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Petition Congress to investigate the Crimes within Children Services & Family Court
12 years ago

Friends I like to inform you of the posting of my 2nd petition on this site. I respectfully ask all of you to join me in petitioning the House of Representatives to order an immediate inquiry on a National level, to investigate every State, Children Services Administrations.

After careful consideration I thought that it would be selfish of me to only fight for my niece Geneva. There are so many horror stories out there, and many families donít have a voice to represent them; or anyone standing in their corner just to say I care.

I used my family story in this petition to alert our representatives throughout this great country of ours to show how ruthless this administration can be along with the family court institution. I for one am not please in the direction this country is heading; and if we truly want to preserve democracy in this country we must stand as one, and become one voice!

We have criminal element thatís operating within our Government and we must all ask congress together to take action and overhaul both administrations. They are targeting innocent children and their motherís and this type of practice is unethical and must cease to exist. Regardless of what social status that we are in life, we are all Godsí children.

We the people,

Ask the United States Congress to probe into the vast corruption within our children services and Family Courts administration throughout this great country of ours. Click on the link below to sign this petition. Letís rid ourselves of this social cancer thatís destroying our way of life.††

I thank you all for signing this petition: The kidnapping of Geneva Johnson.

This particular petition is aim at NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Iím petitioning him to do his job to protect and serve. He refuses to investigate the crimes that Iíve reported, he refuse to even reply to the numerous letters that I had sent him through certified mail.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the people has spoken, please investigate the crimes in your city and free my innocent 14 year old niece, whom your city had abuse horrifically.

Please sign the petition below if you had not done so already-The kidnapping of Geneva Johnson.

CPS Investigation
12 years ago


You need to get this visible to the public for more exposure to make a change. I signed this a while back. Thank you for being the change.

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