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Political Bands and Record Labels and Albums:
13 years ago



Green Day's Warning and American Idiot:

Epitaph Records (check out bands):

Fat Wreck Chords (check out bands):

Hell Cat Records (check out bands):


Burning Heart Records (check out bands):


Those are some, please add on....

Here's more:But Iam going to just list them without their websites-
13 years ago

Against All Authority, Against Me!, Alkaline Trio, Authority Zero, Bad Religion, Blink 182, Casualities, Circle Jerks, Desendents, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The F-Ups, Good Charlotte, H20, Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music, Less Than Jake, Madcap, No Doubt, Me First and the Gimmies, No Use for a Name, Offspring, Operation Ivy, Pennywise, Rise Against, Strung Out, and Sum 41.

So check those Out!

hey again Sarah
12 years ago

hey Sarah,

great idea for a thread ^_^

so here's a story u'll appreciate,,,,

I (sometimes) play keyboards
in a band & our drummer is a great guy,
in fact he
just beat a battle he had, a serious methadone addiction...........

so, he's totally cool & against all the fake Bu$hCo crap & other
corrupt political manipulators.

But as is so weird & typical in
lots of families,
older brother is sorta opposite::
solid job, rich car, and like so
many rich folks, he's a sucker for Bu$h.

So the cool brother---my drummer friend Dwayne---told me that his
Bu$h-loving brother found out about
SUM 41
and how they spoke out against Bu$hCo & similar a$$holes at
a concert, etcl....

So his brother, mr. successful fancy rich-car Bu$h fan,

well, he got
so pissed at
SUM 41
after he heard about their
political stuff criticizing Bu$h
that he
ACTUALLY broke ALL his Sum 41 cd's.

No %#&!*%,

like he didn't even give'em to his brother
or someone else....

this guy,
a grown man smart enough to be very successful,
acted like a baby over simple

which in my opinion,
is just like
so many $hrublicans & Bu$h supporters,

all "it's about me" kinda selfish stuff.....

& he just smashed
his SUM 41 cd's like a child throwing a tantrum.

crazy sh!t, ey?

peace + Vigilance,

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