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7 years ago (8 replies) |
Last reply by Lisa : These are my profiles on this site~The sites are Awsome~So much Knowledge~Just remember~Follow your Heart & True... more»
8 years ago (5 replies) |
Last reply by Anonymous : I have always been interested in time travel since I was a young child and I would ponder about the origins of time and I think that I am a starseed (Draco) of the Time Lords of the free angelics, the lost alpha race.... more»
9 years ago (2 replies) |
Last reply by Jacqueline : Dear Rose, I had a feeling I was different. I could make lights flicker on and off in rooms I am present in! I saw a rainbow ufo when I was five. I then knew I was different. I have a thyroid problem,and really sensitive to... more»
11 years ago (1 reply) |
Last reply by Corbett : ... more»

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