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Babies are being thrown into bonfires - help save Darfur!!
13 years ago
Save Darfur Myspace Community

Nearly three years into the crisis, the western Sudanese region of Darfur is acknowledged to be a humanitarian and human rights tragedy of the first order. The humanitarian, security and political situation continue to deteriorate: atrocities continue, people are still dying in large numbers of malnutrition and disease, and a new famine is feared. According to reports by the World Food Program, the United Nations and the Coalition for International Justice, 3.5 million people are now hungry, 2.5 million have been displaced due to violence, and 400,000 people have died in Darfur thus far. The international community is failing to protect civilians or to influence the Sudanese government to do so.

We, the Myspace community, have a tremendous amount of power and with the use of our voices we can help put a stop to this genocide.

If every person who reads this:

  • signs a postcard (by clicking the following banner)

  • reposts this bulletin

  • messages all of their friends with this bulletin

  • adds a banner/button to their myspace page

  • adds us to their Top 8

We can send a strong message to our government showing them that the people of America
care about the situation in Darfur and want to see it ended today.

So here's what YOU do:

1) Click this banner and send a message to President Bush urging him to
support a stronger multinational force:

2) Click the link below, and copy the contents of into your
own MySpace bulletin. Continue to repost it every so often.

Click Here for the Save Darfur MySpace Bulletin

3) Send the link to this page or the text from this link and send it to all of
your friends (or at least the ones you know will actually follow through).

4) Copy the text below and add it to your "About Me" section of your MySpace

<br><a href=""><img src=""</a><br>

5) Add us to your Top 8.

The ball is now in your court. We, citizens of the United States of America, need to stand up for what we believe in and in turn voice our concerns to our government. It is up to you now, how bad do you want to see innocent, fear stricken Darfurians liberated from a world of killing, rape, and starvation? In 5 years from now, what will you be able to say you did to end this grave situation? We can do this!

--Save Darfur Coalition

13 years ago
HELLO! My name is Lemon, Full nMe is Md.Fazlel Mahbub Lemon, Age-28, Male, Bangladesh. I have a children also her name is Nabila, her age is 22 months, i call her sweety, but my family want to keep her name "Nabila", my father was an medicine business man, my mother is a house wife, i have more two brothers also, their name is Ratul, Suzon, they are studying, my wife name is lisa. Anyway come to the right point: recently my father is very sick and he need proper treatment, he is a heart patient, and high blood pressure, in this moment he can't tollereate any deep shock, and that's why we(our family) are very anxious about him, because a very very dangerous news is waiting for him, and i am sure my father can't tollerate such news, and the news is withing few days Bank is gonna taken his home with every properties, because 5 years ago he has lend $45000 from our local bank for business purpose, and everything was excellent with his destiny, and he became a middle grade business man in medicine market, he feel to enlarge his business, and so he has taken $5000 more. but after some days everything was bad with his destiny, and for sudden political chaos, for strike, vote and other environment my father can't control his accelleration and fall down suddenly, from those moment, he is becaming ill, he never told about his present situation, everything he was bearing by himself, and as result he fall down on bed forever, and when i known about his business condition and bank loan, i had nothing to do, because i was student when he continuing his business, and he couldn't able to handover his business to his son, so i was very upset to think about hold present situation, i am seeing black everywhere, and i can hear the scream of my father's heart, and i can also hear cruel destiny's Cruel Lough!! it was 18 February, 2006 , morning 8.35 o'clock a nice car has parked in front of our house,and some handsome person entired our home and called my father, my mother question them that "where from ?" they answerd " we are from Bank" I was terribly screamed by myself, and afraid about bank person, because if he tell my mother anything my can't bear any moment more, and she will sick also, so i quickly answered to bank people " father is sleeping, so please if u want u can tell me what u want from my father? i am his elder son" Bank people called me to them and take me to the bank with them in car, when i came in bank, Bank manager has told me " Sorry Mr. we have to capture ur home, furniture, bed, cloth even chair also! because ur father has taken total $45000 from us, and after successfully paying 43%bank installment from 16 months, he couldn't able to pay rest of money, because we already has informed about ur father 's business condition, he would never pay back our money with this business condition, so please we are informing u that withing one months u have to vacant people from ur home, understant?"i was really shocked when i known about the amount!! $45000! how would i pay this amount to bank withing one month! i requested to bank manager " please give me a chance, my father is sick and he can't control his business any more, he is heart patient now, so please don't my father about present situation, he wouldn't able to overcome this shock! please" Bank manager said, ok ! but please arrange $56432 (loan+interest) within mentioned date, when i came back from bank to my home, my child was kidding with her mother, she was plying with his uncle, my mother was cooking our food, my father was enjoying his grand daughter's kidding and feeling sweet pain in heart and also roaring for annoying pain in heart, my eyes were wet, i couldn't see anything , everything was blur, i was grabbing my tears with my hand, My mother asked about morning stranger, who was them?i couldn't understant what can i do what can i do for my family, how can save my children, how can i convience my father, how can i hide this problem from my father? No,No,No, every where was Only No,!! when i trying to gather some money from any Government, Non-Government organization, and also i lend some money from our neighbour for keeping our food continue, everybody of my family known that i am working in a private company, and everyday i brought food, money from company, but it was loan from neighbours. it was 15th march 2006 morning 10.30 o'clock, i was absent in home, bank people come and gave a notice to my mother's hand, my mother didin't undestand what is this! so my mother take that from them and entired home to show this envelop to my father From that moment our life was fully twisted from our track! because when my father has read that Notice from an Advocate, he stroked and cna't breathing!! my mother was wondered! why her husband is looking quacking! immediately she phoned to me and i have taken an Ambulance to home and taken my father to hospital, for god bleesing my father has alive but still in risk! and as result everybody of my family has known about present situation, that "we are finished properly" i was exposed to my family that i was lying to them, i was hiding from them! i was crying loudly and leaving hardship weight from heart, and feeling good! because i am not alone now! from now we will fight everybody together with Cruel destiny, Allas!! we havn't any weapon to with Cruel destiny, because in this society for living life; we must need money! which we havn't! my mother has sold all of her ornament for our food expence, my wife has sold her most popular Dress! for our food, i havent nothing to sold because i already has sold my wrist watch, computer, mobile set for gather food during last one month, in a family if everybody has started eating without earning may be a kingdom will finish also! so usualy oneday our personal wealth was finished. i was trying to do something , job, work, watchman job, sweeping road, any work of this world which can give me money or food for my family,......SEE MY SHARE BOOK DETAILS
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