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HOW TO: Add a Care2 Sticky...
12 years ago
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   Adding a Care2 Sticky to a Profile Page

Go to the person’s page you would like to send the “sticky” to.

Click on “Add Comment” on the left hand side of the page.  This will take you to the comments page with the editing window. 

Click on “Care2 Sticky” which is ABOVE the comment box.

You will be taken to the Sticky selection page.  Pick the one you'd like to use in your comment.  Click on your selection.

This will open another window that will show your sticky & have a code for you to highlight.  When the code is highlighted RIGHT CLICK your mouse once to COPY the text.  

Once you have highlighted (copied) the code click “Close Window”.  You will be returned to the main Sticky page & will need to hit your browsers BACK ARROW (only click it ONCE) to return to the page you want to place the Sticky on.  Click on “HTML Source Editor” 

Place your cursor in the comment window (grey area) and RIGHT CLICK your mouse once and PASTE the code in the window. 

Once the CODE is in the grey window click “Preview” or “Submit”.

12 years ago
Thank you, Wendy!
12 years ago

Oh Wendy, when I get back, I'm gonna try that on you

12 years ago
add stickies
12 years ago
Hi Wendy W,    Thank you! I think that I might actually be able to do this.  I'll ley you know once I try it.  Your directions seem very easy to follow.
12 years ago
  Hi Wendy!  I tried to send the sticky to a comment board but all that got sent was the message.  I'll have to try again later.  I'm sure you don't have to be a rocket scientist. .so...... back in a bit!  Thanks again.      Brenda
12 years ago
I did it Wendy, check your comments I did it..........  finally!!!   
12 years ago

   WOO HOO!!!  

12 years ago
9 years ago

Well I am new and ordineraly I know how to copy and paste ;but here I cannot. In the first place on the left side I do not have an Add comment. So right off the bat I am stuck. Maybe my computer shows different .
Dandelion has also graciously typed out directions but still no go. I am starting to fee stupid but I follow the directions to the letter when I get them but when I cannot find what is supposed to be there then---
Thank you.

9 years ago

ROBERT!! you ARENT stupid..dont say that! We that is all of us have been in  your position or tried to upload images or do testies or add comments or do stickies and were all stuck in some part of doing. So dont please say that we are all here to learn and impart knowledge to newbies. for luck!


Robert..I dont know but maybe your using Fire fox although it can still work maybe using your Internet Explorer browser will work better. Sometimes FFox wont allow me somethings to do so i switch over to IE.


Wendy made a mistake there me thinks Robert to add a comment you will find the place to click  ADD A COMMENT to the right hand side of a persons page>>>>>>>


and below the Testimonials and video section. Its also where you will find the greenstars. So look to the right and use your right hand button to move the persons page across to the right.


Just keep looking around someones profile and oh btw sometimes people dont like comments and with some you cant add a comment b/c they have set their profiles as me


hope this two browsers Robert meaning open two tabs one for reading what to do and the other to apply. This will help you rather than remembering what to do.


hope this helps.



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