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(closed) CHAT THREAD
4 years ago

Hi Brenda, Lee, Lily and Lynn and Penny if they stop in.   Well the heat index is 104 right now....I sweat walking across the yard.  


Brenda, I hope it's not a hole in the pool....maybe with the heat it's just a slow leak and if I can keep it blown up for another month or so then I will take it down for the summer.  No, no plans in the near future....same old, same old.


Lee, I hope you're not hurting too much and are staying cool.   Believe it or not the pool water was cold yesterday when I got in.  I can't believe it. 


Thank you for all the pretty graphics, Jill.


Lily, that sure is a pretty cat picture...I love his colors and his fluffy hair.   That sure is a big cat walking on top of that person's feet.   I remember I used to walk on feet like that.  lol


link to the old thread:


 photo sunday_007_zps55e8e3b2.gif

4 years ago


Hi there friends,
                     warming up here now.

Good job I have my new fan, I had it on a little while ago for a short time.
very powerful , but has different settings.
I hope to go and see Les again this week if my legs aren't playing up too much.
The weeks go round so fast.
my in laws down in the country asked me to go down there for  a couple of days or more.

They would fetch me and bring me back as it is over 100 miles.
but I can't while I am having problems with my legs etc and need to see the doctor first, my appointment is this month.
But I may go later, the thought of spending more time with that gorgeous labrador is tempting to say the least.

4 years ago

Hi Jill, Lily, and Vicky,



4 years ago

Hi Vicky, it sure is hot over there you need that pool - hope it lasts for you. Love the Happy Sunday graphic.

Lily that's a cute squirrel picture. They are now saying a heatwave so you will need that fan. Hope you are well enough to go and see Les. That would be good if you can go and stay with you in laws, it would be a nice break and you do love that Labrador. When do you see your doctor?

Hi Lee.

4 years ago

Hi Lily, Lee and Brenda.   It is hot again but it's thundering and calling for rain so no pool today.   I don't know if it's the heat or what but for the past few days I have been so tired.  


Lily, I love the squirrel!   I hope your legs get to feeling better....I know Les awaits your visits.   And hopefully after your doctor appointment you can go and visit your inlaws for a couple of days.   Film Freya if you can.   I'm glad your fan is working good for you.   Are you saying it's just now starting to get hot where you live?   I guess this is the thread you said disappeared....but I see it's back.


Lee, it appears your wrists may be giving your trouble today.   At least you are able to stop in and post some smilies and let us know you're around. 


Brenda, yep the pool is a cool relief....however the rain has somewhat hindered my getting in everyday.  Well if not the rain then the dark clouds and thunder.  I hate to go to all the trouble of pulling off the cover and putting my bathing suit on just to get out there and have it start raining.   My luck.  lol


Well I hope everyone has a good evening/morning.


 photo monday_016_zpsb6912227.gif


4 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lily, Brenda, Lee, Jill and Penny wherever she is....

I had some company yesterday so I didn't get on line until very late and then I couldn't chat; no time. The last two days have been very hot and fairly sunny hereabouts. No rain, thank goodness. Today I've been making some more tags and yes Vicky, I made the one above.

Because I didn't get to my emails yesterday, I had 268 between yesterday and today. I don't know where some of these people come out of the woodwork from. I have a feeling they get my address from me signing so many petitions. Frankly, it's getting on my nerves.

I have COMCAST cable service so I'm able to record anything that's on if I know I won't be there at the time it's on. I recorded "Gravity" with Sandra Bullock and my guy George Clooney, which was up for the Academy Award this passed year. Also, I recorded "The Butler" a true story of a butler at the White House for 3 decades. I haven't watched either one yet.

I just repotted an orchid plant that I got last Mother's Day from Alicia's sister and mother. The best in-laws Steve (and I) could ever have!

Brenda, will you be getting the heat wave also? Do you live a far distance from Lily?

Lee, I'm glad you were able to post something. It's nice to see that even though you're in pain, you have such a great and positive attitude!

Jill, gorgeous graphics, as always. They're a picker-upper.

Lily, I hope your legs feel better. Don't push yourself, you still have to see the doctor and I'm sure Les will understand if you don't see him for a week. I hope you get to see your in-laws soon again. Being with Freya is a wonderful thing for you. I'm sure you miss your dogs and Freya is a good once in a while substitute.

I'm off now to read the remaining 108 emails after I deleted so many. See you all soon! Take care and be well, everyone! Love you all. ♥

4 years ago
Hi friends,
             Been a fair day but not too warm and not all that  much sun although they say we are due a heatwave this week !  heard that one before.
saw the fox tonight, he ate the food so I put some more out in case he came back later.
two hedgehogs ran past and ignored the food so either fussy eaters or had dined elswhere !!
The fox knew I was watching him.
Legs still playing up today my back too!! hope it clears up as I want to go to see Les on Wednesday.
I see the doctor on 23rd Brenda but not my usual one as she is booked up for ages I was told --ridiculous
get fed up waiting weeks for an appointment and still cant see the one I want.
With a different one have to go through all the details again as my usual one knows everything.
Years ago you could go and see a doctor without an appointment,those were the days..
Yes Vicky you got the groups mixed up wasn't this one I was talking about
Lee hope you doing ok I know you will be glad when it cools off
4 years ago




4 years ago

Hi Lily, Lynn, Vicky, and Brenda,



4 years ago

4 years ago

It's ,

I hope you're all having a good day. Mandy is out in the mobile van being groomed and I'm sure she'll look adorable when the groomer brings her back in.

I hear thunder so it looks like we'll be having a thunder storm any minute. I hate when it gets dark and gloomy. I'm off to my other groups so I'll see you all later. Ta Ta for now!

4 years ago
Hi friends,
             Well I am off to bed shortly as I may be going to see Les if I feel up to it that is.
weather supposed to be good  and I want to go before it gets too hot as they say end of week will be before rain starts again.
the fox was round again but I think it is a different one to that one I filmed as it looks smaller and younger,I may be wrong of course.
It had the food anyway.
Not going to get more off the plum tree I reckon as I can see bird pecks up there.I brought a couple in the other day and they are ripening I think.
As for the apricots most are off the tree now there are lots on the ground same as pecked plums.
Will have to do some clearing up soon when the birds have finished making a mess with them.

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Jill, Lynn, and Lily,

I love swans, elegant.

Hope you get to see Les, Lily.

I'm terrified of thunderstorms, Lynn!


4 years ago

Yes Lee I went to see Les,he was  ok.

Been hot here today but wasn't too bad on the trains,I got seats ok  and a young girl actually gave up her seat for me!!! seldom happens these days!!!
Sure hot though been the hottest here so far but nothing like you get ,it isn't bad in here at moment so don't need the fan on but might later if it gets muggy.
It is 81+ in the fish tank so may have to turn tank lights off later if it gets higher.May put the tower fan in the kitchen will cool it down hopefully.


4 years ago

Hi everyone.....not sure if I told you but the pool ring (which kind of holds up my pool) was deflated alot and quite a bit of the water had come out and the pool was shrinking alot.   Well my son went out and blew the ring back up and the water was so cool and clear today and felt soooo good.   Jerry (my son) got in today for the first time and didn't want to get out.  lol   He floated around on the raft and turned over now and again to get tan on both sides.


I love the swans, graceful and the babies are sweet.  Pretty pink high heels.


Lee, you probably haven't had any rain as ours fizzled out.   We were supposed to have quite a few days of it but we only got a very little yesterday. 


Lynn, I haven't had luck growing orchids.  Everyone says it's easy but I must have done something wrong as mine never rebloomed.


Lily, pretty fairy tag....your name looks like Lynn's work.     Your garden looks really pretty with the flowers and ornaments; are those lights adorning the edge of it?  The pit bulls are precious.   I'm glad you saw a couple of foxes and that they ate the food you put out.   The hedgehogs probably have another food source right now but need you for water.  lol    Are your plums ripening?   I hope you get at least some fruit off the trees for you to eat.   I'm glad you got to see Les and that he was okay.   That is very unusual (and nice) that a young girl got up and gave you her don't see that anymore.


Gotta visit one or two more groups....good night.


 photo Vicky1_zpsb18dd78d.gif

4 years ago
Hi friends,
                Must be nice in that pool Vicky,is it big?

Although it has been hot here (not as hot as over there) they now say heavy storms are threatening to bring floods to parts of the country!!!
Temperatures are expected to reach 86F on Friday making it the hottest day over here this year.
But downpours,strong winds.thunder and hail are tipped to sweep in after this weeks mini heatwave.
So I won't need a pool Vicky LOL
The fox has been round again tonight ate the food.
No that tag was made for me by'Heather's Animations'
I have quite a few she made for me
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, and Jill,

Have a good day, ladies.  I hope you're nice and cool.




happy thursday
4 years ago

4 years ago

Good evening ladies.   I'm glad I got in the pool today as it's calling for rain for a few days....of course that is subject to change at any time.   The humidity was low today so very comfortable.   They say it will start rising again tomorrow.


Lily, do you have high or low humidity over there?   If it's low then 86 degrees is very comfortable.   Well if you don't need my pool then I'll keep it over here.  lol  I'm glad you're seeing the fox come around again.  


I love the collie and the swans in your graphic, Jill; the lady looks very pretty in her big hat!


Well I guess I'll call it a night.   Friday already tomorrow.   Another weekend.


 photo thursday_03_zps11119e96.gif

4 years ago

Hi friends,
              Well I had to sign off for a while as there was lighning going on.
They said that was going to be AFTER Friday,got that wrong didn't they?
I think it is raining now not sure as it is dark.
Well Vicky low or high I don't know but 86 definately isn't comfortable here,we are not used to it.
The fish tank hit 83+ earlier,I did a part water change to help it as that was almost overdue anyway.~
they don't seem to be affected by the heat(so far anyway) I hope they wont would hate to lose my loaches through that.
but I know they can take quite high temperatures but dont know about the danios I think 79 is about their high but as I said don't seem to be affected by it.
fox been round for his food before that started,well I assume it was him,food gone anyway.
I have only had 1 plum Vicky  lol I brought about half a dozen in but they went rotten.
don't think I will get any more as most out there now seem to be either rotten ,falling off or bird pecked.
same with the little apricots,many dropped off .
I can see one or two ripening but doubt if I will get any,they are not like the apricots you buy in shop,they are miniatures small like cherries or a little bigger.
yes they are solar lamps along the garden path Vicky,they should come on more with the sun we had but haven't stayed on that long.
I still have 10 garden lamps (electric ) in a box here,I have had them at leat 2 years I reckon.
No one to fit them up,I can do the lamps but not get the lead into shed because it has to run under concrete and I am not digging that up!!
There is already one under there which my husband put which runs electric to the greenhouse and shed.
As I said I won't need your pool I can just stand out there when it rains lol
4 years ago

Hello everybody, hope to get some time to post soon.

have a nice weekend
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Jill, Vicky, Lily, and Brenda,


Have a COOL weekend!


4 years ago

I will be back later as I have to get something to eat as I have been out garden most of the afternoon keeping watch on an injured thrush.

It couldn't stand fell over each time it tried.
I phoned the RSPCA around 5pm and had to ring them back as no one had turned up finally got one here nearly 9pm!! couldn't find my place they said.

Unfortunately she said it is on the way out.
It did look poorly poor thing,don't know what happened to it,maybe flew into something.
There was another one hanging around earlier maybe looking for that one.
I couldn't just leave it anyway as the fox or cat would surely have had it tonight.

Back later

4 years ago

Hi Lily, Brenda, Vicky, Lee and Jill,

My daughter just left after eating dinner with me. She shopped for me and then picked up some Chinese food for dinner. This after a full day's work. She such a sweetheart.

Gotta go and look at the rest of the mail. This weather is killing me! Another thunder storm today and I ache from it. But, some people have it so much worse than I do, so I'm not really complaining.

See you all tomorrow!  Take care and be well. Love you guys!

4 years ago
4 years ago
happy saturday
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Lily, Lynn, and Jill,

Good on you for helping the little bird, Lily.



4 years ago

Hi Lee, Lily, Jill and Vicky when she comes back in.

Lily, that was so wonderful of you to save the little bird from the clutches of the cat or the fox. I wonder if they were able to help the poor little thing.  I love your emoticon signature and of course, your picture of the puppy Weimeraner. So cute!

Lee, are you feeling better? I'm glad you were able to write a bit for us.

Jill, thanks for the gorgeous graphic. It's so pretty.

I've been busy making tags, tidying up in the house, attending to Mandy's needs and answering my mail. Nothing else new so I'll see you all tomorrow. Big hugs to all.

4 years ago

A quick hello everyone.   Been raining on and off today....much cooler.      I love all the graphics and that was nice of you to stay by the bird Lily until help arrived.   Lynn, I treated my mom to some Chinese food the other day....she loves it.   Lee I hope it's cooling off a little for you.   How is the temps in your area Jill?  Brenda, I hope to see you back soon.   But I know how it is to be busy.


Good night friends!


 photo Tweetynitenitefrmjnet.jpg

4 years ago

Thought that was a Labrador Lynn.

No the bird was dying I think I said earlier up above,maybe it was an old bird other than that I have no idea what happened to it.

It could have flown into something, seemed its legs were the problem.
I guess a bird that small would be hard to save anyway if it had broken it's leg or something.
I didn't think it would survive but I did not want a fox or cat get it thats why I hung around so long.
Been hot and sunny here again waiting for the storm they say we are going to have.
I don't want to be out in that with hail stones as big as golf balls!!!

I have a doctors apointment on Wednesday so hope it doesn't start then,also want to visit Les again on Thursday.

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4 years ago
4 years ago
mondayfrmmariao.gif picture by CajunAngelEyez
Hi friends where is everyone?
Hope you aren't getting storms there,it has dodged this area (so far anyway)
There has been flooding in some parts.
been hot again today,fish tank still 83+ putting the fan on in there doesn't seem to make much difference.
I have kept the tank lights off,the loaches come out more because they are not keen on lights and usually in the tunnels most of the time.
Only thing is with no lights on the plants suffer and have been breaking up.
Wont get any more until this heat drops.
Don't know who had the food out there this time as the black cat was round earlier but took off when it saw me ,probably sneaked back later.
Get fed up seeing slugs crawling over the plate yuk 
4 years ago

Hi Lily, I'm here....just busy looking at my abundant mail. I spent most of the afternoon and early evening making tags of all sorts, especially Betty Boop. It takes time to animate in Paint Shop Pro but I love doing it.

Nothing much going on here. It threatened to rain today but then it gave up. I think Mandy scared the thunder away....she barks so loud at it. For a small dog she has a big bark. She puts all of her 11 lbs. into it and sounds like a German Shepard. lol

Going back to my mail and my groups so I'll see you later!

happy monday
4 years ago

4 years ago

Good afternoon Lily, Lyn and Jill!   Been cloudy on and off today but I got in the pool anyway since the sun did pop out some.   I think I fell asleep on my raft.   When I first got in the pool I actually got goose bumps the water was so cold.   BRRRRR!   I'm sure it'll warm up (the water).


Well Lily did the rain and/or flooding make it to your area and has the tank cooled down?   I hope you have good weather for your doctor and your trip to see Les.   Slugs on the plate?   Eeek!   Pretty little white pup in your graphic.


Lynn, your Betty Boop tag is pretty...I love that blue color....and of course the glitter. haha!   I wish all my email in Care2 was caught up....I probaby have 1000 messages most are not personal ones though.   A lot of forwarding things, petitions, etc.   I try to answer all the personal ones and do the birthday cards each day.


Pretty graphic, Jill.  How is the weather in your area?

4 years ago

Hi everybody, I hope you're all well and happy today.

We had a deluge a monsoon, it was coming down so hard in sheets of rain. Unfortunately, I had to go out in it. Andi picked me up because I had an appointment with the dermatologist. I have a "thing" on the side of my lips that doesn't quite heal. The Dr. took a biopsy and I'll find out the results in about 10 days. I've had 8 skin cancers over the years, 2 on my face so I don't take any chances with lesions that don't heal.

We were going to go to lunch but Trent fell asleep in the car and it was raining so hard that we both felt like going to our respective homes.

4 years ago
 photo tuesday.gif
Hi Friends,
               Well so far dodged the rain probably saving it up for me when I go out.It is still pretty hot though,got my fan on in here now.
Lynn so you haven't dodged the rain, sounds bad.
hope you get rid of that thing on side of your lips and that it isn't anything to worry about.
The tank temperature was a bit lower today Vicky but will probably go up and down for some time yet.
Ruins my plants though as I had to turn tank lights off although I had them on  a while earlier.
Lee how are you doing ? did you get the birds beak trimmed?I used to have to clip Maurice's claws,he hated it and I always had a job to catch hold of him first!!
Once he moved as I did it and cut him and there was blood everywhere and I panicked 
Called the vet he said not to worry just hold a cloth over it for a while and it would stop.
He said it happens a lot.
thankfully it did but poor little Maurice,upset him him for a while and I felt guilty.
Just got another load of bird food in,goes so quick with those pigeons pinching most.
too hot vicky
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Jill, Lily, Lynn, and Vicky,



4 years ago

Busy with mail and groups, but

4 years ago
Cant stay on now .going to bed or I won't get up in time for my doctors appointment.
So will catch up tomorrow
4 years ago

Hi Lynn and Lily,



happy wednesday
4 years ago

4 years ago

Oh I LOVE that tag, Jill...did  you make it?   Gold & silver look so good together.


Lily, how did the doctor appt go?   Were you able to get there and back with no rain.  That must have really scared you when you accidentally made Maurice bleed.   I would have freaked!   Is your tank by a window?   If so isn't that enough light for the plants when you turn off the aquarium lights?


Lee, how are you feeling?   Have you gotten any rain yet?  We had thunder on and off as well as cloudiness but no rain.


Lynn, I hope the 'thing' on your face turns out to be nothing serious.   I would hate having to wait 10 days for the results.   Too bad you all had to miss your lunch date because of the rain.    Pretty green 'perfect day' tag.


Good night ladies.  Darn, why didn't my name show up on my tag?  Poof!   It's just gone. 


 photo goodnight_zpsac9b7076.gif


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4 years ago

Vicky what is happening your posts are coming out in Russian or something,can't read them


Hi friends,

             Well went to doctors ,not much to tell,would have preferred to see my usual doctor.
this one gave me water tablets for my swollen feet and ankles.And some cream for my legs.

I told her I cant wear the compression stockings because they don't make them wide enough at the tops and they cut into me.Tried 3 different sizes but it is the tops not the other part that is the problem.
I wont be able to take the water tablet in the morning as I might get taken short on the trains and nowhere to go!!!
So at the moment nothing has changed, still sore.
I worry a bit when I have leg problems and I don't want DVT again.

4 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lee, Jill and Lily,

Lily, can't you take the water pill after you're home for the day? Did you use the cream that the doctor gave you? Too bad you couldn't see your usual doctor. I think he/she would have known more about your case. Do you have to go back? Are your legs swollen when you first get out of bed after sleeping at night?  My ankles and calves swell during the day because I can't do too much walking, but in the morning they're normal, no swelling.

Vicky, I love your tag. Maybe you didn't "apply" your name before you put the floaties in. I wish you'd pop into my group once in a while and post your cute tags. I love them.
We have a lot of different threads that your work would be perfect in.

4 years ago

The tablets have to be taken in the mornings Lynn.

If I remember right they  didn't do anything for me before when I had them.
They are usually ok when I get out of bed but then they start swelling again after.

I used the cream once but going to when I go to bed.
not that its likely to make much difference it is for dryness really as I told her I had been getting some flakes of skin on the bedclothes
My brother had that quite bad.No wasn't asked to go back but if I do will try and get my usual doctor,

She seems to be off and about..
It is a right nuisance these days you wait for weeks for an appointment.

I even had one cancelled not long ago!! or finally getting there to find I had  to see another doctor once because she was off somewhere again

4 years ago

I just read that chocolate can reduce belly fat and help the heart stay healthy!!!!

If that's so it is good news as I love chocolate and eat a lot of it !!!!

4 years ago
4 years ago

Hi Lily, Lynn, and Vicky,


Greek again, Vicky!





4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Lee, Jill, Lily and Vicky,

I've been making tags and then hopping from one group to the next trying to post in the threads. Somehow my eyes are burning and it's hard to keep focused. Could be because I'm tired, so I'll make it short. I hope everyone is well and happy and free from rain (and pain).

See you all tomorrow. Ta ta for now!

4 years ago

I'm totally baffled....I'm not seeing my posts in anything but English.   Is anyone else seeing them post in a different language?   Don't know why I'm asking as you might not be able to read it.   Since I'm not sure anyone can read my post, I will just say that I love the tags and I hope everybody is doing okay.   Lily, are your legs swollen or flaky or what?   I see you said something about flakes.   Oh, Lynn I added my name before I added the floaties.   Did it erase my name somehow even though I could see it when I clicked 'save as'.   I'll try to visit your group, Lynn although I haven't really made tags (other than the recent 2) in a long time; I probably forgot alot of techniques.    What technique is that in the middle of your 'here's to you' graphic; the square with lines in it?   It looks like something I used to do in PicMonkey BEFORE all their good stuff became 'premium'.    I used to really like that site.


Good night all.  Remember this one Lynn?  lol


 photo Goodnight_zps546c06a9.gif




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4 years ago

Vicky your posts are showing to me now it is ony the one above the mouse goodnight graphic which is in Russian or something showing to me.

Have no idea why this is I'm sure.
My feet and ankles are swollen not legs although they are already fat  lol

Going to start taking the water tablets in the morning but last time I had those didn't have any effect on me.
Didn't take one this morning because of travelling and I didn't want to be caught out on the trains as nowhere to go.

Went to see Les, he was ok.
I took him something to eat ,he had 2 finger rolls with ham,2 tomatoes and about 4 strawberries.

Bit of a change from what he gets there teatime,they brought him sandwiches and he always says no taste.

What gets me is they cut them up like kiddies sandwiches,often with the crusts off.
Really that is only 2 slices of bread there because it is cut up like that'

Doesn't seem my complaint is doing any good so far because I asked him if they still bring him porridge sometimes in the afternoon for tea.

He said sometimes.
That is not right ,I reckon some of them are probably too lazy to get anything else ready.
When he was in the hospital he got a cooked tea.
Everyone gets the same I think where he is now.
I took the video of Bobby the dog to show him and I think he was quite pleased to see that.

 stayed about 3 hours,so hot today and my feet were killing me so I was glad to get back here and get my sandals off and have a shower.

4 years ago

Well as we know know it was Greek not Russian on that post above Vicky,I put it in translations and  now it is this........

Oh I LOVE that tag, Jill...did you make it? Gold & silver look so good together.

Lily, how did the doctor appt go? Were you able to get there and back with no rain. That must have really scared you when you accidentally made Maurice bleed. I would have freaked! Is your tank by a window? If so isn't that enough light for the plants when you turn off the aquarium lights?

Lee, how are you feeling? Have you gotten any rain yet? We had thunder on and off as well as cloudiness but no rain.

Lynn, I hope the 'thing' on your face turns out to be nothing serious. I would hate having to wait 10 days for the results. Too bad you all had to miss your lunch date because of the rain. Pretty green 'perfect day' tag.

Good night ladies. Darn, why didn't my name show up on my tag? Poof! It's just gone.

4 years ago

And in answer to that question Vicky about tank no it is not near the window.

You do not keep them near windows that is bad.

Would get all the sun on it and temps would soar and kill fish.
you do need light for plants to grow properly but not with that heat

In normal temperatures I have the light and heater on so that when temperatures drop it does not fall too low and affect fish.

4 years ago

As we know now it is Greek not Russian on that post I have translated it.............................................
I dont know how long ago that video was made Vicky 

Annie, it says that 4th generation (not sure what that means exactly) Monarchs live around 6 months.   I had always heard butterflies only live a few days so that is why I was questioning them travelling 2000 miles.   But heck if they only lived 3-4 days then they wouldn't be able to lay eggs or anything.   The answer to the trivia question I asked you is MILKWEED.   That is the only plant that Monarchs lay their eggs on.   Everyone should try to plant those in their gardens.   Here is a Monarch butterfly site that gives LOTS of good info, etc and you can order FREE seeds from them for a small donation.   I've done it several times and need to do it again next year....everyone should as the monarchs need all the help they can get to lay eggs   I will check out your articles later and share them on Facebook * Twitter.   Lily, I love the video of Bobby; he sure enjoyed playing with that hose/water.   How long ago was that taken?  You sure got your DVD back quickly.   How did your doctor appointment go?   How are you feeling Lee?   Our weather has been a little cooler but not as much rain as I expected.   Did you get any at all?

4 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, Lynn, and Jill,



4 years ago

4 years ago

Wow Lily, you got to translate Vicky's posts that came to you in a different language. That's great. At least you know what she said, now. It's great that you brought Les some food to supplement the "tea" that is not a tea. These nursing homes are for the birds and no matter how many times you make a request, it doesn't help.

Jill, I love your graphics. The last one is particularly pretty. Thanks.

Vicky, I remember that tag that you made in my group. Picmonkey and iPiccy used to be such fun to use. Now Picmonkey wants $2.50 a month for the deluxe effects. Certainly not worth it.

Vicky, the background effect in the Here's to you tag is something that I made myself in PaintShopPro. I make a lot of my own backgrounds and frames that I change the color of to accomodate each tag that I make. If you like that background, I can send it to you.

4 years ago
4 years ago

Hi Jill, Lily, and Lynn,

Lovely modern look, Jill.


Always such pretty tags, Lynn.  You are talented.


Lily, in your vid, what are you looking back over your shoulder at?  It's too small for me to see clearly.





4 years ago

Lee I was looking out into the hall to see if any letters on floor.
Small? you should see that YouTube video large.

Hot here again today but I went over the shop and down to the post office.
I sent those other 2 cassettes of Les's off to be put on DVD.
Don't think much on them but one has me and Bobby the dog.
been watching A James Bond film on tv,Sean Connery was definately the best Bond ever.

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Hi everyone!   Very hot today...the pool felt great!   Great tags ladies.   Tomorrow is Sunday already....weekend will be over and it seems like it just began.   A beautiful cat (someone said it is Persian Himalayan) was crying this morning cause it was hungry.   It acted feral but it looked like somebody's pet but why was it so hungry.   I fed it a little and it gulped it down.   I gave it some more and he gulped more.   So when I went out the 3rd time he jumped off my deck but came right up to the saucer when I put the food in it.  BUT I couldn't move fast or he (or she) would run.   He then went to a log in my back yard to take a nap once his belly was full.   He had a little food left out of the whole can so I saved it 'in case' he came back later.   Well at 5:00 pm he was back. hahaha!   I gave him the rest of the can food then walked out while he was eating and put some dry food on his saucer and he didn't run...but was wary.   Later I saw him sleeping on my deck under my chiminea.  haha.   So I probably have a new cat.   Just what I need.  lol


Lily, I love that vid of you...almost like you were sitting in my living room.   Isn't it funny how people from thousands of miles away are so close via video.   I'm glad you got to see Les and bring him some outside food.   I know he really enjoyed it.   Is tea & porridge 2 things?   I ask because our porridge means a kind of soup so it sounded like a strange combination for you to say porridge & tea if it is indeed soup.   I hope your feet & ankles are back to normal or not swollen.   Thank you for translating my posts.


Hi Jill; did you do anything special this weekend?   Very pretty tags.


Lee, have you been busy or just another quiet weekend?   I'm sure you have lots to do taking care of your animals.


Lynn, how is the thing on your face?  (I don't know what to call it.)  I hope it is nothing serious.    I really like the background in your last tag...looks like a picket fence.   Did you make it in your personal photo editing program or an internet one?   I 'tried' to do a black & white tag (I posted it in your group) but the programs have changed so much or else I have forgotten lots, which I'm sure I have so it looks like a novice did it.   Not that I'm real experienced.  lol  I used a couple of effects from PicMonkey on the black & white but all the good stuff you now have to pay for.  Has iPiccy changed a lot?   I guess I'll check it out another time.    Even Lunapic is not as easy for me.   Oh well.  


Getting ready to snooze after eating almost a can of food:


 photo cat3_zps335d05b0.jpg



Here he is when he first ate today.  Notice how scary he is and jumped down; but then he came right back.   Excuse my message deck....I can't keep the leaves off.   Why are they falling now during summer?   Wierd.


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Vicky, that's a beautiful cat you're feeding. I don't think he/she is feral. I think he/she is just very wary of people. As you feed him/her, you'll find that the kitty will start to trust you and won't be afraid. Good for you for feeding the pretty thing.

The mark on my face is still there. The scab from the biopsy has fallen off, leaving a small red area. I should know Monday or Tuesday about the result of the biopsy. Thanks for asking.

As far as the editors are concerned, a lot of them have changed but I think you'll get used to them again. Look in the archives in my group and you'll see that instructions for the different editors are still there. Or just open the question thread in archives and I'll be happy to answer any queries you have. You'll do great!!

Lily, I love your video where you're waving. It feels like you're right here in person!

Lee, I see that you're feeling a bit better because your post is happy. I'm so glad for you. How many animals do you have?

Jill, as usual you posted some beautiful graphics, this time with a wonderful quote. Thanks for that.

It's 11:00 p.m. and I just got home from my daughter's house. We spent the day together which was so nice. We were both in pain, though. Me with my back and legs and her with her neck. She's had 4 neck surgeries and still has pain, poor thing.

Gonna pop into my other groups and then get into bed with my heating pad. That usually helps a bit. See you all tomorrow. Sending love to you all. ♥

have a nice sunday
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I love your Flintstone graphic, Lynn.  In the 80's when I was a wild child (sort of) I used to wear my hear up in a ponytail on top of my head and they used to call me 'Pebbles'.  hahaha!  Let us know what your biopsy results are when you get them back Lynn.  Are you on pins & needles?  I hope you get some good news.   I'm glad you and your daughter had a good day together and I hope the heating pad helped your back & legs. 


Beautiful graphic always post some real beauties.   Do you make them?


Wonder where Lee & Lily are tonight?   I'm kind of tired so I'll be signing off for now.   I hope this isn't in Greek.   Can you believe the weekend is over already?


 photo goodnight-1_zps1fa8d197.gif



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No Vicky no Greek so far.
when I said tea and porridge, tea is meal time like breakfast ,dniner or tea or supper.

porridge is oats which we have for breakfast that's why I said he should not be given that in the afternoon especially when he has it every single morning!!!l

Lynn hope you and your daughter get some relief from your pains.

                     Weather still being hot here.
we did have a shower the other day though.well we will need some more rain after this.
Tonight I put the food out and waited, then the black cat came and ate it!! could have chased it off but it would only have come back later.
guess he was hungry or just a pig,doesn't look underfed but then again if he has been pinching what I put out he wouldn't be!!!
Just a few minutes after he walked away the fox showed up! and he'd missed that plate of chicken which was a shame.
I put some more food out and he ate that .
I thought he hadn't been around but I guess he just changed his times.
That's a pretty cat Vicky ,doubt if it is a stray just like my back one likes a lot!!
But it did look hungry the way it was going at the food.
Maybe the owner just doesn't give it enough.

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Hi Lily, Jill, Lynn, and Vicky,

I forgot I had to go vote this morning.  Now I'm running very, very late!




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I'm glad you put more food out for the fox Lily.   The cat probably was hungry as I don't think it would have eaten it had it not been.   Usually if they're full they'll just sniff and walk away.   My cat ("Smoky") is still here....sleeps on my deck so I guess he is homeless, or was.    I'm glad you got some rain...even though it was just a little.


Lee, I guess you finished voting by now.   Glad you remembered. 


Another beautiful tag, Jill.  Thank you.



4 years ago

Lily, I think Vicky is right....the cat wouldn't wolf down the food if he/she was being fed somewhere else. I'm glad you were able to put more chicken out and the fox came back to eat it.

Vicky, I love your tag. I don't remember it. Did you make it recently?

Jill, lovely graphics, as usual.

Lee, did you get a chance to vote. I hope you weren't too late.

Gotta go see my other groups. Wasn't on line yesterday so I have a lot of catching up to do. Ta ta for now!

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Hi friends 
              Just getting in before the site maintenance tonight.
I am uploading videos to YouTube from one of those old cassettes of mine.
I filmed some bits with my camera so will be putting them on eventually.
Will take a while as a couple are a bit longer than usual but they are good.
Wish I could put the whole tape on but far too long anyway.
It is nice to see them after all this time and each one is a surprise as I can't remember what is on them until I play them.

Well the cat didn't wolf it down but ate ordinary,some will eat as much as they can but people shouldn''t leave their cats out at 1.45 AM!

maybe he didn't want to wait until they decide to let it in.
The fox didn't get chicken Lynn the cat had that he had to make do with cat food  lol
Vicky at least it isn't in Greek !!
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4 years ago

I know I said goodnight but I was waiting for the videos to finish uploading

4 years ago

This was first filmed when I first had the loaches 10 years ago,they were both the same size then now one is twice the size of the other nearly

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4 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lynn, and Lily,

Lynn, I have 3 Amazon parrots, 3 canaries, a guinea pig, 2 rescue dogs,and more.  I have a zoo, I think.




4 years ago

You're lucky having all those Lee I only have my fish now.

Here is an old video of the loaches when I first had them and other fish.

have a beautiful day
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4 years ago

Hi friends, Well I may go to see Les tomorrow,depends on how I feel when I get up Trapped nerve in my arm playing up tonight again.
The weather is supposed to be fine tomorrow but rain on Saturday so hopefully I will get there tomorrow.
Just put the food out no sign of fox yet .
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Hi Lily and Jill,



4 years ago

Hi ladies!   Taking a breather before I go and cook.   I have been outside cutting bunches of branches so some of my trees can get a little sunlight.   So many I can't reach.   I planted them on the side of my yard so my son wouldn't have trouble when he mowed the grass but unfortunately all the trees, shrubs, etc. are getting so tall and bushy that's it's keeping them from getting sun.   And they are a fig & pecan tree so they need it.   Even my lemon tree in the back yard is not getting much sun.   I'm afraid that will hinder the productivity and growth of my lemons.     Our weather feels so good today with the low humidity...almost felt nippy this morning.  lol


Jill, both of your tags are pretty but I really love the lady in pink with the umbrella. 


Lynn, if you're talking about the cow jumping over the moon tag, yes it is old.  I made it last year in your group.   Towards the end I didn't see you posting much in there so that's probably why you don't remember it.   I'm like you, occasionally I take a night off from Care2 to catch up on other things.    


Lee, you sure do have a lot of animals and I know how much you love each one.   It sure would be lonesome without them wouldn't it?


Lily, I love your videos but I wouldn't know  how to get them from cassette to Youtube.   I don't have a problem loading them from my SD card.   How long ago was the video of you sitting in the yard with the pretty cat?   You have a nice it the same one you're at now and how long ago was it?    Your loaches and other fish are so pretty...I'm glad you still have the loaches.   I am amazed at their age.    You posted some cute animal graphics.   Well did you get to see Les today?  


Gotta to you fine people later.


 photo Wednesday-purple-graphic_zps7c491673.gif


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4 years ago

Vicky I copied those bits of film from camcorder with my camera, then put in file here and then onto YouTube
i don't remember how long ago those were made but in the last 10 years anyway probably less.
Yes the same garden but it doesn't look like that much now and I certainly wouldn't be on that sun bed now with that rat about!!I opened up a shed at back of greenhouse one of those low ones  which open at top and also front.
and there were loads of rat droppings in there!!! it got in because there is a hole at back don't know why it is made with a hole ,ventilation I suppose anyway that's how it got in.  YUK  I shut it up again!!  but eventually will have to sweep it out and put something there to stop any getting in that hole.

I went to see Les ,he was fine.
there was different staff on to last week and I got tea this time.
She brought round a tray with a little teapot,milk jug and cup and saucer.Also biscuits ,I had one and gave the rest to Les.
Later they brought round little ice cream cornets and I got one  too!

And even a bit later when they brought his tea round gave me another cup of tea but I let it get cold as I forgot about it as I was showing him some photos.She even asked me if I wanted some sandwiches but I didn't because I had those rolls too.

That woman is nice but I suppose next week it will be someone else and I wont even get one!!

4 years ago

Here is one of Les's old photos he took of himself messing about


4 years ago


4 years ago

Hi Vicky, Jill, and Lily,

My hands are giving me fits today!



4 years ago

4 years ago

You'd think I was off to a flower show here lol
taken some time ago.


4 years ago

Hi Lily and Jill,

Have a great weekend, ladies.


4 years ago

A quick hello Lily, Lee and Jill.   I thought I stopped in last night but it must have been Squirrel Lovers.   I commented on the photo of Les and you and the cat Lily.   Now I see you have a different pic in here with your flowered suit and your friend.   Good pic.   I'm glad Les was okay and that finally a nice lady was around to offer tea, etc.   Lee, how are you feeling?  I guess you are busy with all your animals.    Pretty pics, Jill.   I wonder what happened to Brenda & Penny and where Lynn is tonight.   Everyone's probably busy in other groups.  

4 years ago

Vicky it is jumping here alright as over 100 posts!!!
Took ages to get it to stay still to type this.
last night I went to post but care2 went off for maintenance again and as usual tonight it has been playing up!!
slow loading and having to refresh pages a lot,why don't they leave it alone? always something else after they do it.
Mine was working perfectly before.
That is my sister in law with me in the photo above.
I loved the colours of that outfit,guess it's a bit flashy though  lol
I have something similar in my wardrobe now in blue floral but it makes me look fatter and they are a nuisance those all in one things when you want to visit the toliet!!!!


happy Saturday
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4 years ago

Hi Vicky, Jill, and Lily,

I can hear the thunder.  This is going to be a bad storm I'm afraid.



4 years ago

I replied here but not showing so maybe will turn up tomorrow!!!

4 years ago

Just in case it doesn't show up.............

Hi Friends,
                   I have phone trouble at the moment ,not working so I have had to contact BT (Phone people) I hope they can fix it as I rely on my phone for emergencies.
The internet went off a few times today too so if that was off as well I can't contact anyone.
always something!!!
so if I am amongst  the missing you will know why
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