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What Are You Looking For In A Bookstore? June 26, 2007 4:40 AM

If you could fashion and design your ideal bookstore how would it be? What would be in it? What would make you a return customer over and over and over again? And what do you hate about bookstores .. and plse do not be funny and say books.... I would like to utilize this thread to make our bookstore what everyone dreams the perfect cozy haven should be like.



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Following Are Notes Transferred from Can Dreams Come True June 26, 2007 5:30 AM

the grp is closing and being deleted but wanted to transfer these posts to here...

Signs Posted around the Store August 14, 2006 7:59 AM

I think whimsical signs posted around the store will add ambience and will entertain the children - I especially like this one:





In the Kat & Kim's bookstore, I posted a marvelous thread by Mtnwolf .. regarding his experiences of being a flea market vendor -- as I was reading I thought .... what an interesting idea of getting used books from flea markets and tag sales - this way you bring in used book stock but also get them for a great price --- any thoughts? you also can decline those that are wrecked -- and if beat up but in tacted maybe place them into the cafe to read and take or the mini library -- or donate them  -

any thoughts on this idea?


According to the size of the store/property....a flea market, tag sale, or consignment shop would be a great idea.  It would attract buyers and sellers.



I make gift baskets per buyers wishes.  For example, my mother loves I found many beautiful items and filled the basket and then wrapped in in chiffon, tied with ribbons (not premade ribbons) and gave it to her as a gift.  I'd be interested in buying items for the bookstore (ie books, bookmarks, etc) to do my baskets with.  I'd rather support a friend's endeavors than give my money to a big corporation.  Please let me know when things will be available.  I have people asking for baskets throughout the year, but my busiest time is for Christmas.  The books that I often include in the baskets:

For women:  inspirational books, dedication books (mothers, sisters, daughters, etc)

For men: fishing, hunting...outdoor type stuff, dedication books (father, sons, brothers, etc).

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I love bookstores! July 03, 2007 7:30 AM

And when an author comes in to read excerpts from novels and short stories they've written is something I really enjoy.You get to hear the emotion in their voices that makes the story really come to life. Some cozy"broken in" easy chairs to sit in and good lighting is always appreciated by me. And if there's a cafe inside with over sized mugs and the essential teas and  the aroma of fresh coffee filling the air...even more cozy. I'm already there in my mind...
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 July 03, 2007 8:02 AM

Exactly. My pet peeve about most bookstores nowdays is the cold, corporate-chain feel. My favorite store here is Bookman's, a huge independent--they have the chairs but no coffee. The staff is really cool--many with piercings and tats.  [ send green star]
 December 11, 2007 7:19 AM

I want the personal touch - come in... free coffee - tea --- comfy chairs ... sit down read the book -- relax - escape -----

have a small gift basket designed for you a friend - we will deliever if you want - just a home away from home to enjoy on a snowy or rainy day -- I do not like the mpersonal chain store feel either -- a bookstore should be a safe - warm cozy haven where you can simply be..... 

as for the staff w/tats and piercings hmmmmm --- well I do not know I want everyone to feel welcome -- so I'd actually like my staff to wear black or teal tops w/comfy yoga pants - and comfortable shoe but no open toes (boxes - books -- pain ouch -- broken toes -- pain ouch) ... and a nice simple jacket or sweater -- the store colors are black - silver and teal -- and if everyone wears similar clothing you will be able to tell who works here and who is a customer --

I really have so many ideas -- how about a loft store? and a place to show Wednesday night movies? $1.00 w/free refreshments? and a discount for the dvd/tape of movie shown and same for corresponding book or genre? or theme?

How about during the season -- you have a discount on for instance all holiday stories - music - movies - dolls - gift baskets for that particular holiday like -- Christmas?

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anonymous WoW Kat this is all so great December 26, 2007 4:28 PM

I have numerous experiences with book stores, flea markets, worked one etc: in my experience not viable.

Covering ROI and percentages above and beyond is a task.

I have to study this site of yours, I love lofts.......especially for arts, I would use I as a walk in art space, there are a lot of dimensions to this and they vary a lot, it would need exploring.

I prefer my own personal art space at home as well as the studio I use as my work is detailed and handbuilt so the timeline that goes into it exceeds that of a normal classroom.

Align yourself with a charity outside of C2 for extra coverage and exposure.......helping anyone learn to read for example.

You could host business breakfasts for networking monthly.

Coffee and warm muffin is enough, people can do a presentation 1min and exchange biz cards.

Also an small arts/activity centre for children is essential in a store for their att. level, just a small area of paper and crayons, comfy cushions and no spill juice in cartons.

I will come back to this, I have probably been repetitious of other ideas.

Hugs Louise

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anonymous Books December 26, 2007 4:35 PM

Specialties in the arts:

Specialisties in Dictionaries

The Modern Classics for children

Mystical section, Fairy, Indian Animals, Angel Cards

Crystals and Gem stones

Do a google search for all listings, the ones that come up high are recipes and self help......key words like depression.

Recipe books make me want to throw up personally but they are a huge seller as are diet books.

Herbs and Natural stuff

Be cautious of people abusing the all too comfy will become a drop in centre of people who never buy and never leave.

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anonymous Licences etc December 26, 2007 4:48 PM

Different services require different licences here, look at the cost re: ROI

The laws are probably different here, once food is introduced here a whole new ball game comes into play.

Starbucks and a lot of the poplular chains are in stores here ajacent to book store.......I suppose it is designed to browse the book after purchase thus eliminating any damgage of goods, would you absorb that loss ?

Hand made items on consignment, I ran an art gallery for awhile and I was very picky, high calibre work whatever it is must be of highest quality and ingredients, eg: a lavender shachet , when making one it is laced, lined, embellished, high quality fibre and high quality lavender seed. You could also do the accompanying essental oil and burner.

What do you consider a fair percentage to take, also shelf life if not sold within a timeframe should it be returned?

More rustic, cheaper and equally appealing are bouquet garni sachets, cheescloth or raw cotton are fine as is string for a tie.

Damages and Insurance costs?

Review for opening celebrations, will write you.

Let me know what you think so far I am just rambling on lol xxxxxxx Louise

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anonymous I do a lot of online research for books December 26, 2007 5:03 PM

Most of my books are all specialty's and pdf's.

Some are very expensive so I hunt for the best price, it need not be new as in clothes I shop second hand a lot too, you could take some specialties of your choice in that too if so inclined.

My preference is for ethnic embellished long dresses, I waer them all summer, cool chesscloth hippie stuff.

Gift baskets are an entity on their own, I used to pack a lot up myself, it can be costly.There are creative ways around it tho'

Bookstores seldom have what I want when I want it, I special order in at the Univ. and order online a lot.......snoop ebay, I got a 160 dollar book for 11 bucks there ! that was luck !

I love the concept of somewhere cozy I could relax,

BUT as said before it may well be abused if you dont want to run a drop in centre.......TTYL and S hugs

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anonymous I think this is going to be much more than just books ! December 27, 2007 2:47 PM

Sorry I have been repetitious in some ideas that are already up was just going with the flow of my mind !

A rare books section might be nice too, extra old, limited editions, old illustratons are worth more than the words.

Have you thought of continuing the dragon and ladybug theme into pillows, pencils, magnets, interior decor etc ?

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 December 27, 2007 7:16 PM

 Has anyone mentioned readings/signings??  [ send green star]
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