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STOP Drilling in the Arctic!!
14 years ago
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The Bush administration, Alaska’s powerful congressional delegation, and members of Congress with strong ties to the oil and gas industry are using the current spike in gas prices as an excuse to push for drilling in the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge. Drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic Refuge won't solve our energy problems or reduce the price of gas at the pump. The Arctic Refuge contains at best six-months worth of oil, and it may not even be economically recoverable. The Arctic Refuge is one of America's last wild places, and it deserves protection. Congress should pass an energy bill that focuses on cleaner, more efficient, renewable sources of energy, not one that allows drilling in the Arctic Refuge and other public lands. Send an email to your representative at:
14 years ago
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13 years ago
More on that from the National Wildlife Federation: ******************************************************************* We asked you to call your senators and representatives and get the truth: how will they vote on the Arctic Refuge oil drilling plan buried in the federal budget? Thousands of people like you rose to the challenge, calling our leaders and asking what matters to them more: pressure from oil-company lobbyists, or a promise to defend this country's wild places? Thanks to you, we've now collected information about every lawmaker -- and we can name the ones who still owe Americans a straight answer about where they stand on drilling in the pristine Arctic Refuge. We've posted the names of twelve of them on our website. Is your senator or representative one of them? Find out: Now it's time to take advantage of the momentum you've created. Urge your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to call their representatives. Each call sends a message: we expect the leaders we put in office to tell us clearly where they stand on protecting the Arctic Refuge. Why? Because we know the fate of this spectacular place could come down to one vote, and it could be theirs. And, if you share what you've learned from each call on our website, your input makes our collective effort smarter and even more effective. Spread the word today: We know that drilling the Arctic Refuge won't cure our energy problems, won't dent our addiction to foreign oil, and won't lower prices at the pump. And we know something more important: that our children deserve to inherit the wild places that earlier generations left us. We have to protect those places, including the Arctic Refuge -- and it makes me proud to link arms with thousands of people like you to do just that. With thanks, Adam Kolton Senior Director, Congressional and Federal Affairs National Wildlife Federation
Artic Drilling Update
13 years ago
Dear NRDC Action Fund Supporter, Pro-drilling supporters eked out a win last night on a budget resolution that was specially crafted to allow oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But keep your chin up! There are many more rounds of this fight ahead of us and, backed by your continued activism, we are absolutely committed to blocking this newest sneak attack on America's greatest wildlife refuge. The House of Representatives will act next when it decides whether or not to include Arctic drilling in its version of the budget resolution later this month. We will be contacting you to take action in the critical days leading up to that vote. Thanks to thousands of phone calls and email messages from NRDC Action Fund supporters like you, last night's Senate vote was extremely close: 51 to 49. In fact, your efforts helped sway several Republicans to vote with nearly all the Democrats against this Arctic drilling budget. The Senate will have to cast at least two more votes on the budget bill this year if they hope to open the Arctic Refuge to drilling. So it is absolutely critical that you keep the pressure on them, no matter how they voted last night. To see how your Senators voted, go to Then, please call your two Senators. If they voted FOR the budget resolution, let them know you disagree strongly with their vote. If they voted AGAINST the budget, express your thanks and urge them to stand firm in defense of the Arctic Refuge on future votes. If you are unable to telephone, then please go to the Senate website [], where you can look up your Senators and send them email messages. This year's fight to defend the Arctic Refuge is shaping up to be a replay of last year's all-out battle. With your support, the NRDC Action Fund will continue working day and night to turn back this latest attack on America's premiere wildlife sanctuary.

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