain is not working at all now not even a trickle,and yet the sun has been on it today.Waste of time these things it seems

7 years ago

lily says good morning.jpg

Yes Lee things are not much better with care2 so far .
This is the worst it has ever been to my knowledge.Cant stay now as I have physio later  and dont want to be late for that.

7 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,

I'm still trying!


7 years ago
It did!!!!!!
7 years ago

Well I was right as I said below-as soon as I clicked on submit I got the white page saying website couldn't be found.
So good job I copied it all, although I suppose it might eventually show up twice!!!
I expect this one will get the white page up too


Hi friends,
Yes Vicky it is enough to send you round the bend lately.White pages all the time and that ad.
Everyone is complaining in feedback and suggestions.
I gave up trying to post in one of my groups,seem to have spent half the night wasting time on there.
If they, stopped trying to make new stuff on there maybe we wouldn't have half the bother.
seems to be a change on the pages now .
When I get the pages up stuff that used to be on the right hand side of page(like member log in etc) now seems to be on the opposite side of the page.
On top of all this I have scanning going on for my security which seems to slow me up and wont let me type sometimes.
It has been going on since yesterday now,I will have to try and delete a lot of stuff on here because that is why I guess,I have too much stored on my pc.
Going to copy this now in case it does not go through the first time and I dont want to type it all again!!!!!!
7 years ago

Good evening Pam, Lily, Lee, Kat and anyone else.   I tried to get here last night but of course Care2 would have none of it.   This site is getting on my nerves really, really bad.  I never had a problem with Jane Goodall but the pop up with the Limeade is constant!   And you can't even view the video to earn points or 2 cents or whatever. 

Lily, you've had your loaches 7 yrs?   Wow, that is a long time and yet they could live to be 20?   The recipe for the crumble I might have to try although I'm not a good baker.  Unless it's baked chicken.  lol    I love your bird graphic!

Lee, I know with Care2 acting stupid that you are losing posts and can't retype them again.   I heard our weather is supposed to get down in the 60's (night time) within the next couple of days.   I can't wait!! 

Pam, I forgot you had a group that makes tags, etc.  I must stop over...can you send me a link?  Your fall one with the little man blowing around with his umbrella is adorable!   Also the kittens.   We need some rain here...can you send any? 

Kat, I guess you are sleeping by this time.   I know you have been working hard so stop in when you can.

Night night everybody.  No graphic since it has taken me 3 times as long to post on Care2 tonight and I don't feel like trying to find a graphic to post.  

7 years ago

Darn!  I'm trying!

7 years ago


Robin005 edited _good morning_.jpg
Good morning friends,
                                       Thats a cute graphic Pam.
Well we had a little drizzle of rain but we have now been predicted very hot weather the next few days.
Wont rush for my bikini though lol, never can rely on the forecasts.
They say hotter than Hawaii (without the sand sea and palm trees- how exciting!)
Well of course some people here live by the sea but in the towns away from it  wont be so nice.

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Have a good week everyone.
7 years ago

5Good Afternoon It's a windy and sometimes rainy day here. The leaves are starting to really blow around today with all the wind from this morning. Care2 seems to be having some problems again today. I am still getting the Goodall site hijacking me and being taken there without clicking on it. It's very frustrating trying to post. I will be happy when the ad for it is gone and have my fingers crossed another does not take it's place that causes me the same headache. Is anyone else having that problem? I make apple betty which is much like your apple crumble receipe Lily, or apple crisp which is almost the same receipe to. The grandkids always love it with a dallop of vanilla ice cream on top. I eat my



7 years ago

Hi Vicky, Pam, and Lily,

Trying not to overuse my hands...

Pam, it's been blast furnace hot here in TN.  I've always wanted a goldfish tank and I still hope to have one someday.  

Vicky, I'll bet you're glad to see fall come too.  It's been way too hot here in the south this summer.  

Lily, that looks delicious...and easy too.  I might add a few almonds, but I love nuts.


7 years ago
Hi Pam your post just pipped in while I was composing mine.
well yes it is hard work with a fish tank but worth it after when you see it looking nice.
I try to do a fortnightly maintenance changing part of the water a day or two after I gravel clean and rinse plants.
It is always harder if you use real plants but they are much better than plastic ones.
My 2 Clown loaches I have had for 7 years now  and they say they could live for 20!!! so could outlive me then. lol.
Maybe if I lost all mine I would stop now I am getting older but as I haven't any other pets now I would miss them.
7 years ago

Hi friends,
                 Well Lee I dont make anything with the raspberries, not enough of them anyway.
I eat them as they are with some custard on them.
As for apple crumble I did make a couple but I have to cook the rest of the apples now to make more.

Here is a reminder;

Apple crumbleVegin season
Apple crumble

This recipe is an all-time favourite of those hankering after the ultimate quick and easy dessert. Serve with nostalgia.

IngredientsFor the crumbleFor the filling
Preparation method
  1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4.

  2. Place the flour and sugar in a large bowl and mix well. Taking a few cubes of butter at a time rub into the flour mixture. Keep rubbing until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.

  3. Place the fruit in a large bowl and sprinkle over the sugar, flour and cinnamon. Stir well being careful not to break up the fruit.

  4. Butter a 24cm/9in ovenproof dish. Spoon the fruit mixture into the bottom, then sprinkle the crumble mixture on top.

  5. Bake in the oven for 40-45 minutes until the crumble is browned and the fruit mixture bubbling.

  6. Serve with thick cream or custard.

Good Night
7 years ago


Vicky, my post did stick! lol I knew I had posted but when you messaged me I just figured it went poof off into cyber-land somewhere.
Kathryn, it's very nice seeing you pop in to groups again. You were greatly missed. Hugs
Lee, I am glad you are looking forward to Fall. I know some parts of the USA had record summer temps. It was a normal summer here in Michigan. Take care.
Lily, cleaning a fish tank is hard work. I had one for about 6 years and finally grew tired of it. I was down to one really old angel fish who had the tank to himself. He lingered on and on and I felt so bad he was alone. His mate had passed away. He finally did to after a few more months. One of my favorite berries is raspberries. I hope the rats don't gobble them up or ruin your garden. Mice are bad enough but rats ewww! We make raspberry jam when we have a lot or when we don't we make dessert with ours.
Vicky, hello I have been taken to the Jane Goodall site 3 times now trying to post this. I have learned to use my Notepad so I do not loose my message in progress. That is one of the problems I have been having on C2. It's driving me nuts. To bad you zoomed by the first day of Fall yesterday. I love graphics and most of you know I have a graphics group and I have many blanks or if any one of you have something special you would like with your name on it you can send it to my messages and I could put your name on it for you. The one I used I did not do nor do I have that blank.
Okay it's late here and going on midnight so sweet dreams.

7 years ago

Hi group...this will be short as I have to work real early in the morning.  I will be gone overnight so I may not make it back til Monday afternoon.  

Lee, it's a shame that your hands go back and forth with the degree of pain.   That's why I always say I hope they feel better.  I know they'll never get better but I hope you have more good days than bad.  I know you must miss cooking and or baking.

Pam!   I just sent you a message about an hour ago asking if you were okay since I hadn't seen you post for a while.   I'm glad you're here.   I am so mad that I didn't remember today was the first day of fall.   When you said 'fall' I was going to ask where you lived until I looked on my calendar and it said 'Fall' today. hahahaha!  Am I a nut or what?  That's a pretty graphic!

Lily, your apple tree went from having a few apples to an abundance now.  That's great!    I used to love apple rings.  It was a garnish at restaurants....sliced apples (in rings) soaked in something red that was sweet.   I forget but YUM!

Kat, I hope your mother in law is improving and that your trip to Houston will be a nice one.   So hubby made Lillian some monkey bread.   That was very nice.   I have heard of it (Monkey bread) but I forgot exactly what it is.

7 years ago

Hi Lily,

What do you make with the raspberries?  I may not be able to cook anymore (too dangerous) but I love to hear about other people's cooking.  Remind me what apple crumbles are if you don't mind.  I know you told me last fall, but I can't remember to save me!


7 years ago


Good morning friends,weekend again!!!!  seems all I am saying lately,wish it would slow down.
It is darker earlier here now in the evenings.
Finished my fish tank chores last night, goes round so quick.
Got a lot more apples to cook yet so may do them later,still some on tree
I had quite a few raspberries this time,last year I never had any hardly.
my greenhouse is one mass of colour,I really must get some into the garden now it's getting dark earlier.
Still seen rats out there,silly cat no good for catching them,it was sitting out there watching it but it would never  catch it anyway as the wire fence was between them and tha rats run fast anyway.
Haven't seen so much of the squirrels lately, perhaps they are having babies.

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Kathryn, Pam, and Vicky,

Kathryn and Pam, I love the fall graphics.  We had a really bad summer here so fall is a great relief.

Lily, I'm glad you used your wiles to get him to take his present.  MEN!!!!   And I'm glad you had a relatively good trip.

Vicky, the pain in my hands and feet gets better and worse in spells, but overall it will slowly get worse.  The weather and overusing them seems to make them temporarily worse at times though.   


7 years ago
Hello dear friends.  Sorry I didn't get by yesterday.  It was a long day. I ended up working til close on Wednesday night and then I turned around and showed up at my usual time yesterday.  I was so tired. I still stayed up to watch a movie we had rented.  Vicky, Lillian had a pretty good birthday. Her daddy is making her Monkey bread for her as a cake.  Lily, sorry to hear your brother gives you so much flack especially about a radio.  Just keeping him loving him like you do.   We are about to head to Houston today to see my mother-in-law who just had hip surgery last week. She was moved to a rehab facility which is more like a nursing home. She is not happy, so we're going to check in on her.  So, this is just a short post. I pray everyone has a great Friday. Love ya'll, Kathryn
Hello Group
7 years ago


Have a nice day and enjoy your weekend.

Our first day of Autumn is a chilly one.

7 years ago

Good evening Lily, Lee and Kat.  Well it's already 9:30 pm and it seems like posting takes so long.  

Lily, what a cute hummingbird and kitty graphic.     You're right, a bird feeder wouldn't be a good idea.   I'm glad you were stern and going to take back the radio; at least your brother got the idea and relented.  lol   Some people are so cranky aren't they?   I'm glad you had a nice travel there and back.

Lee, I'm sorry your hands are still hurting.   It seems like they were okay for a while so that is something to be thankful for.

Kat, did Lillian have a nice birthday?   19 is a good age....tell her to enjoy it cause the years are fleeting.   Did you all get enough rain to do good?   I sure hope so.

Well I'm signing off for tonight...see ya tomorrow morning and/or afternoon, God willing.

7 years ago
Good morning friends,
                                     Yes Lee it's good they saved them,cute little things too.
I went to my brother's,travelling was better this time and managed to get  a seat coming back as there didn't seem to be so many people.
Well I solved his birthday present after all and bought him a small radio that he can use from the bed.
But at first he annoyed me by replying 'Oh I can get radio on the TV!
So I said alright I will give it to someone else, as no matter what I bring you ,you always have something to complain about it' and I put it back in my bag.
then later he said he wanted it!!
He is so infuriating at times.
He seemed quite well and his hands were not as bad as last time I saw him.
Well travelling wears me out a bit these days so wont stay on here long.
Old age creeping in ha ha.
Well it is a long way and what with 3 trains and a bus each way and often the waiting about.
7 years ago

I hope you have a lovely trip to see your brother, Lily.


7 years ago

Hi Kathryn, Vicky, and Lily,

Hand probs today...



7 years ago


Good morning friends,
                                   Been raining  a bit here and a bit gloomy looking out there.
I have been cleaning the fish tank again so did not get on here earlier.
Thanks for all the suggestions for my brother unfortunately cant help him much,
He cannot hold things much in his hands and doesn't even read the newspaper as he said holding them open is painful.He only reads the TV magazine for programmes.
When his hands were better he did do puzzles in a magazine.
I'm sure he would like to see birds but doesn't seem to be much wildlife round there.His flat is upstairs and one of those suction bird feeders would be hard to put out window there and I'm sure the carers would not want to be bothered with stuff like that.
It's too much trouble for them sometimes to wash his dinner plate and they leave it in the sink for the next carers when they come!
I washed it up last time I went there.
Yes Vicky he IS diabetic although he does eat some things he shouldn't.
I guess he thinks at his age might as well enjoy some things still.
He does love his TV though and at least can keep up with the news on there.
He seems to like watching some of the game shows and films.

7 years ago
Howdy dear ladies.   How is everyone this evening? I have been home from work for about an hour now.  ShaLynn is fixing dinner. My youngest one, Lillian, just turned 19 today. I'm feeling rather old now. LOL!!!!  I know my post are short, but as long as I'm using my daughter's computer, I try not to take up too much time.  Anyway.... I pray everyone has a great evening. Love ya'll, Kathryn
7 years ago

Good afternoon Kat, Lee and Lily.   It was raining some last night and early today but now the sun is out.

Kat, I am so sorry for the loss of your mom.   What a big hole left in your heart.  I am sooo silly.   When I asked if you were still working for the library it didn't dawn on me that you are employed by Ross'.  lol   I am so glad you finally got some rain; I hope/pray that all of Texas would.   Believe me I know how it steams after a shower.   Thank goodness you have the beach to go tank a cool dunk in. 

Lee, I'm sorry your hands are starting to hurt again.   I know how painful it must be to type so just post a picture if you're able until the pain subsides some.   A bird feeder with a suction cup sounds awesome and entertaining.   I think he would love watching the birds feed...most people do. 

Lily, I love your graphic of the couple dancing.   It looks like Clark Gable/Rhett Butler.  lol  And I know how much you like him.   You said your brother doesn't eat much cuz he's 83...heck my mom is the same age and loves to eat.  teehee!  Especially sweets.   Hey, if he's not diabetic (I can't remember if you said he is or not) he might enjoy a box of candy.   There used to be a sort of handheld game my mom once had and liked to play.   It was a peg board thing and you would stick the pins in it and try to do something.  (I can't remember) But it kept her busy and using her mind for hours on end.

Gotta run...see you ladies later.

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, and Kathryn,

Now my hands are starting to hurt. Darn.

Lily, I forgot to tell you on the other board...Here the owners wash and brush the dogs well before taking them to visit.  They are clean enough to be taken into hospital for visits.  

I've run dry on gift suggestions for your brother.  Arranging a visit or event and food are all I've ever given as successful gifts for men.  It would be great for him if you could get him one of those bird feeders that stick on a window with suction cups, but who would fill it for him?  It's great entertainment to watch the birds all day (as you know).

Vicky and Kathryn!


7 years ago


Good morning friends,
                                         Im all behind with my posts at the moment,seems so many to reply to although I did close a couple of groups recently.
My wireless connection is not working now so I have to get someone in to see why soon.
Vicky I know my brother isn't just saying that for that reason, he really doesn't want these things and they would only end up in the bin, believe me I know him well enough.
he doesn't eat as much as he used to either.
He is 83 next week.
Looks dreary outside this morning,I think it might rain again.
I need to do some weeding but I have things indoors need doing more at the moment.
Going to put those flower photos in the other thread, the colours are really nice, I will have to get them put in garden soon.

7 years ago

Hello dear friends. Sorry I didn't get by yesterday. ShaLynn had 6 assignments due for English, so she was using her computer all day.  Vicky, I gave up my library job last year. Yeah, I had missed so much time from work with my mother's death and then I couldn't get to & from work, I resigned there.  And yes, I've been living in Texas, just moved to the island last September.  We've been to the beach several times.  With it being so hot though, we stayed in quite a lot.   We got some much needed rain last night finally.  It made today very humid though.  And I'm working at Ross Dress for Less now.  I'm a sales associate.  I talked with my boss today and the note was okay and didn't cause me to get into any trouble.  And you know it, I'm very proud of both my girls.  The youngest one tried her hand at the university and last 2 weeks.  So, now she's looking for work and plans on starting the spring semester here in Galveston. 

Lily, I absolutely love that photo of you doctored up with a martini and everything.  Thank you, I needed a good laugh this evening.

Lee, it's also great to meet you too.

Well, I gotta bolt. Just took my night time meds and will be heading to bed here soon.  Hope everyone has a great night. Love ya'll, Kathryn

7 years ago

Hello Lee, Lily and Kathryn if she stops in.   I am off today, tomorrow and the following day.   I'm loving it. 

Lee, yes it's great that you are able to stop in more often and I'm glad that the retreat stuff is all worked out now.   I bet the weddings are lovely when they are held there.

Lily, I love the picture of you with the 'I Love NY' hat.  lol  So funny!   Even though there is food in your brother's refrigerator and he doesn't want you to bring him anything I think Lee's idea of making something for him anyway might cheer him up.   He may not want you to go to the trouble and that is why he's saying 'no'.   Does he have a radio or a portable CD player?  Maybe he would enjoy that, too.

Kathryn, I hope you didn't get in trouble with your job.  It's not the library job is it?   Or what town was the library job in?   It's been so long and I'm soooo forgetful. 

Well, I'm getting ready to sign off so good night ladies.

7 years ago

Lee he has told me more than once he does not want me to take any food over there as he has more than enough.
The carers get his meals.
they do the shopping and get him whatever he wants, always plenty of food in the fridge when I go.

Even at normal times buying him things were getting  a problem as he has everything practically but at least then he could move around so it wasn't so hard.
I know what it is like because I am the same now myself
Got this ,got that.
My sister in law usually buys me clothes although my wardrobes are bursting with stuff I never get round to wearing.
I gave a lot to charity last week.

7 years ago

Hi Lily,

I forgot to tell you that I love your prairie dog graphic.  The pic caught her right in the middle of a bark (why they call them dogs).

Also, how about making a diabetic dish out of apples or raspberries as a present for your brother.  I'm sure he'd love something homecooked, and there are lots of diabetic recipes around.


7 years ago


sending Monday Love.bmp
Good morning all,
                              Another week ahead, soon be Christmas!!!!!!
I picked another lot of apples so i had better hurry up and cook some,still more on the tree.
Had a little rain not a lot really.
At least it's making the weeds grow!!!
I must get plants in soon but I need to do more weeding first,hate that job.

7 years ago
7 years ago


Hi friends,
                   Good morning, it is Sunday am here.
We had  a little rain yesterday.
I picked some raspberries, enough for 2 helpings anyway.With a bit of luck may get some more shortly.
I am fed up with seeing a couple of big rats out there,but if I stop putting food out the birds will suffer and it wont get rid of the pigeons anyway
They will just sit up on the roof.
Those cats are hopeless, never seem to go after them.
I saw the squirrel about to attack one when it got too near him feeding(the rats I mean not cats)

7 years ago

Hi Kathryn, Vickie, and Lily,

I was here yesterday (I slipped in right before you closed the other thread, Vicky.), and I'm here today.  You ladies have just been very talkative the last 24 hours! It's great!

Vicky, the retreat's mostly arranged.  These things have to be done way ahead of time or we can't get the cabin.  It's very much in demand.  It's such a beautiful place people even like to have weddings there.

Lily, I hope the cream helps with the exercises and physio.

Kathryn, it's nice to meet you.


7 years ago

A quick hello Lily, Kathryn and Lee if she stops in.   I bet she is busy with her retreat stuff.   The day is cooler and beautiful.

Lily, I'm glad the salve is working and yes definitely be careful doing too much in your garden.  We don't want your back acting up any worse.   Oh yes, it was the pretty globe (I think) that you posted.    I love your Caturday graphic.  lol   I can't wait to see your flowers in the flower thread.   I am having a time trying to figure out my new editing program...when I do I'll post some new flower photos, too.

Kathryn, you must be so proud of your daughter's.   God has really blessed you and your family and to get you all through the rough times.   You were NOT a sludge...your absence was understandable and the important thing is you're back and leading a wonderful life now.   I'm glad the doctor gave you a written excuse and I hope your employer is okay with it.   Have fun on your family day.   I am so happy for you!   

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7 years ago

Myspace Comment: Weekend 07

Vicky, I'm so glad Lee & Lily have been here to help.  I feel like such a sludge because of not being able to come online daily.  Thank you all for helping Vicky and for such a wonderful a group.  That's why I still love coming here. 

Well, Vicky, I was able to find a doctor yesterday that was able to write a note for me from last Sunday being excused even though I wasn't scheduled for work then.  But the note helps with me out with my job.  Yes, ShaLynn is in school. FINALLY!!! It's taken her 2 years now to get herself together. Now our youngest daughter just tried going to college and had to withdraw. So, she just returned home and she'll be looking for work.

Well, I gotta go. We're having family movie day. Love ya'll, Kathryn

7 years ago



Hi friends, good morning,
                                            Kathryn good to see you back, I was wondering what had happened to you.
we are low on posters in this group these days.
Vicky I used the stuff the doctor gave me to put on my shoulder and arm.
Hasn't been too bad today so will have to see how it goes.
Back trouble is on and off,the physio did more manipulations .
I have to be careful gardening, so much needs doing too.I have taken photos of the plants I bought so will put them in the flower thread.
the solar fountain hasn't been working at all lately.
They dont work at night only solar lamps do that.
The one on my fence has been on the longest but not all night.
And the coloured globe that has been on too.
They dont work too good here because we dont get enough sun.

7 years ago

Kathryn, I am so happy you're back!   I have really missed you but I knew you'd return one day when your life got in order.  You sound like you are so happy and content now.   How is hubby?   I agree....a BIG ugggggh on moving 3 times.  lol   Didn't you live in Texas before?   I can't remember.   How long were you gone from Care2?   I know it was a long time and I often thought about you.   So Shalyn is in college....I am so proud of her!   Do you think your job is messed up because you had to miss work?  I pray not and I pray your sinus problems are gone.   Did you go swimming at the beach much this year?   It was soooo hot and I know poor Texas didn't get rain.  I prayed and prayed for it to rain.   I hope to see you tomorrow and the day after and the day   You get my drift.     Lily, has really been a huge help in this group and my squirrel group.   I was without a computer for over a month and if it wasn't for her and Lee I don't know what I would have done.   They are my most faithful members/posters. 

Lily, how is your shoulder/muscles?   I hope they are feeling better.   Has the sun come out enough yet to make the solar fountain work better?   I bet it is so pretty at night.   I sure would like to know what happened to Fatty and Baby and the little fox too.   I loved hearing your stories about them and looking at their pictures.  

Lee, you are probably busy making arrangements/plans for the retreat in November.  I would love to go, experience peace and quiet in a log cabin in the mountains would be so awesome!   Maybe one day. 

Well ladies, I lost my first post (a long one like this one) so hopefully I won't lose this one.  However I am going to copy it first.  lol   May you all have a blessed evening.

7 years ago


Well hello dear friends. Yep, it's the long lost host. Vicki, you are such a dear friend to keep me on as host.  I am so blessed to call you my friend.   To fill ya'll in, I'm using my daughter's brand new laptop. She has informed me that I can use it anytime she's not using it. LOL!!! So, we're in the share-a-computer-time right now.  So, I'll try to get on as often as I can.  This is my oldest one now that just started her first semester in college. 

So much has happened during this past year. I've moved like 3 times, UGGGG-, had both of my girls move back in with us and I have a pretty great job. Presently we live in Galveston, Texas and have for over a year now.  It's absolultely awesome.  I live one block from the beach.  And I have been working at ROSS Dress for Less for close to 3 months now and just found out I've been hired on permanently.  Only to get a sinus infection this whole week where I've had to miss all my scheduled days of work.  Oh well, we're still eating and I'm getting better. Hehe!!!

I want to jump into a couple more groups before ShaLynn gets back.  I'll be back hopefully tomorrow. Love ya'll, Kathryn

(closed) CHATTERBOX ~ Stop in and say 'hi'
7 years ago

Boy the other thread was almost 300 posts long!!!   Whew!   Anyway, here is our new one.

Good morning Lily, Lee and Pam!   I tried to make it in last night but of course my computer froze up again.   Today I hear updates or something running in the background and it's slow...not sure how to temporarilystop the updates.

Lee, you must be so excited about helping set up the retreat.   I love doing things like that.   What are the plans thus far?

Lily, I know how to stop most of your aches and pains...quit getting older!  hahaha!   That's what I intend to do. 

Well I have some catching up to do while my computer is cooperating.   Later folks!

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