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(closed) FLOWERS! Show us their beauty
6 years ago
| Blue Label

The other thread was long and stretched so here is our new one.   Try to keep the size of the photos to no larger than 525 pixels and pictures posted underneath each other.  thanks!

Here is a link to the old thread:

Here is a flower I planted but I do not remember what it is.  It opens in the morning, closes in the evening but it's blooming season doesn't last long.

6 years ago

 Lily A. Lily A.

Lily, you have posted some really pretty home grown flowers.


Roses and Lillies March 13th 002 edited.jpg

Your beautiful Hyacinthes

Hycinths March 13th 001 edited.jpg

Hycinths March 13th 002 edited.jpg

6 years ago

Very pretty, Jill!  These are wildflowers in my yard...I added by siggy and a pair of lips to cover up the date.

My Wildflowers

6 years ago


Flowers March 17th 2012 006_jpg EDITED.jpg
Flowers March 17th 2012 005 EDITED.jpg

Daffodils,Hycinths ,Primroses and Tulip
6 years ago


Flowers March 17th 2012 001_jpg EDITED.jpg
Flowers March 17th 2012 002_jpg EDITED.jpg
Flowers March 17th 2012 003_jpg EDITED.jpg
Flowers March 17th 2012 004_jpg EDITED.jpg

6 years ago

Pretty graphics Jill....the shoes are awesome!!

Lily, your flowers are gorgeous; mine have faded already.    What are the pretty red ones in the window box?   I have some pink and white ones that look similar but I don't know their name.   They open in the morning and close in the evening.

6 years ago

They are a variety of tulips Vicky

6 years ago

Wow, those are such a pretty color, Lily.  Tulips?

Jill, very pretty graphics.  The one is bordering on too large but it's not stretching the page so it's okay.   If you can, keep them around 525 pixels...maybe 550.   Even though they'll be smaller they will still be lovely. 

When I added the text in Photobucket, my butterflies & sun stopped glittering. 

A squirrel 'planted' this one. lol
6 years ago
My Wildsunflower
My Gardenia
6 years ago
6 years ago

My Gardenia has one flower!!  and it is looking the worse for wear already.
Yes those are tulips up there Vicky , they are looking good ,so are those red ones in the window boxes.
I got a new replacement bird bath bowl and I have put it on the stand of the so called fountain one.I threw that top out as it was a waste of money never works and the bowl all chipping away.
this one is stone so it is heavy and hopefully too heavy for anything to knock it off.

6 years ago

Those are beautiful azaleas Lily; they almost look fake.   But how come you have them in a flower pot?  They should planted in the ground.

6 years ago

They are indoor plants Vicky not outdoor ones

6 years ago

Jill, I love the twirling dancer...soooo pretty!!!   And the little bird below her is so cute.

Lily, I have never heard of an Azalea being and indoor potted plant!  Ever!  lol

Here is a pic (not a great one) of my Azalea bush.  It is huge but started out small.   It is planted in my front yard and is probably about 6 yrs old (maybe more).  It needs a good trimming or rounding.

My Azalea

6 years ago

Here is another is a compact one although it may get large.   It's approximately 18" x 18" while my white one above is is close to 4' x 4'.   This one is hasn't been planted yet but I think the white one was this size when I bought it.

6 years ago

That's a new one on me Lily.  I have never heard of an indoor Azalea.   Thanks on the link.

Pretty graphics Jill.   I like the reflecting one and the angel.  However your other graphic is 620 pixels.   Remember I asked that we keep them to no larger than 550?  Preferably 500-525 pixels.  Christia showed you how to resize them didn't she?

6 years ago

These pics can be re-sized when you put them in the reply box by clicking on a corner to get the arrows up

6 years ago

Wow...that's great to know Lily!  What an easy way to resize! 

6 years ago
Those look like my white Azaleas Jill that I posted earlier.  Very pretty.  The other flower graphic is pretty too.
For you Lee
6 years ago
6 years ago
Those are very pretty Jill.  I deleted one of your posts since it was that box again that said you had too m any views. 
here's your roses Lee
6 years ago
6 years ago

The different colored roses Lily are beautiful; Jill I love the rose with the girl and reflections.

Here is a beautiful basket of a mixture of Petunias and another flower my brother gave my mom for her birthday:

6 years ago
peonies edited.bmp
These are out now in my garden
6 years ago


clematis edited.bmp

6 years ago

Lily, your flowers are absolutely gorgeous!   So many different last for a while then the heat finally get to them and they don't look so pretty.

Jill, I like your flower tags.

6 years ago

Great flowers Jill; I especially love the rose that looks like it's glowing.

Here is my Mexican (I can't think of the complete name at this time.  Sigh


6 years ago
Stupid Care2 wouldn't let me edit my post....the name of the flower is Mexican Petunia.
something alittle different
6 years ago
6 years ago

My purple flower(s) are called Mexican Petunias and multiply a lot.
Here are yellow flowers in my garden but I cannot think of their name.

brown roses
6 years ago
Ivory and Brown Roses
6 years ago

those are beautiful Jill.

white sunflowers Beautiful
6 years ago


have a good day
6 years ago

Good Morning

Lee here are your roses
6 years ago

red white

6 years ago

Beautiful roses Jill...I especially love the last two.


Here is a rose from my garden.


6 years ago

Great photos, Jill.


Here is a tag I made with my Purple Iris.


Both are lovely Jill
6 years ago

Here is my Amaryllis:


6 years ago

Pretty flowers Jill but the last one needs to be resized; it's 940 px.  Way too large.  We need them around 500 to 600 px.


5 years ago

Beautiful flower graphics Jill!


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