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 March 22, 2010 6:48 PM


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 March 06, 2010 7:34 PM

Mar 6, 2010

I look at the scenes (I recvd a card today - Native American regarding mother Earth - and the haunting music - the pictures of earth - sky - mtns. - oceans - the simple words .... moved and touched the soul)....w/eyes - heart and soul - and I feel a peace and freedom. My spirit seems to soar off - freely w/the Eagle that soared on the winds. I read the words and my heart feels the pain and sorrows... the tears shed that have watered the flowers and washed away visible destruction. The earth and tides flow endlessly and tho mankind continues to destroy often without thought to the repercussions, a benevolent spirit allows the ebb and flow to continue - healing as much as able. Too often I feel as tho I am not of this world - the cruelties I simply cannot comprehend in my spirit. The apathy - the lack of concern and caring for fellow humans and creatures of this earth. I know somehow that a reckoning is approaching. We are told what we reap what we sow ---- that Karma is a very real entity --- I cast out this thought.... perhaps if each of us reaches out every single day to touch just one life. We tell just one person how special they are - unique whether here on care2 or in the real time world - a stranger - we could set forth all those butterflies of hope. Perhaps, if we sit down and pen one note to someone to say I am sorry for...... or I simply wanted you to know that I was thinking about you today.... We could save a life - heal a wound - fall in love. Spring is here - new life - new beginnings - let us pledge to make a change that heals us -- inside. Lets gather our pain - our sorrow - our fears and our tears - wrap them mentally in a silver cloth bag  - burn a small white candle and as the flame burns envision that bag being turned to ash - when the candle has burned to nothing - take the wax and in your garden go - bury it deep and let the earth absorb the wax in order to fuel her growth towards a blade of vibrant green grass. In this way you have given this cancer to the earth to help you heal anew. Love you - and in so doing you love others and you reach out in caring here and in the world. Have a blessed weekend and week. Please remember to keep our care2 friends in your thoughts and prayers - there have been too many losses of late of loved ones - lost pets - ill health and pain/suffering. Keep our friends safe - and well ---- and may this little note heal hurts - give peace - help you through rough times or bad times. Know each of you is special - not to just me but many others.
Your loving friend - sister

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REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE February 23, 2010 5:02 PM


Did you know the 27th is Polar Bear Day?

It is snowing (ok it is trying to - it is dismal and gray)  --- but, I was thinking that perhaps I should leave care2 tho been here 12 yrs. Then I thought but, do I make a difference? Do I help someone? Or an animal? And, I thought of Agnes Corbett - Estrellita - Darianna - Arthur Copeland to name but a few who have passed away. (Many of you wont know these much loved people but...) Then I thought about Michelle Reynolds, Lynn Lawrence and Walter McMillian no longer here. AmiKathleen, Janice Jenkins here but, not, and my beautiful daughter Kimberley Spinney. I thought about each of you and how much EACH of you do for others - the world and animals. The time you spend clicking - writing - forwarding. The purpose behind Randy's successful dream. The time Zen, Eric and Care2support spends trying to solve all the issues. And I realized that if I went, I couldn't, no, I wouldn't have friends to write. Cards to send. Petitions to sign. People who in fact do reach out and touch others. (Like so many of you here.) So, today is in my heart care2remembrance of friends here - gone day. A moment to simply thank you for caring. - Caring 2 make this a better world and my life better because of each of you.

love Kathryn

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Just A Little Hello February 21, 2010 4:55 PM

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 February 02, 2010 5:57 PM


Baby Polar Bear. Will it live to be an adult?  [ send green star]
Kudos/TY/Tribute & Green Stars ~~~ Chat January 31, 2010 8:43 PM

Too often we get caught up in simply living and forget to say a simple Thank You to those people who whether by a Green Star ~ a heartfelt email ~ a touching picture - stop to remember us for a brief moment in time. These individuals thought enough of us to say "I wanted you to know you were in my mind and heart". (And yes, a mass mailing still counts as much as a single note - because - your still remembered.)

For those Green Stars, simply because ~ for all those beautiful notes - emails - and profile pictures - all I can say is Thank You for thinking of me.

Have a very blessed and BEAUTIFUL week - and yes today ends January and tomorrow we start a new month ~ a New Beginnings...

With much love Kathryn

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