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Quan Yin through Mark Stearn 10 July 07 on Fire the Grid
8 years ago
Quan Yin on Fire the Grid.

By Mark Stearn.

10th July, 2007.

My beloved brethern,

The hour is close for an all out move beyond all former borders of awareness.
Grids are being destabilised world wide that have held your beautiful
consciousness from fully knowing itself all throughout Mother Earth.
Misinformation is rife at this time and it is another opportunity to trust your
hearts in all things. We have said this to you many times before and this is
part of your healing and affirmation of all that you are throughout creation.
Everywhere throughout your Earth the heart of it's people is now active in
fruitful love and many are wondering what to do with this new found awareness.
The conscious field of Mother Earth now completely touches all higher dimensions
and realities more than any time in this planet's history. You are closer than
you could begin to imagine to a complete reversal of all that has ever been on
this beautiful space of creation.

Many of you felt an immediate sense of panic as opposed to returning to your
heart and gently asking the guidance within what is being shown to me here so
that I can benefit myself and all consciousness. There are those who reach out
to us from their hearts pleading with us for the answers to their questions when
the answer rests directly within the entire time. Do not judge our dear Shelley
Yates. She has appeared to be many things of late. There does appear to be an
element of control at work and yet again situations arise like these so that you
can learn of what has been before and to effectively remedy the situation before
it completely balloons out of your control. You are more powerful than any of
you can begin to imagine. A global panic has begun to emerge and it is clear
that very few are directly trusting their hearts. The time is close now for
consciously merging with the field of trust, love and grace on a worldwide
harmonic scale.

Those who are doing their work are currently shifting the tide of Earth
completely into the New Earth reality. It is taking shape in a way that is
quicker than any could begin to imagine and it is happening so quickly because
you now operate beyond all former borders of awareness. What already rests and
is waiting for you blessed hearts is that field of unbounded awareness that
forever reshapes planet Earth with all the heavens. Trust the grace and bounty
of your own field and allow it to align in love so that the world can complete
her healing that she has been creating all this time. The answer to your
questions rest in knowing that you are in fact moving beyond all former
boundaries of fear based energetics and this is allowing itself to heal
completely of all past effects. Misinformation that is everywhere at this time
is attempting to delay what is in fact already happening on a world wide level.

Mark has been sharing about trusting your heart in all of his latest messages
and this is the key that will allow you all to simply release effortlessly in
love all that you feel is holding you back. There is an apparent power behind
what is being put out around global grid activations at this time and it can
appear very real but what you are learning at this time is that you can now make
a collective decision to destabilise all former effects of what you have read
through directly trusting your hearts and knowing that you do in fact guide the
flow of creation as she is manifesting on your world at this time. You are past
needing to question your reality for you are operating as ceaseless hearts who
are beginning to know yourselves. Love is the greatest key and activator tone
for full recovery at this time. You are at last beginning to breathe freely more
than you ever have in Earth's history for you are tasting your true unbounded
self. What you are experiencing at this
time is last minute delay tactics on a number of hearts who clearly feel your
growth at work.

You have the immediate and limitless power to completely shift past all of
this energy in a heart beat. You are creation and it is now time to acknowledge
this and affirm all that you are. It is you giving yourself permission to no
longer allow the appearance of your environment to shape your consciousness. You
are beyond all that is now. We could not say this enough.
Trust your hearts in all things my beloved ones. You are now closer than any
of you could ever begin to imagine.

In faith, trust, clarity and ceaseless love,

Quan Yin.
Yes~Trust Your Heart
8 years ago
3~ Namaste 3~
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