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foreign aid
14 years ago

here's a brief piece on ineffective foreign aid from THE WEEK magazine.

"only about 20% of all international aid actually goes to the people it is meant to help, 2 major aid agencies said this week.  Oxfam and Action Aid, both based in the UK, said that bureaucratic costs ate up most of the money donated by western governments.  much of the money actually ends up in the rich donor nations, b/c the aid agencies are required to buy products and services from donor-country companies at inflated prices.  the US and Italy are the worst offenders, the groups said, effectively taking back 70% of the aid they supposedly donate."  the UK Oxfam site sez "Italy ties 92% of its aid spending to the purchase of goods and services from Italian companies."

Foreign Aid
14 years ago
Dear Mike, Well said about foreign aid. I could not help agree. It is fine for say, Bush or his other Republicans to boast about Aid. I feel like you, that foreign aid should be genuine, not with any ulterior motive. I specfically support Oxfam's approach to Aid. We can't keep just giving food in the hand and then dissapear for an eternity until the next famine, or earthquake. LIke Oxfam I fully agree that people in developing countries need us to help them gain self-sufficiency. Astonishing that such bureaucrats with their Yale or Oxford Degrees can't see that! They need at least Elementary Geography before getting up there. Best Regards, Hasan.
14 years ago
i think Spain's donations for tsunami were all in discounts on Spanish products.  i read a story a little after the tsunami that often aid is for show.  rich nations keep pledging more and more so that they'll be at top of donor list but they later dont send the $.  the article sed that ithink $1b was promised to Iran after the Bam quake but that less than half was given (according to iranian gov)
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