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Last reply by Michael : Awesome Fulvia. Friendship finds a way every time, even in dangerous times and places lol. ... more»
by Tj H.
2 weeks ago |
Tj says: Among the several dictionary definitions of  culture , the one that best expresses the word’s use in this annual survey of books on the Bible involves the beliefs, attitudes, goals, social forms and material... more»
2 weeks ago (1 reply) |
Last reply by Tj : Dated to the late Stone Age, Stonehenge may be the best-known and most mysterious relic of prehistory. Every year, a million visitors are drawn to England to gaze upon the famous circle of stones, but the monument's meaning has... more»
3 years ago (26 replies) |
Last reply by Nawang : Amazing! Thank you! Please would you like to share about their relation hip with their sacred places? I have tried to find a group about that here, but the concern was always to protect the sacred places, not to discuss their... more»
3 years ago (15 replies) |
Last reply by Anonymous : “Although it is difficult to describe the special qualities of Just (Intonation) intervals to those who have never heard them, words such as clarity, purity, smoothness, and stability come readily to mind. The supposedly... more»
4 years ago (26 replies) |
Last reply by Michael : Ancient Egyptian Quarrying Ancient Egypt was a paradise of many varieties of animals, including a diversity of birds, crocodiles of the Nile, hyenas, lions, leopards, gazelles, ostrich, and deer of the grassy savannahs.... more»