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6 years ago

Hi group!  Well they upped my medicine and I am kind of 'slow' this morning.   Not my usual chipper self.  Well...usually chipper.  lol

Lily, I didn't realize there more large graphics or 220 posts.  Thanks for staying on top of things for me.  How are your glasses fitting Lily?  Have they been adjusted?

What a beautiful rose with water reflection Jill.  I love it,

How are glasses feeling now Lee?  I hope you are getting used to them.

Well I am going to close this thread and open a new one.  I'm not going to repost our last ones in the new one cuz I always have trouble and it takes a long time.   But I'll post a link to this thread if you want to come back to reread any

6 years ago

Vicky the one you are talking about with the Friday cat is only 442 x 544.
There are still a couple of over large ones down there,there is one of Agnes's 550 x 550 and one of Jill's 620x415.

Anyway I think you would be better off starting a new thread as this one has 222 posts!!!!!!

6 years ago

Hi Lily, Jill, and Vicky,

I'm glad you had a nice visit, Lily.  Nice change for you.

Vicky and Jill, I love, love, love all the beautiful roses.


Have a beautiful day like this rose is
6 years ago
6 years ago

Well I see the other post that is stretching the page.   Lily, the Friday cat graphic has your words on the side which stretches out the page.   I tried to fix it but I can' goes right back to the old way.  Pam has a post with words on the side but I'm not sure if hers is stretching it out, too.  

Beautiful roses resized for Jill.
6 years ago

  Jill E.  Jill E.

6 years ago

Hi Lee, Jill and Lily.   Well today is my mom's bday and yesterday was my son's so my brother and his girlfriend came by and they all went to the Gulf Coast to the casino.

Lee, have you rested up yet?  Back to the old grind, huh?

Jill, what a pretty sparkly.  I am going to post something I made at the end of my post.  Listen, your graphic that is large I am going to delete, resize and repost for you.  That way the page won't stretch. 

Lily, what a nice change to have company.  I like solitude but I guess too much can get boring.  How is the little robin, squirrels and doves doing?  Eating you out of house and home and bulbs?  lol  I hope not bulbs.

6 years ago
Sprkl Rose
6 years ago


animal-graphics-foxes-449523.gifHi friends,
                                                          Well I had my brother in law and his daughter and her boyfriend come up,
Not his wife because she couldn't be home from work when they left and also cant leave the dogs.
My niece and boyfriend went to Wembley to see 'The Globetrotters' basketball.
and my brother in law stayed with me until they came back later.
So it made a change having a bit of company.

6 years ago

Hi Jill, Vicky, and Lily,

Beautiful graphics, everyone! 

Lily, I hope you had a nice visit.


6 years ago


Hi friends will write more later as I was busy with visitors last night

6 years ago

Good evening Lily, Jill and Lee!  It was beautiful today but getting hotter and more humid.  Whew!

Lee, I'm so glad you had a nice time at the retreat.  I wish there was one around here.

Lily, I never could figure this out....if there are a lot of graphics posted on a site (like Care2), how does it clog up our computers?   I agree with you about the size of graphics...they should stay around 500 - 525 pixels or the page will definitely be stretched.  Jill has been doing real well with the smaller sizes since Tia showed her how to make them smaller. 

Jill, your last graphics are absolutely stunning!  Where do you find such pretty things.  I snagged a couple...I hope you don't mind.  I will make a tag or two out of them.  Here's one I made out of a horse running down the beach.

6 years ago
6 years ago

Hi Jill, Vicky, and Lily,

Jill, lovely, lovely graphics.  Thanks for the smiles.

Lily and Vicky, it was nice, but I'm so behind now.  I'll post more tomorrow.



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6 years ago


Hello friends,
                              Oh i like those 2 last ones Jill,very nice.
So many nice graphics to be had on the internet.
No wonder my pc is getting clogged up lol
Vicky the robins are around all the year, I have seen two males,they dont agree if they are in the same location.
it is usually the same one I think that follows me about.
I did a bit more gardening today but not weeding (got plenty of those though)
Been very warm today and nice and sunny.
Saw the black and white cat out there today wont let me touch it though,gets ready to swipe me if I even think about it!!!!!! probably because I have chased it off in the past.
Lee hope you enjoyed the retreat.
Vicky hope your mum is ok now.
oops I thought I had stretched the page again but it is a couple of Jill's lower down that has got a bit over sized .
Her new ones though are fine.

6 years ago
coffeetime, animated, with glitter effects
6 years ago
Glitter Flowers in Window Looking at Ocean
6 years ago
6 years ago

Hello everybody!  Well it is absolutely gorgeous today.  I am now off for 4 son's birthday is Monday and my mom's Tuesday.  She has been sick for about a week or so and went to the doctor and was feeling better but then started mopping, etc, and had a set back. 

Jill, your graphics are super!   I love the way the yellow flowers open up.

Lee, my glasses used to hurt my ear and after 2 yrs (and now that I am going to get a new pair) they have stopped hurting.  lol  I didn't realize you were going to a retreat this weekend.  I hope you have a lovely time.

Lily, I hope your back and glasses problems will soon be gone.  What a pain!  Is that the same little robin from last year visiting again?  That is awesome!  I did a 'little' weeding yesterday but definiely not a whole lot.

Gotta run...lots of groups to visit.

6 years ago
6 years ago


Good morning friends,
                                          Lee it was a waste of time going there as they are still playing me up!
Hope you have fun at the retreat the weekend.
Weather has been good here so may get some more gardening done.
That flower on the Gardenia has died off now but waiting for the other buds to open.
wish more than one opened at  a time, maybe the next will.
the hycinths are looking colourful out there but the indoor ones didn't last long.

thank you lee, i try hard
6 years ago
"love" flowers
6 years ago

Hi Jill and Lily,

Jill you post such lovely graphics.  They make me smile.  

Lily,there is nothing more irritating than problems with glasses.  Mine are hurting on the tops of my ears where the earpieces fit over.


6 years ago

Hi friends,       
                  Looks like it is going to be another warm day here,yesterday was cooler.
Dont know if I will do any gardening though as I need to take my glasses back to the optician because they are making my nose sore with the slipping.
always something, we pay to suffer it seems.
When I was clearing the garden around the front of my place the robin came too! and was soon under the bush looking for insects or worms.
They like it when you start clearing up or digging.

6 years ago

Hi Jill and Lily,

Lovely graphics, Jill.

Take it very easy on your back, Lily.  Nothing's worth hurting it!  


6 years ago


Helo retriever uppy.gif
Good morning friends,
                                 the weather has been nice here
here the last couple of days,
Managed to do some gardening,
still plenty needs doing though so maybe I will get a bit more done today.
going to take it easy though because I want to avoid any trouble with my back.
Nice to see some sunshine anyway because it does lift your spirits after a nasty winter.

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6 years ago
Spring Time
6 years ago
Beautiful Flowers, Animated Flowers, Animated Graphics, Roses, Flowers, Keefers
6 years ago

Hi Lily and Jill,

What a lovely graphic, Jill.  I love the way the water moves.

I'm glad you got to see your brother, Lily, and that you got a seat.  Let's you enjoy the ride.  


6 years ago


Hi all, good morning,
                                  It is an on and off thing Jill but I see my doctor again soon for check-up so will ask about it again.Maybe I will get an x-ray this time as physiotherapy
did not help me really.
Maybe just old age lol but really stops you getting on with things how you would like,especially in the garden.
Lee dont mention dentists ugghh
chattering_teeth2_001.gifI haven't been for some time so need to soon I guess,one of my teeth at bottom as worked loose but hopefully the gum may tighten up again as it did with the other one.
I went to my brothers,the weather was very good and I actually got a seat this time!!
He seemed quite well but a bit annoyed as his big screen
TV has gone wrong and he is watching a small one .
Not big enough so he has either to find repairs on that one or get another,because that screen will be a strain on his eyes being so small.

lily sorry to hear about your back. take of yourself my friend
6 years ago
Animals, Animation, Cute Animals, Reflection,  Reflections,  Animated Gifs,  Animated Animals, Beautiful Animals, Animated Flowers, Animated Gif, Animated Gifs, Keefers
6 years ago

Hi Lily,

Sorry I wasn't here yesterday.  I had to go to the dentist and it took forever.  When I got back and tried to come to Care2, all I could get was a message..."Internet Explorer cannot display the web page."  Nothing seems to be going right lately!

I hope you get to see your brother.


6 years ago


good morning cat 1.png
Good morning friends,
                                               hope you are having a good week.
i think it is going to be fine here today so I may get over to my brothers later.
My visit is a bit overdue but what with my back playing up on and off I dont make arrangements in advance any more .
just go and then he gets a surprise anyway.
Best way I reckon.

6 years ago
god I hate Mondays.bmp
6 years ago
Vicky and her mom edited _floaters_.gif
6 years ago


Hi friends,
                Hope your weekend has been good,been raining a bit here.
was wondering if care2 was going to be off again.
be nice if we could get a warning when it is going to happen.
haven't got the photos and video on yet but will soon.

Lee hope you are getting used to your pc.

6 years ago

good morning friends cat.png

Good morning friends,
                                  second night of Care2 maintenance!!
Only came back on here at 7-40 am.
so no time now to do anything,I have more photos and a video to upload,so will do it later (if they dont go off again!!!)
Jill if you upgrade to pro on photobucket you wont ever
have that problem as you get unlimted storage.
glad you liked the e-card Lee,that place has some nice ones.

Hope this goes through as I typed it once and then it disapeared!!! so much for maintenance!!

6 years ago

Hi Agnes, Jill, and Lily,

Agnes, I haven't gotten to see them yet.  We've had clouds every night for several days.  Maybe I can see them tonight.  Your angels are lovely.   

Jill, I wish I could see your graphic.  I'll bet it's pretty.  The note says too many people have clicked on it.  

Lily, I love the card.   


6 years ago


Tweety good morning friends.gif
Good morning all ,will have to write more later as through care2 closing for maintenace I am all behind'
Lee there is another card for you in your other mail
a jaquie Lawson one

6 years ago
flowers - bloemen
6 years ago
Good Morning..!! Vicky, Lee, Lily, Jill and dear friends
Happy Friday and weekend and take care

anyone watch Venus and Jupiter..??
last night sky so clear
Venus and Jupiter..look bright
for who love angels painted I have downloaded more a few there
feel free to visit my album
here my last painted angel on album..this one popular angel with a guitar
stand on the galaxy in the cute, lovely,

6 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lily,

Vicky, I like your Irish Betty Boop (Isn't that who she is?).  I don't remember any St Patrick's angels.  I'd love to see them.

Lily, I love the card (I went straight and found it.  Thanks for reminding me.).  Those are adorable dancing Irish mice for St Patrick's Day.

My new computer is a closed laptop hooked up to a large monitor (for my very poor eyesight) and a large keyboard (for my useless hands).  I doubt I could use a laptop in the regular way.  


6 years ago
Have a lovely Day.jpg
6 years ago


Good morning friends,
                                 Vicky I am using one of those cordless mouse but I dont like it ,have no choice though because the other one still jumps around.
This one makes my arm ache.
I prefer the other as everything much nearer and dont have to move my arms at all 
What did you mean where you said you had no numbers on the side? 
My numbers on keyboard are just above the qwerty bit.
The temperature has gone up  a bit here  so expecting another nice day but dont want that job of clearing up after the squirrels again.
they ruined one of my clematis and dug up all the compost out of the tubs nearly, and knocked canes out.      

6 years ago

Hi Lee, Lily and Jill.  Well it's 8 pm already and I'm getting tired.   Getting up at 5 am for my 7 am shift makes me sooo tired.  Probably cuz it's dark when I arise.

Lee, I am still getting used to my laptop.  It's pretty cool but the keyboard is smaller and there are no numbers on the side.  Plus this one came with Windows or I.E. 7.0 or 8.0 (I can never remember) but I do not like it as much as the older version.  I got a cordless mouse cuz I hate the 'mouse' on the computer.  The cordless is cheap and you just plug a little thing into your computer and you're ready to go!   Are you getting used to your glasses?

Jill, I love that graphic....when I make tags and mandelas I love to glitterize them.

Lily, I agree...people shouldn't join so many groups if they can't visit at least a couple of times a month.  I think people try to be nice when they receive invitations from their friends and that's why they join.  I'm sorry about another neon dying.  I'm glad your weather is warming up.

Talk at ya later peeps!

I made this and can't remember if I posted it already.  Or did I post the St. Patrick angels?

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6 years ago

Hi Lee glad you are back,you will soon get used to it same as everything else that is new
is it a laptop?
Jill thats a nice glittery graphic.

6 years ago

Hi Agnes, Jill, Vicky, and Lily,

This new computer is strange.  Oh well, I'll get used to it!  It's good to finally have one at least!  I haven't had one since Saturday!


6 years ago
6 years ago


good morning friends puppy edited.gif
Good morning friends,
                                          Well we are supposed to be going to have a warm and sunny day later,remains to be seen!
I suppose if we get good weather now come Easter it will be rotten which is often the case here.
shame when people have a holiday off work and that happens and when they go back to work it usually turns fine again!!!
At least it is beginning to look more like Spring with all the trees blossoming and bulbs coming up.

good afternoon my friends
6 years ago
6 years ago


huge ears edited.gif
Hi friends, good morning,
                                         mid week already!!!
well Vicky i know Agnes came on but that was the only one since I had been posting from Saturday.
it is hard to keep the chat going by myself.
we are such a small group of posters despite there being over 300 members!!! where are they I wonder?
I cant see the point of joining groups if you never post in them really.
some people have dozens of groups on their profile ,cant see the point of that as you cant visit them all.
I have put some new pics in the flower thread.
The bulbs are really coming up out there now and I saw one little red tulip open.
I need to do something round the front of my place as it is a mess and the window boxes need seeing to again (dang squirrels!)
another one of my little blue neons has died.
Only got 3 of those now.
the blossoms are out on my trees,pity lt doesn't last longer.
Makes such a mess when it starts to fall. 

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6 years ago

this is the abstract graphic I made and started with to make the one below.   It is so much fun to do different effects from pictures.

6 years ago

Good evening folks.   I am tired but wanted to say 'hi'.   Our weather has been beautiful...80 degrees.

Lily, I'm not sure why you say no one has been in here.  Agnes has visited but she manages other groups so she's unable to be here as much as she wants.  Lee has had computer problems and I'm here willy nilly.   So it hasn't been exactly dead.   Yes, when I deleted the tag I made for you after you saved it to your Photobucket that's why the big box.   I forgot about that.  That pomeranian dog looks like my mom's yapping one.  ICK!  Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark....gets on my last nerve.

Agnes, thanks on the link.  I will have to read it when I can.  Maybe me having a lot of windows open uses up my memory cause most of my stuff is saved to Photobucket.   I love your litte girl pretty.  And Mighty Mouse was my brother's favorite cartoon when he was little.  R.I.P. my sweet brother.

Lee, I'm glad your 2 pets that were best friends are reunited together on the Rainbow Bridge.  When did your doggy pass?  It's always so sad when they leave us.

This is something else I made.  I do tags and mandelas and this is a mandela.   Colorful, huh?

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6 years ago

Good Morning..!!Lily, Vicky, Lee, Jill and dear friends

Hi lily..I'm here now..and they'll drop later for sure

everyone..!! Have a happy week with peace of mind..HUGS..Agnes

6 years ago


NITE NITE  _brown dog_.gif

6 years ago
Hello ,third time I have been in and nobody here!
6 years ago

Lily 11th March 2012 001 edited.jpg
Hi friends ,
                 good morning again, hope you had a good
It was quite warm here too Agnes which made a change.
It is very changeable over here.
The plants are springing up now in the garden and my
cherry tree has blossom on it also one of the smaller trees
but not sure if that is an apple or apricot tree.
I took the last of the hycinths indoors from the greenhouse.
They open much faster indoors but dont last as long as those in the garden.
they are pale pink.

6 years ago

Good Morning..!! Vicky, Lily, Lee, Jill, Kat and dear friends

I think spring here warm and I saw young tulip show up infront my yard..not long I'll return in yard clean up again

I'll less on line as the same...I did and prepare to plant tree in wild again

hope this year I can make it again..

Hi Kat..glad to see you drop in here..
sound life much going on there..??
congratulation for...your new grankid
warm wishes your way

Hi Vicky..yes..that I want to tell you about memory for your hardisk..I think so..I don't know the words much to be English
how you can know that your small image have much memory
use your mouse right click at image
click at'll show size your image
or drag your arrow mouse at your image it'll show your size too
example your tiger water effect
have memory size too big for a small image almost 1MB
that too big for a small image
how we can do to less memory
you can use lunapic by edit animation
and cut frame down a few less memory
Normaly...I try to cut down memory until under 250KB or more a little bit if that image size too big
if you still love to play with animation
you should make skill for edit your animation that will good for you and computer too
here advice for edit animation
How to make, cut frame, optomize??#2
hope you can understand my baby Eng...LOL

everyone..!! Have a relaxing Sunday

6 years ago
good morning puppy _2_.gif
6 years ago

it's heartbreaking when that happens Lee,that's one reason why I dont want any more pets.
Look out for an E-card from me in care2 mail

6 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,
Vicky, that puppy looks just like my dear Ginny when she was a puppy.  She's gone to the Bridge now.  I didn't get to tell her goodbye.  She died at the vet having a treatment.  I know her very best friend Sydney, a Dutch dwarf bunny, came to get her, and she had to go.  She'd been waiting for him so long.  Little bunnies don't live nearly as long as puppies do.  Now they are playing together, all safe and blessed, in the fields of the Lord.  I miss them both so much.


6 years ago

Vicky I am not talking about your picture but the thing there that says you have removed it from Photobucket,ugly big square! it is down below.

I did not say I have  a meerkat ornament but that I might get one but as it is a stand up one the squirrels would probably knock it over.
the one I have pictured is a hedgehog!!
That puppy is sooo cute

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6 years ago

Hi Lee and Lily.  Had to go in real early today and I didn't get to sleep til about 12:30 a.m. or 1:00 am. and up at 5:30 am so I'm tired.  Plus I dreamt all night which I think affected my tiredness.

Lee are your eyes and feet feeling better?  If not I hope they will soon.

Lily, I love the graphic of the beautiful flowers with my pic in it.     I can't wait to see your meerkat ornament as I adore meerkats.  I saw them in a big area in the zoo in Tennessee 2 yrs ago and was just so excited.  What do you mean delete the Photobucket pic I made?  Are you joking or what did you mean?  I hope the squirrels leave your flowers and bulbs alone so you can take lots of pics.  I love blue flowers although you don't see lots of them.

Take care ladies.   I made this tag.

6 years ago
Good morning _Lily_.jpg
6 years ago
Vicky-- flowers.gif
6 years ago


4Hi friends,
                                                                     weekend yet again!!I bought 2 new garden ornaments which I have put pics of in the graphic thread.
They have some Meerkat ones over there too so I may get one of those next.
Soon be more ornaments out there than plants  lol
Vicky I have loads of photos etc on Photobucket,videos too
but they are much quicker to get to on Care2 especially as I'm already signed in here
I would have to sign on there and also not so quick to copy as here.
I always wonder if I delete any from my hard drives they might disappear from Photobucket.
Dont want any of those signs from them showing up saying they have been deleted.
I couldn't get the baby Danio a mate as they dont sell them that young and you cant tell what sex they are anyway not like live bearers.
I dont even know for sure if that one is male,just assuming so because the father chases it off.
but even the neons chase each other at times, all the fish can get aggressive when they feel like it.
My loaches for instance ,the big one is a bully and chases the other one and tries to push it out of the tunnels.
But it cant mind much as it comes back for more and they are always chasing each other, and often end up sleeping
together in the same tunnel.
I have put some petunias plugs in a hanging basket,not putting outside yet until they establish themselves.
Squirrels would have a field day with them as they are now.
got the other basket to do yet.
they are the red ,white and blue ones (hopefully) be in bloom in time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!!
The Gardenia still looking fine ,buds not open yet though.

6 years ago

Yes here it is Lee,Vicky you need to remove the ugly photobucket thing below now  lol


6 years ago

Is there some place I can see the pic Vicky made of the robin?  I didn't get to see it.

My eyes are hurting.  More tomorrow.


6 years ago

I forgot to tell you how cute those kitties are....especially the one cutting the other one's head fur.  lol

6 years ago

Hi Lily!  I'm glad you like your siggy I made for you.   I will go and delete it now out of Photobucket.   Why don't you save a lot of your pictures on your computer to Photobucket?  That way you will have them at your fingertips and can free up more room on your computer.  I hope the little Danio will be okay...that's not a good sign if he's in the tank with his dad and his dad and mom mate for life.   Can you get the baby a  mate?

Well it's a rainy day (on and off) so I need to go and pound those spikes into the ground and fertilize while the ground is soft.   I'll talk to you later.  Maybe Lee, Agnes, Jill and Kat will stop in later.

frm Marjorie

6 years ago
6 years ago

Hi friends,
                 Thank you Vicky ,that's nice.
I have saved it to my computer and care2 album so it is ok for you to delete it now.
I am always getting low memory warnings Vicky and then it says windows is increasing it and some things may not work for a while while that is going on.                                                                                                                   I have stacks and stacks of    stuff on here but I dont think those stored on photobucket,youtube etc have anything to do with it as you are using their site to store them.
the place on your hard drive, photo files etc is where the problem is.
I need to delete a lot that would give me more memory and speed up the computer.
But I find it hard to do so as I so like a lot of the pics,of course I could download a lot of my videos onto discs but I have many on YouTube so wouldn't want those to go.
I also have loads of e-mails on my aol, I need to sort those out.
All takes time though doesn't it and I spend a lot of that in the threads.
Yes good to see you back Kathryn ,yes you are going to spoil that baby so I reckon we wont see you much anyway lol
Lee I hope you are looking in the graphic threads as there are more of the robin and also squirrel in the other one.
I have a new video to put on here of the baby danio.
He is growing well and I hope really it isn't a male as It will probably cause trouble with his father.
I have seen the father seeing him off already when he hangs around them.He will see him as a threat to his mate.
they dont know or think about it being one of their own offsprings.
I read danios mate for life so he wont let that baby get near his mother !!

6 years ago

Agnes, I am not real computer savvy so I have to ask....when I post an animated graphic in here, is that taking memory up on my computer even though I have the graphic saved in Photobucket and not my computer?   Sometimes I get a box pop up that says I'm using a lot of memory but I'm not sure how.   thanks on your input. 

6 years ago

Oh my...look at our beautiful group today!!!   It is sooo good to have so many posting!   I hope it rains this evening as I have some fruit tree fertilizer spikes to put in the ground and rain will make the ground nice and soft.

KATHRYN!!!!   How are you doing dear friend?   It is so good to see you and what awesome news about the baby!!!   Now do not spoil him/her grandma.  teehee!   Yep, ever since Care2 got hacked a couple of months ago, people have been having so much trouble getting in and/or posting.   Hang tight...hopefully all those problems will be ironed out soon.  I hope you visit more often....we miss you.  Hugs!

Jill, thank you so much for sharing that basket of beautiful flowers with your friends.  We really appreciate it.

Agnes, what a sweet little girl on your tag....I just love it.   I save my tags/mandelas to Photobucket so hopefully I am not taking up much memory on my computer.  How can you tell?

Lee, you live between mountains?  Oh, I bet the scenery is sooo beautiful.  I love mountains so much.  Did your glasses and/or frames arrive yet?  Thank you on the compliment re: my tag,

Lily, what a great idea!   St. Patricks Day tags!!  I'll get to work on it and post it.   Sounds like your flowers are doing really great....especially your gardenia.   Don't you just love the spring?

Here is a tag I made today...I really like the blurred border.

6 years ago

Hey there dear friends!!! Yep, it's me. I know it has been many, many months since I last posted. Care2 is acting very funny and it's been hard logging on and being able to post in groups.  Even now as I type the whole page is jumping. But I'm trying anyway. Well, I'm still working and doing pretty well. My big news is that I'm going to be a first time GRANDMA!!! Yep, my youngest daughter is pregnant. We're all excited and a little scared all wrapped up. Hehe!!! I know this is short, but I would like to post in all my groups if Care2 will allow me to. Just know that I think of each of you everyday. And that I love you all dearly. Kathryn

6 years ago

Good morning..!! Lily, Lee, Jill, Vicky and Dear care2 friends

Happy women's day!! and everyday

Hi Vicky..glad you like them..I feel you doing better for tag day by day..will skill and talent so soon..

it'll better when you can edit that animation less memory...I saw some of yours..size memory too big for small images

for who care about memory size image that can take room from our computer and download to share on line

make you turn pro for that...LOL

Hi Lee..good this year storm didn't hit you as last year..??

good your computer better now..

6 years ago
beautiful flowers for beautiful friends
6 years ago
6 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,

Vicky, I love your beautiful flower fairy with the fireflies all around her.  You are very good at making those graphics.  Just stunning!

Lily, I've lived in this area all my life and there have never been tornados here.  It was said that we didn't have to worry about them because of the mountains all around us.  I guess that was wrong.


6 years ago


Thursday cat edited.gif

Hi friends ,good morning.
                                               Wow this week is going so fast!!
Vicky that's a very pretty graphic,you are doing well with them.
You'll soon be able to get some ready for St Patrick's Day next week.
I dont know about hycinths multipying but some bulbs do have double.
My gardenia should have some buds opening soon.
I have just had some petunia plugs arrive which I ordered,they will be going into the hanging baskets and they are mixed red,white and blue.
They are doing them for the Queens Diamond jubilee!
Lee it's strange that you are now getting tornado's when you've not been having them before.
just shows you never know what's on the horizon,I hope I never get one here                                                                          
Yes I think I caught that robin in  a good pose, there is a clearer pic of it in the animal graphic thread.
not so clear here where I added stuff to it.

6 years ago

Good afternoon ladies!   Well it is cloudy and cooler but lovely nonetheless.   The sun peeks it's head out now and then then quickly disappears. 

Wow Lee...isn't that something that tornadoes just started occurring since last year in your area?  I wonder if that is a message of some sort from God?

Awwww, what a pretty butterfly flitting around the rose, Jill.  I know how much you love roses...I bet your yard is full of them. 

Lily, do Hyacinthes multiply?   I've got one (maybe 2) that came up this year...I guess I'll keep an eye on them next year and see.  What a lovely picture of the robin!!  You are a very good photographer!   I wish you could hear all the birds sing...such beautiful music to the ears.   I've finally heard what a titmouse sounds like...such a distinctive sound.

How do you like what I made? 


6 years ago

Hi Vicky, Jill, and Lily,

Lily, that is a perfect pic of a robin.  Lovely.

Jill, I love the roses.  

Vicky, 90 is what they said on TV...and they think this weather is going to last through the middle of June!  People here don't even have basements.  We never had tornados here til last April!


6 years ago
Roses and Butterflies
6 years ago


Goodnight God Bless _tweety_.gif

6 years ago

Robin with glitter.gif

Hi friends,
                 took this pic yesterday morning,I think he was calling for his mate.
wish I could hear him as they are supposed to be very good songsters.More pics in the graphic thread.
Lee I hope the tornados are over now,so scary.                  Yes the weather affects the internet, nuisance when you want to get things done.
The weather was quite good in the morning when I took those pics, I also did a little bit of clearing up.
I had honeysuckle tangled in the apple tree so got that down.
There are 10 or more hycinths coming up in one spot so should look nice if they flower all at the same time.

6 years ago

Good evening Jill, Agnes, Lee and Lily!  Sorry I haven't been here in a day or two but....well ya know how it is.   I was thinking of you all though. 

Lee, I am my last post I called you Jill when I was telling you I prayed for you during all those storms.  Wow they had 90 tornados?   That is unbelieveable!   You are so blessed to have been missed.   Yep our weather at night is cooler too although the days have been real nice.

Jill, your rose is soooo pretty.   I love the way it looks glittery and/or dewy.

Agnes, what pretty angels!!   And the dolphins are adorable, too!  I am better making mandelas than tags.  You do a great job!

Lily, I love your little bunnies graphic and the kitties in the band, too!   I'm so glad your gardenias are doing better.  It's funny how a different window can make all the difference.   My honeysuckle climbs up everything....I have to watch that it won't choke out my small gardenia.

Well I am tired but I wanted to stop in and say hi.

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6 years ago

Hi Agnes, Jill, and Lily,

My computer's better today.  I think it was the internet in the area because of the storms and tornados (90 of them-unbelieveable!)  Today it's very cold.  

Lovely rose, Jill.  Beautiful angel, Agnes.  Lily, I can hardly wait for that picture.


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6 years ago
Good day..!! Lily, Vicky, Lee, Jill and Dear friends..
Peace is pure love be with us always

6 years ago


Good morning friends,
                                 It has been very windy here but I cant complain after what you are going through over there.
Had my honeysuckle come away from the fence so I had
to put some more trellis up to hold it.
Hope it doesn't come down again.
Those daffodils still looking good as more opened up.
My Gardenia in here as really taken off since I moved it.
The top leaves have grown much bigger,nearly twice as large as they were!
Hope the buds open soon so I can take a photo of it.
it does need more watering I have found.
I dunked the roots under water so it got a good soak
It does say in the instructions that it needs soft water or rain water.
Well my water isn't soft and it doesn't seem to be affecting it in the least..

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6 years ago
Glitter, Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Flores, Rosas, Animated Graphics. Animated gifs, Animaged Gif, Animated Comments, Comments, Friends, Keefers
6 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lily, and Agnes,


6 years ago
6 years ago

Good Morning..!! Happy Sunday..

Vicky, Lily, Lee, Jill and dear friends

 Hi Vicky..yes..your tags beautiful...will turn pro soon

 Hi Lee..pity you got storm again this year..?? move better..??

glad you fine ....kissessssss..hugsssss

Hi Lily

Hi Jill

everyone..!! have a relaxing Sunday..HUGS..Agnes

just painted this one finish for group dolphin
Dolphins & Whales should be granted rights

6 years ago


Good morning friends,
                                           Lee so glad yu are safe from the tornado's. must have been terrifying.
Vicky that's not nice they let you stay out there like that in the cold .So selfish some people.
Yes that Gardenia doing well since I moved it.
The other one had had plant food ,the leaves are ok it is just thin because a lot died off before.
it was never as bushy as the new one though not even in the beginning.
the Jasmine not good at all lost most of leaves but there are some new ones so maybe it will pick up.
the trouble is temperatures are different in places,it is cooler where that is because it was too warm in here for it.
The other hycinth I brought in is opening quicker too.

6 years ago

Good evening Lily, Lee and Jill.   Today was much colder and they had me working outside in the wind (with only a light jacket on) for 2 hours.   I may call in sick tomorrow.   There were at least 4 cashiers standing around that could have gone outside but as usual they picked me and wouldn't let me come in after an hour, even though I was shivering!

Jill!!!  Girl I was praying so hard for you to come through the storms okay.  God answered my prayers and it's so good to see you here.   Many of the towns in Kentucky and Indiana I've lived in.  Pekin, Borden, Louisville, etc.  Keep all those that went through the storms in prayer.   God bless them all!

Jill, how are you doing?   Any plans this weekend?  I love your rose graphic.

Lily, yes inside heat from a furnace isn't great on a plant.  You might want to keep a spray bottle filled with water handy to spray the leaves occasionally.   Does your gardenia with the few leaves need plant food you think?

Well I gotta run...hello to Agnes if she comes in!! 

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6 years ago

Hi Jill, Lily and Vicky,

Just a quick hi as I just got my internet back.  The tornados arrived but me and mine are okay.  

Jill, a lovely rose and a lovely horse and his person.  

Lily, beautiful dolphin and wish.

Vicky, your changing graphic (I forgot what you called it)  is wonderful.  


good morning
6 years ago
6 years ago


Good morning friends,
                                          Well here we are again,weekend, amazing how quick they come round.
I do hope the tornado's have given you a miss.
Been colder here again ,it is so changeable and the North has been given a forecast of sleet or snow!
Yes Vicky the Gardenia seems to be better for the change of position and the leaves at top have got bigger too.
seems to need more water than originally thought,maybe because it is warm in here it dries up quicker.
I think there are about 7 buds at the moment.
the other one is still growing too but hasnt many leaves ,maybe that will pick up again later,they are stood side by side.

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6 years ago

Good afternoon Agnes, Jill, Lily and Lee.  Well it looks like bad weather may be heading our way too although it hasn't arrived yet.   Just a few sprinkles, thunder and sometimes dark skies.

Jill, I just love horses; the one in your graphic is so pretty.

Agnes, I also love angels; your graphic is lovely.  I bet you never get tired of making those. 

Lee, you are definitely in my prayers.  I haven't turned the t.v. on lately but this morning the weather looked horrible up your way and it was supposed to move towards me.  I hope the tornados will disappear so no one will get them.

Lily, I'm glad your gardenia is doing better and has buds on it.  Keep up the good work and location. 

Oh, guess what????   After 3 yrs my fig tree finally has it's first baby fig!!!  YAY!!!  I am so excited. 

How do you like my mandela I made?  They are soooo much fun!

6 years ago



6 years ago
have a great day
6 years ago

Hi Lily, Jill, and Agnes,

I just wanted to say hi before I go away from the computer.  It is very scary outside.  Bad thunderstorms and tornados forecast through tomorrow morning.  Lily, I'm glad you have good weather.  

Thanks for the angels, Agnes, and the beautiful flowers, Jill.  Purple is my color!


6 years ago

Good Morning..!! Vicky, Lily, Lee, Jill and friends

Happy Friday...and weekend

for friends who interesting angels painted..
I added new more in my album
feel free to take a look at..??

everyone...!! Peace of mind be with you all


6 years ago


Hi Friends,
                    another week gone by!! sure gone
fast since Christmas.
Lee I hope those tornado's give you a miss,awful things.
The weather was nice here yesterday,quite warm out but the forecast not so good for the weekend.
I have moved my Gardenia away from the window Vicky as the leaves were getting droopy all the time.
Now it seems to be picking up again so I guess it wasn't in a good location to start with.
It has about 6 buds at least so I dont want to lose it.
Blossom is starting on the plum tree although I didn't get any fruit last year.Maybe I will be lucky this.

flowers for Lee
6 years ago
Beautiful and flowers
6 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lily,

It's been 4 days and my computer is still doing great.  It was definitely IE9 that did it.  

If I'm not here tomorrow or Saturday, there are supposed to be more bad thunderstorms and tornados here.  


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6 years ago

Good afternoon Jill, Lee and Lily.  Well it is a cloudy and balmy 79 degrees here.   So beautiful to be able to sit out and enjoy the warm breeze.

Lee, I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday.  Peace and quiet is nice.  Is your computer still running tops?

Jill, I just had to snag your rose is quite lovely.  You always post such beautiful pictures.

Lily, I hope your brother is okay and got the catheter problem taken care of.  Yes it's hard to believe that my tag came from that picture but it did.  they are soooo much fun to make.   I can understand why your flowers bloom faster in a hot house....they are like us and like to stay bundled up when it's cold.  lol   The squirrel seems to be getting closer....maybe one day soon he will take from your hand.

Gotta run...see you all later.

6 years ago

Hi Jill, Vicky, and Lily,

Jill, thank you for all the beautiful roses.  I had a nice peaceful birthday (my favorite kind).  

Vicky, it was just a normal day.  No cake.  But everything went well and I managed a little time for myself.  It was a peaceful, easy day.  Just what I wanted.

Lily, keep trying.  They'll be taking things from you soon I hope.  I'm sorry about your brother, but glad he got right back home.  


6 years ago
Good Morning
6 years ago


Hi friends, good morning,
                                         No Vicky wasn't out with the flowers but I did stand just outside door and one of the squirrels this time came right up and took nuts from dish while I was there!  but the next squirrel didn't he took off!!!!
I brought another hycinth in from the greenhouse.
They open up quicker being warmer.
Quite a few in garden ,naughty squirrels had covered some up a bit burying the nuts.

Interesting tag Vicky but cant see how it resembles coming from that one.
My brother was taken to hospital on Monday,his catheter was leaking and he was in pain but he was back home again the same day.
Always something isn't there?

6 years ago

Oh, here is the picture I started with when making my tag (below).

6 years ago

Hi Jill, Lee and Lily!  It's late again so this will be short.  The day was muggy, thus hot.   Hopefully we'll have a bit more of winter and/or spring.

Jill, the rose is beautiful and I love your 'hello' graphic!

Lee, I got an email in yahoo; is that the one you're referring to?  I answered you but I'll check again for any more messages.  Did you eat lots of birthday cake?  I hope your day was special.

Lily, where ya at lady?   Probably out in the garden playing with your lovely flower/bulbs.  I am not enthused about cleaning my flower beds this year.  I am sooo tired and I don't know why.

Here's one of the tags I made.  I haven't added any words to it.  Maybe I will later.  And sign it too.

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Lee I hope you had a nice birthday
6 years ago
6 years ago

Hi Jill and Vicky,

Beautiful rose, Jill.  Roses are my favorite.

Vicky, watch for an e-mail.


6 years ago
6 years ago

Hi Lee, Lily and Agnes.   Well today has been raining cats and dogs.   I don't hear the drops anymore so maybe there is a break.  I need to go a couple of places on my day off so we'll see. 

Agnes your angel tags are lovely!!  You do such wonderful work on them. 

Lee, I'm glad your birthday was a good one and I agree, getting your computer fixed was a great gift!  Did you get the birthday card I mailed you?   I hope I sent it to the right address,

Lily, yes Gardenia's like bright indirect light...I can't wait til mine all open up it's jasmine too.   I wish I could grow Moonflowers but I have had zero luck with them. 

Well I gotta run....have a blessed day ladies.

6 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lily, and Agnes,

Agnes, your angels are beautiful.  

I had a nice birthday.  My computer works now so that's a wonderful birthday present.  


6 years ago
Good Morning...Happy Monday..!!
Lily, Vicky, Lee, Jill and Dear friends who drop by
around this time I enjoy to paint angel and want to share with you here
I download new one in the end of album
maybe 10 images new there??..

I still painting them when finish I'll download to share more ...
hope you'll like them..enjoy
everyone..!! take good care yourself for all of us

Hi Lily..I love Jusmine..a few times I bought to house..all died if in thailand I always have them and went very well...

I feel they love warm much more than cold

Hi guess me well..yes..I make angel tags this time

enjoy them very much...all'll drop sometime...because you, Lily, Lee here

Hi Lee...Happy birthday....much love your way

Hi Jill..nice to see you drop in...

6 years ago


Tweety good morning friends.gif
Good morning friends,
                                    Wow these weekends go so quickly dont they?
Vicky my Gardenia instructions say to put in bright indirect light and water with soft water or rain water.
The new plant is very bushy and has at least 4 buds waiting to open.
Hope I will be luckier with this one.
the other one is still growing though ,just less leaves now.
maybe it will pick up again.
The Jasmine has new shoots and old leaves died off,
so hopefully that will come up again.
I think the one in garden is still alive too.
Time will tell if that is going to come up.

6 years ago

Good evening Lee, Lily, Jill and Agnes!  Boy it sure is colder today...I can't believe that it was in the 70's just a day or so ago.   Crazeeeee weather here.  lol

Jill, it's so good to see you!   We missed you and your lovely graphics.  I love the one you posted today. 

Lee, how are you doing?   You have a birthday tomorrow so you may be waiting for lots of cake and ice cream. 

Lily those ducks look soooo real.  You could have fooled me.  Maybe your other gardenia and your palm aren't getting enough sunlight?   They don't like lots of water.   Don't give up on them....they could surprise you this spring.   I hope your new gardenia does well.   The one I bought has lots of blooms too.   Got it by my front porch so I can smell it's sweet aroma!

Agnes, where ya at?   Probably in your other groups and making tags, too!   I know you'll be here when you can.

frm Vee 

6 years ago

Hi Lily and Jill,

Lily, I love the ducks.  They are so well done.  You can see every feather!  Your hyacinth is so pretty.  I've seen those before, but I didn't know what they were called.

Jill, it's good to see you and your beautiful pic.


6 years ago

I forgot I had these ornaments I know Lee will like them.

My inlaws bought me those a couple of years ago.
I have put pics of the Hycinth and Gardenia in flower thread.

duck ornaments _2_ edited.jpg

6 years ago



Hi friends,
                    good evening,Hello Jill wondered where you had got to.
The weather was nice here today,sunny too but I had to stay indoors as I was waiting for a courier to collect something.
Of course he never turned up!!!!!
Makes me mad when they make arrangements and then do that,they think you have nothing better to do than hang around.
Vicky I will be taking a pic of the daffodils soon as they are opening now.
There are some crocuses open scattered around,some in front of Maurice's grave.They close up of an evening.
My Hawiian palm in here not doing good at all,it has got taller but loses leaves.Looks funny really now as it is tall with just  about 4 leave on top.
Maybe it doesn't like the temperature here.
Tried different things regarding the watering but whatever it is still the same.
I bought a new Gardenia, nice and bushy with buds, hope it does better than the other one as that lost leaves too but still growing with some new leaves.

6 years ago
Good Afternoon Hugs
6 years ago

Hi Vicky, Agnes, and Lily,

Computer problems.  Fixed this afternoon hopefully.


6 years ago

Good morning Lily, Agnes and Lee.  It is a very wee bit in the morning....4 am.  lol   Yesterday was close to 80 degrees but not humid so it was nice.

Agnes, that is a lovely tag.  I am learning all sorts of things in another group about making them.   It is quite addictive.  Yellow is my favorite color and unicorns are precious so I really love yours. Before I got older and my eyes worse, I used to buy my glasses at the dollar store too.   The optometrist said it's fine; however when my eyes started changing more (with age), I finally had to go to the doctor. 

Lee, I hope all is well with you.   I haven't heard you say much about your hands lately so hopefully they have been somewhat better.  I know you are eagerly awaiting your new glasses.

Lily, I hate to tell you but the birds will probably be like squirrels...once they discover another food source area they don't forget.  Well the squirrels eat all their food at my house so the birds need their revenge.  lol   I can't wait to see the pics of your daffodils.

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6 years ago

Hi friends,
                  nice tag Agnes.
Cant write much now ,have to be up early in the morning.

Goodnight God Bless _tweety_.gif
6 years ago

Good day..!! Vicky, Lily, Lee and friends
Thanks Vicky...75 it's warm there...good for you..
your tag did a good job on it...
if you want to make skill on animation
welcome to share with you when you want to

Hi Lee...I bought glasses at 1 dollar store...go well with me
thanks for comment..I like that crystal snow on my roses in front yard..that day ..but take care well Dear..
how your hand..???

Hi Lily..thanks...yes..he a skill and talent for many kind of engineer and carpenter..I can help a little thing for him..painted wall, sand wall...sometime I help semen for ceramic floor ..etc..
sound you enjoy your green house...happy for you...

everyone..!! enjoy your day and take care...HUGS..Agnes

6 years ago


Tweety good morning friends.gif
Hi friends,
                 good morning.
That's a nice tag Vicky, no I didn't make that one below.
I have taken a pic of the hycinth but not on here yet.
it is quite narrow to some I have had in the past but very tall.
I have also got another Gardenia,it is very bushy and has buds.I hope it does better than the other one.
Daffodils almost opened now.
The pigeons and other birds have discovered the dish I put outside door for the squirrels!!  i dont want the pigeons there,I didn't mind one collared dove but not them as they will make a habit of it and I wil have to stop putting it there.
they get enough put on the bird table.

6 years ago

Good evening Agnes, Lee and Lily.  Well today was another nice one...cloudy and around 75 degrees.   I wish I could send some to you and Lily and Agnes. 

Lee, I know what you mean about taping frames together.  I have seen that before and probably did it myself once or twice.   Well you won't have much longer to wait for your new lenses.

Agnes, its so good to see you and your photos and video is lovely!  Was that you in one of the photos?  You look like a little girl.   The video looked like your plane was flying over the antarctic; I expected to see a polar bear loping along.  lol

Lily, what a cute kitty graphic.   Did you make that?  Very nice.   I can't wait to see your Hyacinthe.  I'm glad you got to visit your brother.

Well I'm's a tag I made.

6 years ago

Hi Vicky, Agnes, and Lily,

Vicky, I could only take my prescription in and pick out frames.  My old frames are broken.  I have them glued together to use now.  My lenses are so strong that they have to be made at a special lab.  My glasses won't be ready for about 2 weeks.  

Agnes, your pics are lovely.  It looks like you could step right out of the plane onto the clouds.  I especially like the ice crystals on the branches.  You are a gifted photographer.  

Lily, I can't wait to see your hyacinth.  Be sure and take a pic of your baby too.


6 years ago


Good morning friends,
                                          Nice pics and video Agnes, wow makes me feel cold looking at them though. 
And there's Vicky in the 80's!!!!!!
I had a look at some of your other pics there Agnes,your rooms look very nice,your husband is clever to be able to do those things for you.
Lee I will takes a pic of the hycinth soon, it has got quite tall and all the flower out now, such a nice scent too.
I have  a couple more in the greenhouse,not flowering yet but if they are indoors in the warm will soon spring up.
My daffodils outside are almost open now.
My baby fish sure has grown,I was doing some cleaning in there and it was getting in the way so not afraid!
No sign of any more but the parents still chasing so might be another lot before long.
but I dont really want more than a couple of new ones because what with the size of the clown loaches they need that space in there .
6 years ago
Good day..!! Vicky, Lily, Lee and to all Dear friends...
sorry for didn't around 2 weeks
hope you're all doing well around..

today I just download a few pictures in my album
and a video flying on the cloud to sharing with you here
hope all my friend will like it and enjoy them
have a good time and take care

here is link to my album

this year our lake didn't frozen well...

ice on the lake too thin to fishing on ice

6 years ago

Hello Lily and Lee.   Well it's Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the weather couldn't be nicer.   Sunny and 80 degrees! 

Lee, did you get your glasses?   I need to make my appointment soon.  I am soooo happy you have a drain now!   YIPPEE!

Lily, I had seen somewhere that you said the little 'cucumber' was an acorn.  lol  At first I was wondering why a squirrel would want a cucumber.  hahahaha!   I have a crocus that opened up and my Japanese Magnolia tree.  

Well it's late and I have a slight headache.   Have a great evening ladies.

Mardi Gras Jester

6 years ago

Hi Lily,

I know it makes you feel good to get the work done outside.  Could you take a pic of the hyacinth?  I don't know what one looks like.  I'm glad you are having nice weather.  We are drowning here.  At least I don't have to worry about flooding because I have a drain in for the water coming from the top of the hill.


6 years ago
Hello friends,
                        well it has been a bit colder again today but now they say we are going to get it go up to 63f shortly.Barmy weather never know when it is going to change these days.
My daffodils are almost open now and the hycinth I brought indoors suddenly sprung up into flower and a nice scent too.
at least it gets dark later now so more will be able  to get done out th.ere soon

6 years ago

Funny & Naughty Comments & Graphics

Hi friends,
                   Sorry you are getting so much rain .
we had some here but today has been quite nice with  some sunshine.
I managed to do a little bit in the garden as well.
My daffodils are nearly open now and there is one or two crocuses open.
I brought one hycinth indoors and it is springing up probably because it is warmer.
Those naughty squirrels are always knocking things over so I hope they dont break any of the plants. one made me jump as I was looking out of the door,he leapt across from the dustbin to the shed.
boy they can really go when they want to.
Vicky that animation you asked me about somewhere,it is not  a cucumber but an acorn.That is why I said it had escaped from the squirrel! lol

6 years ago



6 years ago

Hello Lily and Lee.  Boy we had torrents of rain all day...a mini hurricane.  One of my trees (probably rotten) fell over.  It was about 12-15 ft tall.  But it appears it's stopped now although my front yard is a river now.  lol   Thank God my mom bought me rubber boots a few years back.   One of the best gifts I've ever received. 

Lee, I am so happy your house is complete and I pray you will get no more flooding.   Did it cost a lot?   I hope not.

Lily, yep that guy did put a smile on my face.   I'm sorry you lost your fish...they are so beautiful.   I hope the little Danio will be safe.

Well it's late again. I'm sorry I haven't been here in a day or so.  I try but you know how it is.

6 years ago

Hi Lily,

I think it's the time difference somehow.  It's Saturday afternoon here.  The workmen were back this morning for a couple of hours - couple of things left to do.  But they are done now.

I'm sorry you lost a tetra.  They are the prettiest ones, I think.  

More rain coming from the south.  I don't know what's going to happen if this rain doesn't stop.  Here we usually worry about drought.   


6 years ago
Oh no new posts!
Well I found one of my neon tetra's dead today.
Dont know what happened to it,maybe he over ate as it was fat! or maybe got knocked by the other fish whizzing about.Guess I'll never know.
The danios are always whizzing about as the courting is stilll going on.
the baby danio has got lovely markings same as the big ones(they are leopard danios)
if it is a male I hope the father doesn't fight it or anything when it's older as I read danios mate for life and if there aren't any other females the baby one might chase it's mother(guess they dont know any different)
6 years ago


Saturday sexy men _3_.jpg
Good morning all,
                             thought this might brighten your day and look foward to summer!!!
Lee hope it is done now what with all the noise and everything.
I have been doing some work in the fish tank,that little fish was getting in the way all the time and I had to be careful I didn't suck him up with the gravel cleaner.
he's grown quite a lot.

6 years ago

Hi Lily,

They're supposed to be done today.  I hope they are anyway. 

The only thing above me is the sky...and the squirrels running across the roof! Silly things!


6 years ago
happyacorn.gif    Good morning friends,
                                                              Lee I hope they are soon finished then or you will need ear plugs.
I had the people upstairs doing their place up for over a year!!  good job i suppose I couldn't hear much.
but I had some trouble with them as they came through my ceiling once and had to repair it! (they did I mean)
That's the worse part of having anyone living above you,never know what's going on.
6 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,

The men are still working here.  The noise is driving me and the babes crazy!

It must be so lovely to be where you ladies are...such lovely flowers.  I only have a rose, but it's one of the old-fashioned kind with a lovely scent.


6 years ago
good morning duckling.gif
6 years ago


244.gifHi friends,
well Vicky you are lucky to have weather that you can sit in the garden! it will be ages before we can do that here.
More winter than summer these days here.
my bulbs are coming through,I brought one hycinth indoors.
I think the jasmine out there is still alive, the one indoors is but no flowers at the moment but new shoots going up.
the gardenia in here is not doing too well,no flowers now and lost a lot of leaves.
It was bushy when I bought it but the leaves are still shiny anyway so maybe it will pick up.
My old aspidestra has a new shoot,I usually get about 2 every year  lol but I only have about 3 leaves on it!!!
Been going some years though,a friend of my husband gave it to me and it had quite a few leaves then.

6 years ago

Hi Lily, Lee and Pam.  It is a gloomy day outside but warmish so I think I will go and read out there a while.   I bought a pretty little gardenia bush (another one) yesterday and will plant it by my front porch.   I have some honeysuckle although I didn't see lots of flowers last year; I'm thinking of also adding some jasmine vines....between all 3 (gardenia, honeysuckle and jasmine) I ought to have a lovely fragrance each time I walk outside.   Maybe not this year but next they should be much more mature. 


6 years ago

Hi Lily, Pam, and Vicky,

Lily, I love the baby squirrels in a heart.  

Have a wonderful day, everyone.


Awwwww I love the squirrels, Lily!
6 years ago
A quick HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY and good night.....I'll see ya in the morning. I'm soooooo tired!

6 years ago

6 years ago

Happy Valentine's Day


6 years ago

Lee I have sent you an e-mail, not care2  but the other one

6 years ago
Hi Lee phone has been fixed thank goodness,but I still dont like using this external mouse but got no choice as the touchpad one is still not working
  Happy Valentine's Day
6 years ago

Hi Lily,

You're having as much luck with technology as I usually do!

Happy Valentine's Day!


6 years ago

6 years ago
Lee check your messages for an e-card dated 11th
6 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lee,well I went round shop to see if laptop was ready because I found my typetalk phone was not working.
He said he had tried to phone me on Saturday.
said found nothing wrong with it.
But when I got home it is still doing it and I have now had to use the external one which is working fine.
but I dont like it ,makes my arm ache.
Cant understand why touch pad one not.
had to ask a neighour about my phone because I cant use the other one ,cant hear on that.
he came in and tried everything but couldn't get it to work.Called the phone company and now they say a fault somewhere their end and I have to wait for it to be fixed .
Might be Thursday before I even get it going.
my other neighbour had already rung them and was told
it was ok and the fault must be on my premises!!!
They dont know what they are talking about.
I rely on that phone as it is the only way I can keep in touch with my sister in laws and over my brothers,
and of course for any emergencies.


6 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,

Hopefully it's getting fixed.



6 years ago

Hi Lee and Lily.   Well it was 23 degrees last night (probably 28  tonight) but will be back up in the 70's within the next day or two.

Lee, I hope all your water dries up and there will be no threat of mold.   Yep, there aren't many honest workman anymore; I hope yours is a good one.

Lily, I hope you get your pc back soon.   It must be very hard to use the tiny one you are using now.   But thank goodness you have something.   How sweet that the little robin is getting more and more used to you and comes around for his food.  I wish he would land on your hand.   On my laptop I can type in colors within the groups but not in the pm's.   I can't enlarge the font or post in colors.   It doesn't make sense.   I just know it has something to do with the function keys cuz I think I actually pressed a couple that I don't know what they were.   I fixed that problem once but don't remember what I did.  Computers, computers....sigh.

Well I gotta hit the sack....good night ladies!

frm Jeanette

6 years ago

Hi Lee and Vicky,
                           Still haven't got my pc back so stuck on this midget the weekend (better than nothing)
Well Lee it is good you have found a good workman,they are thin on the ground these days. most seem out to take people for a ride and line their pockets
That robin came out again when I went round greenhouse,thought he was in for seconds I guess!
He even flew round to back door and on the step after I walked back round from greenhouse.
In a film I watched on TV one flew onto a mans hand to take food,I wish mine would.

6 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,

Oh Lily, I'm quite sure that if you could ask your robin, he would say that you and he are friends.  Isn't it the most wonderful thing?  I'm sorry about your computer troubles.  I'm glad your could get it to the shop for fixing.

Vicky, if the handyman uses his special heater to dry things, then there should be less chance of mold.  He's really not my friend.  I don't know him except to say that he takes great pride in doing a good job and he's honest.  He may be the last one like that on earth!  


6 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lee
                            Well I am on my mini pc and my laptop is in shop.
I was hoping to get it back same day but didn't take it in very early anyway.I hope it is ready tomorrow being Saturday or it will be there until next week.
it wasn't snowing and the pavement was clear all the way to shop,it isn't far anyway,about 10 minutes away.
Vicky I dont know why using this one shuts the other one down,probably something to do with it being on same network and wireless  etc.
I have same pasword here maybe thats it I dont know.
this one is so fiddly anyway being so small.
at least it has let me come here and let you know.
Cant get colours on here either,probably not set up right will check it out some time.
there is a place on the computers Vicky where you set all these things,I know you said you couldn't get colours somewhere once.When I get back on the laptop I will look it up.
Little robin met me round by the greenhouse this morning,knows where the food comes from alright.
he wqs about 12 inches away from me when on bird table after.Looks at me but if I get any closer moves. lol

6 years ago

Well ladies I think I spoke too soon but we will see.   I was just on Facebook and saw where a guy from my job posted that it will be 29 degrees Saturday night!!  OH NO!!!   My poor flowers.....both on my trees and ground.   I'll pray it'll stay in the upper 30's.

Lee, I pray God will give you a peaceful and cheerful spirit during these trying times with your flooding situation.   And that it will be fixed soon and inexpensively.   You have been through so much lately.  

Lily, what a cute kitty with your pic in the background.   lol   I don't know much about computers but my modem allows me to use my laptop and desktop at the same time or just one or the other.   So I am confused as to why you won't be able to use the other one if you take the one in to be repaired.  Hopefully the snow will stop so you can get it to the repair shop.

Gotta run....have a nice day Lee and Lily.

6 years ago

Hi Lily,

Yes, I'll get it done...with help.  Everything's on hold right now while everything (including the foundation) dries out.  I'm just depressed about it.  I'll perk up and get it sorted out.  This sort of thing is so discouraging.

Snowing again?  Oh no, Lily.  How long is this supposed to go on?  


6 years ago

isn't there anyone who could help you clear it up Lee ?
It isn't going to do you any good being in the damp like that.
having trouble with the mouse on my pc and am using a separate one at moment,dont like it and it isn't working on the new keyboard with it either.

May have to take laptop round shop, but it is snowing again now, If I am not around you will know it is in shop,
I wont be able to use the mini one then because it will turn off this one when it is in shop!!! as they both work same nertwork.

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6 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,

It will take me a while to clear it up if I even can.  My feet and hands aren't up to it.  I'll just fall.  It will clear up if it clears up, I guess.  Most of the water is in the crawl space and storage closet.  

This is bad!


6 years ago
Hi friends,
                no Vicky snow hasn't all melted yet and the ice is slippy and dangerous.
they say we are in for more.
My bulbs are coming through too,daffodils nearly ready to flower and the hycinths are coming up slowly.
The bad weather is not stopping them anyway.
The little robin meets me most times when I take food out and sometimes only about a foot or two away but wont come on my hand,he was chattering the other day but of course I cant hear it.They are supposed to be good songsters.
You will see in the slideshow the different birds that visited that morning.
squirrels must have been going barmy out there again this morning as they knocked the top off of one of my solar lamps,thats the second time!!!
Lee hope you got your drain sorted, I dont envy you having to clear up where you have been flooded.
Years ago when I was a girl we got flooded once in our living room and kichen, luckily there was a step so it didn't go any higher up to bottom of stairs.
of course being that young I guess it was like an adventure to me paddling through it in wellies  lol

6 years ago

Good evening Lee, Lily, Pam and Agnes.   It felt like spring today and I have flowers and buds already starting to bloom.   I'll post some pics later.   So tired right now.

Lee, I hope the guys fixed your flood problem.   Please be careful....mold could be there now and it can mess you up.  I hope you have no more must be totally sick of it.

Pam!!!!  So good to see you.   It's been a while and we've missed you.   Please don't stay away so long.   You are right...we didn't have much of a winter this year.   I like cold nights (well pretty cold) but spring days.  

Lily, the squirrel eating a peanut in the snow is sooo cute.   Oh, what I wrote about AOL sounded like I meant our AOL was over there, too.  lol   I meant I didn't know you all had AOL offices but you'd have to I guess since your email addy is AOL.  lol   I'm crazy so just forget about what I'm 'trying' to say.  haha!   I guess your snow is all melted by this time.   It's late and I'm tired but I'll come back later and view your vids.   I know they're interesting.

Good night all...I'm dancing myself to shower and hit the sack.  

6 years ago

Hi Lily,

Keep talking to me when you can.  Hope I'll be back tomorrow.


6 years ago


lily says good morning.jpg

6 years ago

Hi Lily and Pam,

Workmen are here.  Back when I can.

Lily it's lovely, like a wonderland. 


6 years ago

left this one out of slide -show

6 years ago

Hi friends
                 Yes Pam we have had snow but only a day.
But more is forecast for this month and probably into next.
It has thawed a bit so have to be careful of slipping.
Lee as so many pics I have made the slideshow which is better and doesn't take all that space up.
May put a couple in the thread though

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6 years ago

2Hello Lee, Lily, Vicky, Agnes and group.

Lily great photos!

Sure hope you are all staying warm. I have seen on TV where Europe is having such cold snowy weather this year. We've had a strange winter here hardly any snow and temps like we usually have in the spring. Take care ladies and have a good week.

6 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,

They were playing in the snow like kids.  How cute.  If it were much more it would quickly start to be hard on them.  I'm glad it was quick and fun. I can't wait to see the chaffinch.

Vicky, I've never had a goldfish tank.  I just always wanted one.  I'm afraid my hands are too clumsy to have one now.


6 years ago

trimmed pics 006.jpg

Good morning all,
                              Well the snow had stopped by morning and I got some good pics as there were loads of birds about as well as the squirrels.
See the happy chap above, he was enjoying himself tunnelling in the snow,I couldn't see him for a moment!!
Got to resize the other pics as they are to large to upload as they are.
managed to get nice ones of a chaffinch,I dont see them very often.
once I get them resized I will put them in the graphics thread.

6 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lee,
                            As I said in the other group it is snowing here so I think that is worse than rain.
It is already 3 inches or more as it hasn't stopped all night so could be much deeper in the morning if it carries on.
Bozo is the bully loach and is nearly twice the size of the other one.But the other one cant mind too much as it stills keeps going back in there where he is and they do chase each other.
I shall do another video when baby fish is a bit bigger.Here is a short video of snow tonight ,a bit dark but you can see it.
Should be able to get some good photos in the morning.
will be interesting to see if the squirrels turn up.
Vicky AOL is America on line but they operate from different places.I dont know where they were when I phoned but could be in Europe somewhere.¤t=Itssnowingtonight.mp4

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6 years ago

Good evening Lee and Lily...well it has been rainy here this afternoon but I don't mind as we probably haven't gotten as many rainy days as you Lee.   Not seeing the sun for many days will definitely depress you.   It does me too.   Why dont' you get another goldfish tank?  

Lily, oops...I commented on the wrong fish.  lol   I probably couldn't see the other one.   Benny and Bozo, huh?   Which one is the bully?   Your kitty cat with the rolling eyes is so cute.   I didn't realize AOL was in England.   Wow...I learn something new everyday.

I'm getting off of here...gotta run by our squirrel group.

frm Pam W.

6 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lily,

This makes me want a goldfish tank even more.  Yes, Vicky, I'm sure I'd name my goldfish too.  I name all my babes also.  

It's either cloudy or raining nearly every day here now.  I think we've only had 4 sunny days in the last month.  It's beginning to depress me.


6 years ago


Hi friends.
                 It was a drag waiting to get back on , usually I can do it myself but this time my router password disappeared from on here and had to have a new one.
Vicky the new fish is not the blue one , that is a neon tetra.
the new one is the tiny grey one.
Lee he seems quite big enough now as the others ignore it but of course any of the others could be in trouble if they got in the way when the clown loaches are out because of their size they could knock against one if they weren't quick enough to get out of the way.
but most of them move fast when they want to and the new one being a danio they spend more time at the top part of tank usually.
at the moment when feeding they are everywhere!
Dont usually give fish names ,cant tell them apart anyway except for the clown loaches and I did say they were Bozo and Benny(dont know if they are both the same sex)
The biggest one is a bit of  a bully and likes the tunnels to himself so tries to push the other one out!

6 years ago
Hi Vicky and Lee will answer things later as I have to go to bed for a while as I have been up hours,I went off internet and had to wait to call AOL, then had to call them back an hour later they said
6 years ago

Oh, check out our new Valentine doggy calendar.  He's precious!

6 years ago

Good evening Lily and Lee.   Well our warm weather is holding out although we have had a nice bit of rain on and off for the past couple of days.

Lee, I certainly did name my fish when I had some.   My main one was 'Goldy'...a big goldfish.   Every animal I get or feed gets a name.  lol   People too...I'm always giving them nicknames.

Lily, I'm glad you did your travelling before the cold set in.   I love cold weather but only if I can stay inside where it's warm and cuddly.   I saw your pretty baby fish...the blue is gorgeous.  I hope all the babies make it.

Well I had a busy day and am tired.....I'll try to stop back in tomorrow.   Have a good evening or morning.

6 years ago

Hi Lily,

He's so cute.  How big will he have to be for you not to worry about him?  He looks to be at least half as big as a cardinal now, isn't he?  Will you give him a name?  Do people name their fish?


6 years ago


Good morning friends,
                                    Lee the weather has gone all topsy turvey these days.
it is cold here and snow forecast for places  and they reckon will be as cold as the antarctic!!!!
Never had weather like that here.
there is a video in other thread of the baby fish,he's grown some and not a bit afraid of the others but might be different if the big loaches come out !!
I have seen another one but it is very very tiny at the moment.

6 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lily,

Yes, I dread spring.  At least some of my sinus troubles are probably allergies.  This warm then cold then warm weather is killing me.

If it doesn't stop raining so much, we're going to float away here.  


6 years ago


happy Thursday _Clark Gable_.jpg

6 years ago
Hi friends,
                   It has turned very cold here so I am glad I did my journey yesterday.
Lee they are not closing the trains just part of a line which unfortunately happens to be on part of my journey.
I dont know what they are going to do, some improvements  I guess.
I think it is 2 weeks out of 4 on both months so wouldn't stop me going in between but if the weather is going to get so bad I wont be able to anyway.
6 years ago

Good morning Lily, Lee and Agnes.   We had lots of rain this morning but the sun is peeping it's head out now. 

Lee, I'm so glad your eyes are much better today.   Yes spring is the worse for all changes and pollen, too.

Lily, how nice that you got to see your brother.   I'm sure he likes when you surprise him.     Sorry you've seen another rat...I hope no more appear. 

Agnes, I guess you are busy in your other groups and will stop in later.

Yep, Lily groups are definitely dwindling so we need to visit as often as possible.   You and Lee are faithful but I need to work on my visits. 

Have a great day ladies!

frm Sonja

6 years ago

Hi Lily,

My eyes and sinuses are much, much better today. 

I'm glad you had a fairly good trip to your brother's.  Why are they closing one of the trains for 2 months?  Will you not get to see your brother 'til April?


6 years ago


hi friends,
                good morning, Lee hope your eyes are feeling better now.
Seems funny you talking about spring when it is  so wintry here now.
I think it was trying to snow before I left for my brothers.'He was quite well and I surprised him again because I never said I was going.
Needed to check weather first that's why.
journey wasn't bad but it was cold outside and the seat on platform freezing!!
it was lovely when I came home and walked in to a lovely warmth from the central heating.
had  a big bill this time but needed it going all the time since Xmas.

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6 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lily,

I've been dealing with sinus troubles since Saturday noon.  My eyes are really giving me trouble because of it.  I think that this changing weather (very warm and very cold and changing all the time) has something to do with it.  Spring is the worst time for my sinus problems, and it seems to be spring every other day now!


6 years ago


Hi friends,
                 off to bed now as I am going to my brothers tomorrow(providing weather doesn't get nasty) forecast not good for this week.
They say we may have snow ,I hope not as they have already had some further North.
Yes those squirrels full of energy but they knock things over!!!!
Saw a rat again earlier just as I thought I was rid of them,got to watch oout now as that one was round outside back door where I have the squirrels dish.They had left a few in there
Vicky so will this group go the same way if you stay away too much,there are only a handful of us now.

6 years ago

Hi Lee, Agnes and Lily.   Well today is cooler and cloudy.   I'm sorry I haven't been here very regular but I am getting so discouraged with Care2 and lack of participation in many groups that used to be sort of busy.   I guess I'm bored and just jump on here and post a little.

Agnes, how are your groups doing?  I bet you are a great cohost. 

Lee, I hope your sinus headache is gone.   Those can be very painful.   I had to get mine drained once and since then (over 20 years ago) I have very little sinus problems.  Have you had any pretty spring weather yet?   We have had quite a bit.  On and off.

Lily, I love your puppy!   So your little fishies are still around are they?   That's great!   Aren't small squirrels adorable when they play?   I have soooo many in my yard.   They say the amount of food they eat is indicative to how many babies are born.   Where there is lack of food there are very few babies born.  Gotta love Mother Nature.

Well I've got to run.   See you nice ladies later.

6 years ago

Hi Vicky, Agnes, and Lily,

Yesterday I had a horrible sinus headache, and I couldn't bear to look at the screen.  I got my charity clicks done and had to go away from the computer.  

It's very cold here now.  Brrrrr.  


6 years ago


paintpupwk  edited.gif
Good morning friends,
                                      23 hours and no posts!!!!
Guess you have all had busy weekends.
Yesterday morning I had 6 squirrels visit me!!!!!!  mostly young ones and they had the time of their life outside my back door.
They had a good feed and plenty of chasing about,I had plenty opportunity to film them and have a video uploading to YouTube right now .
So it will be on here soon.
never had so many at once,boy they love the peanuts.
I had to fill the dish a second time!
But the rascals do turn stuff upside down in the garden.
My clothes line has worn to a thread where the older ones have been swinging on there to get to nuts.
I will have to get another as it is going to break soon.
Dont know how I am going to get up there to fix it though,maybe I can find someone who can climb up there for me.

6 years ago
Good night..!! Sweet dreams ..!!
Lily, Vicky, Lee and friends
Hi Lily..your tag here so cute..make me with sock, cat with pencil, elephen with jean...
Hi Lee..not too cold now.....hope your hand better up dear..
Hi Vicky..sorry didn't in groups click
you know where I am???

6 years ago


Good morning friends,hope your weekend is going well.
Vicky I envy you having nice sunny weather. I am beginning to forget what that is like.
Summers here now are nothing like they used to be .
It's all this global warming changing everything.
I dont want heatwaves though but it would be nice to have it warm where you can go out without a coat on.
seems we have to carry umbrella's all the time these days.
Lee wish you could get your stuff easier,it's horrible having to wait to see if you can get someone to take you places but I guess good job you can find someone eventually.
I had to do a part water change in the fish tank so I had to be very careful because of the baby fish.
So syphoned slowly in one corner.
The baby fish has grown quite a bit and exploring the tank more now.
I hope none of the others decide he might be a nice snack! so far the parents have ignored it and have swum quite close but he gets out of the way just the same and moves pretty fast.
There are some tiny fry in there but dont know how many and the male danio still chases the female so could still be making more!

6 years ago

A quick good evening Lily and Lee.   Today was so pretty I didn't want to come inside.   So sunny and warm and spirit lifting.

Lee, I have no buses in my little town either.   Of course not that many stores either.   Thank God I have transportation and thank God my mom lives next door in case I would need a ride.  I hope you get all your craft supplies so that you can stay home and not worry about picking any more up for a while.

Lily, so you got more cold weather coming, huh?   I don't envy that.   If I had my way I would have warm spring days and cold nights for 6 months out of the year. 

I hope you both have a blessed Sunday.

frm Ivy

6 years ago

Hi Lily,

Yes, in some ways it is like being out in the wilderness here.  It's really hard sometimes.  It must be nice to be able to go where you need to when you need to go.  I've been searching for a ride to the fabric store since before Christmas.  It's no wonder it takes me so long to get my projects done not even counting my useless hands.  

I'm sorry about your coming weather.  Try to remember it helps get rid of the bugs come spring.  Maybe that will help.


6 years ago


Good morning friends,
                                    well Lee it certainly sounds as if you are out in the wilderness there.
I cant imagine being without public transport.
I dont have to pay now either because we get it free after 60 years old.I have a pass which you put on the machine.
Looks as if the bad weather will be arriving here shortly.
it says a wall of cold air could arrive from Russia next week with  a good chance of snow!
Temperatures are set to fall and there will be a lot of wintry showers all over the country.
Brr not looking forward to that then,better get my shopping in.

6 years ago

Hi Lily,

There are probably many things you wouldn't believe (and wouldn't like much) if you were here.  I actually know personally 2 people who have died because they could not afford medical care.  I have a friend who lives in Canada, and she thought I was making that up!

We have no public transport here.


6 years ago
Good morning all,
                             Lee I cant imagine being anywhere without trains or buses.
Very hard for people if they dont have cars.
We have loads of buses round here.
The trains are only about 10 minutes away from my place too.You can get up to the city of London in about half an hour or so.
Not as I go up there anyway.
6 years ago

Hi Lily,

I was only able to get part of what I needed.  I get so frustrated with things.  We don't have bus or train service here.  I have to find a ride.  I always manage to find someone going anyway as I hate to impose.

Now my only option is a craft store to find the rest of what I need.  It's at least 30 minutes away and is in a huge shopping center.  There is no way to park close so I will have to walk and walk.  

What I need is not enough to order from the internet - about $5 worth.   


6 years ago
    Hi friends,
                                           good morning.
Did you get want you wanted at the store Lee?
Are the stores far from where you live?
I'm lucky enough to have shops near me and also buses near to go to the bigger shopping centers.
Dont go very often these days though and they get crowded there too and on the buses home.
dont like standing on buses bad enough on the trains without them.
It's nice to get out sometimes though but when the weather is better.
6 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,

Lily, I love the doggie learning to wear his new boots.  I have a chance to go to the fabric shop to get some of the craft things I need.  I'll see you Wed.


6 years ago


Good morning friends,
                                     I seem to be on a bit of a go slow right now so dont know if care2 is up to it's tricks again.
Gets to be a drag when you have a lot of places to visit.
not much news right now,raining out there,going to put the squirrels peanuts out so if they aren't quick they will be soaking.
I reckon they have buried them everywhere judging by the
little patches on grass and places (namely in my plant troughs!!)
lots of bulbs coming up so dont want them dug up.

6 years ago

Good afternoon Lily, Lee, Agnes and Pam.   Boy it was much cooler today...down from the 80's yesterday.

Pam, I love your graphic and I read the link you posted.   I always said that sooner or later the government would stick their big noses where it doesn't belong.   They always screw up everything!!!  

Agnes....great photos but tooooo cold for me.  lol

Lee, I wish you had photos of all your animals..past & present and I wish we could see one of you.   

Lily, I love the dog...I think I snagged it from you  last week.  lol   Yep, it's a shame if all your pictures won't be left to someone.   You will just disappear.   Except from here.   You are like family, too. 

6 years ago


Lee they are in your heart,that's the main thing.
and you have the good memories.
Just look at this silly dog above  lol dont know how they manage to walk in boots  lol

6 years ago

Hi Agnes and Lily,

Brrrr, Agnes.  That's beautiful, but you can keep it there.  We don't want it here.  Have a lovely day.

Lily, it breaks my heart that I don't have pics of my sweet babes that are gone.  I've got to believe that I am not supposed to have them or I'd go insane. 


6 years ago
Wow pretty deep there then Agnes.
I hope we dont get any here,it has been mild for this time of the year.
6 years ago

Good Evening..!! Vicky, Lee, Lily, Pam and friends who drop by
have a relaxing evening and peaceful night
today 5c warm up a bit...not too cold..have picture to share at bottom
my sweat and 2 pictures my area house I took it today afternoon
everyone take care yourself for all of

6 years ago


Hi friends,
                  Shame that Lee, would be nice to see what you look like.
Guess I have broken the camera many times!!!  lol
One day they will all get thrown out anyway as there isn't anyone to leave them to (or would want them anyway lol)
It's a shame though when stuff cant be passed on to someone really.
Thats the thing about not having much family left when you are older.
I see people about with a lot of family around them  and think 'it was like that for me once'
Anyway I have  a nice little 'family' on here.

6 years ago

Hi Lily,

No photos that I know of, Lily.  The pic you're thinking about, I think, is not me feeding some ducks.  I don't know who she is.  I do have long dark hair like hers though.  I don't have a camera.  I can't see well enough to operate one.  


6 years ago


HelloGroup-ChipMail-djk-1-11.pngGood evening friends,
well I managed to get one video on last night, it is in the other thread now.Hope to get another on later.
This morning when I looked out my glass door there was a young squirrel peeking at me.
He was really curious(guess i look funny lol) he kept bobbing back for another look.
there were three young ones out there when I was filming.
The other squirrel still goes on the line despite having all that food in the dish outside back door.

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6 years ago


Hi friends,
                 Lee the robin was looking for something to eat, he cant eat whole peanuts like the squirrel.
Not really his food but he will eat bits if small enough,so he was watching for the squirrel to leave bits.
I have got the robin food come today so will be putting some out.
They like mealworms too and ordinary earthworms.
Thats why they watch gardeners to see if they are digging any up.I have 2 more squirel videos to put on YouTube but cant yet as I have scanning going on and it stops me or slows things up while that is going on.
No photos Lee,I would have thought you'd have one somewhere at least.
i seem to remember a long time ago I am sure there was one of you feeding animals outside.
i take my pics with a time exposure, dont need anyone to take them.

6 years ago

Hi Lily and Pam,

Lily, I don't think there are any pics of me.  Can't think who would take them.  No great loss.  

In the vid why is the robin there?  Does he eat peanuts or is he just watching the squirrel out of curiosity?  I also really like the vid where the squirrel cleans up every tidbit of food.  It looks like there was never any food there.  That one should clean houses! 

Pam, I've been hearing about it on the news, and I saw where Google and Wikipedia were shut down the other day in protest.  I hope they put a stop to it.    

Have a wonderful weekend.  


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6 years ago

3I was on Care2 yesterday and soon was paying attention to  the group Anonymous as they  attacked various websites. If you read this sort of news you will already know what I am talking about or maybe you have friends from New Zealand. 4 people in NZ were arrested that own MegaUpLoads or are employees. It's quite one thing to have a web site and then to be accused of all they have been. To much for me to tell you so look in the news it's prominent. Here is one article you might want to know about though.

How PIPA and SOPA Will Destroy the Internet

This does effect all of us as we love our computers.
I have the grandkids this weekend for a visit. They are in Grandma withdrawls and I am in grandkid withdrawls so it's time for a weekend visit for sure.
It was -1f degree here last night. Much to cold but it's suppose to warm up a bit. We do have some snow on the way...maybe 6 inches.
I will be dropping in through the weekend. See you all in the threads.
One your company and your posts, stay warm and safe.

6 years ago

Hi friends glad you like the pic Vicky.
Well Lee I would make you something like that but have no pics anywhere of you.
You can get special food for robins which is like some kind of seed stuff, they like mealworms too>
I have some but not live ones (yuk) wouldn't want to handle them!
The robin is so close every day I go out there but I cant get him to come on my hand.
I know some people have as I have seen pictures.
I have seen an even smaller fry in the fish tank! so dont know how many are in there really being that small.
I think the parents think spring as come early!!!! the male is still chasing her about.
hope I am not going to end up with a tank full!!

Good job I have a smaller tank too so if it happens will have to transfer some there until big enough to take to the shop.


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6 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lily,

Vicky, that Irish setter at the computer with his glasses on is adorable!  And a pic on you and your mom on his computer...cute, cute, cute.

Lily, that is so wonderful of you to offer to send me those fingerless gloves.  But no need.  That's the kind of gloves I've got.  They have a thing on the back that I can pull over to make them into mittens when I'm not using my fingers.  My hands are just so clumsy that I have to completely take them off to fix the babes' food and water.  The vid of the squirrel and the robin is lovely.  Does the robin eat seeds (ours doesn't)?  


6 years ago

Good morning Lily, Lee and Agnes!   I'm back...didn't feel to well yesterday so after work I just hit the bed to watch t.v.

Lily, how awful that it takes so long to load a vid and that you can't use your computer during that time.   Don't feel bad, my 'garden' looks miserable right now, too.   And I have to google which trees need pruning and fertilizing and when

Lee, that's interesting about a duck's life in a pool versus a pond.   I didn't know that.   I hope it is somewhat warmer for you so the pain will lessen in your feet and hands.  Lily is so kind to offer to send you some fingerless gloves.   She is so considerate.

Agnes!!  So good to see you!   We missed you but I understand perfectly how time can slip away; especially with you opening new groups.   Just visit when you can....we love seeing you!

Lily I just adore the graphic you made for me!

6 years ago

Stop in and let us know how you're doing.   Grab a cup of coffee or tea and relax.  

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