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I am just needing your kindness
6 years ago

My dear friends,

You may be aware that my doctors have told me that I am guest of few days in this world. Though I have been trying to keep myself composed as at the moment I love the death, but still my main concern is my wife and my children. I have a wife and four children. At the moment my family is in complete disarray and this is the reason my struggle for peace is also slow. I am hopeful that my Allah will certainly help me in this hour of trial, but I am also needing your help. Actually you can make me a cause. 

When I start struggle for peace that was the time when the world has imposed war on my hometown. During the war I have lost my home. I have lost my job as I have always remained on the run for saving the lives of my wife and my children. During the process I have remained in severe depression. The severe depression has affected my health. But now according to doctors, I have some serious ailment. Actually I cannot afford to have a proper check-up as I have no money. Health coverage in Pakistan is very expensive. 

It is pathetic that Pakistan has been spending huge amount on the production of weapons, but they have forgotten their own people. This is the country where the people die of hunger and other related problems. I just want to make an appeal to all of you for help. Please provide me your help.

According to media reports, Pakistan successfully test-fired a nuclear-capable ballistic missile on Wednesday, the military said, less than a week after rival India tested a missile capable of delivering nuclear warheads as far as Beijing and Eastern Europe.

Pakistan's Shaheen-1A is an intermediate range ballistic missile, capable of reaching targets in India. Military officials declined to specify the range of the missile.

The missile's impact point was in the Indian Ocean.

India and Pakistan have fought three full-scale wars since they were carved out of British India in 1947. They conduct missile tests regularly and inform each other in advance.

Pakistan conducted nuclear tests in May 1998, shortly after India conducted similar tests.

U.S. intelligence estimates last year put the number of nuclear weapons deployed by Pakistan at 90 to 110. Analysts say the strategic U.S. ally's nuclear arsenal is the fastest growing in the world.

Pakistan, like neighboring India, is not a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT).

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