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4 months ago |
Tracy says: Thank You & Update!!!! We have decided to extend our fundraiser & petition for one more week! Because my tenant will receive restitution, we have reduced our goal to cover the cost for just Miss. Terrier. We raised... more»
4 months ago (1 reply) |
Last reply by Tracy : Baylee & Miss. Terrier need your help, by getting their story out! If you are reading this, please share their story with everyone you know! I know this is horrific, however, people need to know what is going on in our... more»
6 months ago |
Roger says: First, thank you to Care2 and all of you out there who actively take time to care and make a difference - I am heartened to know that there *are* others around the world who don't see that human beings have "dominion over the... more»
5 years ago |
michele says: 1/5/09 will be Charlie's third appointment with the gas chamber and it will be his final -there are no more reprieves. URGENTS LAST DAY JAN. 5 ALL DOGS ON THIS PAGE VERY ADOPTABLE AND SWEET NEED RESCUES AND ADOPTERS STILL... more»